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W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center

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W.E.B. DuBois Learning Center

5501 Cleveland

Kansas City, MO 64130-4016

Project Director: Harrison C. May, 816/363-1297,
The DuBois Learning Center Telecommunications Hub will be expanded to include three additional satellites (CTCs). The objectives are to 1) Provide opportunities for residents to access computers and the Internet; 2) Maximize and distribute limited computer resources (equipment and expertise); 3) Assist children to improve reading and other academic skills; 4) Provide adults with knowledge and skills needed to obtain high technology jobs. Approximately 1,000 individuals will be served during the coming year.
Primary Partners: The Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church; The Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy; Move Up; The Division of Family Services; The Family Resource Center; the Kansas City Summer Food Service Program; the Girl Scouts; Junior Achievement; YWCA; Red Cross; Junior Golf Foundation
Expanded Centers: (5) Current: Swope Parkway Church of Christ; Covenant Presbyterian Church; Swope Parkway United Christian Church; St. Louis Academy; and The Bridge Home for Children (3) New: CTC Satellites located at: the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church; the Lee A. Tolbert Community School; and Move Up.
Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $300,000

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $0

Washington County Public Schools

802 Washington, Street

Plymouth, NC 27962
Project Director: Julius Walker, Jr., 252/793-5171,
Project CONNECT (Connecting Our Neighborhoods by Networking through Education, Culture and Technology) is a project based on the needs of Washington County children and adults. With the collaboration of the school system and other multiple agencies and organizations in the community the Washington County Schools’ Community Technology Learning Center will provide extended learning opportunities to students, parents and community members. However, the main focus for this project will be on serving 5th – 8th grade students in meeting and exceeding state and local standards in reading, writing, math, and computer skills. Project CONNECT will address individual student needs as identified by each student’s Personalized Education Plan (PEP). The program anticipates the potential of reaching all students in the school system, 2,500 and many of the 13,913 citizens.
Primary Partners: Sylvan Learning Center; Town of Plymouth Police Department; Washington County Agricultural Extension Service; Tideland Mental Health; Washington County Arts Council; Beaufort Community College; JobLink Career Center; Soundside Group, Inc.; Martin Community College; Washington County Sheriff’s Department; Weyerhauser Company; Washington Co. Center for Human Services; Washington County Library; Washington County Historical Society; Elizabeth City State University; Washington County Even Start Program
New Centers: (1) The Washington County Schools’ Community Technology Learning Center, Washington County Union School, Roper
Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $200,000

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $0

Washoe County Library

P.O. Box 2151

Reno, NV 89505
Project Director: Christie Thissen, 775/327-8364,
This program will serve approximately 7,400 low-income and economically underserved residents of Washoe County, Nevada. It will provide seven-day access to technology for adult basic education students, as well as free use of computers. The program will help expand on an existing youth development program and offer employment opportunities for low-income teens.
Primary Partners: Washoe County Library System; Northern Nevada Literacy Council;

Washoe Library Foundation; Truckee Meadows Literate Community Project; and Washoe County.

New Centers: (3) Northern Nevada Literacy Council; Downtown Reno Library; and

Sierra View Library.

Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $150,865.00

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $102,951.00

Weingart Center Association

566 South San Pedro Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013
Project Director: Cynthia Heard, 213/689-2114,
The program will serve 3,024 residents of homeless shelters in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, California, operated by a partnership for the homeless and displaced. Expanding upon existing programs, it will provide access to computers, employment searches, information on educational and employment training programs and assist residents in developing basic computer skills. It also will provide an opportunity to develop literacy, writing and social skills.
Primary Partners: Skid Row Housing Trust; SRO Housing Corporation; and Chrysalis
New Centers: (25) Located at various sites throughout the Central City East area.
Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $300,000.00

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $154,655.00

Wesley Housing Development Corp.

5515 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 204

Alexandria, VA 22312
Project Director: Katherine Morton Paal, 703/642-3830,
This program will serve approximately 780 low-income residents of HUD assisted housing units in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia. The program will provide access to technology and instruction and training in basic computer skills, office job training, GED preparation and ESL classes. There will be additional adult basic education classes as well as job skills training and searches for employment opportunities. The after school programs will offer homework assistance, computer training and classes to improve reading, math and writing skills
Primary Partners: Community Preservation & Development Corp.; Interstate Realty

Management; and Edgewood Management Corp.

New Centers: (5) Expand on existing services at: The Gateway at Buckman Road;

Lincolnia Community Resource Center; Wexford Manor Community Resource Center; Garrison Woods Apartments; and Frederick Douglass Gardens Apartments.

Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $186,967.00

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $384,016.00

West Hardin County Consolidated Independent School District

P.O. Box 128

Hwy 105 and FM 770

Saratoga, TX 77585

Project Director: Cindy Cummings, 936/274-5061,
The purpose of the West Hardin County CTC is to increase the employability of all people living in the towns of Batson, Saratoga, Thicket and Votaw. Programs will be offered for students and adults and will include creating a job bank, GED courses using technology, and courses on developing small businesses using the Internet, and distance learning. In addition, Distance Learning will be enhanced and upgraded. During the coming year well over 250 people will be instructed and supported by the CTC.
Primary Partners: Lamar University System
New Centers: The West Hardin County CTC
Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $253,329

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $97,350

Wewoka Public School

PO Box 870

Wewoka, OK 84884-0870
Project Director: Dr. Betsy Graham, 405/257-5475,
Wewoka is the tribal headquarters for the Seminole Indian Nation. Located in Seminole County, it is the most racially diversified and one of the most economically depressed counties in the state. The Wewoka Educational CTC’s (WEC TECH) will serve an estimated 300 adults and 350 students in the next year. It will offer opportunities to improve education levels, gain job-related skills, and build personal and community capacity. It will provide a place where participants gather together and link with the entire community. Focus areas of the program include: Public Access or Open Lab Time; Afterschool Activities; Adult Education; Elder Services; Internet Access; Career Development and Job Preparation; Job Placement; Electronic Publishing (including video or multi-media) and Electronic Commerce.
Primary Partners: Seminole State College; the Oklahoma Department of Human Services; Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service; AmeriCorps; Seminole County Youth Promise Foundation; Oklahoma Parents as Teachers; the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma & Seminole Nation Alcohol and Abuse Program; Wewoka Economic Development Authority; Retired & Senior Volunteer Program; Wewoka Public Library and the City of Wewoka.
New Centers: (1) The WEC TECH will be located at Wewoka Public School
Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $292,070

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $142,710

Yurok Tribe

1034 Sixth Street

Eureka, CA 95501
Project Director: Peggy O’Neill, 707/444-0433, PO'
This program will serve approximately 334 Native Americans of the Yurok Tribe in California. The program will provide access to computers and education enhancement programs, communication forums, job skills training, online college curriculum, small business development training and distance learning curriculum. Both technology centers will offer Internet access.
Primary Partners: College of the Redwoods; Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School

District; Arcata Economic Development Corporation; North Coast Technology Center; Happy Camp Community Computer Center; and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe.

New Centers: (2) Jack Norton Elementary School and the Yurok Tribe’s office complex
Total projected federal funding: 1 year, $205,537.00

Total projected non-federal funding: 1 year, $99,980.00

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