Adverbs Grammar Usage Mechanics

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Bria Williams
8/30/2021 2 Period
Page 118:
1. Soraya often shops at outlet stores. (OFTEN)
2. I am thoroughly disgusted. (THOROUGHLY)
3. Seldom can I select a good watermelon. (SELECT)
4. Please set the table properly. (SET)
5. A rather brisk wind is blowing. (RATHER)
6. The air conditioner is barely working. (BARELY)
7. In the spring, the grass grows too fast. (GROWS)
8. Lately, our math tests have been challenging. (LATELY)
9. My coach is somewhat dismayed by this year's schedule. (SOMEWHAT)
10. Dan is an unusually good driver. (UNUSUALLY)
1. fast (faster,fastest)
2. carelessly (care,carest )
3. early (earlier,earliest)
4. frequently (frequent,frequentest)
5. high (higher,highest)
6. deeply (deeper,deepest)
7. recently (recent, recentest)
8. delicately (delicate,Delicateness)
9. Poorly (poor,poorest)
10. low (lowly,lowest)

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