After it successful entering in the market, Microsoft launched Excel and Windows, unified as "Microsoft" look

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Final exam-Analyze Microsoft stragtegy
Poor time
Marketing Strategies in the Poor economic Times: Microsoft kept successful, unstoppable and almost monopolizing the market until 2007, when Apple came back to the market with new and innovative products, however they kept creating marketing strategies to overcome competition and poor economic times. 

  1. Promotion

Microsoft launched advertising campaigns in order to promote it products, promoting how cost effective computers with its software were and also launched the new commercial “l am a PC” attaching Apples commercial. Is definitely an strategy in response of the Apple’s commercial attacking the PC’s products, were both companies are trying to differentiate one from the other in different positions. Pros: By this commercial, Microsoft could remind how important could be a PC for different people it doesn’t matter the race, or the age, reinforce ring it message of inclusion, everybody can be a PC. Microsoft knows of the existence of the competition and used what apple saw as a “Weakness” characterizing a PC owner with a boring, old fashioned individual and used to change the message, saying that anybody could be a PC and showing how what they stated in Apple’s commercial is not true by showing different famous young interesting characters as PC’s users. Cons: It can show that was “moved” or that Microsoft cared of Apple’s opinion creating a usage in response of a Apple’s commercial. I personally think that what Microsoft did wasn’t good, I think the commercial was made in order to respond a critique of Microsoft products specifically from Apple more than to promote a message.

  1. Opened Retail Stores

Microsoft opened retail stores with the intention of have a better contact or relationship with its customers and better understand them to satisfy their needs. I think they changed and lack of the aggressiveness that characterize Microsoft’s strategies before the recession. Even too, some of them, like promoting and opening new retail stores are very good strategies. On the other hand, advertising attacking Apple’s products and shifting strategies products, makes us see that the competition is definitely making Microsoft change it strategies and understand more its costumers more than pushing the brand and its products as it was used to do in the past.
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