Agroreturns', a subsidiary of Hillside Agro Merchant Limited

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4.1 Either party can voluntarily terminate this MOU upon giving SIX MONTHS notice of such intention in writing to the other party, such termination or withdrawal shall be subject to 4.2 below.
4.2 The termination or withdrawal of this MOU under any circumstances shall not affect the existing investment obligations and liabilities of the parties herein.
5:1 In event of any of these circumstances in 5:0 above incapacitating AgroReturns from fulfilling its obligations under this agreement, the investor shall give AgroReturns a period of 1(One) year commencing from the date AgroReturns officially declares the Crop failure, Act of God or Bad Weather, to either return the Investment Capital or resume payment of ROIs.

5.2 In event of 5.1 above, or any other mishaps, AgroReturns commits to return the initial capital back to the Investor, in clear terms, only the Investor's capital is insured.

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