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Trends12 Q2 W4 Use of ICT - San Luis (1)

What I Know

Direction: Enumerate the details of the following concepts.

  1. Write five description of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


  1. Write five most popular social media platforms for 2020


What’s In

Definitions of Related Terms

Social Relationships

  • It is created from the persistent meaningful interactions between people for a long period.

  • It pertains to the relationship between families, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and associates. So, excluding time-limited interactions and limited significance.

Social Movement

  • It is created from the spontaneous coming together of people to share a common view about the society.

  • It may be active for a short-term or long-term.

  • Its collective efforts geared towards change in social attitudes, social behavior and social relationships.

  • People’s Indigenous Communities, Alliance of Concerned Teachers, Women’s Organizations

Political Movement

  • It is created from the collective interests of organized groups attempting to change behavior or mind about a specific social issue.

  • It can possibly unite people with similar ideas.

  • People’s Power Revolution, Moro Islamic Liberation Front

Occupy Movement

  • It is the expression of opposition from different communities around the world due to social and economic inequality.

  • People are chanting their expectations or needs in a peaceful way.

  • Occupy Wall Street of New York, Indignados of Spain

Creative Interventions

  • It is created by the mobilized groups who worked out what they need to do.

  • The power as a working class can bring out the expected changes or solutions.

  • It describes the real move of a conflated ideas.

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