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Trends12 Q2 W4 Use of ICT - San Luis (1)


A. Direction: Choose the letter that correspond to the correct answer. Write your final answer on the blanks provided before the number.

_____ 1. Social Relationship

  1. time-limited interactions

  2. persistent meaningful interactions

  3. targets social change

  4. all of the above

_____ 2. Political Movement

  1. unite people with unfamiliar ideas

  2. social engagement is short term

  3. effect social change

  4. all of the above

_____ 3. Women’s Learning Partnership

  1. social media

  2. website

  3. video call

  4. text messaging

_____ 4. Tunisian Revolution

  1. Twitter

  2. video

  3. text messaging

  4. Facebook

_____ 5. EDSA Revolution

  1. radio

  2. television

  3. website

  4. video

B. Direction: Enumerate the following:
1. Two opportunities given by ICT to political movements
2. Four C’s given by ICT to social relationships and political movements
C –
3. Two creative interventions made under the following sectors
a. Healthcare
b. Education
c. Agriculture
d. Business


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