Akstulewicz, Lee (Nancy)

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Ramich, Van (Sandra)

5134 East Greensboro Lane

Anaheim, CA 92807-4612


We sold our computer graphics company in 2007 and I have been retired since that time.
Rajsch, Sandra (Danielson)

206 Brown Street

Norway, MI 49870-1210
Reinhardt, Lynne (Goudreau)

946 Seventh Street

Menasha, WI 54952


Remmel, Doris (Krueger) Bill

E8893 Hudson Road

Clintonville, WI 54929


I was married on August 19, 1961. (Note the date). After which, my husband Bill and I moved to St Louis, MO where he completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. We moved to Clintonville, WI in 1965 where he started his practice. We had four children; three boys and one girl. I worked with Bill in his chiropractic office for almost the entire 40 years we were in practice. He suffered a stroke in 2002 and another in 2003 that left his left hand paralyzed. So since then, our life has changed. Most of my life is centered around some care of him. Although he can walk with a cane, it is limited. I am well, healthy and enjoy flower gardening, playing bridge, cooking and crafts. We have 6 grandchildren. While most live several hours away, the youngest lives here in town and we get to spend at least one day a week with her. I am sorry to miss the class reunion, but with our 50th wedding anniversary this weekend, we are celebrating with the entire family.
Roberts, Terry (Patty)

650 North Rose Drive

Placentia, CA 92870


If you remember, I did not graduate with the class because I lacked 2 credits. I took a correspondence course with UW Madison in Latin and scored an ‘A’ (much to my father’s amazement). (He expected me to work on a chain gang somewhere). I suspect that there were a number of your parents who felt the same way about me! After getting my diploma, I was admitted to Menlo College in California and left Neenah in June 1962 for the San Francisco area. Menlo was considered the backdoor to Stanford for all the kids whose parents had enough money to send them there and who had jacked around in high school like I did. This was a great place for me with lots of personal attention and motivation. I managed to graduate in ’64 and transfer to the University of the Pacific in Stockton California. UOP was another great place for me with again lots of attention. I took two classes in Political Science with three other students. Not many hiding places in those classes. Graduation came in June 1966 and then on to the Army – the only branch of the military that would take me into Officer Candidate School. I did my training at Fort Knox, was commissioned in May 1967 as an Armor 2d Lt. and stationed at Fort Carson (Colorado Springs) in an infantry company. Despite this gross error in assignments, (The object of being an Armor officer is that you do not walk like the infantry does.) it turned out to be a wonderful experience mainly because we had a great battalion commander. In February 1968, I went skiing one Sunday, went to a bar afterward and over beer and brats met a very nice young woman who had also been skiing. We got along very well and after a month, I asked her to marry me and in June we had a military wedding with all the bells and whistles including crossed swords on the way out of the church. 43 years later she still puts up with me and I am the lucky one of the marriage. She is a RN who has had a career in public health and, since 1995, as head of her own consulting company specializing in compliance issues in Medicare HMOs. I left the service in May 1969 and got a sales job with Crown Zellerback Paper Corp in Portland, OR. After two years I realized that I did not like selling toilet paper door to door and left the company to apply to law school. I was accepted by McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, CA and started in September 1972. In my final year our son Chris was placed with us and we adopted him in June 1976. (Sarah came along in 1978.) After four years, I graduated in 1976 and after passing the bar exam was offered a position with the school. As part of my duties, I supervised a clinical program where students practiced administrative law in such things as unemployment insurance appeals. This was very satisfying to me and started me on my career path in clinical legal education. After three years I transferred to the school’s main clinic which involved general practice areas with an emphasis on family law. After fourteen years, I left McGeorge to follow my wife to a new position in Southern California. In 1991, I began teaching at Western State University College of Law as well as having my own private in 2002. Since ’02, I have been the Director of Clinical Education at WSU until this month when I retired. In 2002, we bought a home in a small town south of Palm Springs, called Borrego Springs. It is mostly a snow bird community with 3000 full time and 10,000 in season (Oct – May). After ripping out just about everything, we rebuilt the house to our liking and it has become our retirement home. It sits next to a golf course, so I can go out every day and dig up the grounds with what is laughingly called my golf game. So while retirement was supposed to be sitting, reading, drinking gin & tonics and golf, etc., that changed a bit when in October our daughter gave birth to our first grandson, Jason Brian Roberts. Because Sarah has a number of problems, she is unable to care for Jason so we have taken on that responsibility and will adopt him in the fall. He’s an easy child and we love taking care of him. Makes one young all over again. I am looking forward to the reunion, renewing old acquaintances and sharing memories.
Rogers, Larry (Pat)

168 Pine Street

Appleton, WI 54914


Events: 1966-BS in Economics, UW-Madison
1967-Naval OCS, Newport, RI
1967-Boat Group Commander/3rd Division Officer, USS Chilton (LPA-38), Norfolk VA:
Two 6-month Mediterranean deployments, secondary recovery ship for Apollo 9 mission.
1967-Marriage to Pat Peterson(still going strong 44 years later)
1968-Kristin, first of 3 daughters, born at Portsmouth VA Naval Hospital.
1969-left US Navy, began a 30 year career with Kimberly-Clark in Neenah.
1972-Nicole, second daughter, was born in Appleton.
1972-Began work toward MBA at UW-Oskosh during evenings, while working at KC.
1974-MBA in Finance, UW-O.
1976-Sara, third daughter, was born in Appleton.
1984-Became a silent partner in wife Pat's Counted Cross Stitch design business.
1998-acquired a 1986 Porsche 928S, joined the local Porsche Club.
2000-Retired from KC.
2003-Daughter Nicole was married.
2004-Began volunteering at Fox Valley Performing Arts Center.
2004-2005-President of the Porsche Club.
2005-Daughter Nicole is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
2006-present-Treasurer of the Porsche Club.
2008-Daughter Sara is married.
2009-First and only granddaughter, Maisie is born to Sara and Brian.

Rosenow, George (Lee Ann)

N10633 SW Isle of Pine

Elcho, WI 54428


I joined the Air Force after high school graduation. (4 years active, 2 inactive). After that I worked at the Neenah Post Office for 33 years. I retired at age 55 and moved to Post Lake (Northern Wisconsin).  Enjoy golfing and fishing. Lee Ann and I have been married for 45 years. We have one adopted son.
Ross, Susanne (Cuirro) Robert

4124 West Calavar Road

Phoenix, AZ 85053


Having attended the Inst. of Med. Technology – and U. of Minn - I lived and worked in Minneapolis until 1966.  Milwaukee was my home in the late 60's (very interesting era!). Where I met my first husband, and we moved here in 1970. I have a wonderful son and two beautiful grandchildren and many friends. My career has included working as a Cardiology – Medical Technician for 20 years and then as the Co-coordinator for the MRI Dept. of a local hospital. Now remarried (2004) and retired (2009). I enjoy reading, biking, swimming, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. I also volunteer with the Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council and Phoenix libraries.  I visit my Father and extended family in

Neenah as often as I can!

Rowlandson, Dawn (Cogger) Bill

202 Poplar Drive

Elizabeth City, NC 27909


By God’s grace; life has created accomplishments to share. The most precious gifts to witness are our three adult children (Jack Bogrand and I are their parents). Each of them is healthy, has an education, work, and loves their lives. We’re blessed with grandchildren; three year-old identical twin girls and an 18 month-old girl in the same family, who I see routinely. I worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of positions, mostly full-time for over 35 years; I retired and left MN for NC when Bill Cogger and I were married in 2002. My labors of love are writing (I’ve had one article published), painting with watercolors or acrylics, and spiritual companioning. I’m a certified spiritual director and have been a member of Spiritual Directors International for over 15 years. In October of 2010, I made an interfaith (Jewish, Islamic, Christian) pilgrimage to Israel and Palestine with 40 other pilgrims from around the world. One of our most moving moments was planting an olive tree; singing Shalom, Shalaam, Peace, near Bethlehem, as a shepherd and his sheep came from the hills into the field.

Ryan, Kathy (Long) Tom

815 South Story Street

Appleton, WI 54914


So hard to believe it has been 50 years! Many joys...Many sorrows...and isn't this what unites us, after all these years? After H.S., I spend my first year in the Holy Spirit Convent (Techny, IL). After that I

attended St. Louis University, and graduated from Marquette University. I married to Tom Long, we

began our life together in Milwaukee, where our first son was born. We later moved to Appleton, joining both of our extended families, and continuing to raise two more sons. My family has been my top priority. In the early years, raising our three sons; in the later years, my husband whelming task of caregivers for my Mother (with dementia) and other illnesses, and for my younger sister who was diagnosed with M.S., 25 years ago. We cared for them together in their house until April 14 of this year, when my sister passed away from leukemia. I thank God for the joys and the sorrows.

They all helped to make me who I am.

Sager, Robert

5080 Poygan Avenue

Omro, WI 54963-9385


Sanders, Judy (Radichel)

4251 Spruce Lane, Lot 15

Eagle River, WI 54521-9232


I married Thomas Wilfling of Menasha in 1962. Our daughter, Denise was born in 1964. We divorced in 1971. I married James Radichel in 1981. In 1989, my husband was called to Mercer, WI to serve as Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church. He served there for sixteen years in many capacities both on the local and state levels. When James retired in 2004, we moved to Eagle River and he served at the Grace Lutheran Church in Twin Lakes. I became the church secretary. James died in 2007 and I continued on as the church secretary. I am in the process of getting ready to move to western Colorado to be with my daughter and two grandchildren. I have had the good fortune to maintain a best-friend relationship with Carol (Peterson) Terpstra since our sophomore year at NHS.
Sauby, Jim

10145 Osprey Trace S.

West Palm Beach, FL 33412


Sauer, Sally (Stacker) Emert

3107 West Fairview Road

Neenah, WI 54956


My husband, Emert and I have been married 48 years. We have a son, Lynn and his wife Kristine. They have blessed us with four beautiful grandchildren. They live next door in Emert's grandfather’s home.

I helped Emert and Lynn operate our dairy farm until 2002 I enjoyed driving a tractor, etc. We still raise alfalfa, corn and soybeans. I enjoy decorating and have helped family and friends decorate and refurnish their homes. I also enjoy antiquing and gardening. Emert and I are care-givers to my Father who is 91 and suffers with A.L.S.

Sauer, Sharon (Krepline) Gerhard

1859 Schneider Road

Hilbert, WI 54129
After graduation, I worked at Banta's in Menasha for several years until I got married. On April 12, 1969, I married Gerhard Krepline and we have two children. Have been busy by being a housewife and a

mother over the years. Still am young at heart and enjoy listening to Rock N' Roll of the 50's and 60's (the good ol'days) and taking life as it comes day by day.

Schindler, Karen (Babcock) Bert

5040 South Highway T

Denmark, WI 54208-9479


Married Bert Babcock - 1964 - graduated UW-Superior - 1966 and began the "cross country adventure". First job as second grade teacher was at a suburb of Duluth, MN. This was followed by a move to Baudette, MN. where I taught remedial reading and math. During this time frame, daughter, Pamela, was born (1969) and son, Paul (1975). We all moved to Castle Rock, WA in 1978 and were there to observe the eruption of Mt. St. Helens (31miles away) from our front yard. After a move back to WI in 1982, I joined the staff of Holy Martyrs School where I started their first 4-year-old kindergarten. In 2000, we were blessed with first grandchild (Mickalyn) followed by (Collin, 2003). The latest adventure is "chief-grandma-babysitter”, the perfect retirement job.
Schmidt, Dick (Lu)

821 Lindbergh Street

Appleton, WI 54914-2339


I taught at Highlands Elementary School in Appleton, retiring after 31 years in 2000. I married

Lu Mahnke, also a teacher, in 1971. We have two wonderful children: Kathy and TJ. Kathy is a webmaster for Wrigleyvillesports in Chicago, across from Wrigleyfield. TJ, a computer technician for Miron, is a top notch Marathoner in the state. He ran the Boston and Disney World Marathons and came in 4th in last year's Fox Cities Marathon. I am still a Die Hard Cub Fan and was referred to as "Mr. Cub" by my students. When the Cubs do something newsworthy the press often catches up with me for my views. My "Cub Shrine" has been in the papers and on TV many times. In fact, WGN got into the act and talked about my "museum" on TV. We've been going to spring training every March in Mesa, AZ for the last 25 years. I've been a Packer season ticket holder for 50+ years and I enjoy going to WARM Packer games. We became grandparents of two beautiful granddaughters, first in 2007, and most recently on April 18 of this year.

Schmitzer, Joe

1091 Laurel Court

Neenah, WI 54956


Schroeder, Glenn H.

555 Woodland Circle

Waupaca, WI 54982-1091


Schuelke, Dave

W 5246 Apache Drive

Wild Rose, WI 54984


Sell, Jerry (Nola)

815 Haase Street

Neenah, WI 54956


Got married in 1962 to Gemma Weyenberg. We had three children; Kathy, Michael and Douglas. We moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1968 where I worked as a machinist and went to school part time. I received an associate degree in Accounting. We moved back to Neenah in 1972 and I sold insurance until 1989. I then started a part time job as a videographer taping legal depositions. In 1994 my wife Gemma and I started a court reporting business with my wife Gemma doing all the typing of transcripts. Gemma passed away from cancer in 2001. I lived alone with my son Michael who has CP and is autistic until 2003 when I met my wife Nola on line. We were married in 2004. Nola has a son one year younger than Michael. Her son has down syndrome and is diabetic. The four of us all live together in Neenah. Everybody has their up and downs, but on the whole, life has been good to me and the older I get, the better it seems to be. Love retirement.
Sell, Mary Ann (Chung) Ho Chung

1624 Crowell Road

Vienna, VA 22182-1545


Wow, is it really 50 yrs.? Graduated from AZ State in '65. Ho Chung and I were also married in 1965. Received Masters in '75 from The American Univ., Washington, DC. . We have two children; Kai and Gai. I am also a proud granny of Kayla. Received doctorate in '83 from George Peabody college of Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. Member of the Fairfax County Public Schools, Fairfax, VA for a number of years serving as teacher, principal, mentor for new principals and student teacher supervisor. We are now working on our bucket list! Currently "Nanny Granny" by day and handcrafter by night. We are expecting our second granddaughter in July Good to see you all!
Severson, John (Lynne)

2012 Michigan Drive

Northfield, MN 55057


Following graduation from St. Olaf College in 1965 with a major in history, and our wedding in August, Lynne and I headed off to San Francisco Theological Seminary for three years of graduate study. I was ordained in June of 1968 at First Presbyterian Church in Neenah and began my career at Lakeside Presbyterian in Duluth, MN. The rest of the family story is included in Lynne’s bio.

Some of my most memorable interests and/or activities outside of family or church have been:

  • One of the first national directors of INSTROTEACH Workshops for clergy and lay church leaders in the 1970’s

  • A director of Mother, Fathers, and Others Workshop in Minnesota during the 1980’s

  • A police chaplain for the Iowa State Patrol for more than 15 years

  • A member of the board of Planned Parenthood in Duluth, Minneapolis and Des Moines

  • A regional travel coordinator for American Field Service in Iowa

  • Coached and referred youth soccer and hockey - and, if the knees hold up, will begin my 50th consecutive season as a high school/college soccer referee in September of 2011!

  • Presently beginning my second 4-year term on the Presbyterian Church [USA]’s Presbyteries’ Cooperative Committee which writes and coordinates the grading of the five standardized ordination exams which all candidates must pass before being accepted for ordination. I also convene the Chicago Reading Group in March each year.

  • Since retiring [for the second time] in 2005, I have been working part-time as a Macintosh Specialist at the Apple Store in the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

  • My hobbies include: computers, photography, travel & refereeing.

Smith, Jim (Annette)

N119 Arrowhead Road

Fremont, WI 54940


I attended UW- Oshkosh. I have twin sons that were born 7-2-66; Mike (Jen), Kennesaw, GA and Andy(Michelle) Sarah, age 10 - James age 7, residing in Anniston, AL. Annette and I got married in 1992. Annette graduated from UW- Whitewater and is a pharmaceutical sales representative for Bristol-Myers Squibb. We bought a home on the Wolf River in Fremont, WI in 2003. I retired from a career in real estate in 2004. I enjoy hunting and fishing and we both enjoy golfing, downhill skiing and travel.
Smith, Margaret

296 Monmares Lane

Erie, CO 80516



Sperka, Mike

P.O. Box 763

Honaunau, HI 96726-0763


Spiegelberg, Bob

9504 North Oakwood Avenue

Neenah, WI 54956



Steffen, Tom (Sue)

936 London Street

Menasha, WI 54952


I have been married once; have two children and six grandchildren.
Steffensen, George (Myra)

946 West Sherry Street

Neenah, WI 54956


I worked at Banta for 43 ½ years. I have been married to Myra for 45 years. We spend a lot of our time up North on the Little Wolf. We have five grandchildren.

Stelow, Tom (JoAnn)

20816 North Canyon Whisper Drive

Surprise, AZ 85387


Stilp, Mowry (Carole)

8840 Indahl Avenue N

Mahtomedi, MN 55115-2108

Sugden, Tom (Karren)

W2241 Olive Garden Way

Freedom, WI 54913


Swaim, Lloyd

8821 Southern Orchard Road S

Davie, FL 33328


Swenson, David

3025 Woodridge Drive

Oshkosh, WI 54904-7628


Syring, Karen (Dettlaff) Jim

149 McKinley Street

Neenah, WI 54956
I started work with American Can right after graduation and am still working after all these many years.

And almost as many company names changes (now it's Graphic Packaging in IL). I met the man of my dreams, Jim, in 1963 and we married in 1967 and had our son (Matt) in 1968. Briefly enjoyed dog

showing our pets (various breeds). We now enjoy golfing and traveling to Charlotte, NC to visit our son and his wife. We have a granddaughter living in Neenah who just graduated from UWO. Hope to retire in the next year or so.
Taff, Marcia ( Laurel)

10547 French Creek Road

Palo Cedro, CA 96073-9527


Well where do you start? I got married on February 24, 1962. In 1963 we moved to CA. We have

3 children and 11 grand kids We've lived at our current home in the country for 38 yrs.. We raised animals most of those years. We still have a beef cow or two. We love the "quiet"! Went to Japan for birth of our grandson. We have enjoyed regular trips to WI to visit family and Reunions. Lots of other travel to Canada, Florida, Mexico, Alaska by cruise and RV. We're ready to go again! While in Alaska this past summer, I canned 65 jars of salmon. Four grand kids are in college. Sure wish they would find the

pot at the end of the rainbow Our son has 8 kids - 5 are into music. They just released an Irish CD so we're working on selling some for them to help out with college. It took up quilting 7 yrs. ago so that keeps me busy. I've been retired for 10 yrs., but have no problem staying busy even if that means eating popcorn & watching TV.!!
Thompson, Kirsten (Olson) John

13806 North Gunstone Drive

Sun City, AZ 85351


Graduated from Oshkosh State U in 1965 with BS degree in Teaching. Taught in Combined Locks for 2 years. Married to Jim Olson in Dec. 1965. He was drafted Nov. 1966. I joined him in 1967 and we were stationed at Ft. Sill, OK til Nov 1968. Son, Tim, born at Ft. Sill. Returned to Neenah, but moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1970. Adopted our daughter, Marcia, a Mohave Indian in 1973. Moved to San Francisco Bay area in 1977. Worked in a Law Office in San Francisco. A Philippino girl lived with us for a year. Moved back to Arizona in 1988. I did a lot of substitute teaching over the years. Took bookkeeping into my home while the kids were growing up. Retired from DeVry University in 2005. I love retirement. Just got back on April 24, 2011 from a three-week visit to the Philippines. We also have a friend in China and Vietnam and would like to visit there someday. Our son lives near Sacramento, CA and has 3 children. Our daughter is not married and lives near Richmond, VA. Have lived a very full life so far and continue to do so. Husband has been a printer/lithographer all his life until retirement in 2009.

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