Allan Ralph Andrews, born September 13

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Allan Ralph Andrews

Now the truth is the jiva monads generate time tracks that twist and compound out of pure sattva guna Buddha time to generate the rajas guna karma time of the astral world. These time connections create astral complexes that reincarnate and gradually develop ties with local worlds and local events, connecting the jivas of the infinite game energy and passion to the soma bodies of the flesh, of the snakes that snake through the holes of complex time to evolve the visible worlds. If a jiva wishes to it can attach to such complexes and as Mahayana Buddhism discovered, such a return to the Earth Trigram is just as compassionate as the complete separation, in fact too much separation from the finite generates fear and strife, which is why the notion of forgiveness and tolerance is so important to the notion of inclusive harmony and love.

The gods, the angels, the avatars, the souls, the spirit guides, are all various aspects of this complexity, of the improbable that is generated by the infinite flux. Within this system there is nothing to fear but fear, even hatred does not end by hatred, but by love. The solution to the darkness remains a light. So the fear of death is needless. What is to be avoided, rather, are the sufferings and problems of life, which need spiritual detachment to effective endure.

Allan Ralph Andrews

The atheist and the agnostic tend to focus on proof and evidence, the Christian on the community of worship, the Moslem on the political and global implication of the faith, the Daoist on the process, the Confucian on virtue, the Buddhist on release, the Jain on the Jiva itself, the Zen on the relationship of Jiva and Body, its perceptions, awareness. This is all temper, realistic scientific against romantic and magical, impressionist and mental against postimpressionist and sentimental, ideological, Classical ideals against expressionist hedonism, experimental existential against order and discipline. Progress occurs at the interface of these various forms. There is no final resting point, we agree with Carse in rejecting the prizes and titles.

Now try this mythology. The Garden of Eden is the Heaven Trigram, the Father is Jehovah Shiva the Destroyer, Eldest Son and the Holy Ghost is Elohim Vishnu Allah Brahmin Nirvana the Integrating Saving Love, with the Son appearing as Adam Brahma with avatars as an infinity of infinitesimal Angel Soul Jiva Monads. These Adam Monads attach to the physical soma body flesh of the Eve Middle Daughter Yin in the Garden of the Trees of Knowledge of Good and Evil and of Life that are the Eldest Daughter Yin as stimulated by Eldest Son Yang emerging in the Thunder Trigram as the Snake to stimulate the emergence of Life in Earth Trigram as observed by Adam and Eve Mind in Mountain Trigram, the Garden is Heaven Trigram and God observing it is Wind Trigram generating the Hen One in Elohim and the Psyche in Adam and the Nous or Cosmic Mind in the Trees of the Physical Garden in the World.

This temptation casts Adam and Eve out into the World Cosmos of Youngest Daughter Yin where they must labor to find salvation in Middle Son Yang compassion, which causes Adam to become Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Confucius, Socrates, Lao Tse, Mohammed Mind and explore his relationship with the Heaven Trigram God of Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy and the Wind Trigram form of the good in Eternal Objects as Prehended in Mountain Trigram and generating Actual Occasions in Earth Trigram and evolving events in Thunder and Organism in Water Well out of Nexi in Lake Trigram.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 3/24/2015

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris symbolizes the integrating Middle Son Yang aspect and Isis symbolizes the natural system order of the female wisdom, Nous the Cosmic Mind in Eldest Daughter Yin, Horus, the Hawk God, symbolizes Adam, the Pneuma, Psyche, the Soul, Atman, also the Jiva Monad, Buddha moment, of infinitesimal involution and phenomenological time, which flies in from nothingness and becomes the moment of being from with private creativity. This is Youngest Son Yang and the trinity is the trinity of Plotinus and of the Wind Trigram, but this improbable goodness is the product of an infinite flux in Eldest Son Yang, symbolized here by the evil brother Set, who as Shiva, lord of destruction generates the energy flux that causes evolutionary emergence arising in the Underworld of all things.

Out of the order of all things come two movements for integration, one is evolutionary and involves the finite and the dispersion of energy in the finite generating the differential survival of energy dissipative associations that can conserve energy as it dissipates. The evolutionary order generates systems in Eldest Daughter Yin that counteract the movement toward entropy in Middle Daughter Yin to generate associations of energy dissipative associations at various levels of organization in Youngest Daughter Yin space time relativity.

The involution order involves energy flux from Eldest Son Yang that is integrated in Middle Son Yang by penetrating the infinitesimal as an infinitesimal point is integrated into a circle of an infinity of sides, this phenomenological involution changes energy into passion and information into reason, here and now time into phenomenological inexistence and complex associational time into communities of communication and association. The time and space of Youngest Daughter Yin are complexes of the pure simple time of Youngest Son Yang emerging in various alternative quantum worlds as finite strings and manifold in Middle daughter yin. Involution changes integration into pleasure on a small level and into joy and love on a higher level, and disintegration becomes pain and suffering in Middle Daughter Yin particle entropy. It becomes suffering, pain, aging, sickness, predation, and death.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakesfield CA, 3/24/2015

So we have involution and evolution at work out of the energy flux of Eldest Son Yang thermodynamics against weightless energy in Eldest Daughter Yin generating all kinds of improbability, but if this is weightless does it have any meaning. It is Adam and Even in the Garden of the Heaven Trigram source making a finite game Earth Trigram product that is the key. To have meaning there must evolve a tangible product, that tangible product evolves through the Thunder Trigram evolution as entropy as the Snake in Eldest Son tempts Even in Middle Daughter by the dispersion of energy it the dispersed particle of quantum mechanics. Since energy dispersing associations that conserve energy are more probable, they survive at evolve at higher and higher levels of organization in the space time relativistic Youngest Daughter Yin world of associations in space and time and generate the order of the third law of thermodynamics as trees, as wood accumulates in the natural systems that are Eldest Daughter Yin information.

But, the Tree of Knowledge can generate no knowledge without the Adam of monads of here and now time and phenomenology evolving from within to create passion out of energy and reason out of information and phenomenology out of time moments and pleasure from integration and pain from disintegration in communities of association, in this case with the Tree of Knowledge that is the Nervous System product of Eldest Daughter Yin information systems and the pleasure from the fruits offered Adam by association with other embodied and attached monads of phenomenology, this gives meaning to the world and allows Karma to be generated in Flame Trigram and Mind in Mountain Trigram creating astrological shadows in Water Well Trigram and birth and rebirth in the synchronicity of Astral Associations in Lake Trigram complexity.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 3/24/2015

So Infinite flux emerging in the finite world in the Thunder Trigram as the Snake of the Second Law of Thermodynamics of evolution as entropy generating fruit in crystals of particle association in the Third Law of Thermodynamics, the wood of the trees of the physical Earth Trigram Garden and involving in the infinite game in the Heaven Trigram and integrating in pursuit of joy and love in Middle Son Yang of the Holy Spirit, the Hen ONE of Cit, Sat, Ananda, Being in Eldest Daughter Yin, Joy in Middle Son Yang integration and Consciousness, Phenomenology in the Monad Jiva Buddha infinitesimal atoms of being within involution. This Adam pursuit of pleasure and joy seeks permanence in Eldest Daughter Eve of the Tree of Life and is offered it by Eve in the embodied intelligence of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, of pleasure in integration and pain in disintegration. Eve seek to have Adam eat of the fruit of these tree to satisfy the Snake’s need for survival of higher organisms, now motivate by real being from within desire, passion for pleasure, and passionate avoidance of pain, because only involution can change energy into passion and information into thought and monads of time into private existential inexistent phenomenology. Only involving Adam can associate with evolving Eve in the nervous systems of higher organisms to generate involving and evolving mind, mind that is able to observe as it look down to the manifest and contemplate as it looks up to its phenomenological roots. The brain shapes, determines the kind of mind that emerges, Adam cannot become human without Eve, only a human brain can generate a human mind, only a phenomenological monad can create the associated meaning of the mind, but every mind attracts an infinity of monads at various degrees of passion and thought and the total mind field is a complex of all the above, but an infinity of the infinitesimal monad atoms is require to encompass a finite measure of energy, just as an infinity of theoretical points is necessary to generate a circle of finite measure.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 3/24/2015

Cast out of the Garden of the Infinite, Adam and Eve discover themselves naked, needing boundaries, expose, subject to the dangers and struggles, the limitations of the finite world. Mortal time comes with a price, enduring pleasures that eventual decay and disappear, generating pain and suffering of a new kind. Drawn back into new bodies in pursuit of this fruit, the soul monad becomes trapped in its associations with other souls in cycles of birth and death.

This is the Dukka, the suffering discussed by Buddha, the Sin, discussed by Jesus, the ignorance and moral wrong discussed by Socrates and Confucius, the opposition to the way of integrations, the TAO, discussed by Lao Tzu. The solution is to abandon the attachment to the flesh, to lust, to kama, or desire, and pursue Right Meditation, Right Speech, the Dharmapada of the Buddha, the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus, the Form of the Good, of Socrates, the Heaven and Wind Trigrams of the I Ching, the Central Harmony (the Love of Empedocles Love vs. Strife) of Confucius, the Karma Yoga of Krishna of the Gita.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 3/14/2015

This is the higher meaning of the scriptures used as an allegory, as a spiritual parable and interpreted in the manner taught by St. Paul in Galatians, Chapter 4, verse 24, and by Jesus in the Gospels. See also II Corinthians, Chapter 3, verses 1 to 5 and Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 1 through 6.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA.

All of our laws of science have to do with finite measures of energy in the finite world. We cannot deal with quantities below our constants because that is not how our world is put together. It does not mean that they do not exist, but that we cannot consider them because of the law of parsimony, but the law of parsimony is a rule about scientific procedure, and the finite has become a place terribly lacking in parsimony, and even then what we know about the finite tells us and infinitesimal amount about an ultimate characterized by an infinite flux in eternal weightless information potential. Anything is possible many times over to an infinite degree. Most of this, all but an infinitesimal portion of it would not be measurable by us and therefore not enter into our science at all.

Descartes was correct. Phenomenology gives us an internal measure that indicates there is more out there than evolutionary science can discover. Involution speculation is just as valid an instrument as ever in spite of vast amounts of special pleading and appeals to authority and appeals to numbers and appeals to emotion (the love of desert landscapes per figures like Quine). Appeals to ignorance are even used for some of the thought experiments and work with manifolds and string theory. Now this is all useful in my private world, unlike science, metaphysical speculation, if done right is a private thing. The problem with materialism is that it arose in an age of absolutism and inquisition and was useful in getting rid of popes and kings. The problem is that the atheism and agnosticism that fueled a public revolution might be a very impractical guide to personal philosophy.

And this is the real point of the work of Carse. Personal philosophy is part of the infinite game because it involves your personal genius. Public philosophy and public speculation have become nasty things that are involved with public finite games of titles and power and property. It is the kind of thought that is used to make weapons and bombs, as Carse does a good job of proving in his book. It is your choice, do you wish to help the rich enjoy their land and the empires fight and drop bombs and help the plundering aristocracy in its devotion to greed at the expense of the addictions, gluttony, and lust addictions of the poor. If that is what you want, there is lots of it available.

Allan Ralph Andrews

If you wish true simplicity, let the laws of thermodynamics rule, as energy flux in Eldest Son Yang generates information crystal structures in Eldest Daughter Yin. As energy moves toward entropy in Middle Daughter Yin, it creates energy dissipative associations in Youngest Daughter Yin that evolve at various levels of organization and integration into Middle Son Yang. But, energy flow toward the finite is a rule of the associations within our cosmos, which must be an intermediate organism, itself and evolving association in flow toward the infinitesimal monads of the ultimate atomization of all things in Youngest Son Yang. Furthermore, at this level, movement toward organization and structure become involution and merge toward the negative number and the root of minus one imaginary and complex number mathematics. This involution structure lies at the hidden roots of the Dreamtime Zamani (See African Philosophy) that is The Heaven Trigram Garden of Eden Infinite Game source of all things, explaining the involution of normal physics and astronomy into astrology and synchronicity in the over all pathways of life as internal philosophy in a Pythagorean Cosmos.

Allan Ralph Andrews

One of my cousins has studied Eastern Astrology and Jainism in India and is an expert Jungian Astrologer. His interpretation, and my interpretation of the events of the last few weeks of my life are a better predictor of actual events that scientific sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, economics, all of which are subjects in which I am well trained. Two options are available to explain this, both equally plausible: One is that the infinite game in the form of the Heaven Trigram working through the Wind Trigram is actually in charge. In other words, there is a net work of phenomenological souls of the type described in Jainism, Leibnitz, Berkeley, Emerson, Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind), Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Vedanta, Pythogoras, Empedocles, Neoconfucianism of the I Ching type, per Alfred North Whitehead process philosophy, per Jung and Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, that the Heaven Trigram and Wind Trigram, Alfred North Whitehead’s God and the Eternal Objects, that these rule and the Earth Trigram, the visible scientific world is an effect, not a source, a shadow of something occurring in involution of monads that creates the processes the manifest in the evolution of organisms that monads attach to in the manifest world. The alternative is that these are patterns emerging in the dreamtime, in the hypnosis, in the group trance that generates meaning in the right hemisphere of the brain, and that these are simply built in biases, culture created rituals of the primitive basis of the brain in socialized ritualized belief patterns. There is no resolution of these two interpretations, as Kant discovered in the metaphysical antithesis of finite to infinite, simple to complex, necessary to contingent, open to closed. I would tend to agree with Hegel that it is a bit of both, but I would also agree with Marx that a materialist synthesis might hold just as much validity as an immaterial one, and with the existentialists that the irrational private aspect of all of this cannot be ignored, finally, I would tend to agree with Carse that the finite games of the materialistic philosophers must be cast out as simply was of supporting the conservative needs of title giving conservative power structures. I agree with Dewey that something different has to be considered, I also agree with James that the practical options are plural, there a variety of tempers, of paths that need to be chosen based on what works for the day. Being involved in 12 step recovery, I tend to concur with the practical use of James and his Varieties of Religious Experiences in my own application of the 12 steps. For here on there is not much more to say than what you do not know you do not know. Except for an observation that I made long ago in my youth that there really is not the difference between these options that there appears to be. Energy is neither created or destroyed and it retains endless ability to generate and regenerate information and mathematical patterns out of the weightless. Passion, pleasure, pain, and the like are simply energy patterns from the inside. Therefore everything is eternal and novel at once and it is silly to worry about what happens to a body and a personality that are endlessly dying and being reborn, whatever it means it is a marvelous process. Case closed.

Allan Ralph Andrews

So where does that leave us, it leaves us debating within the finite game, within the utilitarian, scientific and materialist mind set of science and philosophy and politics for our public conversation, simply because that is where most listeners are in our modern world and no one much is likely to listen to us if we do public philosophy in any other realm. Still our private philosophy with be pragmatic in the tradition of Dewey and James for reasons given above, but still at the edge of the finite game. But, our pragmatic choice with the above, will be the gods, the dreamtime Zamani, the Heaven Trigram of the East and of the Aboriginal Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Hindu in Eldest son, Buddhist and Daoist in Middle Son and Jain in Youngest Son, but since we wish to do the highest god, the highest highest highest higher power of the 12th step variety, we will do that god that shines its light on the ideals of the Wind Trigram, following Aristotle and Descartes in the pursuit of reason and Spinoza and Plotinus and Plato in the pursuit of the one, and Empedocles, and Socrates, and Leibnitz and New Thought in the pursuit of the Creative Spirit of the phenomenological monad jiva.

So having said a word for our personal belief, we must return to the public world of the finite game where we left off earlier in works such as America Now, the Anthropology of a Changing Culture, Marvin Harris, 1981, Daniel Bell, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, 1976, Erich Fromm, Man For Himself, 1947, Gilbert Ryle, Dilemmas, 1953, Arnold Toynbee, The Study of History, etc..

Allan Ralph Andrews.

But before we go there let us look back one more time at involution and evolution, suppose the laws of thermodynamics work at all levels, finite and infinite and in between, driving evolution of the small finite into the large finite as entropy moves energy toward the small through energy dissipative structures that undergo evolution as of the conservation of those structure that conserve energy, resulting in the emergence of pattern and form and information and information systems. Suppose there is involution toward the infinitesimal in the infinite resulting in integration of the infinitesimals into increasingly inclusive networks as the result of a similar process of conservation and evolution operating with the involution complement to evolution. Suppose these emerging networks of simple time interact with quantum events in such a way as to generate complex time and eventually complex association in relativistic space time. Would these complementary processes explain what Bernard Rensch, Rensch, Laws of Evolution, p. 98, Sol Tax, ed., The Evolution of Life, University of Chicago Press, 1960, “Laws of Parellisms.” Thus, we would have a Mountain Trigram of simple time, ruled by Laws of Parellisms in the Youngest Son Yang, of Logic, Mathematics, and Information Systems in the Eldest Daughter Yin, of Quantum Mechanics in Middle Daughter Yin and a corresponding area of complex synchronicity time ruled by Space Time Relativity in Youngest Daughter Yin, Thermodynamics in Eldest Son Yang and the Integration of all things, driving the process of involution complementary to evolution, the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable, in Middle Son Yang.

Is this not, the true parsimony, the true simplest possible explanation of the observed, inclusive of the Middle daughter yin facts known to the left hemisphere of the cerebrum and the Middle son yang meaning known to the right hemisphere?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA

So the integration of these threads of infinitesimal simple time draws the infinite flux into the emergence of cosmic foam from which universes like ours emerge and as they expand they drive energy flow toward entropy which drives the evolution of energy dissipative structure complexes and natural systems, these complex in turn with the simple time flows of the phenomenological parallelism, and complex with finite space time, to generate collective synchronicity and drive the emergence of parallelism and panpsychic complexity at all levels of emergent excitability, creating passion within energy complexes and pain in the disintegration and pleasure in the integration of these complexes, of a character dependent upon their emerging level of organization. At lower levels of organization, what emerges is mere allurement and excitability, but at higher levels of organization, primitive consciousness, and even self consciousness, begins to emerge, as described by Brian Swimme in his book “The Universe is a Green Dragon,” (Bear, 1984).

Allan Ralph Andrews, Sunday, March 28th 2015 at 4:28 AM

Consider the following model of the above, start with Heaven Trigram and Eldest Son Yang generating and infinite flux that makes the improbable probable, move through Middle Son Yang to create cosmic complexes in Lake Trigram that emerge as universes in space time relativity of Youngest Daughter Yin and then let Eldest Son Yang thermodynamic conservation of energy in First Law of Thermodynamics generate flow toward particle entropy probability in Middle Daughter Yin and the evolution of energy dissipative structures in Youngest Daughter Yin association that cause entropy as evolution in Thunder Trigram and produce orderly patterns in weightless structure in Eldest Daughter Yin of Earth Trigram that emerge as crystals in absolute zero of the Third Law of Thermodynamic in Earth Trigram Finite Product of Heaven Trigram Infinite Source. Now let the working of Middle Daughter Yin Laws of Causation and Quantum Mechanics and Eldest Daughter Yin Laws of Mathematics and Logic and Information Systems in Earth Trigram, as distributed in relativistic Space Time in Youngest Daughter yin associations, stimulate mental activity and analysis, and speciation in Mountain Trigram, generating set points and ideals and adaptive peaks in evolution in Wind Trigram and generating movement toward Chaos and competition in Flame Trigram that stimulates laws of Parallelism in Youngest Son Yang infinitesimal singular time that appear random and chaotic from the outside but are experience as freedom and choice from the inside of the phenomenological and existential panpsychic parellels that match emerging evolution from the finite of Middle daughter yin with integration and involution of Middle son yang into the infinitesimal monads of Youngest Son Yang here and now time.

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