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Allan Ralph Andrews, March 28th 2015, 4:30 AM, Bakersfield, CA

By its nature, involution belongs more to the infinite game than the finite game. By its nature evolution belongs more to the finite game that the infinite game. John S. Mbiti, in his work African Religions and Philosophy, Anchor (1969, 1970), discusses these as they work out in traditional African societies and he uses the word “Zamani’ for that aspect of the dreamtime infinite game that enters into the local aboriginal African community finite games. Science will never be able to get a good hold on the Heaven Trigram and the Earth Trigram finite unfortunately never gives more than an infinitesimal glimpse at the infinite, which is no large that our personal private phenomenological window, that is why Jesus in Saint Mathew’s Gospel recommend that we do our conversations with the infinite in our private chamber, just as Socrates did the same with his Monitor within. I personally follow that advice, I do not use public philosophy and science as the key to my notion of meaning. For me all oughts are the various control system “is” types offered by various communities. The split between is and ought, is an existential one between involution and evolution. I use my own personal 12 step program door, per The Sermon on The Mount, by Emmett Fox, a traditional 12 step guide, and William James works on religious belief as my doorway, but I have a Quaker, Transcendental, Mennonite, heritage. So there you are, end of lesson.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, Saturday, March 28th 2015

The infinite flux that makes the improbable probable will search out the improbable ideal. That is one reason why mathematical idealism works so well in physics for it teases out the mathematical set points that are the basis of the symmetry of physical system survival. The I Ching model that we are using is one of these. It begins with Eldest Son Yang as energy flux in the base e and Middle Son Yang integration in pi and Youngest Son Yang infinitesimal monad roots in the square root of minus one. The shadow of this source is the arithmetic world with quantum units in singe digit one and their axis of association in the = sign of rational real numbers with the weightless mathematical zero point as the fixed center. From this comes Arithmetical measurement in Earth Trigram and Statistics and Probability in Thunder Trigram, Calculus in Heaven Trigram and Differentiation in Flame Trigram, Integration, Group Theory, and Topology in Lake Trigram, Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry in Mountain Trigram and logic and set Theory in Water Well Trigram. Unknown numbers are the avoidant interface of Lake and Heaven, imaginary and complex numbers are the Schizoid interface of Heaven and Wind, irrational numbers are the schizotypal interface of Wind and Flame. Wind Trigram is the Theoretical Algebra Ideal and Formula is the Compulsive interface between Algebra and Water Well and vectors and functions are the Antisocial interface between Flame and Thunder, roots are the paranoid interface between Wind and Mountain and negative numbers and fractions are the Negativistic and Sadistic interface between Mountain and Flame. Positive numbers and sums and multiples are the masochistic interface between Water Well and Lake and logarithmic progressions are the borderline interface between Lake and Thunder, real numbers are the histrionic interface between Thunder and Earth and rational numbers are the dependent interface between Water Well and Earth, known numbers are the narcissistic interface between Earth Trigram and Mountain Trigram.

Here we have a world in which involution generates monads in infinitesimal time that integrate in search of pleasure and associate to generate the foam from which expanding universes emerge that generate the movement toward entropy that is evolution and the survival of energy conserving energy dissipative structure creating conserved codes, information storage in natural systems and the dispersal of energy into quantum even particulars that assemble into atoms and molecules and higher and higher levels of organization. These processes in complex time associate with phenomenological involution in simple time generating complex events that emerge out of the unknown into the known as chaos in the known is produced by freedom the involution private unseen and energy in the notion by passion in the unseen and disintegration in the known with pain in the private unseen and integration in the known with pleasure in the unseen. The unseen, however, begins to emerge and become visible as it complexes with higher and higher levels of organization that generate energy systems that can unfold impressions in the realm of Mountain Trigram into expressions in the realm of Thunder.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Sunday, March 29th 2015

So what is this set point ideal emerging out of the infinite flux in Heaven Trigram into the necessary perfection and refinement of Wind, it is refinement in Wind in the imaginary root of minus one of involution and perfection in Wind in the pi curve of the multidimensional spheres of integration. Refinement is Youngest Son Yang, perfect integration is Middle Son Yang and the mathematical systems out of Euler’s Identity that drive it are Eldest Daughter Yin.

Allan Ralph Andrews,

Let us review. We know the finite world through physical observation of its particles, waves, and quantum events in physics, Middle Daughter Yin and their distribution in the astronomical space time relativity of Youngest Daughter Yin emerging from the conservation of energy and its thermodynamics in Eldest Son Yang generating the Thunder Trigram of Evolution as Entropy in the Second Law of Thermodynamics and generating the structure revealed in the Third Law of Thermodynamics and the study of this structure and the processes that generate it in information theory, chaos theory, systems theory, and the mathematics that support these theoretical models in Eldest Daughter Yin.

The source of this emergent progression appears to be the Heaven Trigram in the flux generated by the 1st Law of Thermodynamics in Eldest Son Yang and its infinite extension and its generation of evolution in Middle Son Yang and its involution into the infinitesimal in Youngest Son Yang generating the improbable ideal of Wind Trigram Form of the Good and Eternal Object arising from complete and perfect harmony and integration in Middle Son Yang, utter refinement and creative novelty in Youngest Son Yang and systematic order and control in Eldest Daughter Yin. The key to this mathematical perfection is Euler’s Identity which connects individual particles as the units of Middle Daughter Yin in the equivalent formulations that are the cosmic distributions in Youngest Daughter Yin time and space effects and the Zero point of mathematical balance that is the axial center in Eldest Daughter Yin. The balanced against pi and integration in Middle Son Yang, the square root of minus one and refinement in the involution that changes integration into pleasure and joy and disintegration into pain, energy into passion and information into reason, dissociation into consciousness and association into communication and connection, and the progressive expansion of this harmony in the base e in Eldest Son Yang.

In Jainism, the Jiva are composed of consciousness in Youngest Son Yang, and ecstasy in Middle Son Yang integration and energy in Eldest Son Yang, the world of their creative observation in the events that generate particles and waves in Middle Daughter, time sequences in Eldest Daughter, and space time associations in Youngest Daughter.

In Hinduism, the Jiva are the Buddhi, that connected with other events in the Mountain Trigram become the Creative Spirit, or consciousness in Youngest Son, Manas, or Mind or Psyche in Eldest Daughter Yin and the breath and life energy of the Soma, or the Body in Middle Daughter, the connection of quantum events, is the beginning of the associations that connect the pure monad atoms of time to the particulate events of the tangible world.

The energy of these events generates the chaos of the Flame Trigram that is chaos on the quantum outside and creative freedom on the monad jiva inside. On the monad jiva inside it is the Karma that is matched by the dharma order of the Water Well Trigram and its astrological associations. This creative freedom individualizes as mind and collectivizes as astral associations that generate birth and rebirth in the samsara that emerges from the complex recombination that is Lake Trigram Jungian Synchronicity.

Allan Ralph Andrews, March 31st 2015

So the Heaven Trigram is God as infinite source and Earth is the realm of science as the finite product. Wind Trigram is the form of the good, the perfect realm, paradise and heaven as opposed to hell and natural selection in Thunder Trigram. Flame Trigram is Karma as choice and action and Water Well is dharma, as the response of cosmic mind to that choice and action, Mountain Trigram is personal mind and Lake Trigram is the synchronicity of the collective unconscious and the birth and rebirth of the complex associations of personal mind.

In literature there are many symbols of these relationships. Purgatory is Water Well in Dante and the Inferno is Thunder, Earth is Earth and God is Heaven and Paradise is Wind Trigram. Dante as the writer of this work is Flame Trigram and Virgil as his guide is Mountain. The Cave that he goes into and the pathway he takes are part of the larger Lake, or the Cave Allegory from Plato’s Republic. In Nine Princes in Amber, the pit of Chaos is Heaven Trigram and Chaos itself is Flame. The Serpent is Thunder and the Demons associated with the Serpent are Lake. When Demons found Amber, it becomes Water Well, but the pattern of Amber and the Unicorn are Wind Trigram. The Shadows cast by Amber and the Gods that walk them from Amber are Mountain Trigram and Planet Earth is Earth. Again we have a shadow, a reflection of the Cave Allegory from the Republic.

Allan Ralph Andrews.

One of the necessary changes in working with this symbolism was dethroning the old absolute god, the imperial king god, who was in irrational monarch. If things have no beginning or end then nothing and everything are the beginning. This is the genius of Ernest Holme’s version of the Mountain Trigram of the I Ching (he did not call it that, but I knew him as a boy, and he would have had no problem with our system use here) in his book Science of Mind, the pneuma, psyche, soma, the creative spirit (or Youngest Son Yang), the law of mind (our Eldest Daughter Yin) and the body (our Middle Daughter Yin) were all equally important and all endless from the beginning to the end of whatever time system you wished to use. The blended in and worked with Youngest Daughter space time relativity and Eldest Son thermodynamics and Middle Son integration of everything.

The formal ideal, the pattern is can be endlessly designed and created in new and different forms that work in new and different ways. We have discussed how the human brain and human culture seem to have developed a system where a Heaven ‘Trigram of aboriginal pride and a Wind of aristocratic greed, and a Mountain Trigram of jealousy, a Flame Trigram of anger, a Earth Trigram of gluttony, a Thunder Trigram of lust, a Water Well Trigram of slavery, and a Lake Trigram of sloth rule human relationships.

Consider our model of the accounting cycle that makes the Heaven Trigram Sales and the Wind Trigram Profits, the Earth Trigram Cost of Goods, and the Thunder Trigram Losses. The Flame Trigram Assets, and the Mountain Trigram Equities, the Water Well Trigram Liabilities, and the Lake Trigram Accounts Payable and Receivable. We have an accounting I Ching where Eldest Son Yang is transactions and Eldest Daughter Yin is the Books of Account. Youngest Son Yang is Owner Focused and Youngest Daughter Yin is Debtor Focused, Middle Son Yang integrates into the business through income and profits and loans and debits and Middle Daughter Yin disintegrates by depreciating assets, paying costs for inventory, paying out dividends on equity, accumulating losses.

In this systems, Sales supports aboriginal pride in the salesman and Profit supports aristocratic greed in the stock owner and corporate manager, Equity supports jealousy and envy among stock owners and Assets support competition and martial anger in defense of assets against theft and damage. Liabilities supports wage and debt slavery on the part of those who owe work and money to the corporate entity and Cost of Goods supports gluttony on the part of those who consume the goods through purchase or theft. Payables and receivables supports sloth on the part of those who use money and goods on loan that they may never pay for or return. Finally losses support lust on the part of those who are willing to give up money and power under the force of the lust to consume, money spent on vulgar show and glamour in support of a consumption culture.

Systems like this may arise out of the natural geometry of nature or the natural geometry of the human brain, or both. In the end it does not matter and is an issue that can never be resolved, as Kant pointed out in the Critique of Pure Reason.

Two new books, A New History of Life, by Peter Ward and Joe Kirschvink and Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari, bring up interesting issue in respect to what we have discussed above.

Peter Ward and Joe Kirschvink demonstrate how the emergence of life as we know it is a series of jumps through barriers, this is what one would expect if the I Ching organization of the human brain is an improbable generated by an infinite flux.

The first improbable is a big bang event that can generate the necessary physical constants and quantum events and particles. The second improbable is the super nova explosions that can create the oxygen and carbon atoms that are need along with phosphorus and others to make life possible. The third improbable is assembling this together in the right associations of time and space to generate the primitive earth. Once oxygen began to accumulate through modern photosynthesis, oxygen based chemical respiration of sugars was possible. At some point composite cells emerged through cooperation with internalized bacteria and that became the energy processing mitochondria of the modern animal cell. If the Wells and Kirschvink book is correct, it was a series of global warming and cooling events, rise and fall of oxygen levels, changes in ocean depths from Hydrogen Sulfide depths with little oxygen to places with greater oxygen, a series of events of this kind accompanied the emergence of animals on to land, the inventions of the amniotic egg, of the mammalian placenta.

The Sapiens book picks up the chronology with the emergence of humans as just another mammal in the food chain. Yuval Noah Harari believes that the use of fire for cooking was a critical event that diverted energy to the development of the brain that might of gone to digestion of complex indigestible foods. It gave humans new ways to control the environment, but Harari believes that a cognitive revolution was critical. It is true, as we have discussed elsewhere, that the appearance of the Cro-Magnon cultures seem to be associated with a deep concern with symbols and images. Harari believes that it is the ability to generate this community fantasy life, supported by a language rich in mythical symbols, that is critical to human cooperation and the emergence of advanced civilization.

He uses corporations as an example of a fantasy item generated by this process. The ideas we have developed above in respect to the accounting cycle seem to support his thesis. We appear to have no problem adjusting the I Ching, a magical religious, metaphysical instrument to the notion of debts and credits and books of account, and even superimpose the seven deadly sins and the color system of the political symbol ideology. Profits would be the white guna rooted in Youngest Son Yang and transactions such as Sales would be the red guna of competition and martial valor. Cost of Goods and Inventories, would be the darker green tamas guna of Middle Daughter and Younger Daughter Yin, realm of the vulgar and the common. These ideas go back to notions in the Republic of Plato.

In our I Ching model of human brain function, the Eldest Son Yang of the basal ganglia is the role playing function of hypnosis and the Middle Son Yang of Right Hemisphere creative meaning integration is the power of suggestion, of creative fantasy and myth, and finally Youngest Son Yang frontal lobe planning is the source of dissociation, of the executive frontal area and its ability to practice meditative dissociation, to spin off fantasy roles and visions for the contemplative self. This is the Heaven Trigram of Dreamtime Fantasy and Trance, the Zamani of John S. Mbiti’s book African Religions and Philosophy, it is this same trance inducing area that the salesman of a corporation enters into when he induces aboriginal pride as a means of playing a shaman, a witch doctor of the realm of technological magic, selling cars rather than elephants, horses, and camels. In describing this process, Harari is operating from the left hemisphere cerebral association areas that are responsible for reading and understanding these ideas and remembering them as potential fact and description of reality, the latter all part of the Earth Trigram function of the brain I Ching system.

Elsewhere we have discussed Brian Fagan’s Cro-Magnon and Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel. Harari presents evidence similar to that we looked at in our discussion of the above. Unlike Diamond however, Harari tends to view agriculture and the agricultural revolution as something evil, unlike the works of Marvin Harris, who, as an anthropologist, see all of the above as just one of the things that happens, and sees it driven more by material, environmental, and economic forces that no one can control.

Harari agrees with Carse in the power of the mythological game. He looks at the data coming from the time of the Cro-Magnon and sees it as a cognitive revolution in favor of mythological processing. He does not make the distinction that Carse makes between finite and infinite games and much of Harari’s complaints about the evils of human mythology based rule making, Carse might describe as finite games that reward titles and protect property and require that property be publically enjoyed. Carse would probable see this new power to play a mythological game as a two way power, it can either be played for the joy of it in the infinite game of creative play, or it can be done in a finite game of titles and power that destroys and infinite game, stops it, and hence in Carse’s view is evil. That is how Carse defines evil, as noted above.

In respect to the I Ching patterns in human mythology generating, we could note that on of the patterns that Harari dislikes about the new agricultural finite games in the segregation of humans into slaves and commoners and superiors. We have discussed this elsewhere, basically this is the old I Ching systems that gives slaves the sin of sloth and puts them in the Lake Trigram, gives commoners the sin of gluttony and places them In Earth Trigram and gives gentlemen and superiors the sin of greed and places them in the Wind Trigram. Missing from this system is the priests and shaman that are the sources of much of the mythology the gentlemen superiors are using and belong to the Heaven Trigram and the military that provide the force that allows the system to continue in the Flame Trigram. The Mountain Trigram scribes that keep the necessary records on the whole system, the Water Well Trigram servants and bureaucrats that provide the day to day management and apply the everyday regulations and finally the necessary criminals, entertainers, outcasts, with the sin of lust that belong to Thunder. The sin of the soldier in Flame is martial anger, and of the priest in Heaven is aboriginal pride, and of the servant in Water Well is the maintenance of the system of wage and bondage slavery.

It is the superiors in Wind Trigram that gain the color white for their refinement and purity. It is the soldiers in Flame that are red with blood. All the rest are green with the gluttony of the food producing commoners, which color gradually fades into the blue and violet and black of the unseen orders of servitude that support the larger whole. It is this ancient mythology and symbolism, finite game symbolism, that provides the colors for our flags. All of which is discussed in revealing detail in Plato’s Republic, and described by Arnold Toynbee in his Study of History, where the superiors become the dominant elite and the servants in Water Well Trigram become the internal proletariat. The external proletariat is the subject of trade in Thunder Trigram or of war and conquest in Flame.

As Toynbee discusses in detail, there is really no clear line between the doctrines, he call them philosophies, that support the dominant elite and the use of these philosophies by members of the internal proletariat to support the order of a universal state in Water Well Trigram by the organization of a universal church in the dogmatic sloth that is the Lake Trigram finite game. All of which we have discussed in detail in other places. The point here is that the mythological power that emerges in the Cro-Magnon revolution that empowers the I Ching brain to master the world, arises as the right hemisphere of the brain emerges and the source of the creative mythology of the sin of pride prophets and shaman that dare to speak for the gods.

This idea was first put forth by Julian Jaynes in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, 1976. If you recall, our I Ching brain model would make the right hemisphere Middle Son Yang and the Left Hemisphere Middle Daughter Yin, the frontal lobes Youngest Son Yang and the association areas of the parietal, temporal, and occipital lobes, Youngest Daughter Yin. The hippocampus becomes Eldest Daughter Yin and the brain stem and basal ganglia and connections to the limbic areas become Eldest Son Yang. Our approach would not emphasize a breakdown of this system of a bicameral mind, so much as the emergence of finite games that apply the bicameral mythology to the world in a way that titles and land become the focus of the mythology, in other words, a mythological game that was used by the Cro-Magon to gain power in the hunt, now is applied to emerging civilization in a way that changes the balance of its function. Actually, in our system breakdown would be Middle Daughter Yin and integration would be Middle Son, so the emergence of science and materialism and emphasis on fact and data would be a necessary aspect of that so called “Breakdown.” What is really involved is the increasing technical accomplishments of humans force them out of the Zamani, out of the dreamtime, as discussed above, in mythology, this is the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 4/2/2015

Harari discusses Buddhism. A modernized Buddhist approach to the I Ching Brain might have the infinite flux of the Heaven Trigram generate the complex cosmology of the Lake Trigram and its expanding big bang universes out of multiverse systems generating the evolution as entropy of the Thunder Trigram and the natural systems of Earth Trigram generating systems at various levels of organization in Water Well Trigram including speech, writing, and various forms of electronic information processing in pursuit of some futuristic paradise in the ideal systems of Wind Trigram. This would be the world of Youngest Daughter Yin, of association, of the Buddhist Sanga, of flux in Eldest Son Yang of Thunder Trigram and suffering in the disintegration of Middle Daughter Yin and no-self in the associations of feelings and events that are the energy dissipative structures of Youngest Daughter Yin.

To his disorder comes the rational order of the Dhammapada and the Dharma of Eldest Daughter Yin and finally the Buddhamind Nirvana integration of Middle Son return the mind to the play of the infinite game free from the Earth Trigram and its finite games for titles and rewards and achievements and property in the equity games of various forms of the accounting cycle. Harari discusses how, what Carse would call the finite games, began with the record systems, the books, the marks, that are the fixed points, the Li, the Eldest Daughter Yin focal zero point of the accounting cycle and the our I Ching brain model.

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