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There is no virtue or justice in such a system, only aristocratic greed on the part of the bureaus of plunder that use English as the language of their greed and lust for power. Germany and Japan are reduced to subordinate players that subordinate other players in turn, so JUG, Japan, United State and Germany are joined by FUI, France United Kingdom, and Italy, and CAN, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and so on and so forth to the ends of the economic Earth. RIP, Russia, Islamic Area, Pakistan/Persia are reduced to war and rebellion to maintain minimal control of their culture and language and resist the intrusions of the English language media, pushing histrionic protestant religion and narcissistic English life styles. India resorts to Hindu nationalism to preserve a small area of cultural independence as it submits to the larger consumer economic media system, controlled in the end by English speaking technocrats like Bill Gates, controlled out of Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, etc.. China establishes its own walls of protection as it also sucks in the science, the technology, the media systems of the capitalist enemy that is absorbing it from within.

English, like Persian, like Greek, like Latin will eventually expand like a bubble and burst, but not until the spores of its culture spread and infect the entire planet with its cultural memes. There is no cultural antibiotic that can resist it, in spite of the extreme measures of sterilization attempted in some of the more conservative and change resistant areas of the Arabic speaking world. So you see our characterization of English as currently dominant in the global I Ching Brain is not meant to have any racist or nationalistic implications. We are not saying that English is better, only that it is currently doing what Persian, Greek, Latin, Russian, Chinese, Hindi did at one time, when English was a local language used by poor people, by a lower class dominated by those who knew Latin and Norman French.

The ability of English to absorb elements of the lower classes into its system is its strength. It will also be its undoing as languages now occupying the lower rungs of the ladder of the finite game of language domination, gain power, just as it did, rise to destroy it, both without and within, as happened to Latin, Aztec, Mayan, and other imperial languages that once ruled their known worlds, long since pasted away. No narcissistic lion can rule its little hilltop forever.

Allan Ralph Andrews, April 5th, Easter Sunday, 2015, 8:05 AM Pacific Time

Harari in Sapiens continues to explain the human condition. Basically, the Dreamtime Zamani exploded in the Heaven Trigram sector of the Human Global I Ching brain in the rise of Cro-Magnon humans. The Heaven Trigram sector of the brain is describe under other names in The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing, by Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Norton, 1993 ( see also works of Milton Erickson in hypnotherapy). It has long been used by shaman in aboriginal cultures to achieve healings when medical intervention was not available.

The details of these developments are described in Cro-Magnon, by Brian Fagan and various works by Jared Diamond, discussed above and elsewhere. But, the result was a cognitive revolution giving new creative powers to the right hemisphere of the human cerebrum, generating a Heaven Trigram, Wind Trigram, Water Well Trigram, and Lake Trigram of human thought centered on Middle Son Yang right hemisphere integrative creative meaning, based on infinite mutability in the Heaven Trigram sector, adaptive peak set point meanings in the Wind Trigram sector that emerged from Heaven, and order of association dependent upon these set points in Water Well and emotional and mythological connections in Lake Trigram.

The results are described in John S. Mbiti’s work African Religions and Philosophy, referred to above. This is the realm of the Dreamtime unconscious that is worked with by hypnotherapists and shaman healers. It may have evolved in order to integrate an evolving brain with an evolving nervous systems, and to allow an aging population to ripen and develop the symbols system used to control youthful followers. Richard D. Alexander, in The Biology of Moral Systems, Gruyter, 1987, discusses the importance of Nepotism in the development of morality, and the importance of selfish groups. It is this point that is mad by Julius Kovesi, in his book Moral Notions, morality is language community regulation language.

The resulting language communities, all regulated by their own morality and symbol systems rooted in the developing creativity of the cerebral right hemisphere demonstrated by emerging art like that of the Cro-Magnon, began to develop ways of furthering their own self interest, as described by Harari in Sapiens. A key factor became the emergence of agriculture, the emergence of systems of warfare (see various works by Marvin Harris that suggest that warfare was an early form of population control, Cows Pigs, Wars and Witches, Cannibals and Kings, Our Kind, Cultural Anthropology, etc.)

So gradually civilization emerges from the productivity and dreamtime creativity of the global Garden of Eden Dreamtime Heaven Trigram aboriginal pride into the Flame Trigram of human competitive exclusion, glorified in epics like those attributed to Homer. Following this we have the emergence of local states. With the development of written scripts for the development of records and books of account, see the discussion above, we begin to enter the Mountain Trigram of the speciation of the global brain, the division of labor between various written languages and the information retained within them, a subject treated in an interesting way in Dilemmas, by Gilbert Ryle.

Marvin Harris referred to what he calls the “Bureaus of Plunder.” Richard Alexander calls them “selfish groups.” Arnold Toynbee calls them “Dominant Elites.” These begin to emerge in Toynbee’s system when the challenge and response of primitive cultures begins to fail and external proletariats arise to challenge the existing system and war dominates in what we call Flame Trigram. Either the existing speciated state of the emerging Mountain Trigram are able to handle these challenges by effectively using a strategy Toynbee calls “Withdrawal and Return” or they turn to selfish strategies and become ruled by dominant elites.

Dominant elites are occupying the Wind Trigram aristocratic high point characterized by aristocratic greed. The development of a money economy allows this emerging “bureau of plunder” to use the scribes and accountants emerging in the specialization of Mountain Trigram to track wealth in a way that enables them to finance large numbers of soldiers with martial anger equipped in such a way that they can control Flame Trigram competition with other states and emerging raids by external proletariats. The scribes within the emerging state, and the supporting dependent states allied with the dominant state are made to compete for favor with the dominant greedy elites by manipulation of the partisan jealousy of the various divided special script utilizing factions of the supporting Mountain Trigram.

So, the emergence of agricultural dominance in Heaven Trigram, and military dominance in Flame Trigram and information and accounting dominance in Mountain Trigram and monetary dominance in the aristocratic greed of the ruling elite, allows this elite to use the support of an internal proletariat in the organization of a universal state dependent on some form of finite game based slavery (see Carse, above), chattel slavery, wage slavery, ideological slavery, academic slavery, media based Pavlov reinforcement slavery, etc, generating an emerging absolutist, totalitarian order, a legal order with the Water Well Trigram of the global brain in the name of Dharma, in the name of a Duty Ethic, and a justice, that never finalizes (described in detail by Harari in Sapiens).

The breakdown of these universal states stimulate the internal and external proletariats to generate the basis for universal churches, using resources within the Heaven Trigram mythology that dominant elites were never able to use on their own. Eventually factions emerge with the dominant elite that learn how to convert their supporting partisan philosophies, manufactured for them by the factions of special script scribes within the adhering Mountain Trigram sector, into away of controlling these emerging universal churches, and you have the emergence of a Lake Trigram controlled by Divine Command Ethics and Human Concern Ethics of a kind that support the ruling elites. Confucianism is an example of an Lake Trigram ethic with a Human Concern emphasis, and Anglicanism is an example of a Divine Command system used to support the English speaking bureaus of plunder. Scot Presbyterian doctrine is an example of a supporting species developed out of Mountain Trigram for the support of Wind Trigram elites in managing a British English speaking universal state and universal church in a Hindi and Urdu speaking empire (British Imperial India) that did not have that faith, for more on this read Toynbee.

The British elites, and their aristocratic greed, finally allowed this system to die of its own diseases, because their Mountain Trigram scribes and academics had developed technical, mathematic, scientific scripts that allowed them to briefly control the emerging material world and briefly control something called the “industrial revolution,” that briefly left them masters of emerging left hemisphere fact controlled utilitarianism. This control quickly passed to new elites that mastered the emerging realm of democratic gluttony, and industrial product based sugar, alcohol, and drug addictions to generate even more wealth and plunder.

The brief rise of this new Earth Trigram realm of industrial product based gluttony has quickly passed to the emergence of the global Thunder Trigram of consumer centered vulgar lust. These changes are occurring so quickly that control seems to be passing from the English speaking creators of these new methods of plunder to new sectors that are rising as we speak.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 9:12 AM, April, 5th 2015

Carse is probably correct that the problem is not the inspirational ethic of the Heaven Trigram or the infinite game of play with creative mythology, the problem is the use of this play by established churches and plunder elites to play a finite game of titles and property. This, was supposed to be what the Protestant revolt was all about, the use of the Church of indulgences to play the finite game of titles and property. But, what resulted was a Protestant Bible based system that simply turned back to Old Testament inspired ancient laws and superstitions. It was a new finite game that gave power to ruling elites in London, Edinburgh, Boston, and Plymouth (with access to educated Mountain Trigram scribes in Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard that claimed to be able to correctly translate these ancient books in their original form), whatever it was, it was disconnected from the infinite game and was evil in the standard suggested by Carse, that it did things that ended the infinite game play, it generated more evil in the name of ending evils like prostitution and playing cards on the Sunday. And yet, per Carse’s formula, Dialectical Materialism has done even more evil in the name of stamping out this Marxist evil, this “opiate of the masses.”

The notion behind the approach of the 12 step movement seems to be a return to the infinite game Higher Power, rather than the one that belongs to the Bureau of Plunder and its finite games in the name of God.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Easter Sunday, 2015

I have finally finished reading Harari, there are no references to Toynbee and I wonder what he has been reading, even so he explains what has happened to empire. Basically, as empire evolved, the dominant greedy elite became more dependent on it Mountain Trigram accountants, the point that they and their financial associates began to take over aristocratic greed and replace the princes and kings that had dwelt at the pyramid apex of the universal state of plunder. Soon Mountain Trigram was filled with mathematicians that directed science in Earth Trigram and industry in Thunder Trigram to supply weapons for the martial anger and the soldiers and sailors of Flame Trigram. These new imperialists conquered what was left of Heaven Trigram aboriginal pride and wiped it virtually clean. But the rise of science and industry soon lead to the rise of modern business capitalism and the conquest of world trade by vulgar lust in the new market based world economy. This new empire was carried by the new media into a new Lake Trigram ideology and literature supported by a new mass psychology in Heaven Trigram subjectivity.

This new form of plunder was supported by nationalism in Mountain Trigram and property rights and human rights in the legal bureaucracy of Water Well, by the new versions of global subjective creativity in the new subjective Heaven Trigram and by communities of consumer groups in Thunder Trigram. This emergent tetrahedron was supported by deeper roots in unfolding science and industry in Earth Trigram, new forms of literature and art in Lake and Flame and a new greed elite of financial and consumer finance managers in Wind Trigram.

These new managers learned how to manage the accounting cycle discussed above, so that credit and payable and receivables out of Water Well and Lake Trigram supported investments in the emerging market and emerging trade of Thunder, as well as in science in Earth, and the education establishment in Mountain that supported science, in the technology that supported the military in the global brains Flame Trigram and allowed the discovery of new sources of energy and materials in Heaven Trigram of this new version of global brain that was arising from mutations in the global meme inter-subjective system.

There was, there is, no way to predict what this means and where it is going. It has benefited the physical well being of most humans at the expense of ecology and of the well being of the higher forms of animal and plant life, all of which appear to be far more at risk that human are at risk. The possibility of Nuclear War has been banished at the expense of global climate and the ecosystem itself. What this means is impossible to tell, according to Harari, and I believe he is correct.

Something is emerging that is different that we have seen before. Money and science and technology are doing something different, just as language and agriculture and writing did something different long ago. We are in a transition just as remarkable as that which generated the human species, the Cro-Magnon expansion of the human species, the agricultural expansion of human empire, it’s reliance on writing and on the universal states described by Toynbee. Something has happened that left Toynbee’s world behind in some strange way, some new developments just as radical as those which allowed the horse and the wheel to supplant the hunter and the food gathering tribe that walked on foot. This Harari has seen an described, probably as well as it can be described at this moment, in the midst of its birth and early development. We can be sure that nothing will be the same.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Monday, April 6th 2015, Bakersfield, 2:34 AM Pacific Time.

If we apply these revised versions of the imperial aspect of the global I Ching Brain, we now understand why global English is occupying the narcissism hexagrams that combine the Mountain and Earth Trigram, this gives English command of the Mountain Trigram system of specialists that has gradually emerged from the old system of scribes used by the ancient imperial elite, as well as the republican system of logic and debate that dates back to the Greek and Latin city state system and is critical to the development of ethical individualism, and the emergence of the accounting cycle as a way of tracking “equity.” Remember how the British have been characterized as a nation of “Shopkeepers,” the capitalist elite so important to the theories of Karl Marx. It also gives English control of the Earth Trigram sector of the global brain and the science and utilitarian morality that characterizes this area of global objectivity, the roods of the Industrial Revolution that began in England and continued in the United States and Germany.

In our model, JUG, Japan, United States, and Germany continue to dominate this Mountain Trigram portion of the global I Ching Brain. The global Earth Trigram area is dominated by FUI, the economic coordination of France, United Kingdom, and Italy with JUG and the European Union, with paranoid hexagram German acting as a break against overly reactive events out of FUI and its supporting national language systems in triangulations like NAB, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and SIN, Switerland, Italy, and the Netherlands. Her is a key area of the cooperation of science, technology, education, industry, and the emerging market, of individualism, nationalism, liberalism and the new orders of international liberal justice.

Russian dominates the dependent area that controls the access of the Earth Trigram to what is left of the old Soviet, Russian, Turkish, Mongol, Arab, Persian Imperial systems in the Islam and Orthodox universal church systems of the Water Well Area, the great river basins of Eurasia. French and Italian share the histrionic hexagram where Earth merges into Thunder Trigram. French and Italian dominate the histrionic hexagram at the border of the global Earth Trigram and global Thunder. Spanish occupies the antisocial hexagrams at the edge of Thunder and Flame Trigram, which gives Spanish critical control over the Mexican and Central American drug distribution areas, and local militias, and the same into South America. Portuguese occupies the critical borderline hexagrams between Lake Trigram and Thunder Trigram, which means that national triangulations like CAB, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, and BUC, Brazil, United States, and Columbia can support the movement of MUC, Mexico, United States, and Canada into Latin America and the deep thrust of the market control of consumption lust can allow the new money elite, controlled by paranoid Germany and narcissistic United States into expand the new market consumer Thunder Trigram throughout the rest of what remains of the old imperial systems of Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Britain, Japan, United States, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, and Germany, and the universal church systems rooted in Orthodox Greek, Catholic Latin, Muslim Arabic and Persian, Hindu Sanskrit, Buddhist Pali, Tibetan, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, and Daoist Mandarin.

The rise of China and its domination of the avoidant hexagram at the edge of Lake Trigram into Heaven Trigram, give it access to what remains of the old aboriginal economies of Africa and Eurasia and Oceania. The rise of CAT, China, Australia and Taiwan, SAT, Singapore, Australia, and Taiwan, assists JUG in its control of the Pacific Rim area and the Flame Trigram ashes of the Vietnam, Korean, and World War II pacific area conflicts so critical to the evolution of the modern Flame Trigram martial anger competitive military consumer system.

The rise of Icy, ICI, of India, China, and Indonesia in this area is supported by the importance of Hindi and Urdu on the schizoid borders, uniting Wind Trigram caste based aristocracy and the Heaven Trigram reach of the Sanskrit area into creative subjectivity in Hindu and Buddhist thought systems. The conflict between Daoist, Marxist, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu idea systems in this region is a source of major creative ventures in Middle Son Yang subjective thinking integration, mindfulness meditation is only one example. The conflict between Bengali, Malay, Javanese, and Indonesian, and other South Asian and Southeast Asian languages, for control of the critical hexagrams uniting Flame and Heaven, is one example of how this region is in cultural flux.

But, RIP remains the great sore, the great hollow area, the Russian attempt to triangulate with Persia-Iran, with Pakistan, with Syria and other entities in the Islamic region, demonstrates how the failing imperial systems and imperial church complexes of central and southwest Asia have fallen back on dealing in Oil and Gas, and even Coal and Atomic Power, as away of hanging on to the imperial power shattered by the fall of the Turkish Empire, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Empire and the retreat of American, English, French, and other imperial interests from the region. The result is a great gap, a great imbalance in the spin of the global I Ching Brain that has generated the military and ideological disease systems and conflict currently moving through the area and subject to attempts by RIP triangulations out of Moscow in hopes of containing them.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield CA, 8:20 AM. April 6th 2015

Further review of the above discloses the following: PIG, Pakistan, India, Germany occupy the old uplands of the imperial elite, the caste based system that ruled the empires of Asoka, of the Gupta era, and of the Mughals of Delhi, the empires of Persia, and the Muslim Caliphs. In Pakistan, you have the remaining embers of the Muslim fires that burned Flame Trigram across Hindu India, and in India are the remains of the polytheistic idolatry that the Moslem Flame Trigram put to the torch. Iran, Persia, retains the ruins of the old imperial dominant elite that once ruled the world and was conquered by Alexander the Great in order to bring the Greek Language of the Mountain and Earth Trigrams into the Wind Trigram and Water Well Trigram of dominant elite ruled universal state systems. Germany retains the pretensions to this ancient Aryan system of rule rooted in the powers of the old horse and cattle trading raiding hordes that first carried the Flame Trigram west and south to impose a new dominant external proletariat on the old internal proletariat that held the reigns of empire over the world,

Islam would return the favor by sending its own external proletariat against the remains of this ancient Greek and Persian system. The Mongols and Turks would copy them in bringing down both the universal states of China and those of the West as well. When the Turkish Empire was destroyed in World War I and the German Empire was overthrown again in World War II and the Soviet Empire fell at the end of the cold war, a great gap, a rip emerged into the Water Well area that had once been ruled out of PIG based ideological system that imposed a notion of an afterlife where a divine judge determined if you were to go to the kingdom of God or Satan.

Persia and Pakistan retain this old ideology, India gives the justice, Dharma over to a divine system of birth and rebirth that is considered a basic law of the subjective realm, a law of thermodynamics of the animistic world more powerful than gods and kings. It is Dharma which rules the realm of Hinduism and Buddhism and imposes the caste based aristocracy of the dominant elite on India, and its subsidiary states. Germany retains the old notions of the great judge, but under Hitler was given over to a human based notion of natural selection that would create the superman, who would be Aryan. Communist Germany, Eastern Germany, believed in a new progressive order ruled by the Marxist dialectic. Modern Germany is a hybrid system, part Protestant, part Turkish Muslim, part Green based ecologist, part modern Marxist socialist, part liberal capitalist. It is the model of modern pluralism imposed by the military occupation of the nation by the pluralist elite of the United States.

Pig is currently the focus of the war for control of the subjective world and its isolated mountain states, Switzerland, home to Christian Reformed, Lutheran, and Catholic faith, Austria, Catholic, Nepal, Hindu, Bhutan, Buddhist, Iran, Persian Moslem, Kashmir, Sufi Moslem, etc., remain the refuge of the old ideologies that are still in conflict for the world soul. This conflict is being fought on the battlefields of RIP, of Russia, the Islamic rebel states of Iraq and Syria, Northwestern Pakistan, Iran, Palestine, Ukraine, etc, where ever the ancient order of universal states of Northern Africa and Western and Central Eurasia once kept the peace in the great river basins of the world, Nile, Tigris, Euphrates, Indus, Volga, etc., etc.. This is the heartland of Water Well, and as technology increases the power of Flame Trigram as a practice battlefield, its emerging weapons will be tested in the deserts and steppes of this ancient world.

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