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JUG continues to dominate all in its Mountain Trigram isolation, supported by its roots in the elitism of PIG. It uses FUI and SIN and NAB and others as its support in Earth Trigram, and JAM and SAM and others in the Flame Trigram area, PAM, SAT, etc., JAM = Japan and Australia and Malay, SAT = Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, PAM = Philippines, Australia, Malaya, PAT = Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, SAT = Singapore Australia and Taiwan, or HAT, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, the Flame Trigram list is endless. Similar combinations carry Mountain into the Thunder Trigram, MUC = Mexico, United States, Canada, CUM = Columbia, US, Mexico, BAM, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, there is no end to the combinations. But more important is what is happening in Lake and Heaven Trigrams, CAB = China, Argentia, Brazil, and Icy or ICI = India, Indonesia, and China, or CIP, China and Indonesia, and Pakistan, or even RIC, Russia and India and China. The possibilities of triangulating national entities are endless and vital to the plural combinations of the capital and equity dominant consumer trading world.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Monday, April 6th 2015 at 11:41 AM

So scientific fact has come to dominate this new global I Ching brain, with narcissistic English occupying the predatory lion place, the narcissistic mountain claimed by Zeus, with Mountain Trigram and its accountant and information systems and academic experts on one side and Earth Trigram with its utilitarian democracy and industry rooted in scientific exploration and observation on the other.

Mountain Trigram is staked out by JUG, the alliance between Japan and Germany and the United States that looks down on the Pacific Rim of Fire, the place where Japan and the United States fought to the death in World War II and fought the cold war against China and North Korea and North Vietnam to an uncertain conclusion that still left the Pacific, largely and American lake. Today this is the realm of strange national triangulations like JAM, Japan, Australia, Malay, and HAT, Hong Kong and Australia and Taiwan, and SAT, this time Singapore, and PAT, this time the Philippines, or KAT, or CAT, the same again but with South Korea and/or China.

Earth Trigram is the realm of GUF, FUI, FUS, FUN, etc, in which various triangulating European nationalities, Germany, UK, France, or France, UK, Italy, or France UK and Spain, or France UK and the Netherlands control the utilitarian industrial democracies of the new science and industry oriented Europe, watched over by the controlling JUG, with Zeus, the Lion watching it all as he plays, she plays king, queen of the hill.

Thunder extends the reach of the consumer based market that JUG and GUF and FUI have created, it extends it with the help of MUC, Mexico, US, and Canada, and BAM, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and BAC, the same with either Columbia or Chile as the C of the triangle. But, Thunder also merges with Lake Trigram in triangulations like CAB, China, Angola, Brazil, now using the Portuguese language and the Chinese connection with Macau, or merges with Heaven Trigram in ICY or ICI, Indonesia, China, and India as the new boy and girl on the block in the realm of the ancient and the aboriginal and ecological and geological opportunity.

This leaves the ancient source of empire isolated. It is natural for PIG, Persian, India, and Germany to seek to claim the ancient aristocratic heights. The German language nurtured Freud, Jung, Wittgenstein, and much of Modern Physics, as well as Hegel and Marx and Phenomenology. It is the source of the Lutheran Bible. Persia gave the Muslim world much of its theological complexity. Pakistan made similar contributions and India remains the homeland of many religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism just to name a few. Hinduism has perfected elitism in the nation of Caste. The Himalaya and the Swiss Alps remain citadels of Wind Trigrams adaptive peaks.

But, change has left PIG behind and the realm of RIP, the ancient Russian, Soviet, Turkish, Mongol, Persian, and Caliph empires, is in an even worse state, dependent upon and oil and gas based service to the expanding modern world for any power and national pride at all. RIP can spell many things, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, or Russia, Iraq, and Palestine, or maybe SIR, Syria, Iran, and Russia, but RIP symbolizes what is happening, there is no effective universal state to cover over the tensions causing chaos in the area.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 6:43 PM, 4/6/2015

As script writing grew more important in the old Mountain Trigram of specialist that support the new rising elite in the old Wind Trigram origins of the universal states of Water Well and the churches of Lake Trigram, the script writers would write under the inspiration of the prophets in schizotypal Heaven Trigram and the warrior kings in sadistic Flame Trigram hexagrams leading up to Mountain Trigram paranoid scriptures that became the holy word of the Divine Command Ethics that came to provide the framework for the doctrines and dogmas of the ideological and sectarian systems and the missionary work that characterized the sentimental and faith based imperialism of Lake.

Now a new Lake based literature is emerging from the various media systems invented by Mountain and supported by the various media consumer fans in Thunder and inspired by a new inspirational ethics out of the schizotypal and avoidant fantasies of Heaven Trigram infinite games of mythology and inter-subjective possibility. China, India, and Indonesia, are sources of that new ICY-ICI expansion that will supplant the old Wind Trigram elite of PIG (Pakistan-Iran-Germany, Hindustani and Persian and German roots of the Vedic Indo-European traditions), topple the ancient caste systems and their capitalistic greed supports in the old accounting systems, with something entirely new.

What that new thing will be is beyond the comprehension of any living thing, of any wisdom now resident in this time and place. What you do not know you do not know, and that is the difference between science played as a finite game and the infinite game of wonder that is the root of true science as a mathematical and observation game played with that God that is the Shiva flux to the infinite degree of integration that is Vishnu and to the infinite degree of inner creation that is the Brahma Atman monad passion and reason and freedom from within, that being your true existential genius, per the works of Carse.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 9:27 PM, 4/6/2015

It is the difference between the theology of St Augustine and Aquinas, and the philosophy of Aristotle and Plato, that could be written down as a finite game with a finite conclusion, and the endless game of Socrates that included his death by Hemlock, rather than some material prize, that meant that we can never know what he truly believed, what he finally concluded, where as Plato and Aristotle concluded their finite dialogues and took titles in the academies and institutions that allowed them to join the finite game of title giving academics that is the source of the titles and awards and tests and grades we give to this day, in contrast the cynics and other philosophical types who lived in barrels or retreated to silence in some monastic refuge. The titles and awards and grades given in the academy are children exercises for the real challenge comes for those who must retreat to their barrels as Darwin retreated to contemplate barnacles in order to understand that which cannot ever be totally understood, for evolution as entropy has no final end or final truth or final meaning. Looked at as a finite game it is meaningless. That is the deep meaning of the Book of Tao, it is a meaning that cannot be named, cannot take a title, because names and title destroy its inner essence. In the end it is the endless Yahweh, the I am that I am and I become what I become. It is the light that shines on what ever miracle it happens to shine on and its creative novelty is part of what makes it endlessly good.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Monday April 6th 2015 9:40 PM

The new inter-subjectivity that emerges tends to be a composite of the various regions that converge to make the mythology of this new versions of Carse’s Infinite Game. The Heaven Trigram mythology comes from the monsoon cycle of South Asia and its notion of an endless Dharma order driven by the Karma of the weather cycle. This Dharma order and the Karma that moves it, sweep the Atman breath of the soul along in a relentless cycle of breath, where it is taken in by the lungs of one organism only to be expelled by another, the order of Samsara, of birth and rebirth, an endless flux, according to Buddha.

The Water Well Trigram is ordered by the relentless erratic weather of the fertile crescent and the areas of Southwest and Central Asia and North Africa that surround it. El, the thunder God sends his life giving rain where and when he chooses to send it, with the supporting weather elements and angels send to work his lighting stroke judgment and his water giving beneficences. Out of this notion of an beneficial water cycle and the angelic elements that mark its divisions, comes the notion of a relentless astrology of fate, in which angelic elements like Sun and Moon generate a water cycle rhythmic pace that determines the fate of the dependent human soul, ruled over by the autocratic on high, and his angelic consorts in Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, etc..

The weather cycle of Thunder Trigram is the cycle of the temperate seasons that rules both Europe and China and is mythological comprehended in the I Ching system of contending polarities, hot and cold, wet and dry, the same system of polarities in the Western temperate mythology of the Four Elements, Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, which we have integrated with the Eastern I Ching notions to generate our myth of the global I Ching brain.

But, this myth is one of the evolutionary public world, and the final piece is the involutionary system that binds the Eldest Son Yang Karma and Eldest Daughter Yin Dharma, to the Middle Son Yang integrating Water Cycle and its Middle Daughter Yin receptive Earth, to the evolutionary space time relativity of the Youngest Daughter Yin world of evolutionary emergence and the Youngest Son Yang world of involutionary phenomenology. This Mountain Trigram mythology changes integration into pleasure and disintegration into pain, energy into passion, and system into reason, space into community of associations and time into the infinitesimal private now of dissociations.

Here we see the pure white snow of the mountains as the pure white sattva guna of youngest son yang in its elitist aboriginal pride and aristocratic greed rising high above the weather cycles below where lesser elements of the breath carry out the martial anger of the winds and the partisan jealousy of their local mountain valley contentions.

Far bellow in the rivers flowing from the foothills, we can see the dependent gluttony of the valleys that drink up the rains sent in by these winds and the vulgar lust of life to gain access to this life giving liquid. These lower valleys are slaves to this system, where they arrange their daily activities in lazy slothful worship of its life giving bounty. This lower realm is the heavy region of the tamas guna, far below the rajas guna of the angry winds and the pure white snow of the clounds and snow that is the pure sattva.

This ancient notion appears in our flags and the green tamas of the land and the blue tamas of the waters that is ruled by the pure white sattva of the mountains and the clouds through the assisting angels of the angry red rajas that maintains their rule. Thus, the red, white, and blue that stands, not for freedom, but for the ancient domination of the Wind Trigram, the ancient PIG of the Caste based values of Pakistan and India and Germany rooted in the ancient plunder system of the conquering Indo-European tribes. This was the Aryan system that Hitler wished to impose on the world and is fought for in our prisons by the Aryan Brotherhood. Unfortunately for Mexico and other countries that use the Red White and Green system, it is just a variant of the Red White and Blue.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, California, 4/7/2015 7:24 AM

The Red flags are no better, they are simply Rajas guna imposing its martial anger on the jealous winds and the result can only be slavery and oppression of some kind, hatred does not cease by hatred, hatred ceases by love, this is an ancient rule, says one translation of the Buddhist Dhammapada. Another way to put this is only a Win Win system allows for certain cooperation, anything less than Win Win is a false victory, for over all long period of time, if there are any losses, all will share in them. That is why the United Nations flag is a single color field, and it is a color that symbolizes the entire globe, not one ruling caste. In this sense, I agree with Carse, the finite game that marks out property with its colored lines is a joyless game, salvation lies with the joy that belongs to the infinite garden and the play that never ends. That is why I use the I Ching Brain to symbolize the vision of an integrated system in which all sons and daughters belong to some larger harmonic system in an endless infinite game of joyful play.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 7:33 AM, 4/7/2015

The Persian influence out of the PIG, Pakistan and Persia, India and Iran, Germany and Germanic Languages, Indo-European Elite system, of the Wind Trigram, as the higher Mountain Trigram, lord of the Water Well slave systems and the Lake Trigram slave and dogmatic obedience churches, master of the martial anger of the Flame Trigram armies of ravaging external proletariat allies, see how Spain found allies in Mexico in its conquest of the Aztec Empire, this Persian influence can be found in Zarathustraism, Mazdaism, Magianism and Zorasterianism as official and unofficial religions of the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian empires, and a major influence on Christianity, Judaism, Gnosticism, and Islam by giving these religions the notion of a great war between good and evil, between God and Satan, ideas not found in the early books of the Old Testament of the Hebrews, the Torah. Zoroaster preached that Spent Mainyu opposed Angra Minyu under the watch of Ahura Mazda. Angra Mainyu, or Ahriman (read Satan) will be conquered by Ahura Mazda, but only after a cosmic renovation, when all souls will be returned to life under the direction of a savior who will cause the resurrection of the dead. It is obvious that these ideas have had a major influence on Christian, and Muslim theology.

Later the Safavid Dynasty and the Mughal and Ottoman Empires would occupy the vacuum left by the decline of Mongol power. They were one of the sources of the Shi’a version of Islam currently found in Iran.

The Persians tended to see themselves as a pure holy elite. Similar ideas were associated with Indic philosophy, both in its Hindu and in its Buddhist and Jain variants. In this sense, all the major imperial religions of the world, Buddhist in China and Japan, Hindu in India, Muslim in Persia and Southwest Asia and Northern Africa, Christian in Europe and Russia, are an extension of this notion of a pure holy noble mountain dwelling race that brings salvation to those who live in the polluted streams and rivers far below. The White foam of the Sattva guna mountain streams become Red with the furry of the rivers that carry the eroding soil through the Rajas guna areas where the pure Sattva elite recruits its soldiers down to the dark green and greenish blue swamps below where the Tamas guna peasants work to grow food to supply the holy people living in the pure lands far above. This seems to be a mythology that is central to the PIG complex of the Wind Trigram.

Now, the White guna is white with expensive paper letter heads and lives high up in Sattva guna towers, far above the polluted masses in the streets below.

It has taken over the Mountain Trigram and the Flame Trigram and uses them to control the Earth Trigram and Thunder Trigram and its new emerging empires in the new media of Lake Trigram and Heaven Trigram technological expansion. JUG represents the extension of that power. Marx developed his version of the Hegelian philosophy that emerged from Kant’s reaction to Hume’s version of the empiricism of Locke and Berkeley, who were responding to Spinoza and Descartes, who were responding to Hobbes and Bacon and Plato and Aristotle in turn, going back to the original academies of Ancient Greece, organized for training the new bureaucracies in the ancient classical ideas.

This Cosmos is controlled by the set points, the constants that were included in the Big Bang events that created it. These constants generated evolution as entropy that allowed the formation of primitive genetic codes during the beginnings of life in this solar system and the early earth as discussed above. Gradually life evolved chromosomes and sexual systems for controlling the replication of these chromosomes and the recombination, mutation, and population genetics of the DNA codes that controlled the making of the proteins that controlled the chemistry of the evolving cells and organism composed of cells.

Oral language, like the appearance of RNA, gave life a new information coding opportunity. The packaging of this new RNA as writing was like the discovery of DNA, a better way of preserving the DNA code. The invention of printing and electronic transmission of data is much like the invention of chromosomes and sexual recombination. Suddenly we have memes that are just as powerful as genes and we have was of distributing them that preserve them and recombine them in systems that we can control to some degree.

This is the root of the great inter-subjective revolution discussed by Harari. It is the use of pictures and symbols, and then scripts, and then writing, and printing to preserve information, like genetic codes preserved information in systematic and enduring ways. Genes are instructions for making proteins and controlling cell chemistry. Memes are instructions for generating speech and inspiring human behavior. Just as genes use RNA to control ribosomes, so the written and printed memes use speakers to control human behavior. A good example is a preacher, a priest, a mullah, reading the Bible, the Koran, and preaching a sermon that controls the behavior of those he induces in the inter-subjective state, the hypnotic trance state with which his speech is associated.

The new Wind Trigram generates the memes which are analyzed and distributed in Mountain Trigram through devices invented in Flame and tested in Earth and distributed in Thunder to influence audiences of adherences in Lake Trigram to follow systems of orderly actions in Water Well that are some creative variant of the infinite game that generates an inspiration ethic out of Heaven Trigram possibility.

Allan Ralph Andrews, April 7th 2015, 11:40 AM

Marx applied the Hegelian dialectic to materialism. His dialectical materialism required middle class Mountain Trigram scribes and technocrats to enforce its rules. Both Lenin and Mao came from this Mountain Trigram source, but with great partisan jealousy against the conservative factions of Mountain Trigram Scribe and Pharisee rule. What Lenin and Mao did was simple generate new universal state and generate a new dominant elite motivated by aristocratic greed, but a dominant elite more willing to support Mountain Trigram jealous partisans and Flame Trigram martial anger, and associated armies of internal proletariat and external proletarian warriors, sympathetic to their faction of the endless gang warfare of which organized society is built. These events are not unlike the partisan fights that are currently consuming much energy within the Mountain and Wind Trigram of the currently ruling JUG complex, Japan, United States, and Germany. Since they have so much in common, it is not difficult for the rising elites in BAM, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico and ICY-ICI, Indonesia, China, India, to find common cause with JUG and GUF, and FUI, etc. in their pursuit of wealth and power in the emerging global brain world.

Until recently, the same was true of the warring factions in the ancient ruins of the old Water Well areas of the global brain. But, gyrations in the use of oil and gas and other resources have put the technocracy and elite system of Russia, Pakistan, and Iran, and their allies, out of step with the larger order of things. The result is RIP, the result is a discomfort within the old imperial language systems of Russian, Arabic, and Persian, RAP, or Iranian, RIP, that is sending shock waves through the inter-subjective symbol system of the global brain and the political, social, and military order that is dependent upon the meme systems that it supposedly controls.

Are these pathogenic memes? Is this a disease like the Nazi ideology that is sickening part of the global organism? If so what is its cure?

Walling it off, as in Israel, destroying it with drones? Who has the answer, who will play doctor to a meme virus sick world?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, C, 11:57 AM 4/7/2015

Harari points out the continuing power of nationalism in the evolution of the global inter-subjectivity that has been emerging among humans since the Cro-Magnon. Julius Kovesi, in Moral Notions, shows how moral notions and values are constructs of a language community. Nationalism plays on the partisan rivalries between these language communities. As Richard D. Alexander points out in The Biology of Moral Systems, these moral communities can operate as selfish groups driven by such hidden elements as nepotism.

C. D. Darlington, in the above cited work, has shown how genetic factors related to the above have influenced emergent human history. But information as memes is going through and emergent evolutionary process having some similarity to RNA and DNA codes and the development of ribosomes and chromosomes and sexual reproductive systems in the emergence of genetic information.

Just as sexual reproduction had to experiment over and over again with asexual reproduction before evolution discovered it to be a dead end for higher organisms, so cultural evolution as to experiment with the equivalent in dictatorship and autocracy before it is discovered that these are quick fixes that do not work at the higher levels of organization in cultural evolution.

Harari shows how it is the mutability of memes in the scientific revolution that has made the development of scientific information so powerful. Mutable human science is exploding faster than mutable human technology in the ancient Cro-Magnon, but it appears to be the same principle.

In the current evolution of the economic and political fantasy world, combinations of two, to four nationalities do not seem to have the power of combinations of three. That these combinations are part fact and part fiction, is illustrated by the suggestive character of using abbreviations for the combinations that seem to imply what they do. For example, MUC, as the Mexico, United States, Canada combination that has emerged from JUG, Japan, United States, and Germany. PIG as the word for various combinations of Persia, India, Iran, and Germany as the symbol of the old myth of the imperial Aryan elite, so popular with the NAZI. RIP as the attempt of various combinations of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Isis, Palestine, Persian Empire, Islamic Empire, Russian Empire to regain dominance of the Water Well trigram of Eurasian river valleys and steppes in the global inter-subjective I Ching Brain. ICI (pronounced ICY) as the rise of ancient imperial powers in India, China, and Indonesia out of the edge of history, where the West had pushed them. CAB, as the rolling taxicab of power emerging from the combination of Chinese and Portuguese, in the Chinese and Brazilian connections to Portuguese speaking Asia and Africa, example Angola. CAN as the attempt of Canada and Australia and New Zealand to float along in the wake of the larger JUG. GUF, FUS, FUI, FUN, SIN, PUR, NAB, as the combination of various nationalities in emerging Eurozone activity, GUF, is Germany, UK, and France, FUS, is France, UK and Spain, or Switzerland would work too. FUI adds Italy, and FUN adds the Netherlands, SIN has the Swiss and the Dutch in Italy, PUR unites Poles and Ukraine and Rumania, or Russia if you wish, and NAB has the Netherlands and Belgium cooperating with the Southern German area in Austria.

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