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GUF, and FUI, and FUS are the major powers emerging in this mix. Other combinations, like GAS, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, only demonstrate how triangulating nationalities can soon generate unbelievable complexity, as politics in India proves, for it is a nation af separate linguistic units, proto-national systems.

Chinese and Korean and Japanese generate all sorts of happy combinations with the A vowel in Australia, and the I vowel in Indonesia of which HAT, SAT, KAT, CAT, PAT, are among my favorites all combinations, of Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, China, and Philippines with Australia and Taiwan. I like the combination JAM, Japan, Australia, and Malay, or JAS, using Singapore, or JIP, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, as symbols for the rich garden of interaction in the Pacific Rim of Fire, the current Flame Trigram region of the global I Ching Brain. Latin America is a region of expansion for the consumer system in Thunder Trigram, and BAM, BAC, BUC, CUB, BUM, and others like them, provide a rich set of symbols for the was that economic entities like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, United States, Mexico, etc., combine and recombine in the rich national protoplasm of economic and politics in the region. The P in Peru and the V in Venezuela allow for some interesting compounds, PAC, CUP, VAC, PUB, where you can combine entities like Canada, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and on and on into the endless.

To keep it simple, the gold standard was set long ago in the mythical Wind Trigram heights of the Persian Empire, conquered by Alexander the Great, and homeland to numerous belief systems, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Moslem, etc, as discussed above. Power has slipped away from the old elite into a new technocratic elite of scribes and accountants managing global greed out of a Mountain Trigram ruled currently by JUG and its supporters in smaller entities like CAN.

The major thrust of this Mountain Trigram is carried into the industrial product and utilitarian democratic workers paradise that is Earth Trigram by JUGs loyal support in GUF, FUI, FUS, FUN, SIN, NAB and others. The bloated emerging global trading market of vulgar lust that is Thunder Trigram is happily carried into other regions by combinations like BAM and BUM and BUC. But a major area of expansion can be found in CAB, with its roots in the amazing rise of ICI (read Icy, because Ice is what you will get if you probe too deeply into the expanding realm that is Indonesia, India, and specially its Chinese heartland).

So the new global I Ching Brain is forming of trigrams emerging from three new forms of Yang, all opposed to three new forms of Yin. First, a new eldest son yang is emerging in CAB, China, Angola (symbol for Portuguese Africa and Asia) and Brazil, and a new eldest daughter yin in RUG, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, as the aging industrial heartland of Eurasian empire. A new right hemisphere to this global brain is growing out of ICI (ICY, discussed above), this is a lush coral reef that is rising up and is opposed to the dung beetle that is MUC (Mexico, United States, and Canada, and the North American Trade system). Finally, JIP, Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines, or JAP (Australia) or JAS (try Singapore), or even MIT (Mynamar, Indonesia, Thailand) remain centers for the spread of ideas like Zen, and Mindfulness Meditation, that turn the global brain within. Opposed to the new ideas in youngest son, are new combinations of tourist delight in youngest daughter yin, for eample GAS, Greece, Austria, and Switzerland seen on a one week tour.

Out of this wild mix of CAB and RUG, ICI and MUC, MIT and mindfulness within, and a global tour through GAS and mindlessness without, comes the evolution of the newest baby Global I Ching Brain.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield CA, 8:57 4/8/2015

So to summarize, the I Ching Brain is a global system. Wind Trigram is its set point and Water Well Trigram is the feed back systems that maintain homeostasis in the system and replicate it. Earth Trigram is the product, the adaptive phenotypes generated from the Gene codes, the genotype in Wind Trigram that sets the thermostat of protein creation, but in the case of the Brain, the genotype is a meme-o-type, it is a human set pattern based on replicated ideas and messages. It is not protein that is created, but behavioral codes, habits, rules of morality and conduct. The ribosome where the protein is made is a court, a parliament, a corporation, a school. Thunder Trigram is the actual behavior that is generated, and when that behavior is maladaptive, some kind of natural selection, extinction, takes place, as when a corporation fails, a political party looses control.

In living things, there is sexual reproduction, population genetics, genetic recombination, hybrid formation, some method of generating something new when it is needed. Lake Trigram is the global brain equivalent, for thousands of years using Bibles, Korans, Vedas, Confucian Classics, Tripitakas, and other traditional sources for what to do when the standard formulas fail. It is the standard base for the replication of the standard memes, the collective unconscious, the meme record of the species.

These memes are generated out of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable, the endless mutation and perturbation of information the is the Zamani, Dreamtime, Heaven Trigram, Garden of Eden mother, the Infinite Game of Carse that is the source of all human genius and meaningful prophecy, the prophecy that can become anything rather than being tied to some title or achievement, that is what makes the myth of Buddha, Socrates, Lao Tze, Jesus, Krishna, Aslan the Lion of Narnia, a saving myth that never ends and is endlessly renewed.

The competition between various mutant forms of memes is the source of the competitive exclusion, the raids, the warfare, the existential conflict that is the Chaos of Flame, the Chaos that is balanced by the order of Water Well to generate a new synthesis out of Heaven, born in Lake emerging in Thunder Trigram, taking final form in Earth Trigram.

Watching it all, analyzing it all compartmentalizing it all, is the speciation, specialization, scribe teaching, script inventing, media code inventing, analysis, accounting function, owner’s equity, partisan debate function in Mountain Trigram, the function that compares data obtained from Earth Trigram phenotypic properties and compares the results with codes and set points stored in Wind Trigram. It is the realm of the attempt of mind to speak for, and to regulate the feelings that remain beyond all possibility of total regulation. It is currently inventing all sorts of new codes, and media, and information systems in order to gain the control that it is impossible to ever achieve.

Some call Mountain, the Adult Voice, or the Ego, if so Wind is the Conscience, the Super Ego, the Parent, and Water Well is the voiceless Egg, source of the unconscious Id, that rises out of Lake and emerges into Earth as the libido, the screams, the cries of the Child. Ultimately, the Id emerges out of Heaven and sleeps and dreams in Lake and erupts in addictive, psychopathic, sociopathic behavior in Thunder, and struggles with frustration, accident, disease, aging in Flame till it leaves the Sasa and returns to the Dreamtime of Heaven Trigram from which it came.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1:00 PM, April 9th 2015

The drivers of the I Ching brain are the sons and daughters of the Yin and Yang lines that form the eight trigrams of the I Ching. Eldest son yang is the energy flux generated by the first law of thermodynamics. Middle daughter yin is the movement toward entropy that causes evolution as entropy in the Thunder Trigram. Eldest daughter yin is the weightless information that is result that crystallizes at absolute zero.

Youngest daughter yin is the resulting natural selection in energy dissipative structures and associations, and Middle son yang is the integration that drives these associations toward higher and higher levels of organization boundlessly into the infinite game. Youngest son yang is the parallel involution that generates infinitesimal monads of private here and now time out of relativistic space time associations and makes passion out of energy and pleasure out of integration and pain out of disintegration and reason out of information and phenomenology out of dissociation and communities of communication out of the space time opposite. From the eight possible combinations of these yin and yang lines, come the eight trigrams that are used to make the sixty four hexagrams of the I Ching.

We often call integration in Middle Son the Why and its opposite in Middle daughter, the What, Eldest Son the How, and its opposite in Eldest daughter, the When, Youngest Son, is the Who, and its opposite in Youngest Daughter is the Where.

The global brain, the nationality system now playing WHERE, the GAS, will take you on a youngest daughter yin tour of important location on the planet in Greece, Austria, and Switzerland, while the nationality system playing WHO, the MIT, youngest son yang in Myanmar, change it to Burma, if you prefer BIT, Indonesian Islands, inclusive of Bali, and Thailand, will help you in mindfulness meditation, and send you on a tour within. MUC, Mexico, USA, and Canada is sure to help you get your WHAT facts right, while the ICY, ICI, Indonesia, China, and India system will focus you on more integrative WHY quests, like the I Ching itself. As for RUG, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, it is a place that remembers WHEN, a frozen zero degree Kelvin crystal, frozen when Moscow, Kiev, Berlin were the centers of the global information system. But, CAB, the China, Angola and the rest of Portuguese Africa and Asia, and Brazil system, are primed to go somewhere else with the energy and the resources that thermodynamically remain. And they are too busy trying to find out HOW to do it to bother with any other questions.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1:54 PM, 4/9/2015

The existing genetic system was created by the God of the infinite same, not the God of the finite game who awards local prizes to his friends and gang members, the Yahweh who is the Eldest Son Yang that becomes what he/she becomes, the Elohim Brahman Vishnu Sufi Allah that is inclusive of all the Gods, the Aslan the Lion who manifests all avatar in his, her play. But, the infinite play took all kinds of catastrophic changes to perfect the current DNA chromosome sexual system that makes adaptive radiation in higher plants and animals possible. Ward and Kirschvink, A New History of Life, referenced above makes that plain. Life had to undergo a number of catastrophic switches in the environment for the current genetic systems used by natural selection, to be perfected. It is obvious, that the meme system, the information system of the global I Ching Brain is in very early stage of perfection and requires many many catastrophic applications of Evolution as Entropy, see references above, before it becomes very useful and very reliable, in the meantime, the core of the system, RUG and RIP may have to be subjected to RUN, Russia, Uzbekistan, and North Korea, and other similar influence before the process is completed, look how much World War I and II and the Cold War were necessary for the current state of the media system.

The wisdom from MIT and BIT on this subject is clear, the Thunder Trigram, source of our addictive hedonism, is flux in Eldest Son, entropy and suffering in Middle Daughter, and no-self in Youngest Daughter, and the solution is dissociation and detachment in the Dhammapada of virtuous withdrawal in right meditation, etc..

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 5:54 April 9th 2015

Nicholas Humphrey, writing in the May/June Scientific American on Consciousness as Art, confronts us with two choices about consciousness, is it an illusion that allows the brain to consolidate itself, or is it a real function of matter? My position is that both are true, as evolution as entropy drives higher and higher levels of emergent organization, that organization is pushed to its limits, and involution begins to run parallel to evolution, giving the jiva monad moments of primal time a chance to experience sparks of pleasure in the integration of the brain and organism with which they are associating and give the brain a chance to create magic quantum states that tangle together with the primal time involution of the jiva nets.

Thus, in the energy system of the brain, Heaven is the producer organism and Wind Trigram is the herbivore that feeds on it set up patterns that serve as genes and memes and set points for emerging organic and social integration. Mind emerging in Mountain Trigram is a carnivore that feeds on that herbivore and the Earth Trigram is the final consumer in this system, with Flame as the decomposers that recycle the monads of the infinitesimal and quanta in the finite that come together in the associating organisms that evolution as entropy generates. Natural Selection in Thunder Trigram are the diseases that prey on this system and cause the extinction of the weak and defective.

Water Well Trigram is the system of the larger whole, including the fungi that feed energy and nutrients to the decomposers, while Lake Trigram is the larger complexes including the symbiotic elements.

In all of this Youngest Son Yang is a Venus Fly Trap catching monad souls and Youngest Daughter Yin is a Slime Mold of associating elements. Eldest Daughter Yin is the Bee Hive of system elements generating homeostasis, and Eldest Son Yang is a protoplasmic flux, the amoeba that feed at the edges of the system, Middle Daughter Yin is a dung beetle, feeding on isolated facts, and Middle Son Yang is a coral reef integrating the life in the larger whole.

If we were to generate a Christian mythology around this, Eldest Son Yang would be the Father, and Youngest Son Yang would be the Son, Middle Son Yang would be the Holy Ghost. In Hebrew, Eldest Son would be Yahweh that becomes what it becomes and Middle Son would be the Elohim that includes all the aspects of Godhead and Youngest Son Yang would be the Logos, the Creative Genius of that Godhead, fulfilled in Eldest Daughter Yin as Cosmic Wisdom. From a Neoplatonic point of view, Middle Son Yang is the Hen One, and Eldest Daughter Yin is the Nous, or Cosmic Mind of the Wind Trigram that emerges from Heaven Trigram, with Youngest Son Yang as the Pneuma aspect of the Psyche, Psyche as the Rational emergence of Pneuma in Eldest Son resulting in Soma and Middle Daughter, completing the trigrams of Mountain Trigram embodied mind. In Jewish mythology, Middle Son Yang is symbolized by Adam and Eve and Eldest Daughter Yin by Abraham as the source of Judea and Youngest Daughter Yin as Jerusalem and its Temple as the WHERE complement, to the WHAT that is the Apple given to Adam and the WHO that is Jesus if you are Christian, Mohammed if you are Muslim, Buddha if you are Buddhist, Socrates if you are Humanist, Confucius if you are Confucian, Lao Tze for the Daoist, Krishna for the Hindu, which is the complement to the WHY that is Nirvana if you are Buddhist, Brahman if you are Hindu, Allah if you are Moslem, the God that is Love, if you are Christian, the Hen One that is the God of Spinoza, if you are a Humanist of the Pantheistic Ilk, or the Ecology of all things if you are a Green, and the HOW that is thermodynamics if you are a scientist, and so forth.

So the global brain whirls on and on in its cycle round its adoring Mother the central star of our system, the endlessly self giving Sun. 4/11/2015 at 11;54 pm, pacific time, oildale suburb of Bakersfield, CA, Allan Ralph Andrews

So what is this global brain with a Eldest Son HOW in its basal ganglia and reticulate activating system opposed to an Eldest Daughter Yin WHEN in the hippocampus memory system of the cerebral cortex, with a frontal lobe executive Youngest Son Yang WHO opposed to a posterior parietal lobe association area Youngest Daughter WHERE, and a right hemisphere infinite game inter-subjective fantasy Middle Son Yang WHY opposed to a left hemisphere Eldest Daughter Yin WHAT. The I Ching Weather system of Trigrams, with WHY and Middle Son as the rain clouds and WHAT and the Middle Daughter Yin as the suffering dry ground, with the executive centers of the leading genius of the WHO in Youngest Son as the high windswept peaks of the mountains, and Youngest Daughter Where as the low valleys with cities and temples where people gather and associate and communicate. Where is the city center of the global brain, Times Square in New York City, or the Acropolis in Athens, or the temple in Jerusalem, or St. Peter’s in Rome? How is the Sun warmed equatorial winds and water currents that drive the weather system of the world out of its thermodynamic flux in Eldest Son Yang, and Eldest Daughter Yin WHEN is the crystals that emerge at absolute zero in the rock strata of the land that are the global memory, contain the fossil record, the geo logos, the earth story of all that has come and gone.

If this is music, Eldest Son Yang is the infinite play in the HOW and Eldest Daughter Yin is the library of the musical scores that tell you WHEN to play. Middle Son Yang is the harmony and counterpoint that integrates the infinite whole and is the WHY of the Play. Middle Daughter Yin is the individual notes, the factual WHAT of the music, WHAT is played. Youngest Daughter Yin is the orchestra in the orchestra pit of a concert hall, the WHERE of the play. Youngest Son Yang is the composer and the critic, the player and the conductor, the WHO of the play.

From the resulting Heaven Trigram of this comes folk music and from the Wind Trigram comes classical music. Jazz emerges from the Flame Trigram and piano sonatas in Mountain Trigram. Operas are performed in Water Well Trigram and Ballet in Lake Trigram. Rock and Roll and popular dance music are performed in Thunder Trigram and Electronic Music is experimented with in Earth Trigram. Heaven is aboriginal and Earth is industrial, Wind is Classical, Thunder is popular, Flame is experimental and Water Well is traditional, Mountain is simple and logical and Lake is complex and sentimental. All are aspects of the global mind.

If we find hexagrams forming from these trigrams, out of the sky of Heaven Trigram a hexagram emerges in rain that is avoidant as it is merging with other water in Lake Trigram. Its opposite is the narcissism of rocks that display their individual character as they are shaped by time and erosion in the hexagram that forms between Mountain Trigram and Earth. Lava rock that forms between Mountain and Flame Trigram has a negativistic and sadistic nature, but the mud that lies on the edge of Lake Trigram in its hexagrams with Water Well, is masochistic and depressed. Glaciers forming in the snows between Wind Trigram and Water Well are compulsive in their movement out of the hexagrams that lie between Wind and Water Well. Their opposite is the antisocial aggression of lighting starting fires in the hexagrams that lie between Flame and Thunder. The high clouds that ride through the hexagrams that combine Heaven Trigram with Wind Trigram, are schizoid in comparison with the histrionic disturbances of low land weather in the hexagrams that combine Earth Trigram with Thunder Trigram. Volcanoes that emerge at the edge of Flame Trigram and pour smoke and dust into Heaven Trigram are the novel schizotypal opposite of the hexagrams connecting dependent Water Well with dependent Earth Trigram in the alluvial sediments accumulating in the eroded valleys far below. Paranoid canyons carve the hexagrams between Wind Trigram and Mountain Trigram. They are the opposite of the borderline fission and fusion and splitting of the waves on the beaches of the hexagrams connecting the freshwater marshes of Lake Trigram with the rough surface and waves thrown up by storms at sea in Thunder Trigram.

In the imperial language system of the ancient I Ching Brain, English has claimed the narcissistic top carnivore rocky points and Chinese has been the rainfall that keeps the lichens green in the ancient forests, Russian has been the sedimentary dependent filling up its rivers with the paranoid flow out of Germanic canyons, with doctrines like those of Marx. The old Latin language has become the histrionic weather of French Revolution and Italian Opera and Spanish has become the lightning strikes of Mexican and Columbia drug deals, of Cuban Revolution and local political military junta rule. Portuguese has favored prostitution in Rio in Brazil on borderline beach fronts. Hindi and Urdu have continued to support schizoid flight of speculation in pursuit of the mythical Mount Meru and Indria in the Clouds above.

Iran compulsively refuses to melt the mount glaciers of ancient Persian ideology, passed now to the system of Mohammed. Hidden among the volcanic mountains of Indonesia, speaking various languages related to Malaysian and Indonesian and Javanese, inclusive of Bali, are all kinds of gurus and shamans teaching all sorts of magical systems rich in schizotypal novelty. Japanese is the lava of sadism and negativism that is the hexagrams from Flame Trigram to Mountain and Arabic is the rivers of masochism and depression that carry Water Well in hexagrams that connect to Lake Trigram. The thought systems of the global brain, the information systems of the global brain, mirror its geographical and geological differences.

If we were to give Greek Gods to these 12 groups of imperial language combining hexagrams, Apollo would be sadistic and negativistic Japanese and Artemis would be schizotypal Malay-Indonesian. Zeus would be narcissistic English and Hera would be paranoid German. Athena would be schizoid Hindustani (Hindi and Urdu) and Hephaestus would be compulsive ancient Persian and modern Iranian dialects. Demeter would be masochistic and depressed Arabic and Poseidon would be avoidant Chinese. Hermes would be histrionic Italian and French and Hestia would be dependent Russia. Ares would be antisocial Spanish and Aphrodite would be borderline fission fusion Portuguese. So are the imperial language gods grouped around the great table in the Mountain Olympus that is the meme coordinating centers of the global I Ching brain in Wind Trigram aristocratic greed. Richard Alexander warns us of selfish groups, and the plunder systems of the Dominant Elite of the world money system and nationality system work selfishly together to maintain control of the inter-subjectivity of the market economy as described in SAPIENS, referenced above. One of the key aspects of this control is the finite game described in Carse, its competition for awards and titles and control of property, rooted in the equity systems of the I Ching accounting cycle, described above, and elsewhere in these writings.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 5:45 PM, Pacific Time, Oildale, Bakersfield, CA, 4/12/2015.

The inter-subjective system of the I Ching Brain, its Consciousness as Art illusion, per Nicholas Humphrey, its infinite and finite game play, per Carse, its hypnotic systems rooted in the HOW of Eldest Son Yang role play, and the WHY of Middle Son Yang suggestion, and the WHO of Youngest Son Yang dissociation generate a new Dreamtime. The original Dreamtime of the Hebrews featured a Heaven Trigram in which Elohim came down to generate an Earth Trigram in Eden. As a result of the Tower of Babel and the rise of civilization in association with Babylon, Abraham began the wanders that led to the journey of Moses to the promised land through Flame Trigram and the prophets and scribes that wrote down the story of that journey in the Lake Trigram of the Torah and associated writings, Psalms, etc. The emergence of holy Zion under David and Solomon in Water Well Trigram and the creation of the Holy Temple on Mount Zion as the Wind Trigram model of divine goodness and the divinely inspired set points.

But, with the destruction of the temple, Wind Trigram was removed into Heaven and Thunder Trigram, realm of Babylon, was cast down to Hell. With the rise of the Christian Church, Flame Trigram became the realm of missionaries and crusaders and Mountain Trigram of monks and monastery, of preachers and bible based philosophy in academic institutions like Harvard and Yale. Water Well Trigram was taken over by the Church and its authority, the empires that supported the Church, and Lake Trigram was the realm of its scriptures and doctrines, its literature based missionary church empire.

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