Analyzing the transportation business in bengkalis

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Muharroma Rizka Siregar
Majoring in business administration
• Growed up in Bengkalis
• Experience with MSME business
● Organization and time management
● Conducting and compiling surveys
● Go-to question gal
Putri Nursyafrika
•Department of Commercial Administration
•Has a lot of contacts
•No experience with transportation business
Conducting and compiling surveys
● Turning in all necessary paperwork
Bi-weekly Activity report


Individuals may be hesitant to discuss their habits, especially as to what can be considered as the study of marketing and advertising. If we can't get enough feedback through our survey, the current Indah Karya focus group may be more likely to answer marketing questions than they focus on anything else.
Time and resource allocation can be a problem with this project. If one person can't meet the deadline for various reasons, the solution can be everyone has partners to correct what has been done and then come up with a solution. Finally, interviews with other travel agents can yield less than fruitful results. Agent may not want to come up with their own marketing ideas or how they use this vehicle. if unable to interview local competitors, we will continue to contact other, further agents for information, as well as conduct online research.


The resources needed to meet the results we seek revolve around polls and investigation. We will research how to raise awareness of the unusual at Indah Karya. Phone calls to various other agencies will free. The poll will be taken from Indah Karya customers and their families, students, and the general public use the free or easily accessible supplies found at campus. Groups communicate effectively via GroupMe and Google Docs, so no fees will be required at each decided meeting.


The benefits of this research are broad. Of course, the results of the research will directly benefit the whole community, with the existence of public transportation will be very helpful. In addition, the community in Bengkalis area may have improved the quality of life, if we can uncover tactics to persuade community members to use public transportation.
Because we focus our research on government services to the community, our research is worth doing. As seen in the Research Needs and Project Costs section above, our current research plan does not require any odd fees or special equipment: therefore, there is a lower probability of problems arising from our plan. In addition, possible problems in the lack of research have been discussed in the Risk Management section.


We thank you for your time and enthusiasm in allowing us to investigate the issue of the government not providing public transportation to help/make the community easier.

Download 23.59 Kb.

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