Answers to the exercises on the ipa vowel chart (May 28th)

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Tutorial How to Handle Speech – Summer 2003

Answers to the exercises on the IPA vowel chart (May 28th)

1a) Define the position of the tongue in the articulation of the following vowel sounds!









The horizontal position can be front, central and back; the vertical levels are high (close), mid and low (open)

1b) What vowel sound matches the position of the tongue?




 



 




2) To what extend does the cardinal vowel system make a statement not only on the position of the tongue, but also on the lip position (spread – neutral - rounded)?

The vowel chart contains three lines which indicate the different horizontal positions (front, central, back) of the tongue on the vertical levels (high, mid, low). The sounds that are right to these vertical lines are produced with lip rounding, while the sounds that are left to them do not require lip rounding. The latter are produced with spread or neutral ( unrounded) lips.

Download 7.64 Kb.

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