Antedate, antecedent, antebellum, anterior, ante meridiem, antepenult

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List 1
ante (before) antedate, antecedent, antebellum, anterior, ante meridiem, antepenult

anti (against) anti-aircraft, antibody, anticlimax, anticline, antitoxin, antithesis

bi (two) bilateral, bicycle, binary, bimonthly, biped, bipolar, binocular, bicuspid

circum (around) circumnavigate, circumspect, circumvent, circumlocution, circus

com (together) combination, comfort, commensurate, common, complete, combo

con (together) contract, confidence, confine, confederate, conjunction, contact

de (down) deposit, descent, despicable, denounce, deduct, demolish, decrepit, deplete

dis (away) distract, distort, dispute, dissonant, disperse, dismiss, dissuade, disprove

equi (equal) equitable, equilateral, equivocate, equinox, equation, equilibrium

extra (beyond) extraterrestrial, extraordinary, extravagant, extrovert, extramural

inter (between) international, interdepartmental, interstellar, interject, interlude

intra (within) intracellular, intravenous, intracranial, intrastate, intrauterine

intro (into) introduce, introspective, introvert, introject, introrse, intromission

mal (bad) malevolent, malcontent, malicious, malign, malady, malapropism, malonym

mis (bad) misfit, mistake, misfortune, misfire, misery, miser, misdeed, misguided

non (not) nonstop, nonprofit, none, nonconformity, nonplussed, nonchalant

post (after) postgraduate, posthumous, postscript, posterity, posterior, postlude

pre (before) prelude, preposition, premonition, premature, predict, predecessor

semi (half) semitone, semiaquatic, semicircle, semiweekly, semiannual, semiformal

sub (under) subterranean, subtract, subordinate, submarine, subterfuge, substantial

super (over) supervise, superb, superior, superfluous, supercilious, supernatural

syn (together) synthetic, synchronize, syndrome, synonym, synopsis, syntax

sym (together) sympathy, symbiosis, symbol, symmetry, symphony, symposium

tri (three) tricycle, triangle, triceps, triad, trichotomy, triceratops, trivia, trialogue

un (not) unfit, unequal, undone, unequivocal, unearned, unconventional, untenable
List 2
archy (government) monarchy, oligarchy, hierarchy, anarchy, matriarchal, patriarchy

ard (always) drunkard, coward, braggart, laggard, dullard, sluggard, niggardly

cide (kill) herbicide, homicide, matricide, suicide, regicide, genocide, fratricide

ician (specialist) technician, musician, beautician, physician, statistician, clinician

itis (infection) appendicitis, tonsillitis, bursitis, arthritis, gastroenteritis, colitis

aqua (water) aquarium, aquatic, aquaplane, aqueduct, aquifer, aqueous, semiaquatic

audi (hear) audiophile, audience, audition, auditory, audiometer, audit, audiology

bell (war) bellicose, belligerent, bellow, rebel, casus belli, counterrebellion

cap (take) capture, captive, captor, captious, captivate, captivity, caption, capsule

cise (cut) excise, incisors, incision, circumcise, incisive, precise, concise, decision

bio (life) biography, biology, biomorphic, biochemistry, exobiology, biogenesis

auto (self) autobiography, automobile, autograph, automatic, automaton, autocracy

port (carry) transport, import, report, porter, deport, important, portage, portly

scrib (write) scribble, inscribe, scribe, describe, conscription, transcribe, ascribe

logy (science) biology, anthropology, geology, entomology, philology, mythology

dict (say) dictionary, predict, malediction, dictation, addict, interdict, contradict

cred (believe) credit, incredible, credible, incredulous, discredited, credibility, credo

cent (one hundred) century, bicentennial, centimeter, centipede, centurion, cent

neo (new) neologism, neophytge, neon, Neolithic, neoclassic, neoPlatonist, neonatal

ad (to) adhesive, adapt, addendum, addition, adherent, addict, advent, advocate

cede (go) recede, precede, antecedent, proceed, secede, concede, intercede, succeed

miss (send) dismiss, remiss, missile, admission, missionary, emission, promissory

centri (center) centrifugal, centripetal, centrist, concentric, decentralize, eccentric

biblio (book) bibliography, bibliophile, bibliolatry, bible, bibliomania, bibliophobia

anthropo(man) anthropology, anthropomorphic, anthropoid, lycanthrope

List 3
homo (same) homogenize, homonym, homophone, homologous

spec (look) spectacles, specter, specious, respect, inspect

duct (lead) conduct, ductile, induct, product, reduction, deduction, reproduction

fer (carry) transfer, infer, refer, defer, ferry, conifer, Lucifer, aquifer

pend (hang) pending, pendulum, pendant, impending, depend, pendulous, suspend

micro (small) micron, microscope, microwave, microphone, microcosm, microbiotic

hydro (water) hydroplane, hydroponics, dehydrate, hydrant, hydrogen, hydrophobia

photo (light) photograph, photometer, photon, photogenic, photosynthesis

pan (all) panorama, panoply, pandemic, pantheism, pantheon, pan American

penta (five) pentagram, pentagon, pentameter, pentathlon, pentarchy, pentahedron

tele (far) telescope, telephone, telekinesis, telepathy, teleology, telesthesia, telex

vid (look) video, invidious, Montevideo, evidence, provide, videogenic, vide, videlicet

omni (all) omnifarious, omnipotent, omnivorous, omniscient, omnibus, omnipresent

ex (out) exit, except, excise, exculpate, elucidate, exorbitant, eccentric, enumerate

poly (many) polyphony, polygyny, polygamy, allopolyploidy, polyvalent, polychrome

re (again) return, review, retouch, reiterate, retail, revive, regenerate, regurgitate

hypo (under) hypodermic, hypocrite, hypotenuse, hypothermia, hypothesis

pseudo (false) pseudonym, pseudopod, pseudomorphic, pseudoscience, pseudoevent

neuro (nerve) neuron, neorsurgeon, neurosis, neurology, neuralgia, neurotomy

tomy (cut) tonsillectomy, appendectomy, neurotomy, dichotomy, anatomy, lobotomy

hema (blood) hematogenosis, hematic, hematite, hematology, hematoma, hemal

proto (first) protoplasm, prototype, Protozoa, proton, protohuman, protomorphic

phon (sound) symphony, telephone, phonetic, phonograph, euphony, cacophony

mono (one) monotonous, monomania, monocular, monogamous, monolitihic, monotone

viv (life) vivid, vivisection, vivacious, convivial, bon vivant, viva, viviparous, revive

List 4

morph (shape) amorphous, morphology, polymorphous, mesomorph, protomorphic

vest (clothes) vestry, vestment, vestibule, vest, investiture, divest, divestiture

bene (good) benefit, benevolent, beneficial, benediction, benefactor, benign

pond (weight) ponderous, ponder, preponderant, pound, imponderable, compound

corp (body) corpulent, corporation, corporeal, corporal, corpse, corpuscle

dorm (sleep) dormitory, dormant, dormer, dormancy, dormitive, dormient

pater (father) paternalistic, patronize, paternity, patriarch, expatriate, paterfamilias

nov (new) novel, nova, novice, novitiate, Nova Scotia, innovation, renovate

punct (point) punctuate, punctilious, puncture, punctual, acupuncture, contrapuntal

ject (throw) eject, reject, conjecture, dejected, inject, subject, projection, interject

tion (act or state) completion, reaction, devastation, production, creation, transition

loco (place) locomotive, location, local, locus, relocate, dislocate, localize, locomotor

dox (opinion) orthodox, heterodox, doxology, indoctrinate, paradox

amphi (both) amphibious, amphitheater, amphibian, amphigory, amphibolous

magn (great) Magna Carta, magnanimous, magnate, magnificent, magnum opus

eu (good) Eucharist, euphony, eulogy, euphemism, Europe, eugenics, euglena

endo (within) endoplasm, endocrine, endogamous, endoskeleton, endothermic

phobia (fear) claustrophobia, acrophobia, xenophobia, agoraphobia, hydrophobia

ortho (straight) orthopedics, orthodontist, orthodox, orthography, orthogonal

put (think) reputation, putative, impute, dispute, computer, disreputable

ver (true) verify, veracity, veritable, verdict, verisimilitude, aver, cinema verite

matri (mother) matricide, matron, matriarch, matrimony, metropolis, matrilineal

mega (large) megalith, megaphone, megalomania, megalopolis, megahertz, megaton

pop (people) popular, populist, populate, population, popularize, populous

sangui (blood) sanguinary, sanguine, consanguinity, sangfroid, sangria

List 5

vita (life) vitamin, vitality, vital, revitalize, viable, vitalism, devitalize

demo (people) democracy, demography, undemocratic, democratize

stereo (solid) stereoscope, stereophonic, stereotype, stereopticon, stereotropism

ism (doctrine) Marxism, capitalism, Imagism, Cubism, nihilism, pluralism, tribalism

cogn (know) recognize, cognizant, incognito, cognoscenti, cognomen, precognition

sur (over) surplus, surpass, surcharge, surface, surfeit, surmount, surname, surtax

alter (other) alternator, alteration, alter ego, alternative, altruism, altercation

astr (star) astronomy, astrology, asteroid, disaster, asterisk, astrophysics, astrolabe

dyna (power) dynamic, dynamo, dynamite, dynasty, dynamometer, dinosaur

chron (time) chronometer, chronological, synchronize, chronic, anachronism

hyper (over) hyperactive, hyperventilate, hyperbole, hyperacidity, hypertension

luna (moon) lunar, lunatic, lunate, luna moth, lunette, sublunar, lunular

octa (eight) octameter, octagenarian, octagon, octarchy, octave, octopus, octahedron

gyro (turn) gyration, gyroscope, gyre, gyrate, spirogyra, gyromagnetic, gyrocompass

contra (against) contradict, contrary, contrast, contrapuntal, contraband, contravene

geo (earth) geography, geothermal, geology, geophysics, geometry, geosynchronous

helio (sun) Helios, heliotropic, heliocentric, heliograph, perihelion, aphelion

thermo (heat) thermostat, thermos, thermocentric, thermonuclear, thermocouple

tetra (four) tetrameter, tetrahedron, tetroxide, tetragon, tetrachloride, tetracycline

meter (measure) thermometer, millimeter, octameter, hydrometer, odometer

scope (look) telescope, microscope, periscope, radarscope, horoscope, electroscope

son (sound) sonar, unison, sonorous, song, sonnet, dissonance, resonant, supersonic

dec (ten) decade, decaliter, decimal, decagon, decathlon, decimate, duodecahedron

stell (star) interstellar, stelliform, stellar, constellation, stellate, stellify

amat (love) amatory, amateur, amorous, amiable, amigo, amour-propre, amity

List 6

germ (vital or related) germane, germinate, germicide, germinal, germ

greg (group) gregarious, egregious, gregariously, segregate, congregate, aggregate

mar (sea) marine, marina, ultramarine, maritime, mariner, marinate, submarine

prim (first) prime, primary, primate, primogeniture, primeval, prima donna, primo

pyro (fire) pyre, pyromania, pyrotechnic, pyrogenic, pyrophobia, pyrometer

clam (cry out) clamorous, exclamation, clamor, exclamatory, clamant, declaim

plu (more) plural, plurality, plus, pluralize, pluriaxial, pluralism, nonplussed

tang (touch) tangible, tangent, tangle, tango, tangential, cotangent, intangible

string (bind) stringent, string, stringy, astringent, stringer

liber (free) liberate, liberty, liberal, libertine, deliberate, libertarian

junct (join) junction, conjunction, juncture, disjunct, injunction, adjunct

clud (close) exclude, include, preclude, exclusive, occlude, conclude, cloister

se (apart) secede, secret, sedition, seduce, segregate, select, sedulous, separate

trib (pay) tribute, tributary, retribution, contribution, attribute, diatribe, distribute

dign (worthy) dignify, dignity, condign, dignitary, undignified, indignation

luc (light) lucid, translucent, lucidity, pellucid, Lucifer, elucidate, lucent, lucubrate

rupt (break) erupt, disrupt, rupture, corrupt, abrupt, incorruptible

grat (pleasing) gratifying, gratitude, ingrate, grateful, gratuitous, ingratiate

medi (middle) median, mediate, medium, mediocre, Mediterranean, in medias res

soph (wisdom) sophomore, sophisticated, sophist, philosophy, pansophy, theosophy

curr (run) current, undercurrent, currently, recurrent, currency, incur

tempor (time) temporal, contemporary, temporize, temporarily, tempus fugit

migr (wander) migrate, transmigration, migrant, migratory, emigrant, immigrant

trans (across) transfer, translate, transmit, transfusion, translucent, transcend

gamy (marriage) monogamy, polygamy, bigamy, gamete, autogamous, exogamy

List 7

numer (number) enumerate, numeral, numerous, supernumeraries, numerology

fort (strong) fortitude, fort, fortify, fortification, comfort, forte, fortissimo, pianoforte

osteo (bone) osteopath, osteology, osteopathy, osteoblast, osteocyte, osteotomy

ornith (bird) ornithology, ornithologist, ornithopter, ornithomancy, ornithosis

polis (city) metropolis, megalopolis, police, polite, policy, acropolis, necropolis

fus (pour) transfusion, infusion, refuse, fusillade, fusion, infuse, confusion

ego (I) egomaniac, egocentric, egotistical, egotist, egotize, egoism, alter ego

spir (breathe) inspire, respiration, perspiration, expire, spirit, aspire, conspire

dia (across) diagonal, diameter, dialogue, dialect, diatribe, diaphanous, dialectic

acr (sharp) acrimonious, acerbity, acrid, acridine, acrimony, lacerate

acro (high) acrobat, acronym, acropolis, acrophobia, acromegaly, acrocarpous

culp (blame) culprit, culpable, exculpate, inculpate, exculpatory

derm (skin) dermatologist, dermatitis, pachyderm, hypodermic, ectoderm, endoderm

zo (animal) zoo, protozoa, zoophilous, zooplankton, zoophagous, Mesozoic, zodiac

per (through) perception, perforation, percolate, perambulate, peregrination

pac (peace) pacify, pacific, pacifist, pacifier, pacifism, Pax Romana, pacification

brev (short) brevity, abbreviation, breviary, brevirostrate, brief

necro (death) necropolis, necromancer, necrophobia, necrotic, necrobiosis

urb (city) urban, urbane, suburbs, urbanite, urbanologist, urbanism

pugn (fight) pugnacious, repugnant, pugilist, impugn, oppugn, inexpugnable

ecto (outer) ectoderm, ectozoa, ectomorph, ectothermic, ectoplasm, ectoparasite

plasto (molded) plastic, dermoplasty, rhinoplasty, plaster, plasticity, plastid

agog (leader) demagogue, pedagogue, synagogue, agogics, pedagogy, mystagogue

cle (small) molecule, corpuscle, follicle, minuscule, ventricle, particle, vesicle

il (not) illegal, illiterate, illicit, ill-mannered, illogical, illegible, illiberal

List 8

sed (sit) sedentary, sediment, sedan, sedative, sedate, supersede, addiduous, insidious

leg (read) legible, legend, illegible, legendary, legibility, alleged

anim (mind) equanimity, animal, animated, animosity, magnanimous, animadversion

tort (twist) contorted, torture, tortuous, retort, distort, torturous, tort, tortilla

nym (name) homonym, acronym, pseudonym, anonymous, patronymic, anomaly

sanct (holy) sanctity, sanctimonious, sacrosanct, sanctuary, unsanctioned, sanctify

meta (change) metamorphosis, metaphor, metaphysics, metastasize, metabolism

petr (rock) petrify, petroleum, petrology, petroglyph, petrophilous, petrochemical

mir (wonder) miracle, mirage, mirror, mirabile dictu, admire, mirabilia, miracle play

man (hand) manual, manicure, manipulate, manacled, amanuensis, legerdemain

rect (right) correct, rectitude, direct, rectilinear, rectangle, rectify, rector, erect

volv (roll) revolve, involved, devolve, convoluted, volvox, revolution, convolvulus

demi (half) demigod, demitasse, demisemiquaver, demiurge, demimonde, demirep

retro (backward) retroactive, retrofire, retrogress, retrospection, retrofit, retrorse

sens (feel) sense, sensitive, sensation, sensory, extrasensory, insensate

fy (make) fortify, rectify, horrify, solidify, reify, transmogrify, sanctify, pacify

ocul (eye) binocular, monocular, ocular, oculist, oculomotor nerve, oculometer

cur (care for) cure, curator, curative, cure-all, sinecure, secure, curate

ultra (beyond) ultramarine, ultraconservative, ultraviolet, ultramundane

oid (appearance) android, anthropoid, asteroid, adenoid, xyloid, haploid

gest (carry) gestation, digest, ingest, congestion, gesticulate, gesture

apt (fit) adapt, aptitude, maladapted, adaptation, aptly, aptness

tact (touch) tactile, contact, tactics, tactician, tactful, intact

voc (voice) vociferously, vocal, sotto voce, invocation, vocabulary, convocation,

rid (laugh) ridicule, deride, derision, risibility, ridiculous

List 9

path (feeling) sympathy, pathetic, pathos, telepathy, empathy, apathy, idiopathy

a (not) amoral, amorphous, atheist, apolitical, apathy, agraphia, aphasia, achromatic

nomy (law) astronomy, economy, Deuteronomy, taxonomy, heteronomy, nomthetic

fid (faith) infidel, fidelity, confidence, diffident, bona fide, fiduciary, perfidy

caco (bad) q cacophony, cacography, cacodemon, cacoethes, cacodyl, cacology

hetero (different) heterodox, heteromorphic, heterogeneous, heterosexual, heteronym

sci (know) science, conscience, prescience, omniscience, scientism, sciomancy

graph (write) bibliography, photograph, autograph, polygraph, stenography

lat (side) bilateral, unilateral, lateral fin, multilateral, collateral, latitude, translate

lith (rock) Neolithic, Paleolithic, lithograph, megalith,

tract (pull) tractor, detract, retraction, attractive, protractor, contract, traction

in (in or not) inscribe, insane, infidel, indefinite, incorrigible, insomnia

co (together) cooperate, coordinating, coterminous, colloquy, coauthor, cotangent

phile (love) philosopher, audiophile, bibliophile, philologist, philanthropy

ine (nature of) porcine, crystalline, saturnine, canine, ursine, vulpine, bovine

-ar (relating to) pulsar, stellar, lunar, solar, secular, columnar, linear, circular

hexa (six) hexagram, hexagon, hexapod, hexameter, hexahedron, hexarchy

fract (break) fracture, infraction, fraction, refraction, refractory, fractious

platy (flat) plateau, platyhelminthes, platypus, plate, platitude, platyrrhine

theo (god) theology, pantheism, atheism, monotheism, apotheosis, henotheism

fin (end) final, define, infinite, finial, finis, Finisterre, infinitive, fin de siecle

hedron (sided object) polyhedron, tetrahedron, heptahedron, octahedron, icosahedron

ambul (walk) ambulatory, somnambulism, funambulist, ambulance, perambulate

ous (full of) luminous, glorious, loquacious, vivacious, garrulous, anomalous, zealous

topo (place) topographical, topology, topic, topiary, toponym, topognosia

List 10

ped (foot or child) orthopedist, pedagogue, centipede, expedition, pedestrian, pedestal

mort (death) mortal, mortician, mortified, immortality, mortuary, moribund

carn (flesh) carnivorous, incarnate, reincarnated, carnival, carnation, carnage

psych (soul) psychology, psychic, psychopathic, parapsychology, psychosis

ethno (race or culture) ethnocentrism, ethnic group, ethnography, ethnologist

gen (origin) genetics, hydrogen, progeny, engender, gene, ingenuous, indigenous

nat (born) prenatal, native, natural, nativity, nation, nascent, natal, perinatal

paleo (old) Paleozoic, Paleolithic, paleontologist, paleoanthropic, paleography

curs (run) cursive, discursive, incursion, precursor, cursory, cursorial, cursor

crypt (hidden) cryptic, cryptologist, crypt, cryptogram, encrypt, cryptesthesia

cad (fall) cascade, cadaver, cadence, cadenza, cadaverous, decadent

capit (head) decapitate, capital, recapitulate, capitulation, capitulum

loqu (talk) loquacious, circumlocution, eloquent, soliloquy, somniloquy, dialogue

sacro (holy) sacrosanct, sacred, sacrifice, sacrament, sacrilege, consecrate

uni (one) unicycle, universe, united, union, uniform, unison, unique, unicorn

ness (quality) softness, politeness, kindness, darkness, vagueness

alt (high) altitude, alto, altimeter, altar, altocumulus, altiplano

ics (art) politics, economics, aesthetics, graphics, ethics, calisthenics

iso (equal) isothermal, isometric, isosceles, isomer, isocracy, isotope

vert (turn) convert, revert, inverted, divert, vertex, controvert, extrovert, introvert

ate (cause) domesticate, implicate, create, procreate, insinuate, placate, dominate

cor (heart) core, concord, discord misericord, cordial, courageous, excoriate

ess (female) lioness, empress, princess, baroness, seamstress, governess

muta (change) mutant, mutation, mutagenice, mutable, mutability, transmutation, immutable

fug (flee) centrifuge, fugitive, tempus fugit, subterfuge, refugee, fugue

List 11

i (plural) bacilli, fungi, nuclei, alumni, magi, octopi, gemini, homunculi, literati

jus (law) justice, justify, unjust, jus soli, justiciary

lum (light) luminary, luminous, illuminate, luminiferous, superluminous

ann (year) annual, superannuated, anniversary, annuity, perennial

apo (away or up) apotheosis, apogee, apoplexy, apology, aphelion, apostasy

sen (old) senile, senior, senator, seniority, senescent

sol (alone) solitude, solitary, solo, soliloquy, desolate, solipsism, solifidian, consolidate

bas (low) bass, base, basic, basal, bassoon, debase, contrabase, abase, bas-relief

rogat (ask) interrogation, abrogate, derogatory, arrogate, supererogatory

parl (speak) parliament, parley, parlor, parlance, parlando

potent (power) potential, potentiometer, potentate, plenipotentiary, omnipotent

surg (rise) resurgence, insurgence, surge, surgent

log (word, reason) logic, neologism, philologist, logician, illogical, monologue

gram (writing) telegram, pentagram, hexagram, hologram, grammar

cant (sing) recant, cantata, incantation, descant, canticle, canto

reg (rule) regal, regiment, regulate, regent, interregnum, regicide, regime

pro (forward) provide, pronounce, program, prognosticate, prospect, prognosis, prolix

gyn (woman) androgynous, gynecologist, polygyny, misogynist, gynephobia

ag (to do) agile, agent, agency, agitate, aggression, aggrade, agree

act (to do) transact, react, action, activate, abreact, counteract, interact

mob (move) mobility, mobile, immobile, mobilize, demobilize

sess (sit) session, sessile, insessorial, sessility, obsessed

fic (make) fortification, fiction, prolific, horrific, soporific

nounce (tell) denounce, pronounce, announce, renounce, enunciate

andro (man) androgynous, android (droid), androgens, androphobia, polyandry

List 12

an- (without) anemia, anechoic, anaerobic, anorexia, anarchy

ab (away) abnormal, abjure, absent, abroad, abrogate, abrupt, abdicate

mel (song) melody, melodrama, melodeon, melodious, melodia

aden (gland) adenoid, adenine, adenoma, adenovirus

aer (air) aerobic, aerie, aerosol, aerial, aerobes, aerodynamics, malaria

alb (white) albumen, alba, album, albino, albinism, albedo

ase (enzyme) permease, galactosidase, proteinase, luciferase

epi (on) epicenter, epigram, epidemic, epidermis, epigraph, epitaph

hum (earth) humus, exhume, posthumous, humble, humiliate, human

-be (life) microbe, aerobe, anaerobe

bon (good) bonny, bonanza, bon mot, bonus, bon vivant, bonhomie, bona fide

struct (build) construct, destruction, substructure, instruction, structure, infrastructure

chlor (green) chlorophyll, chlorine, chloroplasts, chlorella

cyan (blue) pyocyanin, cyanide, cyan, cyanophyta, cyanosis, cyanotype

cyt (cell) erythrocyte, leucocyte, cytology, cytoplasm, melanocyte

diplo (double) diplococcus, diploid, diplomacy, diplopoda, diplopia

dys (bad) dysentery, dyslexia, dystrophy, dysfunction, dysphonia

eco (house) ecology, economy, ecosystem, ecotone, economist, ecologist

emia (blood) bacteremia, anemia, hypoglycemia, toxemia

enter (intestine) enteritis, dystentery, gastroenteritis, enterozoan

erythro (red) erythrocyte, erythroblastosis, erythrism, erythromycin

idio (peculiar) idiot, idiosyncracy, idiomorphous, idiom, idiot savant

exo (out) exotoxin, exogenous, exodous, exorbitant, exorcism, exotic, exobiology

im (not) impossible, impassable, improbable, imperfect, immobile, impecunious

fil (thread) filiform, filicineae, filament, filaria, filigree, defile

List 13

chrom (color) chrome, chromatic, chromatin, chromosome, polychrome, monochrome

form (shape) coliform, formation, formative, formula, uniform, oviform, reform

sequ (follow) consecutive, sequence, sequel, obsequious, consequence, subsequent

glyc (sweet) glycemia, glycerin, glycerol, glycogen, hypoglycemia, glucose

hemo (blood) hemoglobin, hemorrhage, hemophilia, hemolysis, hemoid, hemostat

ultima (last) ultimate, ultimatum, penultimate, Ultima Thule, ultimogeniture

infra (beneath) infraorbital, infrared, infrasonic, infra dig, infralapsarian

leuko (white) leukocyte, leukemia, leucocytosis, leucite, leucoplast, leucocratic

lys (break down) hemolysis, electrolysis, electrolyte, analysis, dialysis, lysis

meso (middle) mesophilic, mezzotint, mesomorph, Mesozoic, Mesopotamia, mesophyll

milli (thousandth) millimeter, millipede, milligram, milliliter, million, millimicron

mem (remember) memory, memorandum, commemorate, memorial, memo, memoir

gress (step) congress, egress, digress, progress, aggression, regress, ingress

labor (work) labor, laborious, collaborate, laboratory, elaborate, labored

myo (muscle) myocardium, myopia, myoglobin, myogram, myocarditis, myotomy

vac (empty) vacant, vacuum, vacation, evacuate, vacuous, vacuole, vacuity

oligo (few or small) oligosaccharide, oligarchy, oligocarpous, Oligocene, oligoclase

ose (sugar) lactose, fructose, sucrose, glucose, dextrose

osis (condition) neurosis, psychosis, ichthyosis, erythroblastosis, thrombosis, meiosis

tude (state of) pulchritude, multitude, solitude, turpitude, rectitude, aptitude, similitude

patho (disease) pathogenic, psychopath, sociopath, pathological, idiopathic

phag (eat) phagocyte, bacteriophage, geophagy, anthropophagite, sacrophagous

phore (carry) euphoria, conidophore, metaphor, chromatophore, dysphoria, anaphora

phyt (plant) phytotoxin, sporophyte, neophyte, gametophyte, phytochrome

phyll (leaf) chlorophyll, phyllotaxis, phyllopod, phyllophagous, monphyllous

List 14
pleo (more) pleomorphic, pleonasm, pleochroic, Pliocene, pleophagous, pleopod

pod (foot) pseudopod, arthropod, diplopoda, cephalopod, podiatrist, gastropod

soror (sister) sorority, sororicide, sorosis, sororize, sororal, sorites

-a (plural) data, phenomena, bacteria, Cephalopoda, phyla, effluvia, trivia, Nematoda

val (worth) valiant, valid, equivalent, devaluate, evaluate, ambivalent, covalent

para (beside, near) parable, parapsychology, parabola, paradigm, paradox, paraphrase

dom (rule) dominate, predominant, dominion, domineering, subdominant, domain

erg (work) energy, ergonomics, erg-second, ergatocracy, exergonic, synergy

rhiz (root) rhizoid, rhizome, rhizomorphous, rhizophagous, rhizanthous

sapro (rotten) saprophytic, saprophyte, saprogenic, saprolite, saprophilous

schizo (divide) Schizomycetes, schizophrenia, schism, schizocarp, schizoid, schizophoid

hippo (horse) hippopotamous, hippodrome, hippogriff, hipparch, eohippus

som (body) somatic, chromosome, sysosome, somatoplasm, psychosomatic, somatology

sta (stop) hemostat, stasis, station, stationary, status quo, apostasy, static

rhodo (rose) rhododendron, rhodolite, Rhode Island, rhodium

taxis (arrangement) syntax, chemotaxis, taxidermy, phyllotaxis, taxonomy, ataxia

vol (will) volunteer, malevolent, benevolent, volition, involuntary

frat (brother) fraternity, fraternal, fratricide, fraternize

trich (hair) monotrichous, trichina, trichocysts, trichinosis, trichosis

troph (nourishment) autotroph, eutrophication, atrophy, dystrophy, trophism

tox (poison) toxin, toxoid, nontoxic, antitoxin, detoxification, toxicity, phytotoxins

sect (cut) dissect, intersection, vivisection, bisect, section, sectarian, sector

spor (seed)

zygo (yolk) zygote, zygospore, zygodactyls, zygomorphic, zygoid, zygoptera, syzygy

zym (ferment) enzyme, zymology, zymurgy, zymogenesis, zymoscope, zymogen

List 15

tropo (turn) heliotrope, troposphere, tropism, trophy, phototropism, apogeotropism

gastro (stomach) gastronomy, gastroscope, gastropod, gastroenteritis, hypogastric, gastrolith

arthro (joint) arthritis, arthropod, arthralgia, arthospore, arthroscopic

ventri (belly) ventriloquist, ventral, ventricle, dorsoventral, ventriculus

dors (back) dorsal, dorsoventral, dorsum, dorsal fin, dorsiventral

macro (large) macrobiotic, macrocephalic, macrocosm, macron, macroscopic

dextro (right or clockwise) dextrose, dextral, dexterity, dexterous, dextrorotation

brachy (short) brachycephalic, brachypterous, brachycranic, brachylogy

brachio (arm) brachiopod, brachiation, brachiate, brachium, brachiosaur

branchio (gills) branchiopod, branchiate, branchia

kin (motion) kinetic, kinescope, hypokinesia, hyperkinetic, telekinesis, cinema

phylo (kind) phylum, phylogeny, phyla, phlyogenesis, subphylum

blasto (embryo) blastocyst, blastogenesis, erythroblast

dactylo (finger) pterodactyl, dactylic, dacylology, dactylography

phos (light) phosphorous, phosphene, phosphoroscope, phosphoresce

gon (angle) pentagon, tetragon, decagon, hexagonal, diagonal, orthogonal

lite (mineral or fossil) anthracite, perlite, cryolite, stalactite, halite, coprolite

vore (eating) omnivore, herbivore, carnivore, voracious, devour, fructivorous

hole (whole) holocaust, hologram, holometabolous, holograph, hophrastic, holistic

haplo (single or simple) haploid, haplopia, haplosis, haplology

opia (sight) myopia, hperopia, hemeralopia, synopsis, diplopia, biopsy

lent (full of) corpulent, virulent, turbulent, excellent, succulent, insolent, indolent

ef (out) effusive, effulgent, efflux, efficacy, effeminate, effluvium, effluent

ium (an element) radium, sodium, uranium, germanium, iridium, einsteinium

dicho (in two parts) dichotomy, dichotomize, dichogamous, dichotomist

List 16

Anglo (English) Anglophile, Anglophobe, Anglican, Anglicanism, Anglo-Saxon

ist (one who) artist, somnambulist, anthropologist, solipsist, centrist, atheist, sophist

saur (lizard) dinosaur, pterosaur, tyrrannosaruras, saurian

pithec (ape) pithecanthropous, australopithecous, dryopithecous, oreopithecous

calli (beautiful) calligraphy, calliope, calisthenics, calliopsis, callithumpian

austro (south) Australopithecus, Australia, austral, Austronesia, austromancy, aurora australis

cephalo (head) cephalic, cephalopod, cephalothorax, microcephalic, encephalitis

chiro (hand) chiromancy, chiropody, chiropteran, chiropractor

caust (burn) caustic, holocaust, cauterize, caustically, causticity

terr (land) extraterrestrial, subterranean, terra firma, Mediterranean, terrain

cata (down) catapult, catastrophe, catacombs, catalepsy, cataclysm, cataract

jur (swear) abjure, adjure, perjure, jury, jurisdiction, jurisprudence, jurist

flu (flow) confluence, fluid, influence, fluent, superfluous, effluent, fluvial

here (stick) coherence, adhesive, adhere, inherent, incoherent

pos (put) position, deposit, superimpose, transpose, depose, imposition

mund (world) mundane, transmundane, intermundane, mundanity, mundo

cracy (government) autocracy, democracy, aristocracy, plutocracy, meritocracy

mania (madness) kleptomania, egomania, pyromania, dipsomania, megalomania

ize (make) victimize, harmonize, temporize, mobilize, fossilize, polarize, bowdlerize

antho (flower) anthology, anthozoan, anthocyanin, anther, anthophilous

algia (pain) neuralgia, analgesic, arthralgia, hemialgia, algometer, algophobia

somn (sleep) insomnia, somniferous, somnolent, somnambulate, somniloquy

quadr (four) quadruped, quadratic, quadrant, quadruplet, quadrilateral, quadriplegic

err (wander) error, erratic, Knight-errant, erroneous, erratum

sine (without) sinecure, sine qua non, sine die, sine prole

List 17
lingu (tongue) bilingual, linguist, lingua franca, linguini, language

mot (move) motor, motivation, demote, emotion, motion, promote, motile, commotion

nav (ship) navy, naval, navigate, circumnavigate, unnavigable

und (wave) inundate, undulate, undulatory, undulation

flect (bend) reflect, inflection, genuflect, deflect, reflection

coron (crown) corona, coronation, coronary, coroner

aur (gold) aura, auriferous, Aurora, auric

liter (letter) literature, illiterate, preliterate, literati

rat (think) rational, ratio, irrational, ratiocinate, rationalize, irate

sis (condition) arteriosclerosis, osmosis, mitosis, meiosis, catharsis, symbiosis

par (equal) disparity, parity, par, compare, incomparable, disparate

mens (measure) commensurate, immense, incommensurable, mensurable, dimension

mony (condition) matrimony, acrimony, harmony, ceremony, simony, parsimony

quin (five) quintet, quintillion, quintuplet, quintuple, quintessence, quindecagon

socio (society) sociology, sociable, socialism, sociopath, dissociate

ovi (egg) oviducts, oviparous, ovipositors, ovoviviparous, ovisac, oviform, ovary, oval

phasia (speech) aphasis, dysphasia, apophasis

pter (wing) pterodactyl, helicopter, pterosaur, archaeopteryx, chiropteran

phen (appearance) phenomenon, phenotype, phosphenes, fancy, fantasy

hist (tissue) histopathology, histolysis, histology, histogenesis

glott (tongue) epiglottis, polyglot, glossolalia, glottal, monoglot, glossectomy

phan (appearance) phantom, epiphany, diaphanous, sycophant, cellophane, theophany

peri (near or around) perimeter, perihelion, perigee, periphery, periodical

pot (drink) potable, potion, potation, potatory, compote, symposium

via (road) via, viaduct, trivia, via avion, obviate, obvious, via media

List 18

atmo (vapor) atmosphere, atmolysis, atmometer, atmospheric, atman

cardio (heart) cardiology, cardiovascular, cardiologist, cardiac, electrocardiogram

cosmo (world or universe) cosmos, cosmopolitan, cosmonaut, cosmoloty, microcosm

counter (agains) counteract, counterproductive, counterpoint, counter insurgence

cranio (skull) craniology, intracranial, craniotomy, cranium, dolichochranic

cyclo (circle) cyclone, cyclotron, bicycle, encyclopedia, recycle, cyclical

gno (know) agnostic, prognosis, Gnostic, Gnosticism, diagnosis, topognosia, ignominy

oss (bone) ossify, ossuary, ossicle, osseous, ossiferous, ossein, ossification

xylo (wood) xylophone, xylograph, xylooid, xylophagous, xylose, xylotomy, xylem

monger (seller) fishmonger, warmonger, costermonger, ballad monger, phrasemonger

sept (seven) septangular, September, septuagenerian, septillion, Septuagint

xeno (stranger) xenophobia, xenolith, xenon, xenogenesis, xenodiagnosis

vas (vessel) vasoconstrictor, cardiovascular, vase, vesicle, vascular, vasectomy

fore (front) forehead, forefront, foreboding, forecast, forethought, foresail

ish (like) squeamish, greenish, smallish, outlandish, snobbish, ghoulish, mannish

less (without) fruitless, hopeless, motherless, bootless, pointless, hapless, feckless

baro (pressure) barometer, barograph, barometric, barogram, barometry

ferro (iron) ferronickel, ferromagnetic, ferrous, ferric, ferrite, ferroconcrete

quasi (somewhat) quasar, quasi-military, quasi-stellar, Quasimodo, quasi-judicial

nesia (island) Micronesia, Polynesia, Melanesia, Austronesia

lepsy (attack) narcolepsy, epilepsy, catalepsy

let (little) booklet, piglet, aglet, hamlet, coverlet, omelette

nano (billionth) nanosecond, nanoplankton, nanosomia, nanogram

pico (trillionth) picofarad, picosecond, picogram

ideo (idea) idograph, ideology, ideologue, idogram, ide fixe, idealism
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