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______________. VFSS Tape Archives Database (dB4). Vancouver Folk Song Society, 1995

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Canadian Folk Music Bulletin. Canadian Folk Music Society, October 1972- (from 1990, Canadian Society for Musical

Traditions; from June 1994, Canadian Society for Traditional Music)

­Canadian Folk Music Festival Programs:

Calgary FF I (1980)(Hamilton)

F of Friends 1976 - 1978 (London)

Home County FF VII (1980)

Mariposa FF1 (1971), FF II (1972), IV (1974) - VIII (1978)

Northern Lights F Boreal IV (1975), VI (1977), VII(1978)

Owen Sound Summerfolk II (1977) - IV (1979)

Regina F Arts F X (1978) - XIII (1981)

Summer Solstice (Thunder Bay) I (1979)

Vancouver FMF I (1978) - IV (1981), VII (1984) VIII (1985), X (1987), XIII (1990) XIV (1991), XX (1997), XXI (1998),

XXVIII (2005), 2006

Winnipeg FF II (1975), IV (1977), V (1978)

(Yellowknife) F on the Rocks I (1980), II (1981)

Canadian Folk Music Journal. Canadian Folk Music Society, 1973 - (from 1990, Canadian Society for Musical Traditions;

from June 1994, Canadian Society for Traditional Music)

Canadian Folk Music Organizations Publications:

Bytown Folk Connection, Feb 1980 - June 1981 (5 vols.) Ottawa

Open Door, Mar 1979 - June 1980 (15 vols.) Vancouver

Pourquoi Chanter? May 1977 - July 1978 (5 vols.) Montreal

The Rocky Mountain Folk Club Recorder, Nov 1981 - April 1983 (5 vols.) Calgary

The Saint John Folk Club Rag, Aug 1977 - Jan 1981 (9 vols.) Saint John, NB

Summer Solstice Festival Newsletter, Feb - Aug 1979 [3 vols.], February 1981 (#24), March 1981 (#25), (May 1981 (#27); Thunder Bay, Ont.)

Canadian Music Educator. Vol 47 No 4 Summer 2006; Vol 48 No 1 Autumn 2006

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Catalogue, 1992. Folk Music Catalogue, 199, Folk Music Catalogue, 1994; Catalogue 1999

Come All Ye. Vancouver Folk Song Society, 1972-1977 (66 issues: 6 vols. complete)(+ Vols I/II unbound)

Communique. Vol 3, no. 4 Aug 1977: "Canadian Folk Culture"

Dill Pickle Rag. No 1. Summer 1976; Vol 2, No. 1, Jan 1978

Hoot folk music magazine. Guild of Canadian Folk Artists, Toronto. No 1, Aug 1963; Vol 2, Nos. 2-5 (May 1966-Sept 66),

Vol 3 No 1 Feb 1967

Music Across Canada. Vol 1, No. 6 July-August 1963. “A Tribute to Sir Ernest Macmillan”.

Rogue Folk (Rogue FC newsletter, Vancouver). II-3, Feb 1988 ­-

Singalong! Vancouver: Vol I no.1, Spring 1957: Vol II no.1, July, 1958

Song Broadcasts

Let’s Sing Together. Students’ Guide Book, 1950-51; Students’ Song Sheets, 1955-1956 & 1959-1960

Your Listen and Sing Song Book, 1958-9; 1959-1960

Listen and Sing Word Book, 1962-63; 1964-1965

3/4 Times. Vancouver Folk Song Society, 1975 -

(Newsletter). Victoria Folk Music Society, Aug 1977 -


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[stapled ditto]

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[fragment of paperback songbook, pp. 85-208, mainly from Caribbean islands, c. 1955]

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York, 1935

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ich vun dem Land rei kumm” [When I Came to this Country]

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York, 1941

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Vol I: British Ballads and Songs

Vol II: Songs of the South and West

Vol III: Humorous and Play-Party Songs

Vol IV: Religious Songs and Other Items

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Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1983

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Songs of the People. New York, 1937

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Dirty Linen see list for holdings

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Guitar Player

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___________________ Journal

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Reprints from Sing Out! see list for holdings

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