Army Military Police (ID)

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Armoured Corps (AU, BD, GR, HU, IN, IL, MY, NL, NZ, PK, ZA, SE, SZ, TR, UK), Navy (AU, NZ), Mechanized Troops (AF), Armored, Scouts, Some Engineers (BE), Armored & Mechanized (BR), Navy & Marines (BG), Gendarme (BG), Armoured & Navy (CA), Special Operations Forces, Commandos & Paratroopers, Missile & SSK Navy (CL), Marines (CN), Lancero Instructors; Airborne Navy Marines (CO), Military Police (HR, CZ), Combat troops (armour, recon and infantry) (DK), Military Police; Navy Marines (EC), Armoured Brigade (FI), Military schools & Armored (FR), Armored (DE), Coast Guard (IE), Calvary (ID, NL), Permanent Defence Forces (IE), Army less Aviation (IT), Special Forces and Navy Paratroopers (MX), Panzer Battalion, Intelligence Battalion (NO), Ranger (PH), Armored & Artillery (PL), Calvary (PT), Marines, Special Militia (RU), Army Special Warfare, Reserve, US Augmentees (KR), Airborne Brigade (ES), Signals & Headquarters (SZ), Army (US), Tactical Air Control Party (USAF), Army (VE)


Army Military Police (ID)


Logistics & Engineers (BR), Special Air Service (UK)


Air Force (AU), Military Institute of Engineering (BR), Air Force, Army Aviation, Military Bands (FI), Rapid Response (IS), Military Police (IL), Army Aviation (IT), Royal Gendarmerie (NL), Navy (PT), Royal Guard (ES), Helicopters (SE), Air Force Academy & Civil Air Patrol (US)

Blue, Air Force

Air Force (CA), Air Defense (NO)

Blue, Cambridge

Army Air Corps (UK)

Blue, cobalt

Logistics & Administration (BE)

Blue, dark (near black)

Navy (NL)

Blue, dark/deep

Army Aviation (AR), Other Personnel (AU, BD), Artillery & Military Academy (BE), Navy & Naval Infantry (BE), Navy Specialized Research & Analysis (BG), Air Force Ground Troops (CL), Navy, Public Security Police SWAT (CN), Navy (HR, DK, FI, IL, MY, NO), Air Force (CZ),Army Aviation (Aviación del Ejército); Air Force Aerial Infantry (EC), Air Commandos; Troupes de Marine: all other army troops and Gendarmerie special forces GIGN (anti-terrorist units) and EPIGN (paras) (FR), Medical (DE), All Other (GR), Air Force Military Police (ID), Air Force and Service (NZ), Artillery & Mechanical Engineer Signals (PK), All Officers & General Staff (PK), Artillery, Engineers (ZA), general Army, others except special (SE), Air Force & Paratroopers (SZ), Security Forces (USAF)

Blue, gray

Air Force Underwater Operations Squadron (GR), Royal Air Force (UK)

Blue, green

General troops (NL)

Blue, light

Peacekeepers (UN, CA), Army Aviation (AU, DK), Light Aviation (BE), Air Force & Airborne (BG), Army Aviation now disbanded (DK), Presidential Guard (GR), Air Force and Special Air Team (MY), Air Defense (NO), Army Corps of Engineers, Services (PK), Marines (PL), Administrative Service Corps (ZA), medical and veterinary personnel (SZ), Commandos (TR)

Blue, light, gray

Air Force & Air Force Home Guard (DK)

Blue, Navy

Logistics & Mission Support Command (AF), Alpine and mountain troops (FR), Luftwaffe (Air Force) and Deutsche Marine (Navy) infantry and ceremonial guards; Offizieranwärterbataillon (Officer Candidate Battalions of the Army) multinational units (e.g. Eurocorps) (DE), Others (IN), Royal Marines (NL), Police Anti-Terror (PL), Marines (PT), Service Level Headquarters (VE)

Blue, Pewter

Members of the Counter-Narcotics Brigade BRECNA (Brigada Especial Contra el Narcotráfico) (CO)

Blue, Royal

Engineers, Service Corps (BD), Army Aviation (BR), Army Aviation (FR)

Blue, Sky

Airborne School Instructors (CO), Air Force Police (PT), Airborne (RU)


Air Force guards (IT)


Infantry (BE), Special Frontier jägers (FI), Hussards (FR), Golani Brigade (IL), Territorial Defense (PL), General Army (PT), Home Guard (SE), Hussars & Yeomanry (UK)

Brown, dark

Special Operations Group (BR)

Brown, light

Personnel (ZA)

Brown, rust

Signal School (AF)


Jungle (AR), Jungle Infantry (BR), IWIA (indigenous tribal members unit) forces (EC), Kfir Brigade (IL), Special Forces (ZA), Navy UDT and Army and Marine Corps Armored Units (KR)

Cherry, dull

3rd Bn (AU), Medical Corps (BD)


Air Assault (AR), mechanics; logistics troops; maintenance troops; territorial troops (SZ)


Military Police (HU)


Transmission troops and some engineer units (BE), Mountain Infantry (BR), Logistics, Medical troops (CZ), Dress for Dark Green (EC), Army Aviation Corps (IN), Air Force (IL), Operational Mobile Reaction Group (PL), BRILAT (Infantry) (ES), "Military Security": military police, fortification maintenance personnel, NBC specialists, special military security (Festungswachkorps) (SZ), Special Operations Weather Technicians (USAF)

Gray, blue

Air component (BE), Air Force & Airborne (CN), Air Force (NL)

Gray, dark

Royal Army Nursing Corps (UK)

Gray, light

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Gray, pike

NBC Defence School (AF)

Gray, Steel

Combat Engineers (ID), Air Force (PL)


2 Paracommando, Field Artillery Commando (BE), All Other Army Units (BR), Mountain (CL), Counter-guerilla (CO), Joint Staff with gold badge & Special Operations Battalion (HR), Support troops; artillery; signal (EW); engineers; Army Home Guard; Infrastructure Home Guard (DK), Coastal jägers (FI), Commandos, Marines, Foreign Legion (FR), Special Forces (including Commandos, Marines and Parachute despatchers/riggers) (GR), Paratroopers (HU), Infantry regiments (except light infantry and rifles) (IN), Navy and Army Special Forces (IT), Commandos (NL), Infantry (NZ), Army general use (PL), Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance (KR), Special Operations (ES), Infantry (SZ), Gendarmerie (TR), Adjutant General & Provost Marshall (UK), jungle troops, counter-insurgency troops (caribes), special forces units (Army) (VE)

Green & camouflage

All other Army units (AR)

Green, Bangladesh

Infantry (BD)

Green, bottle

Army Ranger Wing (IE)

Green, Commando

Amphibious Corps (Marines and Commandos) (SE), Special Boat Service, Commando-qualified all services (UK)

Green, Cypress

Intelligence Corps (UK)

Green, dark/deep

Commando (AR), Medical (BE), Reconaissance (CZ), All Other Army Units (EC), Infantry (including Airborne and Raider units) (ID), Infantry (including Airborne and Raider units) (ID), Intelligence & Broder Police (IL), GICO and other specialized units in Guardia di Finanza (IT), Army less Special Forces (MY), Border Special (RU), Infantry (ZA), Mountain Brigade (ES), Cavalry, which includes the army ranger battalion, the ISTAR-unit, Airmobile battalion, military police and the ceremonial guard. Also worn by the Airforce Ranger unit (SE), African & Gurkha Rifles (UK)

Green, emerald

Paratroopers (PT)

Green, grass

Infantry (AF)

Green, grass

Special Operations Forces (PT)

Green, jungle

Special Forces (US)

Green, light

Other ground forces (CZ), Reserve Defence Forces (IE), Border Guards (PL)

Green, light (lime)

Nahal & Caracal Units, various educational positions (IL)

Green, Lovat

Special Reconnaissance Regiment (UK)

Green, moss

infantry units, including Jägertruppe, Panzergrenadiere (armoured infantry), and ceremonial guards (Wachbataillon des Heeres); military bands (DE), Artillery (ID)

Green, olive

Jagerbataillon (AF), Ardennian Rifles (BE), Ground Force (CN), Army and Rapid Deployment, Units Abroad, Frontier jägers (FI), General troops (IL), Other Army and Home Guard (NO)

Green, pale

Special Forces/Airborne (PH)

Green, Pewter

Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (USAF)

Green, rifle/CF

Regiment (AU), Other Army Units (CA), Light infantry and rifle regiments (IN), Ground Self Defense Forces (JP)

Green, Sherwood

Commando (AU), Army Special forces (MY)

Green, umbra

Borderguard (with Russia) & Ranger Company (NO)

Green, yellow

Army Sports Center (AF)


General Service (BE, obsolete), Various including Artillery and Foot Guards (UK)


Paracommandos (BE), Paratroopers (BR, CA, IT, MX), Armoured (CL), Special Forces (CO), Rapid Deployment & Special Forces (CZ), Hunter Corps & Special Forces (DK), Parachute jägers or special jägers (FI), Special & Airborne, Air Mobile (DE), Army Aviation (GR), Paarachute Regiment & Special Forces (IN), Army & Paratroopers (MY), Airmobile (NL), Army Ranger Command(NO), Army Air Defence (PK), Airborne & 1st Special Commando (PL), Military Health Services (ZA), Air Force Special Air Rescue Team (KR), Parachute Range School (SE), Special Forces (TR), Parachutes (UK), Airborne (US), Pararescue (USAF), National Guard (VE)

Maroon, dark

Special Services Group (PK)


Military Emergencies Unit (ES)


Civil defence troops, Engineering Brigades (CZ), Air Force Special Troops (PASHKAS) (ID), Home Front Command (IL), Search & Rescue (RU), Military Police (ZA)

Orange, Blaze

Search & Rescue Technicians (CA)


Naval elite special troops (MY)


Parachute Regiment, Special Forces (ZA)

Purple (Magneta)

Marine Corps (ID), Givati Brigade (IL)


Paratroops (AR), Army (BG), CAPF Provincial Women Special Police Corps (CN), Presidential Guard (HR), Military Police (DK, IE, NO), Paratroopers and Special Operations Forces (EC), paratroopers (FR), support units, including artillery, engineers, intelligence, psychological operations (Operative Information), anti-aircraft, supply, NBC protection, signals, electronic warfare, transport, topography, and military police (Feldjäger) (DE), Paratroopers, General Staff (IL), Carabinieri Hunters and Tuscania Squadron (Military Police Special Raid Units) (IT), Medical Corps (PK), Commandos (PT), Air Force Combat Control Team (KR), Army and Navy Musicians (SE), Artillery (SZ), Presidential Guard , Airborne (VE)

Red, bright

Military Police (BE)

Red, coral

Military Police (AF)

Red, dark

Special Forces (ID), Rescue Troops (SZ)

Red, rust

Special Units of Interior Ministry Troops (RU)

Red, wine

Paratroopers (AF)


Military Police (AU, BD, CA, IN, PL), Guard of Honor (AF), Military Academies & Pre-School (BR), Airborne (GR), Artillery (HU), Royal Military Police (UK), Air Force Combat Control (USAF)


Combat Engineering (IL)


Mountain (AR), Special Air Service (AU), Special Forces (CA), Rangers (US)


Multinational Force and Observers (AU, CA)


Artillery (IL)


Navy and Marines (BG)


Military Observers with European Security Organization (SZ)

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