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10,000 Maniacs In My Tribe Demos & Outtakes n/a studio 73m B+ Hey Jack Kerouac, What's The Matter Here, A Campfire Song, Poison In The Well, City Of Angels, My Sister Rose, Like The Weather, Cherry Tree, The Painted Desert, Don't Talk, Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Verdi Cries, Hey Jack Kerouac #2, Gun Shy, My Sister Rose #2, The Painted Desert #2, Don't Talk #2 & Cherry Tree #2


10,000 Maniacs In The Garden Of Eden see description soundboard 80m two great live sets B+ Kinks Theatre, Toronto, Canada - 1993: Candy Everybody Wants, My Sister Rose, What's the Matter Here?, Don't Talk, If You Intend, Jezebel, I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rosegarden), These Are Days, Hey Jack Kerouac, Few and Far Between, Everyday Is Like Sunday & Because the Night. Mountain Stage, Charleston, WV - May, 1993: These Are Days, What's the Matter Here?, How You've Grown, Jezebel, Stockton Gala Days, Candy Everybody Wants, Few and Far Between & Hey Jack Kerouac -------------------------------------------------------------

10,000 Maniacs/Natalie Merchant Those Were Days 2 n/a CD 71m great collection of rarities A Party of God, Bread And Circuses, Photograph, All I Want, Baby, I Love You (live), I Know How To Do It (live), One Fine Day, Children Go Where I Send Thee, Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key, Birds And Ships, How You've Grown, Sympathy For the Devil (live), Baby I Love You/Son Of A Preacher Man (live), Take A Look (live), The Work Song (live), Wonder (piano acoustic), Jealousy (remix) & San Andreas Fault (remix)

A Flock Of Seagulls BBC Rock Hour 1983 & Perkins Palace 1982 see description FM broadcast 73m two early 80’s sets on 1 CD B+ BBC ROCK HOUR: Modern Love Is Automatic, Messages, Space Age Love Song, Telecommunication, I Ran (So Far Away), It's Not Me Talking & The Fall. PERKINS PALACE: Space Age Love Song, D.N.A., Electrics, Messages, Standing In The Doorway, The Traveller, Committed, Man Made, You Can Run, Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) & I Ran (So Far Away) -------------------------------------------------------------

A Flock Of Seagulls The B Sides Collection n/a vinyl 74m B sides collection B+ Factory Music, Intro, Tanglimara, Windows, Pick Me Up, Tokyo, Commited, Rosenmontag, Quicksand, Last Flight of Yuri Gararin, Lost Control, Living in Heaven, Cosmos (The Effect Of The Sun), Shellshocked (Tontrix), Slipping Into Life (Tontrix) & Wishing (Techno Hip Mix)

Adult Swim: The Deep End Various Artists n/a CD 35m collection of music with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim A- Home Movies Theme, Harvey Birdman Theme, Space Ghost Coast To Coast Theme, The Brak Show Theme, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Song (extended), Sealab 2021 Theme, Stomp (from The Brak Show), Kick Your Ass (from The Brak Show), Yeah Buddy! (Extended Groove – The Brak Show), Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme (remix 1), Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme (remix 2), Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme (remix 3), Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme (remix 4), I Want Candy – MC Chris (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Mooninite Death March (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), For The Shorties (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Sprit Journey V1 (ATHF – Zakk Wylde & Matt Maiellarro), Sprit Journey V1 (ATHF – Dana Snyder), Fluffy G (from The Brak Show), Fishpockets (from The Brak Show), Yeah Buddy! (from The Brak Show), Lovely Lovely (from Harvey Birdman), Harvey Birdman End Credits, Perfect Hair Forever Theme, Robot Chicken Theme, Robot Chicken End Credits, The Knowledge Hat (from Sealab 2021), Respek Knuckles (from Sealab 2021), Space Ghost Coast To Coast – End Credits, Space Ghost Coast To Coast – End Credits (alternate), Land Of The Hot Knives – Pavement (SGC2C) & Free Range Ghost – Pavement (SGC2C)


Altered Images Live At The Paris Theatre London, England - Oct 1981 FM broadcast 30m early live set B Intro, A Days Wait, Untitled, Real Toys, Think That It Might, Love And Kisses, Legionaire, Insects, Happy Birthday & Jump Jump


Amos, Tori B Sides 1 n/a CD 74m collection of B sides A+ Upside Down, Thoughts, Sugar, Flying Dutchman, Humpty Dumpty, The Pool, Take To The Sky, Sweet Dreams, Angie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Thank You, Here In My Head, Mary, Ode To The Banana King (Part One), Song For Eric, Sister Janet, Piano Suite: All The Girls Hate Her, Piano Suite: Over It, A Case Of You & If 6 Were 9


Amos, Tori B Sides 2 n/a CD 74m collection of B sides A+ Strange Fruit, Home On The Range (Cherokee Edition), Daisy Dead Petals, Honey, Black Swan, This Old Man, Hungarian Wedding Song, Toodles Mr. Jim, London Girls, That’s What I Like (The Sandwich Song), Samurai, Graveyard, Amazaing Grace/Til The Chicken, Frog On My Toe, Sister Named Desire, Alamo, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Purple People (Christmas In Space), Bachelorette & Do It Again


Amos, Tori B Sides 3 n/a CD 74m collection of B sides A+ Cooling, Never Been Blue, Beulah Land, Happy Phantom (live), Upside Down (live), Past The Mission (live), Icicle (live), Flying Dutchman (live), Winter (live), The Waitress (live), Here In My Head (live), Sugar (live), Honey (live), Professional Widow (live) & Somewhere Over The Rainbow (live) -------------------------------------------------------------

Amos, Tori Broadcasts & B Sides 1996 various 74m tracks 1-2: Saturday Night Live, tracks 3-6: Virgin Megastore N.Y.C. 5/13/96, track 7: Late Show With David Letterman (1996), track 8: Regis and Kathy Lee (1996), tracks 9-19: B sides & 20-25: radio station holiday greetings A- Caught A Lite Sneeze, Hey Jupiter, Crucify, Silent All These Years, Cornflake Girl, Hey Jupiter, Mohammed My Friend, Hey Jupiter, This Old Man, That's What I Like Mick (the sandwich song), Graveyard, Toodles Mr. Jim, Hungarian Wedding Song, Samarai, Frog On My Toe, London Girls, Sister Named Desire, Alamo, Amazing Grace/Til The Chicken & Holiday Greetings


Amos, Tori Live In Akron 1 Akron, OH - Nov 28, 1998 audience 54m A- Precious Things, Hotel, Thoughts/Past The Mission, Muhammad My Friend, Girl, Bells For Her, Talk To The Sky, Landslide, Purple People & Cruel


Amos, Tori Live In Akron 2 Akron, OH - Nov 28, 1998 audience 46m A- Tear In Your Head, Waitress, She’s Your Cocaine, Raspberry Swirl, Talula, Black Swan, Mary & Pretty Good Year -------------------------------------------------------------

Amos, Tori Live In Frankfurt 1 Frankfurt, Germany - June 7, 1992 audience 69m B+ New Shoes/Flying Dutchman, Crucify, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Caesar, Leather, Whole Lotta Love/Thank You/Upside Down/Happy Phantom, China, Tear In Your Head, Me And A Gun, Winter & Smells Like Teen Spirit


Amos, Tori Live In Frankfurt 2 Frankfurt, Germany - June 7, 1992 audience 66m tracks 8 - 15 are bonus live tracks from other performances B+ Mother, Sentimental Journey, Sugar, A Case Of You, "nothing", Here In My Head, Little Earthquakes, Ain't No Sunshine, Mary, Little Drummer Boy, Imagine, Song For Eric, Girl, Take To The Sky & Angie


Amos, Tori Live Tori Stories Boulder, CO - Sept 29, 1992 soundboard 74m recorded at The Boulder Theater A+ Crucify, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Happy Phantom, Leather, Upside Down, Little Earthquakes, Whole Lotta Love, Thank You, Me And A Gun, Winter, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Mother, China & Song For Eric -------------------------------------------------------------

Amos, Tori Morning Becomes Eclectic (2002) Santa Monica, CA - Dec 17, 2002 webcast 37m features interviews & live performances B -------------------------------------------------------------

Amos, Tori Tori Stories 1 n/a various 52m collection of ULTRA-rare material (Baltimore single etc). Sound quality varies from B to C) B- Baltimore Sessions (B) - Baltimore, Walking With You & A Happy Day. Under The Pink Solo Piano Demos (B+) - Icicle, Cloud On My Tongue, Baker Baker & Pretty Good Year. Wedding Performance, Spring 1978 (C) - Piano Improvisation, Evergreen, If, You Needed Me, You Light Up My Life & We’ve Only Just Begun. A Conversation With God - Atilla The Honey


Amos, Tori Tori Stories 2 Amsterdam, Holland - March 15, 1992 soundboard 73m live concert from the Little Earthquakes tour A Crucify, Silent All These Years, Precious Things, Happy Phantom, Leather, Upside Down, Little Earthquakes, Whole Lotta Love, Thank You, Me And A Gun, Winter, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Mother, China & Song For Eric -------------------------------------------------------------

Amos, Tori Tori Stories 3 n/a audience 69m covers & rarities from the Under The Pink Tour A Purple Rain, Honey, Landslide, Warpped Around Your Finger, Danny Boy, Black Sawn, Famous Blue Raincoat, I’m On Fire, Sister Janet, For Emily Whever I May Find Her, Yes Anastasia, Take To The Sky, Saturday Afternoon 1963, Daisy Deadpetals, Boys In The Trees & She’s Leaving Home -------------------------------------------------------------

Amos, Tori Tori Stories 4 see description soundboard 73m from the Under The Pink Tour: London, March 29, 1994 (1-11) & Meter Sessions - Amsterdam, Holland, March 14, 1992 (12-14) A American Pie, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Icicle, Crucify, Happy Phantom, God, Silent All These Years, Bells For Her, Winter, Conflake Girl & China. Crucify, Leather & China. -------------------------------------------------------------

Amos, Tori Ultra Rare Tori n/a various 74m first 10 tracks are the “Y Kant Tori Read” LP - the rest are rare live performances B The Big Picture, Cool On Your Island, Fayth, Fire On The Side, Pirates, Floating City, Heart Attack At 23, On The Boundary, You Go To My Head, Etienne Trilogy, Ain't No Sunshine, A Case Of You, Imagine, Sentimental Journey, Little Drummer Boy, Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout & Ring My Bell -------------------------------------------------------------

Anderson, Laurie Morning Becomes Eclectic (1998) Santa Monica, CA - Sept 25, 1998 webcast 41m features interviews & live performances B -------------------------------------------------------------

Anderson, Laurie Morning Becomes Eclectic (1999) Santa Monica, CA - Oct 19, 1999 webcast 45m features interviews & live performances B -------------------------------------------------------------

Apple, Fiona Bad Girl Toronto, Canada - Oct 27, 1997 audience 67m great live set recorded at The Phoenix Concert Theatre A- The Child Is Gone, Sullen Girl, Sleep To Dream, The First Taste, Sitting In Limbo, Slow Like Honey, Shadowboxer, Criminal, Carrion, Never Is A Promise, Encore Break, Use Me & Angel -------------------------------------------------------------

Apple, Fiona Extraordinary Machine n/a MP3 49m the early Jon Brion-produced version A Not About Love, Red Red Red, Get Him Back, Better Version Of Me, Oh Well, Oh Sailor, Used To Love Him, Window, Waltz, Extraordinary Machine, Please Please Please & Better Version Of Me (Alt Version)

Ash Burned Out 1 n/a CD 58m collection of B Sides & rarities - mostly from Free All Angels A T. Rex, Everything Is All Around, A Life Less Ordinary, Radioation, Dancing On The Moon, Warmer Than Fire, Gabriel, Feel No Pain, Jesus Says (Hedrock Valley Beats Lightyear 12" Mix), 13th Floor, Only In Dreams, Thinking About You, Skullfull Of Sulphur, So The Story Goes, Teenage Kicks & Melon Farmer (Live)


Ash Burned Out 2 n/a CD 59m collection of B Sides & rarities - mostly from Free All Angels A Candy (remix), Waterfall, Nocturne, Stay In Love Forever, The Sweetness Of Death By The Obsidian Knife, No Place To Hide, Coasting, Here Comes The Music, Grey Will Fade, Envy, I Don't Mind, Bad Karma Blues, Tonight You Belong To Me, I Shall Not Die, Candy (French Version), Shining Light (acoustic) & Burn Baby Burn (acoustic)


Ash Live At The Greek Theater Berkeley, CA - Sept 6, 2002 audience 45m great live set B- Jesus Says, Girl From Mars, Goldfinger, Cherry Bomb, Shining Light, Folk Song, Walking Barefoot, Sometimes, A Life Less Ordinary, Kung Fu & Burn Baby Burn


Ash Live Meltdown 2004 England 2004 soundboard 58m A Meltdown, Orpheus, A Life Less Ordinary, Evil Eye, Clones, Starcrossed, Out Of The Blue, Renegade Cavalcade, Detonator, On A Wave, Won’t Be Saved, Vampire Love, Darkside Lightside & Burn Baby Burn -------------------------------------------------------------

Aztec Camera Covers & Rare Collection n/a various 79m A- Back On Board, All I Need Is Everything (Latin Mix), Jump (Loaded Version), Set The Killing Free, Consolation Prize (w/ Edwyn Collins), True Colors (Cyndi Lauper), If Paradise Is Half As Nice (w/ Andy Fairweather-Low), We Could Send Letters, Salvation, Deep And Wide And Tall (Breakdown Mix, Bad Education, Good Morning Britain (w/ Mick Jones), Good Morning Britain (Live), Walk Out To Winter (Extended Version), The Red Flag & Do I Love You

B 52’s, The Berklee Performance Center Boston, MA - Aug 24, 1979 FM broadcast 37m B- 52 Girls, 606-0842, Lava, Private Idaho, The Devil’s In My Car, Dance This Mess Around, Runnin’ Around, Rock Lobster & Strobelight -------------------------------------------------------------

B 52’s, The Live At Club Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland - Feb 15, 1980 FM broadcast 28m B Devil In My Car, Hero Worship, Lava, There’s A Moon In the Sky (Called The Moon), Rock Lobster & Private Idaho -------------------------------------------------------------

B-52’s World Music Festival Montego Bay, Jamaica - Nov 26, 1982 soundboard 41m great early years set A- Party, Give Me Back My Man, Planet Claire, Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can, Lava, Messopotamia, 6060842, 52 Girl, Dance This Mess Around & Rock Lobster


Bad Dog Bad Dog EP n/a tape 16m San Diego’s own early 90’s party band A Roll With Me, Hercules, Moonlight Of Your Love & Give It Everything You Got -------------------------------------------------------------

Baltimora Things Not Living In The Background n/a vinyl 61m collection of rarities and remixes B+ Juke Box Boy (single version), Juke Box Boy (12” version), Key Key Karimba (single version), Key Key Karimba (12” extended), Key Key Karimba (12” children’s extended), Tarzan Boy (12” mix), Tarzan Boy (7” Summer Mix), Tarzan Boy (12” Summer Mix), Survivor In Love, unknown instrumental, Living In The Background (club mix) & Woody Boogie

Bangles, The Babeosity Berlin, Germany soundboard 47m B+ Restless, Walking Down Your Street, James, Manic Monday, I’m So Live, He’s Got A Secret, If She Knew What She Wants, Return Post, Let It Go/Going Down To Liverpool, Angels Don’t Fall In Love, I’m Not Talking & Hero Takes A Fall/Dover Beach


Bangles, The New York 1986 New York, NY - May 15, 1986 soundboard 57m live at Catch A Rising Star Cafe A- Let It Go, Restless, Walking Down Your Street, James, He's Got The Secret, September Gurls, If She Knew What She Wants, Return Post, In A Different Light, Going Down To Liverpool, Live, Angel Don't Fall In Love, Hero Takes A Fall, Manic Monday, Walk Like An Egyptian & Dover Beach -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies A Barenaked Summer’s Night 1 Mansfield, MA - July 30, 1999 soundboard 52m great sound and funny improv songs A Box Set, Never Is Enough, Life In A Nutshell, Pay-Per-View Song, Helly City, Scalps, It’s All Been Done, In The Car, Beans, Break Your Heart, The Old Apartment, You Too Can Be A Rock Star!, Alcohol & Jim’s Solo -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies A Barenaked Summer’s Night 2 Mansfield, MA - July 30, 1999 soundboard 62m great sound and funny improv songs A I Live With It Everyday, Some Fantastic (techno version), Shoe Box (techno version), One Week, Who Needs Sleep?, Is A Lobster A Crustacean?, I’ll Be That Girl, Strawhat And Dirty Old Hank, If I Had A Million Dollars/I Want It That Way, Medley, King Of Bedside Manor, Brian Wilson & Call And Answer -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies Bucknaked On The Mountain see description unknown 70m contains the Bucknaked cassette only release (1-14), Live Mountain Stage performance (Jan 29, 1995) (15-18) & Live at the WPLT Planetfest (Dec 1996) (19) B- Bucknaked Demos: Roadrunner Theme, Lilac Girl, King Of Bedside Mannor, Trouble With Tracy, Great Provider, Night Photography, Make My Heart Fly, Really Don't Know, Be My Yoko Ono, Phycho Killer, If I Had A Million Dollars, A Message To You Rudy, Wishing Well, Careless. Live On Mountain Stage: Life In A Nutshell, Jane, Great Provider, Alternative Girlfriend. WPLT Planetfest: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (with Sarah McLachlan). -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies Live In Chicago Chicago, IL - July 7, 1998 audience 42m great live show - funny! C The Old Apartment, Life In A Nutshell, Everything Is Free, George Washington Bridge, It’s All Been Done, Melta James Eha, Never Is Enough, Radio Schmooze, I’ll Be That Girl, One Week, Brian Wilson & If I Had A Million Dollars -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies Play Everywhere For Everyone 1 Atlanta, GA - March 6, 2004 soundboard 55m A Intro, Maybe Katie, Too Little Too Late, Be My Yoko Ono, Adlib, It’s All Been Done, Another Postcard, Celebrity, (It’s Only Me) Wizard Of Magicland, Some Fantastic, Roadrunner, For You, One Week, Bass Solo & Upside Down -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies Play Everywhere For Everyone 2 Atlanta, GA - March 6, 2004 soundboard 71m A Testing 123, Conventioneers, These Apples, Shopping, Concert Going, Pinch Me, War On Drugs, Beat The Crew, Alternative Girlfriend, Old Apartment, Brian Wilson, She’s On Time, If I Had $1000000 & Break Your Heart -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies Rarities & B Sides 1 n/a various 74m collection of B sides and funny live improv songs A- If I Had A $1,000,000 (live), Having A Baby (live), Trouble With Tracey (live), Box Set (Karoake version), What A Good Boy (live), Great Provider (demo), Lover’s In A Dangerous Time, Brian Wilson 2000, Back, Break Your Heat (edit), Night Photography, When You Dream (demo), Shoe Box (live), I’ll Be That Girl (demo), 1998 Closing Medley, Bittersweet Symphony Rap, Boston Scalper Rap, Do They Know It's XMas Time, Fastest Man & McDonalds Girl

Barenaked Ladies Rarities & B Sides 2 n/a various 80m collection of B sides and funny live improv songs (sound quality varies from A to C) B Shake Your Rump, Ace Of Purple Sabbath, Geirge Michael Rap, Carless Whisper/Get In Line, Bayou Song, Canadian Heat/Messin’ With Texas, Crustacean, Foreigner, Govatsos Shuffle, Same Thing, Medley, One Week+Medley (MTV VMA), Live Rap 2/18/95, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Say You-Say Me, Scared Song, Still Ill, When Doves Cry (acoustic), Christmas With Anne Murray, Zed Zed Top & Brian Wilson (acoustic) -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies Rarities & B Sides 3 n/a various 40m collection of funny live improv songs (sound quality varies from B to C) B- We’re The Barenaked Ladies, Stephen Page Is Having A Baby, Trust Me, Shake Your Rump, Then There Was Me, Scared Song, When Doves Cry, Heart Of Rock N Roll, Grim Grinning Ghosts, Christmas Medley, Rio, McDonald’s Girl, Trouble With Tracy & Barenaked Rap -------------------------------------------------------------

Barenaked Ladies Yellow Tape Demo & More see description various 40m Yellow Tape Demos (1-5) & various live tracks (6-11). Sound quality varies from A to C. B Yellow Tape Demo: Be My Yoko Ono, Blame It On Me, Brian Wilson, Fight The Power & If I Had A Million Dollars. Live Tracks: Brian Wilson (Letterman - April 1, 1998). Kevin’s Solo & Material Girl (Syracuse, NY - Oct 13, 1996). It’s All Been Done (Dec 30, 1997 - Cleveland, OH). McDonald’s Girl & Never Is Enough (CFNY The Edge - Dec 24, 1997) -------------------------------------------------------------

Bauhaus B Sides Volume One n/a vinyl & CD 79m collection of B sides & rare tracks A- Bela Lugosi's Dead, Boys, Dark Entries (Demo), Dark Entries, Untitled, Terror Couple Kill Colonel, Scopes, Terror Couple Kill Colonel (Version), Telegram Sam, Crowds, Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores, Kick In The Eye, Satori, One: David Jay – Two: Peter Murphy – Three: Kevin Haskins – Four: Daniel Ash, Kick In The Eye (Searching For Satori), Harry, Earwax, In Fear Of Dub, Spirit (single version), Terror Couple Kill Colonel (live), A God In An Alcove (flexi version) -------------------------------------------------------------

Bauhaus B Sides Volume Two n/a vinyl & CD 56m collection of B sides & rare tracks A- Ziggy Stardust, Party Of The First Part, Waiting For The Man (live), Double Dare (live), Hair Of The Dog (live), Paranoia, Paranoia, Watch That Grandad Go, In The Flat Field (live), She's In Parties (edit), Departure, Here's The Dub, The Sanity Assassin, Spirit In The Sky, The Sky's Gone Out cassette tail -------------------------------------------------------------

Bauhaus (Tones On Tail) Live At The Gallery Manchester, England - May 28, 1984 audience 42m rare live show from post-Bauhaus band B When You’re Smiling, War, Performance, Burning Skies, Lions, The Never Never (Is Forever), Happiness, Movement Of Fear, Slice Of Life, Go & There’s Only One -------------------------------------------------------------

Beastie Boys Anthology: B Sides & Remixes 1 n/a CD 61m A+ Alive, Benny And The Jets, Country Mike’s Theme, Live Wire, Railroad Blues, Shake Your Rump, Song Of Neckbone, Twenty Questions, Boomin’ Granny, Drinkin’ Wine, Groove Holmes (live vs. The Biz), Jimmy James (Original Original Version), So What’Cha Want (All The Way Live Freestyle), The Skills To Pay The Bills, Finger Lickin’ Good (Government Cheese Remix), Get It Together (Buck Wild Remix) & Putting Shame In Your Game (Prunes Remix 2) -------------------------------------------------------------

Beastie Boys Anthology: B Sides & Remixes 2 n/a CD 59m A+ Four Fly Guys, Honky Rink, Light My Fire, Stick 'Em Up, Sure Shot (European B-Boy Mix), Three MCs Abd One DJ (live video version), Body Movin’ (Kut Masta Kurt Remix), Body Movin’ (Movin’ In Kent Mix-Mickey Finn/Special K), Body Movin’ (Shawn J. Period Remix), Gratitude (live at Budokan), Stand Together (live at French’s Tavern in Sydney, Australia), Intergalactic (Strawberry Bath And Jelly Souls), So What’Cha Want (Butt Naked), So What’Cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix), Negotiation Limerick File (DJ Design Vocal Mix), Negotiation Limerick File (Mario C Extended Remix) & Negotiation Limerick File (Ganja Kru Remix) -------------------------------------------------------------

Beastie Boys Demos & Outtakes 2 n/a studio 74m A Dub The Mic (Instrumental), Drunken Praying Mantis Style, Pass The Mic (Part 2 Skills To Pay The Bills), Netty's Girl, The Skills To Pay The Bills (Original Version), So Whatcha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version), So Whatcha Want (Butt Naked Version), Groove Holmes (Live Vs. The Biz), So Whatcha Want (All The Way Live Freestyle Version), Buumin' Granny, Jimmy James (Original Original Version), Drinkin' Wine, Stand Together (Live At Frenchy's Tavern Sydney), Finger Lickin' Good (Government Cheese Remix), Gratitude (Live At Budokan), Honky Rink & Secret

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