Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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But, the owner’s equity still lies in Mountain Trigram and the banks and accounting systems, the philosophy, the academic learning, the analytic minds of JUG, Japan, the United States, and Germany.

Still it has had its salts dissolved in the Water Element, it has dipped heavily into Lake Trigram and its payable and receivables, in NAC, or the North Korean, African (Angola, Algeria, Abyssinia, etc,) Chinese systems of trade and overseas investments. It sounds strange to include North Korea, but it cannot be separated from China, as the core of NAC, as JUG seems to fail to comprehend.

But it is the failure of the Western world to comprehend this greater Water Element, as outlined by Richard Tarnas in Cosmos and Psyche, that is very much at fault. Eventually this opening womb will absorb it into the greater symbiosis of its development and the rising Thunder of the birth of its children from the mouth of the gods that swallowed them. Someone needs to read Ovid, before they lose their empire down the same greased slide that swallowed Rome.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 2/2/2016

The I Ching can be considered as a cube with 8 corners, the 8 Trigrams, and six chess boards, each dominated by a piece. The Knight rules the board of the battle, the Eldest Son Yang board, and opposite it on the cube is the board of the Rook, the Fortress of Wisdom, that belongs to the Eldest Daughter Yin. The Middle Son is the Bishop, which rules the board of the Cathedral, the board of integration, and opposite it is the Board of the Pawns of the Field, the board of Middle Daughter Yin. The King and Queen rule the board of the Royal Palace, the board of Youngest Son Yang, and opposite it is the board of the pawns of the Village, of Youngest Daughter Yin.

The artwork of the board of the Bishop, of the Cathedral is Gothic and that of the board of the Field, of the pawns of the field is Deconstruction in temper. The artwork of the board of the King and Queen, of the palace, is Suprematist and Abstract in temper and its opposite, the board of the Village, is Social Realist in temper. The artwork of the board of the Knight is Da Da in temper, and its opposite, the board of the Rook, is Greek and Florence Academy and Renaissance in temper.

Each of the trigrams has a trinity of influences from these centers. We can ask of the national triangulations, which influence they serve that indicate the way they may be played. For example, take NAC in Lake Trigram, here China seems to be an Youngest Daughter Yin gateway to the Thunder and Water Well Trigrams, and finally to the Earth Trigram beyond. In contrast, the Africa (Angola) player seems to be a Middle Son Yang gateway to the aboriginal Heaven Trigram, and its associations with MIT and RIP through Middle Son Yang primitive integration and ecology.

There should be four Eldest Son Yang players, from Flame (Australia in CAN) and Thunder (Columbia in CAB), Lake (North Korea in NAC) and Heaven Trigram (Philippines in SIP) all of these are associated with various forms of unpredictable energy, ideological in the Water Element of North Korea, liberal and adventurous in the Fire Element of Australia, criminal in the drug deals of Columbia and Middle America, and a mixture of these in the primitive tribal and social influences still operating in some areas of the Philippines.

There should be four Middle Son Yang players, Iraq and Pakistan for the ancient cultures of the Tigris, Euphrates and Indus river valleys with links to all religions, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, in Water Well Trigram RIP and SIR. India for the equivalent from both the Ganges and the Indus in the MIT and BIT of Wind Trigram. Indonesia for SIP, with its connections to both Islam and Hinduism (in Bali). Africa as the homeland of human kind and the source of the Nile and Egyptian culture, belong, as discussed above to Lake Trigram and NAC.

There should be four Youngest Daughter Yin players, we have already discussed China, from NAC, but we can add Brazil from CAB, France from FUN, and Russia from RIP and SIR, all playing for a stake in the global village of Social Realism.

The Middle Daughter Yin players are also pawns, but not from the village, these are the cowboy types, the ranchers in the countryside, a bit more narcissistic, we should not be surprised to discover Canada from CAN, Argentina from CAB, the United States from JUG, and the UK from FUN indulging in various forms of Deconstruction and Happening events on this playing field, at once narcissistic, histrionic, and antisocial, depending upon the play.

Eldest Daughter Yin play, at the Rook, the Fortress, in its Library, which is a kind of Hogwarts (see Harry Potter Books), is ruled by Germany from Mountain Trigram JUG, Burma (Myanmar) from Wind Trigram, Netherlands from FUN in Earth Trigram and Persia (Iran) from RIP or SIR in Water Well Trigram. This play maintains the standards of the East, Buddhist in Burma, Muslim in Iran, and Western and Humanist in the Netherlands and Germany. It sets up the rule book that is often quoted but rarely observed in real play. In fact these Rooks are often the greatest cheats when it comes to observing their own rules.

Youngest Son Yang belongs to the palace of the King and Queen, Japan, for JUG in Mountain Trigram, New Zealand for CAN in Flame Trigram, Thailand for MIT in Wind Trigram, and Singapore for SIP in Heaven Trigram, all of these royal players are eccentrics, leaders, loners, that set their own style of abstract art and abstract play. They are the creative spirit of the board and the cube to which it belongs.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1:25 PM, 2/2/2016

If we look at this cube, it divides into three boards ruled by Middle Son Yang in the old river systems of the Ganges, the Indus, the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Nile, the river systems that nurtured the Gods and philosophies primitive to the Bible and the Koran, the Holy Books of Buddhism and Hinduism and Jainism and Sikhism, the Torah and the Talmud. It is the realm of Nirvana and Allah and the Jewish and Christian Lord God. But across the divide from the Heaven Trigram of SIP and the Wind Trigram of MIT and the Water Well Trigram of RIP and the Lake Trigram of NAC lies the rule of Middle Daughter Yin and the Flame Trigram of CAN, the Mountain Trigram of JUG, the Earth Trigram of FUN and the Thunder Trigram of CAB, ruled by Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, US, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Columbia, Argentina, and Brazil, this is a realm of democratic elections, freedom and capitalism, it is the modern West, not the ancient East that is in control here.

We see this opposition at the library and fortress of Eldest Daughter Yin Wisdom where the ancient wisdom of Burma and Persia, Myanmar and Iran, faces off against the modern wisdom of Germany and the Netherlands. It is also present in the village, the ancient city state of Youngest Daughter Yin, where China and Russia face off against Brazil and France. We see it again in Youngest Son Yang, with New Zealand and Japan pitted against Singapore and Thailand, We see it in a more dangerous form in Eldest Son Yang, with North Korea and the Philippines facing Columbia and Argentina. We consider the Philippines and Columbia and Argentina as allies, although Argentina fought the UK in the Falkland Islands War, and there are Asian Islamic militants active in the southwest of Mindanao of the Philippines, Columbia has had continuous problems with terrorism and drug lords, but the worst threat is the runaway military dictatorship of North Korea that China does not seem to want to contain.

The knights that rule this sector belong to Shiva, the Hindu destroyer, whose female form is Kali, the mother goddess of birth and death. It is the source of the struggle that gives energy and movement to the game. It is the thermodynamic energy moving toward entropy that drives evolution and natural selection and is the ultimate source of the emergence of all natural things.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 3:45 PM, 2/2/2016

Now according to the rules of these chessboards, each Trigram has its own trinity of yins and yangs. Flame Trigram is the three Gunas, purity and Sattva Guna in Youngest Son Yang, a role played here by the New Zealand aspect of the CAN triangle, Rajas Guna and activity in Eldest Son Yang, the role of Australia in the CAN triangle, and materialism in Tamas Guna, the role of Canada in the CAN Triangle.

The trinity of Mountain Trigram is Pneuma as Creative Spirit and Phenomenology, here played by Zen Buddhism in Japan in the JUG triangle, Psyche as the law of mind, here played by Germany and German Philosophy in the Germany corner of the JUG triangle, and finally Soma as the material body, here played by the United States, as the materialist corner of the JUG triangle.

Wind Trigram is ruled by the trinity of Plotinus, Psyche as the Soul in Youngest Son Yang, this role taken by Thailand as the creative individual in the MIT-BIT triangle, Nous as Cosmic Mind in Eldest Daughter Yin, here played by Burma as the paranoid aspect of compulsive Buddhist Wisdom, and finally the Hen One in India as the Vishnu Brahman oneness of all wisdom integration.

Heaven Trigram is the infinite flux, in Eldest Son Yang that makes the improbable probable in Youngest Son Yang and integrates in Middle Son Yang. This improbable creativity, the Brahma of this system is Singapore in the SIP triangulation, Shiva, the Eldest Son Yang destroyer is the Philippines, and Vishnu, the preserver (see the Island of Bali) is the Indonesian factor in SIP.

Water Well Trigram is ruled by the old religion in Middle Son Yang, philosophy in Eldest Daughter Yin and sociology in Youngest Daughter Yin. Russia is the social realism, the sociology of Youngest Daughter Yin in the RIP-SIR triangulations. Persian (Iran) is the philosophical, Muslim Wisdom of Eldest Daughter Yin aspect of this triangulation, and Pakistan and Iraq and Syria, the old river systems of the Tigris, Euphrates and the Indus, are the religious homeland of Hinduism, Islam, etc., the Middle Son Yang of the Water Well, Water Pit Trigram system.

Lake Trigram is the dialectic of the thesis in Youngest Daughter Yin, which would be China of the NAC triangulation, antithesis in Eldest Son Yang, which would be North Korea, a true revolutionary antithesis still held tightly by the NAC, and Africa (Angola, etc.) as the synthesis, the new world order being cultivated in the Water Element of the Lake Trigram, read Pacific and Indian Oceans, and West across the Atlantic to South America and beyond.

Thunder Trigram is emerging from this womb in the Thermodynamics of Columbia and the Andes in CAB triangulations, as Eldest Son Yang flux, while Argentina is the resulting fragmentation and suffering, read Falkland Islands War, in Middle Daughter Yin and no-self and energy dissipative structure associations in Brazil in Youngest Daughter Yin.

Earth Trigram is triangulated on the Physics and Materialist Philosophy and Astronomy out of the UK in the FUN triangulation in Middle Daughter Yin, and the mathematics and systems theory in the Netherlands, and Eldest Daughter Yin and social realism and social theory in France to complete the FUN triangulation in Youngest Daughter Yin.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 9:58 2/2/2016

The cube of the I Ching is the cube of the brain. The Cathedral and the Bishop, Middle Son Yang, are the right creative and integrative hemisphere of the brain and the Fields and the farming Pawns, Middle Daughter Yin, are the fact and language oriented left hemisphere of the brain, the Palace and the King and Queen, are the controlling Frontal Lobes in the front of the brain (Youngest Son Yang), and the Village and the village Pawns are the sensory association areas at the rear of the brain (Youngest Daughter Yin). The Rook and the Fortress and its Library are Eldest Daughter Yin and the hippocampus of the cerebral cortex and its memory system. The Knight and its battle field, Eldest Son Yang, are the brain stem, basal ganglia, and autonomic nervous system control areas below the cerebrum.

Earth Trigram and Earth Element divides the sensory areas into three sections, the visual association areas, in the Occipital Lobe, Youngest Daughter Yin, the sensory association areas associated with touch in the Parietal Lobe, Middle Daughter Yin, and the sensory areas associated with language and hearing in the Temporal Lobe, Eldest Daughter Yin.

Flame Trigram and Fire Element divides the lower brain functions into the parasympathetic (rest and relaxation responses) of the Tamas Guna, or the Middle Daughter Yin factor of Fire Element, and the Rajas Guna, the Eldest Son Yang factor of Fire Element and the sympathetic nervous system (fight and flight response) and finally the reticulate system and thalamus which focus attention in the upper brain, in Sattva Guna, and Youngest Son Yang.

Water Element and Lake Trigram control the emotional and reward system compliment to Fire Element, with the dialectical Thesis in Youngest Daughter Yin as the Ventral Tegmentum, that establishes the focus, the Amygdala in Eldest Son Yang, that opposes the information in the hippocampus with an emotional warning in the limbic system, thus, offers an Antithesis in the emotional dialectic of Water Element, and finally the Synthesis in the pleasure systems of the limbic area and the Nucleus Accumbens that provide the rewarding synthesis in Middle Son Yang.

The Wind Trigram and the Air Element represent the control centers of the cerebral cortex in the Frontal Lobes. Middle Son Yang is the ability of the frontal lobes to coordinate emotional responses in the cingulated gyrus and the limbic system. This is the Hen One of the trinity of Plotinus, the ability of the Frontal Lobes to generate an integrated system of behavior and feeling that connects with its dreamtime self, its symbolic identity, its pleasure system in the Nucleus Accumbens.

The Nous, Eldest Daughter Yin, Cosmic Mind and Wisdom, is the connections of the frontal lobe with the Hippocampus and short term memory storage in the storage of that information in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, finally Psyche, the Soul, Youngest Son Yang is the planning and motor control and speech aspects of the above in frontal lobe management systems that enable the frontal lobe controls to act and speak in a fashion consistent with the entire system, as described above.

The other trigrams serve to coordinate these elements, Mountain Trigram provides the impressionistic thought that is the salt dissolved in the Water Element of Lake Trigram. Thunder Trigram provides the behavioral weather that is the outward expression of the elaborate plans of Air Element in Wind Trigram, as described above. Water Well Trigram provides the vessel, the water pot that is heated by Fire Element. Heaven provides the source, the stimulus, for the sensory data registered in Earth Element fertility and product recognition.

Thunder Trigram weather begins with muscle movement coordinated in the basal ganglia and autonomic nervous system, as the brains Eldest Son Yang thermodynamic energy expenditure control system. The sensory effects of these events are tracked by the somatosensory area of the Parietal Lobe, and match up with motor control areas in the motor areas of the Frontal Lobe just across the central sulcus divide. This breakdown of sensory and motor data is the Middle Daughter Yin aspect of this energy tracking system in Thunder Trigram. The association areas of the Parietal, Temporal, and Occipital lobe further analyze this data and organize it into the brain’s version of space time relativity in Youngest Daughter Yin.

Water Well Trigram tracks these larger systematic relationships through the Corpus Callosum that connects right and left hemispheres and their connections with the cingulate gyrus and the limbic system. This is the religious level of Middle Son Yang, the feelings, the habits, the rituals that we use for communal celebration. The hippocampus, and Eldest Daughter Yin provide information and sensory data, geographic location data, that are the philosophic, the rational basis, the information basis for these systems, but their final destination is in the sociology of the brain, in its association tracking areas of the sensory cortex in both left and right hemispheres in Youngest Daughter Yin.

Mountain Trigram connects the motor control systems of the planning function in the Creative Spirit, the Pneuma, of the Frontal Lobes with the information processing and memory systems of the Hippocampus, as the Psyche, the laws of information control of the deep mind, and finally through connections with the motor and sensory cortex along the Parietal Lobe and Frontal Lobe separation, the Central Sulcus, connections with the Soma, the body as the physical aspect of the empirical system that provides the rational salt that will be dissolved in the irrational feelings that are the Water Element of Lake Trigram.

Broca’s Area in the Frontal Lobes provides the Ego Voice, the Interpreter Module, the Adult Voice that speaks for the Brain out of the impressionistic system that is Mountain Trigram.

Finally, the pituitary gland and its connections with the hypothalamus provides the Tree of the Garden of Eden in Heaven Trigram and its connections with the cingulate cortex and the emotional integration system that is Middle Son Yang. This system is Visnu, the Hindu God of preservation, that coordinates the effects of Shiva, the destroyer, the Hindu God of energy, with its female aspect as Kali, goddess of birth and death, these symbolize the brain stem and autonomic nervous system and basal ganglia, the help create the garden of the upper brain by their constant Yahweh, I become what I become, burning bush, Fire Element. This energy system is our old friend, the Knight of the Battle Field of Thermodynamics, Eldest Son Yang. The attempts of the Frontal Lobes and the Control Systems in the Clouds that are Air Element to give form to this are Adam, the Prophet, the creative control system in the Logos, Story telling, Story planning Author that is Youngest Son Yang.

So here we have the WHO in Youngest Son Yang, the King and Queen in the Palace chess board, and the WHERE in Youngest Daughter Yin, the Village of the Pawns and its chess board. We have the Bishop and the Cathedral board in Middle Son Yang and its attempt to tell us WHY (is the answer pleasure in the Nucleus Accumbens, or do we need to find God in a 12 step program to recover from our addictions). We have the Knight on the battle board in Eldest Son Yang who will show us how to fight (he appears as Krishna in the Gita), the HOW of the fight of life. Then we have the story keeper, the WHEN in the library of the Fortress Board, of the Rook, in the Eldest Daughter Yin information system of the hippocampus. Finally we have the fact oriented farmers, the Pawns of the Field in the board of Middle Daughter Yin WHAT.

So the Knight is the Verb and the Pawn in the Field is the Noun, the Pawn in the Village is the Preposition, the King and Queen in the Palace are the Pronouns. The Rook keeps information that provides Adjectives and the Bishop offers Exclamations and Adverbs and Conjunctions that emphasize the deeper feeling, the meanings that provide the WHY.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 8:03 AM, 2/3/2016 Bakersfield, CA

So we have an I Ching cube with six chess board faces, the Knight in the Battlefield board of Eldest Son Yang opposite the Rook in the Library Fortress board of Eldest Daughter Yin, the Bishop in the Cathedral board of Middle Son Yang, opposite the Pawns of the field, in the Field board of Middle Daughter Yin, the Pawns of the village, in the Village board of Youngest Daughter Yin, opposite the King and Queen in the Palace board of Youngest Son Yang.

The boards meet in the eight trigrams. The Mountain Trigram is the visible point giving light to the Fortress Board of the Rook and the Palace Board of the King and Queen and the Field Board of the farmer Pawns. It is the only place where a traditional chess game can be played. The Flame Trigram is the only point that is open for active play, allowing the Battlefield board of the Knight, the Palace Board of the King and Queen and the Field Board of the farmer Pawns to be open to new moves. The Earth Trigram is the only point where the game can end and titles can be given, thus, only the Fortress Board of the Rook, the Field board of the Farmer Pawns, and the Village Board of the Village Pawns, can end a game and give a title to a player.

In contrast, the play at the Heaven Trigram point is endless and infinite, thus, the Battlefield board of the Knight, the Cathedral Board of the Bishop, and the Palace Board of the King and Queen are part of an endless never ending game. Furthermore, the only place where the rules of the game can be defined and set down is in the Wind Trigram, thus, the Palace Board and the Cathedral Board and the Fortress Board establish the rules, but the Village Board and the Field Board and the Battlefield Boards all are have no rules and all kinds of cheating is possible on these boards that meet in lawless Thunder Trigram.

If the view from Mountain Trigram is clear and well lit, the view from Lake Trigram is foggy and hazy, putting the Cathedral Board, the Battlefield Board and the Village Board in fog and hazy that makes the play on these boards difficult to see. If Flame Trigram provides open boards, the play in Water Well is derived by complex relationships from movement on other boards and is not open to new play, thus, the Fortress Board, the Cathedral Board, and the Village Board are all closed system boards.

So Mountain is visible and Lake is haze, Wind has rules, Thunder has none, Earth has titles, Heaven is the infinite game and no titles, Flame is open and Water Well is closed. This goes back to Kant and the Critique of Pure Reason, the opposition of finite and infinite, necessary and contingent (rules and none), open and closed (determinate), simple (visible and clear) and complex (hazy).

In Flame we see the interaction of the blue and green tamas guna of the peasant class in the Field board of Middle Daughter Yin with the red rajas guna of the soldier class and the Battlefield of the Knight in Eldest Son Yang, the sattva guna of the philosopher kings in the white of Youngest Son Yang palace board movements of the King and Queen.

In Mountain Trigram, the fields and farms of Middle Daughter Yin farmer Pawns of the Body, the Physical, interact with the Rook and the academic fortress, the Ivory Tower of Eldest Daughter Yin and the Palace of the State in the Creative Spirit of King and Queen in Youngest Son Yang.

In Wind Trigram, the Psyche of the King and Queen meet with the Cosmic Mind, the Nous of the Rook and the libraries of its wisdom, and the Hen One holiness of the Bishop, to set the rules, the metaphysics of all things on the boards of all things.

In Heaven Trigram, we walk in the Garden of Eden, with Adam as the first King in the Narnia of Youngest Son Yang, and with Aslan the Lion, with Yahweh as the Warrior Energy in the Battlefield board of the Knight, but finally, in Middle Son Yang discovering the Holy Ghost of the Bishop as part of the endless play of Shiva as the Battlefield, Brahma as the Palace of creation, and Vishnu as the mystical integration of all things in the Holy Cathedral.

In Earth Trigram, we meet the common fields in Middle Daughter Yin farming Pawns and the records of those fields in the Fortress of the Rook and Eldest Daughter Yin, and the organization of all this in the space and time of the Village, on the board of the Village in Youngest Daughter Yin. Here is the finite game, the measurement of what had been produced and the awarding of titles.

But anarchy and cheating and losses enter in from the wilds of Thunder Trigram. Chaos emerges out of the Knights Battlefield board in Eldest Son and assaults the Fields of the farming Pawns and disturbs the order of the Village Pawns in Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter Yin.

The Village and its village Pawns in Youngest Daughter Yin, face an unseen enemy in the Eldest Son Yang warfare of the Battlefield of the Knight in Eldest Son Yang, the seek the help of divine intervention from the Bishop in the Cathedral, but since the Lake Trigram, where this occurs takes on infinite play from nearby Heaven Trigram, nothing is ever totally resolved and all remains hazy and obscure.

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