Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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Earth Trigram, Wind Trigram, Lake Trigram, are all part of the closed system, the rational order of Water Well Trigram designed by the interaction of the holy order of the Bishop and the academic order of the Rook and the social order of the Village. In contrast, Flame Trigram provides openings that allow Mountain and Heaven and Thunder to be opened to the free movement of pieces on their boards. But, only Mountain and Thunder have a finite play, since Heaven belongs to the infinite game. And only Mountain has rules, since both Flame and Thunder are outside the system of rules established by Wind Trigram.

When we play the traditional, visible, rule controlled, finite game, but open board of Mountain Trigram, we do not see the hidden, hazy, infinite game, of rule breaking chaos and systematic control, that is going on in the third dimension of the two dimensional visible board, rising out of the Water Element, out of the Lake Trigram, out of the collective unconscious of all play. But, this play occurs within our unconscious, as the deep Anima, Animus, matches all we do on the surface with equal and opposite moves, hidden moves, somewhere in the dreamtime far within.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 2:05 PM 2/3/2016 Bakersfield, CA

The great powers of the day, JUG, Japan, US, Germany are in the owner’s equity spot, in Mountain Trigram, playing an open game in the light, the spot light of the world, a finite game to win titles and honors in Earth Trigram according to the ancient rules set in Wind Trigram, Air Element.

In contrast, NAC, North Korea, Africa, China play a hidden game, make investments in receivables and payables in foggy unseen places, in game plays that are hard to understand, hidden in the Water Element of Lake Trigram. North Korea is the great antithesis, the nay saying rebel in this dialectic, challenging the thesis of its thesis in the Chinese lead, but cause some unseen synthesis to emerge in the darkness of the African (Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean connections, or should this A stand for Arabic and the world of Isis?) that transcend any of the original dialectical ideas of Marx or Hegel. It is too dark to see this corner of the board or comprehend its complexities which spin off into the African Dreamtime and the Infinite Game of Heaven Trigram.

FUN, France, Uk, and Netherlands are players of the Finite Game in Earth Trigram, as opposed to SIP, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, that retain strong connections to the traditional infinite games, the aboriginal games that lead to the hidden sources of all play in the rainforests of Borneo and New Guinea and other aboriginal ecosystems, the Garden of Eden that is Heaven Trigram.

MIT or BIT, Burma, India, Thailand sit at the edge of the Himalayan axis of the world, should we include Tibet in this T? Here is the Wind Trigram, Air Element, that believes it should set the rules of the game for all players, in the Dhammapada, the Dharma Path, the Righteous Path that sets down the duties of the play.

In contrast, there are players in the CAB, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, that believe there should be no rules to the game, and that cheating is allowed, for example the Drug Lords of Columbia and Central America that bring antisocial, histrionic, and borderline character traits to the Thunder Trigram of this loss generating sector of the play, opposed to the eternal profits, the golden credits accumulated in the temples and monuments of BIT, and the compulsive and paranoid protections of the BIT system of schizoid detachment from the histrionics of the world.

CAN, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are in the open section that is Flame Trigram, where pieces may be moved and plays may be made. In nearby Mountain Trigram, these plays must be made by the rules set in Wind Trigram, but Flame Trigram is close enough to Thunder and Heaven Trigram to allow an infinite game, but more than that an infinite game where rules are often broken. No game is so competitive and so free. CAN is in touch with the basic assets and inventories that are needed for an open game.

RIP lies in Water Well Trigram, in the dependent, compulsive, masochist closed systems established by the ancient universal states, Persian Empire, Russian Empire, Muslim Empire. Russian, Iran, Pakistan are caught up in this ancient play. None of the moves made here are free or open, every move that appears free and open his its debts, its liabilities that tie it to a hazy order and unseen rules. Still these players play the finite game for titles, and follow rules, ancient rules, traditional rules, hard to understand because they are so dark, these boards are so dark, so closed in comparison to the open light of Fire Element and Flame Trigram.

There are great misunderstandings because few see that the local board, the local play, the local game, is only a two dimensional manifestation of a three dimensional game that opens out into four and five dimensions in the unseen darkness of the play. Some still play on a flat earth and forget that it curves in the distance, and that the sphere that it belongs to orbits in the ancient astrological systems of space and the cosmology of space that curves away into the great beyond and the infinite game that has no end.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA 9:49 2/3/2016

The brain uses this chess board in an interesting way, the right hemisphere is the integrating equatorial rain belt to the south of the northern hemisphere that seems to provide an integrating aspect to human aboriginal culture, just as the brains right hemisphere is the source of creative integration in Middle Son Yang, the Cathedral and the Bishop board of our system. Opposite the Bishop in the I Ching Cube of boards, is the board of the Pawns of the Fields, and the Middle Daughter Yin of Arctic fragmentation in the farming areas of Scandinavia and Britain, etc, This is left hemisphere fact oriented aspect of the brain. To the West, lies the frontal lobes and their executive control, the conquering Kings and Queen in their Palace Board of Youngest Son Yang, and to the East lies the ancient cities and villages of the association areas at the anterior of the brain and the Village Pawn board of Youngest Daughter Yin.

The elevated aspect of this system is the high mountain Fortress, the Mount Olympus of the Gods, in the Rook Board of Eldest Daughter Yin and the low places are the battlefield boards at the ocean edge where invading armies land in Eldest Son Yang. The equivalent in the brain, is the Cerebral Cortex atop the brain, centered on the hippocampus, in Eldest Daughter Yin, as opposed to the brain stem, the lower brain, and the basal ganglia, the battlefield areas of Eldest Son Yang energy and conflict.

A tetrahedron of elements guards this system. Fire Element in Flame Trigram consists of the Tamas Guna, Middle Daughter Yin of the Flame Trigram, the parasympathetic nervous system associated with the resting condition of the body, the Rajas Guna, the Eldest Son Yang of the Flame Trigram, the sympathetic nervous system and the excited condition of the body, and the reticulate system that connects to the thalamus and the coordination of attention in Sattva Guna, the Youngest Son Yang of the Flame Trigram.

The Fire Element activates, heats up the Earth Element, the Parietal Lobe of the left Cerebrum, Middle Daughter Yin in Earth Trigram, associated with touch sensations, the Temporal Lobe, Eldest Daughter Yin in Earth Trigram, associated with hearing and language, and the Occipital Lobe, Youngest Daughter Yin in Earth Trigram, associated with visual processing.

It also heats up the Water Element, the Limbic area of the Brain, in Lake Trigram, including the Ventral Tegmental Area, the Youngest Daughter Yin of Lake Trigram emotional response, the Amygdala, the Eldest Son Yang of Lake Trigram, and area that process anger, fear, and other primitive emotions, and the Nucleus Accumbens, the Middle Son Yang of Lake Trigram, the pleasure center of the brain, responsible for addictive behaviors and cravings.

The controls for all of this lie in Air Element, in the Prefrontal Cortex of the Frontal area of the cerebrum in Wind Trigram. The Cingulate area of the Frontal lobe control centers monitors emotions as the Middle Son Yang of the Wind Trigram, and the dorsolateral areas provide short term memory connections with the hippocampus that serve as the Eldest Daughter Yin of this frontal control system of the Wind Trigram brain. Finally Prefrontal Cortex areas associated with planning and motor control allow this information and emotional control to be utilized in controlling character and behavior in the Youngest Son Yang of the Wind Trigram.

Water Well Trigram provides a brain integration system to complement the brain activation system in Fire Element and Flame Trigram, it is the Water Pot that Fire Element heats up. The Middle Son Yang aspect of this Water Pot of Water Well Trigram is the corpus callosum that unites the two hemispheres of the brain, right and left. The Eldest Daughter Yin aspect of this heating Water Pot in Water Well Trigram is the connections of the memory and location system in the hippocampus to these connections. Finally, the Youngest Daughter Yin aspect of this coordinating system are the associations that develop between the various lobes of the brain in the Parietal Occipital Temporal, POT, association system.

Mountain Trigram provides the conscious voice, the rational voice to the emotions and passions that develop in Lake Trigram and Water Element. Mountain Trigram is centered in the Left Frontal Lobe of the Brain, where you find Broca’s Area, what some call “The Interpreter Module,” it is the Youngest Son Yang aspect of Mountain Trigram and contains the centers for speech and vocal expression. Here we find connections to the language areas in the Temporal Lobes and to memory systems in the Hippocampus, this the rational mind, the Eldest Daughter Yin aspect of Mountain Trigram. Finally, there are connections to the Motor Cortex, and from the Motor Cortex of the Frontal Lobes, to the Sensory Cortex that sits across the Central Sulcus in the Parietal Lobes, here lies the Middle Daughter Yin aspect of the Mountain Trigram. This is the rational salt, the impressions, that are dissolved in the passions, the post-impressionistic systems of the Water Element of the Lake Trigram.

The profitable controls in the Prefrontal areas of Wind Trigram, attempt to contain the losses that occur in the behavior systems of Thunder Trigram. The Eldest Son Yang of Thunder Trigram contains the proprioceptions associated with the muscles under the control of the cerebellum and the basal ganglia. These are referred to somatosenory areas in the Parietal Lobes adjacent to the Motor Cortex, described above. Here we find the Middle Daughter Yin of the Thunder Trigram, the Youngest Daughter Yin of the Thunder Trigram emerges in the POT association areas described above.

Finally, the Heaven Trigram provides the Garden of Eden source for the trees and fruits that are consumed in Earth Element and Earth Trigram.

The roots of these trees are in the brain stem and basal ganglia, the Eldest Son Yang of the Heaven Trigram, discussed above. This lower brain tree unfolds into the hypothalamus and pituitary gland complex, which provides the roots to the limbic lobe emotional controls described above, and is the Middle Son Yang of the Heaven Trigram.

The hypothalamus connects to the thalamus and it connects in turn to the upper brain and to the control system, described above, in the Frontal Lobes, when it does this, it constitutes the Youngest Son Yang of the Heaven Trigram.

Whether it be the global brain or the planetary spheres, the nations of the world are moving on the chessboards of this system. Currently, as discussed above, the JUG triangle, Japan, United States and Germany, sit at the capitalist equity center of the Mountain Trigram in the bright light looking down at their closest rivals in the NAC of the Water Element and the Lake Trigram where North Korea and Africa and China have triangulate a system that is rising out of the dialectic of the hidden shadows of the world game.

JUG has just won a series of contests with the RIP, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and SIR, Syria, Iraq, Russia, in battles known by such names as “The Cold War,” and the “Gulf War,” and some of these contests are still in play with new player such as “ISIS.” But, in general, the liberal English speaking dominions of the world, CAN, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, of Flame Trigram open play, have been victorious in keeping their right of free play, a right that they won in a long series of battles, with such names as “World War I,” and “World War II.” That they did this only be gaining the assistance of FUN, France, UK, and the Netherlands, and that they fought with some nations now part of JUG (the United States) and against nations now part of JUG (Japan and Germany) does not change the fact that this long fight has a particular character to it.

It started with the emergence of the nations of Earth Trigram from their long embryology in the womb of the Western Church, the Roman Catholic Church. The Latin Language version of the Christian tradition.

In the first phase of this emergence, SAP, Spain, Austria, and Portugal, took on the Heaven Trigram of aboriginal resources and began to exploit those resources, it was Earth Trigram against Heaven Trigram, and at first, Earth Trigram won hands down, FUN, France, UK, and the Netherlands, joined other nations in carving up the Heaven Trigram areas of the world.

But, CAB, Columbia, Argentina, and Brazil, are associated with a long process of Thunder Trigram rebellion, in which FUN and SAP were faced with large scale losses in the Western Hemisphere. It took a while for this process to spread, but World War II, followed by the Cold War, caused an almost total loss of the old imperial possessions. So gradually, bad behavior, rebellion in Thunder Trigram, reset the rules for the paying fields of the world game.

The question is, are we doing a replay of Athens. Is the current dominance of knowledge and academic light on the chess board of the world, simply a phase, like it was in ancient Greece? Will some Macedonian conquering hero appear, like Alexander the Great, and impose a new Hellenic Age on the world system? Will the world game move to the Classic phase, to the Wind Trigram and Air Element and will we try to set a new game, a new ecological vision for world play?

Will that set up things for a new Water Well and Water Pot, more universal states, new Roman Empires? And will these also decline into the dominance of a new Universal Church in a return to a Dark Age, to a rule of the shadows in the Water Element mist and fog of Lake Trigram.

Will a new feudal age rise from this to bring a new Heaven Trigram to nourish a new age of nobles and kings in Wind Trigram and new empires in Water Well and missionary efforts in Lake Trigram and international trade and conquest in Thunder Trigram and a new industrial revolution in Earth Trigram. Will we repeat this cycle once again?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1:15 PM 2/4/2016

If we examine the roots of the Chess Board, above, in the I Ching Brain, we must review the work of Jaak Panksepp, See “Affective Neuroscience, Oxford University Press, 1998. Pankseep’s work brings up issues we have discussed previously in reviewing the ideas of Richard Alexander in “The Biology of Moral Systems,” Gruyter, 1987. Panksepp’s work with animals finds great importance in the basal ganglia and the muscle movement coordinating systems in the brain stem and lower brain. For animals, a primitive center of self, appears to reside in the PAG, the periaqueductal grey. This makes great sense. Neural tissue costs great energy to maintain. There is no reason why some small animal under stress would need the giant reservoirs of data on self required for mammalian behavior. There is every indication that these huge structures were generated to help social animals living in trees deal with the complex issues involved in staying alive outside of a comfortable hole in the ground. Holes in the ground only became unsafe with the evolution of snakes, giving new meaning to the old story of the snake having been responsible for Adam’s consumption of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as discussed above.

When we discuss the emergence of the infant from the womb into the Thunder Trigram of infantile behavior, this infant was probably largely under the control of the PAG as its source of infantile behaviors. Only slowly would higher brain centers develop, in what we call the Earth Trigram and Earth Element of Middle Daughter Yin, Parietal Lobe and the sense of touch and taste, Eldest Daughter Yin, Temporal Lobe and sense of hearing, later on, centers for language, song, and music, (with smell closely connected to the hippocampus and developing memory system) and Youngest Daughter Yin, Occipital Lobe, sense of sight.

This infantile version of the Child Voice in the basal ganglia and lower brain coordinated by the midbrain in PAG, would gradually develop connections to the somatosensory cortex, and its specific touch centers in the Parietal Lobe, the nearby muscle movement areas in the Motor Cortex of the Frontal Lobes, and finally with Parietal, Occipital, Temporal lobe association areas for refined control of sense data, all of this as the infant, and its Child Voice matures from Lake Trigram dominance in the Womb, to Thunder Trigram dominance in infancy and Earth Trigram dominance in later stages of child development.

When the attempt of the Parent Voices to gain control through the influence of the Frontal Lobes of the cingulate gyrus in Middle Son Yang of Wind Trigram, and the corpus callosum connections of the hemispheres in the Middle Son Yang of Water Well Trigram and the parahippocampus and hippocampus, in Eldest Daughter Yin of Water Well Trigram, and finally, Youngest Daughter Yin of Water Well Trigram in the Limbic Lobe and VTM and stimulation of Parietal, Occipital, and Temporal Lobe association areas, when this attempt to control causes repression of PAG coordinated emotional responses in the midbrain, the continued pressure of these responses in Flame Trigram and Fire Element may bring the emergence of a rebel Adult Voice, sadistic, antisocial, manic, schizotypal, schizophrenic.

The assets recruited by this rebel PAC and the emergent Adult Voice Mountain Trigram, may become equities, that the increasingly paranoid, and narcissistic emerging Adult Mind can use against the guilt and liability and repression building up in Water Well. Jealous against parental status and rebelling against the slavery of the parent, the Adult mind may use its control of the Motor Cortex in Middle Daughter Yin, of language and information in Eldest Daughter Yin to generate a new voice for the emerging Adult Self in Youngest Son Yang of Broca’s Area, the speech centers of the Left Frontal Lobe.

The trinities that we associate with the trigrams can be associated with these organic processes in the brain. The Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, or Creator, Preserver, Destroyer, the trinity of the three aspects of God in Hinduism, may be associated with the lower brain and basal ganglia and PAG as Shiva, the hypothalamus as Vishnu, the thalamus as Brahma. The Hen, Nous, Psyche, or God as One, Cosmic Mind, and Soul, the trinity of Plotinus, the trinity of Wind Trigram may be associated with the control of the frontal cortex of the cingulate gyrus and its connections to the limbic lobe, as the Hen One, the dorsal lateral prefrontal short term memory area and its connections to the hippocampus, as the Nous, Cosmic Mind, and the associated planning and motor control areas of the prefrontal cortex, as the soul.

The trinity of Flame Trigram, the three Gunas, of Tamas as the physical, Rajas as the active, Sattva, as mental purity, may be associated with the parasympathetic nervous system and the medulla, the sympathetic nervous system and basal ganglia as Rajas, and the reticulate activating system and attention centers associated with the PAG as Sattva Guna.

The trinity of Mountain Trigram, Spirit, Mind, Body, can be seen as Broca’s area as Spirit, connections to Hippocampus as Mind, and connections to the Motor Cortex and Somatosensory Areas as Body.

The Trinity of Earth Trigram, Parietal Lobe as touch, matter as particles, atoms, Temporal Lobe as hearing, music, energy as waves, mathematics, Occipital Lobe as vision, light, space time relativity.

The Trinity of Thunder, PAG and Basal Ganglia as Thermodynamics of the body, Somatosensory as entropy of body (heat receptors, touch, etc.) and association areas as tracking of entropy as the evolution of dissipative structures. In Buddhist thought, everything is flux, is suffering, is no-self.

The Trinity of Water Well, the corpus callosum and cingulated as the religious symbolism, the parahippocampus and hippocampus as the information systems of philosophy, the limbic lobes and connections with association areas, as the sociology of thought, thus, the trinity of religion, philosophy, and science found in Positivism.

The Trinity of Lake, PAG and the Ventral Tegmentum as the thesis, the amygdale as the antithesis, and the nucleus accumbens and its connections to the limbic lobes and cingulate as the synthesis, thus, the basis for the dialectic, the trinity of Lake Trigram.

Is this metaphysical layout simply a figment of the brain? If so it hits the materialist as hard as the transcendentalist. If the brain is really rooted in the PAG, can you trust anything that comes out of it? Since the brain is an organ that secrets language, can you trust its secretions, or all they all poisoned by its source?

Is it possible for such a complex system to safely check itself? Won’t its social behavior rooted in the PAG and its animal impulses, force the system to protect the group it identifies with, thus, supporting ridiculous notions like “spontaneous generation” simply because of irrational appeals to authority, to numbers, can two thousand French biologists be wrong?

On the other hand, we might imagine a grand system generated by an infinite flux that makes the improbable probable that is able to generate an infinity of highly refined infinitesimal souls, so fine they are able to penetrate all things, but packed with information since there is not limit to what information might be stuffed in even an infinitesimal amount of energy. These constitute and angelic cloud from which all forms of integration and harmony can be stretched to the limit of the possible, thus, an Ideal Wind Trigram emerges from the unlimited supply of possibility in Heaven Trigram.

The Earth Trigram emerges as its finite product, generated out of this system by thermodynamic energy moving toward entropy and generating energy dissipative structures, that are subject to natural selection at all possible levels of emerging organization.

But there is an intermediate area where the infinitesimal aggregates and bonds with associations to attach to and form the finite world that is Earth Trigram. This begins with the free movement of the infinitesimal jiva monads of here and now phenomenology in Flame Trigram and their forming complex associations and systems in Lake Trigram, their attachment with nervous systems and brains in Mountain Trigram.

Now Thunder Trigram becomes a kind of hell for these jiva monads and Wind Trigram a kind of heaven. Heaven Trigram itself is their aboriginal source and Flame Trigram is the unseen ghostly realm of their free and private movement unattached to anything or any group, attaching they become the phenomenal mind that is the Mountain Trigram aspect of Earth Trigram. Lake Trigram is the complex of these associations that becomes the basis for reincarnation, for systems of birth and rebirth.

Astrology is resulting Dharma to this Karma, the order to this Chaos, the Fate that results from this freedom. When asleep, the soul, the jiva rests in the planet that generate its astrological order, and in dreams it rests in the ancestry, the reincarnation, the cosmology associated with this order, and when it generates creative existential products, its rests largely in its own freedom. Thus, the ghost self, the astral body, the assemblage of jiva monad soul parts to create soul aggregation is the hidden form that organizes the visible world, but this aggregating power emerges out of the set points, the higher order established in Wind Trigram.

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