Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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Is the above a figment of the mind, or is the mind a figment of this system, or both, or none of the above? This is no way of resolving this because so much of this game occurs off the edges of the visible portion of public play.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Feb 7, 2016

Regardless of our theology, our model of brain function, if the PAG in the Midbrain is such a simple switch, switching between fear, anger, panic, seeking behavior, etc., what happens if it gets jammed in the on position. Here we have a model for addiction. Something fixes the cingulate and nucleus accumbens on alcohol, drugs, a problem behavior, and the basal ganglia complement of behaviors that are related to this fixation get jammed in an on position in the midbrain in the PAG, does this create a all or nothing situation, is the wiring so effected that this PAG switch is either going to be on or off and if it is on, if it is performing seeking behavior with this particular “phenomenion of craving” as its focus, the result will always be a set of unacceptable problems, behaviors that are not controllable, do not have a positive result.

In a case like this, a systems approach like that of Gregory Bateson, in “Steps Toward and Ecology of Mind,” a holistic model of the kind favored by Andras Angyal (see, Neurosis and treatment, a holistic theory, 1965, a conversion experience like those described in William James, “The Varieties of Religious Experience,” may be the only approach that is workable. The problem is not some personality disorder, a failure of self esteem, or social function. It is rather a dysfunction of the system itself, beginning with its set points deep in the midbrain in the PAG and inclusive of set points in the cerebrum in the nucleus accumbens and cingulate area of the frontal lobes. What is required is a reset of behavior at the primitive level, at the PAG, at the infantile switches below the ordinary Adult and Child Voice, and in the Parental switches that override them as well. The defective “king baby,” defective Adult Ego and defective Infant, must surrender their control to a new super-Parent, a new higher power, but one that has limbic roots, can be loving, nurturing, to which the old Ego Infant may surrender.

The 12 Step Group, a Sponsor, the literature, provide the Womb in which this new birth can occur. Prayer is speaking to this new symbolic Parent Voice, Meditation is listening to it, seeking it, listening for it.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 2:21 PM 2/7/2016

Some more notes on the symbol system of the game board. Suppose our game board is a city, the bishop board would be its cathedral, the king and queen board, would be its royal palace, the rook board would be the fortress where its library and colleges are found, the battlefield board of the knight, would be the military camps at the cities edge, the farm pawn board would be the farms at one edge of the town and the village pawn board would be the shopping center at another edge. Lake Trigram, surrounded by avoidant reserves filled with hermits that are its edge with Heaven Trigram wild areas, borderline places with taverns and prostitution that are its edge with the Thunder Trigram waste areas, masochistic areas for the city servants that separate it from Water Well Trigram city buildings, is a place of investment in parks, gardens, stadiums.

Water Well Trigram, on the other side of the masochistic public servant strip, is a place of courts and public buildings, divided from the aristocratic academies of Wind Trigram by compulsive museums.

The aristocratic wealth of Wind Trigram is separated from the aboriginal forests and wild areas of Heaven Trigram by an area of schizoid retreats and temples, and from the private residences and equities of Mountain Trigram, by paranoid reserves, inclusive of Banks and Historical Buildings associated with the Palace and the Library and the Fortress and their treasures.

The Mountain Trigram is a place of private residences and private equity separated from the assets and inventories of Flame Trigram by sadistic private gun ranges and hunting preserves. Flame Trigram is filled with mines and construction projects, ranches and farms, a military reservations, separated from the wild areas of Heaven Trigram by schizotypal areas occupied by manic hermits and alcoholics and schizophrenics and from the waste dumps and poor peoples homes and sewage treatment areas of Thunder Trigram by the antisocial areas that contain getaways, hideouts for criminals.

The shops and industry of Earth Trigram and separated from the sewage treatments areas and garbage dumps of Thunder Trigram, by a histrionic areas devoted to cheap public entertainments. Earth trigram is separated from Water Well Trigram city hall, by a dependent strip of jails, and hospitals, and from Mountain Trigram private residences, by a narcissistic area of public broadcasting and up scale clothing stores and car lots.

Similar layouts apply to the board game of the home, a bishop in the chapel, the king and queen bedroom, the playing courts for the knight, the library for the rook, porch and walkway to the village for the village pawns, and laundry area and opening to the farm area for the farm pawn board.

Heaven Trigram contains a forest and mill with a pond, and it connects through a garden with the kitchen in Lake Trigram and through a dinning room with the Water Well Trigram banquet hall, and through a bar with the Thunder Trigram living room. The living room connects through a stage with the theater in Earth Trigram, and through a garage, with the shop in Flame Trigram. Earth Trigram connects through hallways with service areas and servant quarters with the banquet hall in Water Well Trigram.

Mountain Trigram contains and office that connects through a dressing room with the Earth Trigram theater, and through a bathroom with the Flame Trigram shop. The Flame Trigram shop connects through a studio with the Heaven Trigram forest and wild area. The Flame Trigram forest and wild area connects through a temple with the treasury in Wind Trigram, which connects with the Mountain Trigram office through a closet area. Wind Trigram connects with the Water Well Trigram banquet room through a museum area.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 2/7/2016 Bakersfield CA.

So perhaps we have a metaphor for the home. The infant child is natured in the room by the various nutrients available in the kitchen of the home (Lake Trigram and Water Element) and once born, takes its place with the other pawns of the family, children of the King and Queen (in the Palace Bed Room), in the living room, the family room of the Thunder Trigram, where it screams and cries as a histrionic presence. As the PAG in the Midbrain gradually yields its controls to the developing language areas in the Temporal Lobe, as this Child gains a Child Voice, it gradually moves to the Theater of this home (Earth Trigram and Earth Element), where it will slowly work out its place in the great hall of the family system in Water Well Trigram. It can try for a care taker role, setting its room up as a Prince or Princess, in line for the Throne, or it can will a place with the Knight on the courts, football, tennis, as it gradually learns the games, beginning with minor fights and wrestling, or with footraces, or it can loose itself with the other pawns on the porch and it the local villages, in the yard and fields where the other children play, or it can study in the library and become a “know it all child.”

Eventually, it must work out some sort of independence, and the beginning of a true Adult Voice in its Left Frontal Lobe Broca’s Area. It is working itself up the hierarchy of Maslow’s needs. Having filled its physiological needs in rooms like the kitchen and satisfied its security needs as it becomes aware of the village and farm and battlefield, the pawn and knight issues that surround it in Thunder and Earth Trigram, it rises to take its social place in the great banquet hall of the family, its place at the table of repressions and rules in Water Well Trigram of the Corpus Callosum of the brain and integration of feelings in the right brain cingulate and the parahippocampus and its connections with the limibic lobe, and the Prefrontal lobe controls of this system, in pursuit of virtue, being the Good Boy, Good Girl, it makes things in the shop in Flame Trigram, cooks things in the kitchen in Lake Trigram, and begins to have a place in the office of the home, getting his, her own mail, own certification of achievement filled in the draws of the office in Mountain Trigram of its home.

Having achieved enough Self Esteem and Equity in Mountain Trigram, in pursuit of Self Actualization in the Prefrontal Lobe Controls of Wind Trigram, it may find enough treasure in its profits from all of this, to obtain its own occupation, its own Palace, its own monuments and treasures in its own Wind Trigram residence.

It has moved on the Village board, described above, from a dependent born in the hospital, going to the schools in Earth and Water Well Trigram, but obtaining its own house, its own residence in Mountain Trigram, it does what it can to gain treasures for itself, to have monuments and recognitions accumulated to prove its Self Actualization in the Wind Trigram, and the grave that is established for it when its remains are scattered into Heaven Trigram and its genes and memes move back to the larger system of systems, looked over by the Bishop and the Cathedral, or by the Chapel of the home in Middle Son Yang of Heaven, Wind, Water Well, and Lake Trigrams.

There are various interpretations of this large system, realistic and centered on science in Earth Trigram, expressionistic and centered on natural selection in Thunder Trigram, symbol based and centered on various forms of public literature, including scriptures and ideologies in Lake Trigram post-impressionism. It is possible that the individual is a Mountain Trigram philosopher or empiricist, a Flame Trigram, skeptic, or existentialist. Or perhaps, you choose some of the various Wind Trigram and Heaven Trigram approaches in the library, chapel, or the palace, Hindu, Moslem, Christian, Buddhist, Aboriginal, etc..

Besides the body and the quantum mechanics and space time relativity and systems theory of Earth Trigram and the thermodynamics and evolution of Thunder Trigram, is their some kind of monad of the infinitesimal, some sort of jiva atom of the infinitesimal, some Buddha mind in the Wind Trigram? Are these integrated in some larger system in some Brahman, Tao, Nirvana, Allah, God of Love in a Middle Son Yang. Does the Eldest Son Yang energy create an infinite energy flux that makes the improbable probable in Heaven Trigram and Wind Trigram?

Do these souls, jivas, attach to the body in Mountain Trigram through some sort of astral body that has jiva atoms, phenomenological atoms that are too fine, to infinitesimal to be measured in our finite world?

Do they seek the body as a place to integrate their energies and gain pleasure and love, turning energy into passion from within, and concentrated information into self awareness and self discovery?

Is this process what creates the Creative Spirit in Youngest Son Yang, the Laws of Mind in Eldest Daughter Yin, the Body in Middle Daughter Yin of the Mountain Trigram as described in New Thought texts, like Ernest Holmes, “This Thing Called You,” and “This Thing Called Life,” and the “Science of Mind” textbook written by Holmes?

With death, do these astral complexes, composed of infinitesimal atoms of phenomenology, seek new attachments, reincarnation in Lake Trigram and Water Element, forming scripts, rules for their attachment, watched over by the planetary order of Water Well Trigram and those principles of that order discussed in books like Cosmos and Psyche, by Richard Tarnas?

Beyond these attachments, do an infinity of New Heavens and New Earths expand, as in the cosmology of New Thought, Spiritualism, Christianity in various forms, Latin, Greek, Lutheran, Calvinist, Anglican, as in Hinduism and Buddhism, as in Daoism and Shinto? Is there a greater Heaven Trigram, and Wind Trigram exist that we cannot see, inhabited by the God of Emerson and Alfred North Whitehead, of the religious experiences described by William James?

Even so, we are still left on the battlefields of our world, with the national pieces still arranged on the various boards of that global field.

Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, describes a Jungian version, and astrological version of the field of global play. What system are we using here. It seems to differ depending on how close in your focus is.

Looking at the solar system, from the solar point of view, the Sun is at the center of the Knight’s Battlefield, as ruler of that field, as the Eldest Son Yang. Opposed to it, in the dark, as Eldest Daughter Yin is the Moon. Jupiter becomes the Middle Son Yang, ruling the Bishop and the Bishops Cathedral board, ruling the integration of the solar system’s planetary field. The asteroids, Juno, Ceres, Pallas Athena, Vesta, are the Middle Daughter Yin, with Ceres ruling as the mistress of the Fields and the Pawns of the Field. Finally, the Earth and Venus, are the Youngest Daughter Yin, the local Village of the Solar System. Mercury takes over the Palace of Youngest Son Yang, as the messenger of the ruling Son in the local world and his Queen is Venus.

The Moon seems to want to throw the Sun off its seat of power. To replace the Moon’s nodes as rulers of Eldest Son Yang (the Moon’s North Node in this new system) and Eldest Daughter Yin (the Moon’s South Node in this new system). This makes the Sun the ruler of Flame Trigram assets, with Mercury the ruler of Mountain Trigram accounting for equity, the Moon the ruler of Water Well debts and liabilities, Venus, the ruler of Wind Trigram profits, Mars the ruler of Losses in Thunder Trigram, Jupiter the ruler of manufacturing and creation in Heaven Trigram, Saturn becomes the ruler of the cost of Sales in Earth Trigram, and Pluto the ruler of the hidden world of the outer solar system and the Water Element of the Milky Way in Lake Trigram.

Mars wants to take over the battlefield at act the role of the Knight, but as we move outward, Pluto, and his outer planetary body friends gradually take over, because it is the galaxy, the cosmos, that is the hidden, but true Eldest Son Yang. As Pluto take this new role of ruler of Eldest Son Yang, Neptune takes the role of ruler of Middle Son Yang integration and mythology, and Uranus, Sky Father, takes over the role of Youngest Son Yang creativity and individual leadership. Opposed to Pluto in this new role of messenger of Eldest Son Yang, are the Nodes of the Moon, particularly the South Node, as the law and order of the Moon’s System of Earth Trigram centered, and Earth Centered, Eldest Daughter Yin.

As this system develops in the Water Element of the outer galaxy, it is nourished by the Kitchen ruled by Pluto that feeds off of the matter and elements supplied by the Garden of Eden that is the Milky Way Galaxy.

Finally, the Earth emerges in the Thunder Trigram ruled by Mars, by the contending chaotic elements of the galaxy in the Living Room that is its play room in the Solar System. Setting up its relationship with Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Asteroids, and the Moon, the Earth finds its place in the Theater that is its local area, its finite game space, the Earth Trigram.

Its assets are formed in the Shop area that is ruled by the Sun and they become equities of the Earth as they pass through the Office, the Mountain Trigram, ruled by Mercury as the messenger of the Sun. Venus with its perfect orbit, and Jupiter with its expansive gravity, rule the treasury, Wind Trigram, and the supply system, Heaven Trigram of this local bedroom and residence area of the village system that is the Earth and Moon. But, the Banquet Hall of the Moon, the dark sky ruled by the Moon, shows new and higher powers, Saturn sets the limits of this inner finite game, beyond it lies the infinite game, with Uranus as Youngest Son, Neptune as Middle Son, and Pluto and beyond, as Eldest Son. These are the true rulers of Heaven, Wind, Water Well, and Lake Trigram, as detailed in Cosmos and Psyche, by Richard Tarnas. Neptune becomes the Bishop of the Unconscious, Pluto its revolutionary and rebellious Knight, Uranus its inventive King (and in its feminine aspect Queen).

How is it possible that such as system could rule us? What if each moment of here and now consciousness was an infinity of infinitesimal moments of being from within energy as passion, being from with information as knowledge, asleep when inactive, but awake when active, feeling pain as disintegration, pleasure as integration. Suppose these moments flock toward the brain to experience awakened pleasure, to feed on that pleasure, they take the identity of the brain to know that pleasure, they delude themselves that they are that brain because the delusion is pleasurable and exciting. Suppose they gang up together and form an astral association to control a body, to master it, to push other soul atoms out of the way that might try to attach and feed on the joy to their exclusion? Wouldn’t this explain why we can’t find the soul, can’t find our real nature, we are caught up in this wild search for pleasure and passion in attachment to an organic system.

Now the attachment is the office of this system, taking control, equity in the house, is the office, the local mind, the empirical mind, the Mountain Trigram, the buzzing contending infinitesimal atoms and their competitive astral ghost systems are the Flame Trigram, are the shop where various assets are tried out and experimented with in they attempt to control the physical system. The body of this attachment is the Theater of pleasure events that is Earth Trigram, and the social events and behavior that supports it in the living room that is expressionistic Thunder Trigram behavior and events.

The cosmology that controls this, the potential birth and rebirth in a local body on our planet, emerges out of Water Element and Lake Trigram in the kitchen of this house, where various dishes of soul associations are made and served up to be born and reborn in various astrological orders, ruled over by the planets of the Moon’s banquet hall in the astrological order of Water Well, as described in Cosmos and Psyche, by Richard Tarnas. Ultimately, the true wild, the true mill pond, and mill is the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable, including the integration of the infinite and the creative division and refinement of all things in the ultimate infinitesimal generation of the jiva monad atoms that are our true deep nature, in the unseen infinite game that is the real cosmic Sun of Heaven Trigram, the God of the system of Alfred North Whitehead, shinning down on the Form of the Good, that is the virtuous order of all things, the set points of this system in the mathematics of Wind Trigram.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 12:49 2/8/2016

But what of these national players, what of JUG, Japan, United States, and Germany, holding the bulk of the world’s economic equity, sitting in the visible room on this great chess board, high up on the capitalist Mount Olympus of Mountain Trigram, in the office of the Royal Palace of the chess games King and Queen.

At this point, the United States appears to be playing the role of King, with the greatest amount of assets, Germany as Queen, ruling the Euro Area, and Japan as the Crown Prince of the Pacific. If the United State is King of Diamonds, and Germany is Queen, and Japan is Jack of Diamonds, who rules Hearts in Earth Trigram?

For a long time the United Kingdom has played Queen of Hearts, with France as a King, but actually a Prince Consort, and a whole cast of Jacks, including Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, etc.. These have performed in the Theater of this system for a long time, centered in the Fortress of the Rook, its museums and libraries, of which the British Museum, the Louvre are but a few examples.

Another important room is the family room, the living room of Thunder Trigram dominated by CAB, by Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia. The importance of this area should not be underestimated, since it has provided a Village Pawn that has been converted to a Bishop, Pope Francis, currently controlling the main Cathedral of the Latin Christian Church in Rome, thus control the chapel of this board game’s house.

Also important is CAN, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in the asset and resource shop room of the house, the Flame Trigram area.

Together, the support system of Hearts and Diamonds in the light and open areas of the house, dominate the economy of the globe.

Opposed to it, Kings and Queen and Jacks of the Dark Cards, the hidden play, the closed play are systems like NAC in the kitchen of Lake Trigram, North Korea, Angola, China, but dominated by China, this system is very important on the Village and Battlefield boards, control Village Pawns and Knight that are a significant challenge to the white knights and pawns of Hearts and Diamonds. China has long dominated the kitchen system of the world, supplying rice and other foods that have allowed its river systems to generate the greatest population of humans on the face of the planet, with the capacity to crowd out anyone else who attempts to take the banquet rooms, the dinning rooms, the entrance halls of the Village and Battlefield boards.

Equally important, because of its master of areas of old world empire and modern military equipment is RIP, SIR, combinations of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan in which Russia, inheriting the military might of the former Soviet Union, is the dominant, the King of the system, with various other players, Iran, Pakistan, attempting to play wise Queen, Scheherazade in the One Thousand and One Nights, of endless struggle with the Jinn, Genie of the desert wastes. Russia has shown her ability to control the Water Well Trigram banquet room when she chooses.

Somewhat isolated in treasure rooms, hoarding profits, cultural, linguistic, religious, economic, are the leaders of MIT, BIT, Burma, India, Thailand. India is the dominant economic power of this system and is the ally of RIP and SIR and NAC when and where she chooses to be the ally. The energy of the P in RIP, Russia has a problem when she seeks Pakistan as her partner, or even China, because of issues with the boundaries of India and China and Pakistan. The wars in Afghanistan show how easily the Bishops, Lamas, Holy Men, Mullah’s of these systems can turn the Mosque of the Cathedral, the Chapel area over to the Knights of the Battlefield.

Also implicated, is SIP, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines, economically the weakest link and still heavily invested in the primitive, the aboriginal, the mythical Garden of Eden of the Heaven Trigram, currently these Dark Card, Dark Board pawn, kings, and queens are no match for the white, but their military ability should not be underestimated, the potential threat to the West and the Kings and Queens of Hearts and Diamonds must not be forgotten.

If history is a guide, the growing weakness of JUG, will encourage some Alexander the Great arising in MIT or SIP or CAB or FUN or CAN, to take on the world in the name of a free and open game board, only to create a closed and hidden game board, but based on an aristocracy in a new treasury room, a new Wind Trigram, with rules made by the old Rook system of JUG. This should generate a defeat to the Athens that was Mountain Trigram, and the rise of a new Hellenic Aristocracy in Wind Trigram, leading eventually to the rise of a new Rome, a new universal state in Water Well Trigram, and eventually a new universal church, in the Water Element, the Lake Trigram dialectic that generated the old church systems. Now the dark should win, the board should turn dark, a new Dark Age should rule, till the Heaven Trigram aboriginal rule generates a new feudal age, which generates its own feudal conflict and competition in Flame Trigram, new states and national systems in Mountain Trigram, and a return to utilitarian democracy and prosperity in Earth Trigram and multicultural trade in Thunder Trigram.

We shall see, a major part of the board is dark, what you do not know, you do not know, but where there is smoke there is fire. The dark part of this playing field is heavy with smoke.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1:53 PM, 2/8/2016

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