Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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Romantic potential and Classical form triumph over finite reality and local emergence. Pythagoras, Buddha, Socrates, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Jesus, and Aristotle provide the deep pattern, of which the visible world is a pale shadow of the faint light with the cave of collective mind.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1/14/2016

Middle Daughter Yin Flame Trigram is ruled by Western existential art and Middle Daughter Yin Mountain Trigram by Western skeptical humanist philosophy, Middle Daughter Yin Earth Trigram by atheistic Western utilitarian science, Middle Daughter Yin Thunder Trigram by hedonistic Western entertainment, pragmatic Western business and technology.

However, just as Western science tracks the visible finite atoms and relativistic space time of the world of external thermodynamics and mathematics, so Eastern metaphysics tracks the invisible infinitesimal monad jiva atoms of infinite space and time integration in the internal worlds of the thermodynamics of passion, love and joy. Hindu metaphysics rules the Heaven Trigram, worshiping Visnu and Brahman in Middle Son Yang Upanishads and Shiva in Eldest Son Yang, Brahma in the Youngest Son Yang of Yoga and Jainism and the Darsanas.

Eastern Christianity and Classical Greek philosophy rule the Wind Trigram with Socrates speaking for Youngest Son Yang, Plato and Plotinus for Middle Son Yang and Aristotle and Pythagoras for Eldest Daughter Yin.

Muslim philosophy, Middle Eastern and Eastern Astrology rule the Water Well Trigram, which tracks the passions of the invisible collective unconscious dreamtime as they act out the Dharma of the world in the movements of the planets, love in the symmetrical orbits of Venus and joy in the expansive influences of Jupiter, anger and rage in less symmetrical movements of little Mars. Mercury is the messenger heralding the warmth of the Sun. Moon is the emotional partner of Earth, expressing its gravitational effect in the movement of the tides.

Saturn carries this message into the darkness, pulling away from the Sun toward upside down Uranus and tilted Neptune and the dark places where mysterious planets like Pluto and Eris rule.

Because of its tilt and its more perfect orbit, Neptune is the planet of lies and dreams and fantasy. Because it lies on its side, Uranus is the planet of individuality and creativity. Because it is the darkest visible planet, Saturn is the planet of depression and hidden limits.

This is the emotional language of the heavens and it is ruled by the ancient notions of the Chaldeans that influenced the astrological studies of Baghdad and Damascus and the creation of an observatory in the Baghdad of Caliph Al-Mansur.

The Lake Trigram is ruled by China, Confucian in Youngest Daughter Yin, Taoist (Daoist) in Eldest Son Yang, and Buddhist in Middle Son Yang. It is the source of the I Ching model that we are currently using that harmonizes the complex interactions of Yin and Yang that we have discussed above. Western empirical science and philosophy are able to track the outer world of facts and measurable behavior, they are lost in the collective unconscious, the unspoken Egg voice, the deep water of the Jungian collective dreamtime to which the Jiva Monad soul returns in depth and sleep. It is this deep water that we attempt to analyze in our managerial accounting for the soul.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 15th 2016

So the Thunder Trigram of this accounting accumulates losses of maladaptive genetic expressions resulting in Darwinian selection and Evolution as Entropy. Energy flows through energy dissipative structures and those that retain more energy out compete their rivals pushing emergence and multiple levels of organization in living systems.

This results in the natural systems displayed as the objects, the phenotypes, casting this shadows into the evolutionary events of Thunder Trigram. This is Earth Trigram, the realm of finite measurement, the realm of Sales. This is where we sell the products of growth in plants and animals, in societies, in industrial systems. Phenotypic displays advertize productivity and adaptation on the part of the organisms and objects and trait they are associated with. Science and realism, materialism, are easy to sell because we become addicted to their pleasurable products, sugar, alcoholic drinks, pleasure giving substances. We become addicted to the science and technology that generate them, the physical bodies that give us these pleasures.

The source of all of this finite wealth in Earth Trigram, is creativity, creative mutation, the infinite flux in Heaven Trigram that make the improbable probable in Wind Trigram. These Wind Trigram adaptive peaks are a product of refinement in the infinitesimal and integration carried through the boundless infinity of all times and spaces, all sequences, linear and non-linear in the pleasurable, joyous, compassionate, harmonious integration of all things, in God as love, in Nirvana as the fulfillment of compassionate Buddha being.

Flame Trigram is the freedom of the infinitesimal here an now monad of existential inexistence to become what it wished to become. Its creativity generates the assets and inventories that are the resources of phenomenological existence. This motivated phenomenology attaches to embodied mind and perception in order to avoid the pain of detached fragmentation and gain the pleasure of attached integration in Mountain Trigram empirical impressions. These impressions are the basis of consciousness and thought, of the private owner’s equity of the accounting phenomenology of the infinitesimal monad soul.

But the monad, although attached to the brain, exists separately from the brain. Its passions arise out of the complex interaction of time and space that is the macrocosm of macrocosms in Lake Trigram. These soul accounting investments, sources of heavens and hells, reincarnation and birth and rebirth, are structured with the immediate world in the planetary paths of Water Well. The planets are the agents of the emotional habits that integrate the many systems of attaching monads with the visible.

This explains how astrology can rule a world described by quantum mechanics and space time relativity in Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter Yin, for astrology provides a higher level of mathematical and systems structure in Eldest Daughter Yin Cosmic Mind that enables the integration of the infinite one, it provides the hidden unconscious, the collective universal law that emerges in Heaven and Wind as the integrative joy and harmony of Middle Son Yang and the local awareness and creative interpretation of that joy in individual monads of here and now existentialism by the infinity of infinitesimal units of Youngest Son Yang that are the deep roots of all being from with time and the phenomenology of true consciousness as Creative Spirit in Heaven Trigram infinity, Wind Trigram refinement, Mountain Trigram mind, and Flame trigram freedom and phenomenology differentiation.

Emotion, passion belongs to the Allegory of the Cave, it attaches to the Water Element the Cosmological Big Bangs that generate the Lake Trigram Caves within which the walkways of the Planets of Water Well astrology order the emotional systems, the emotional habits of all attaching monads.

Trapped within the observing units of the brains of animals and men, forming impressions with the light of the phenomenological passions, the local pursuits of pleasure and avoidance of separation pain that drive this attachments, they are structured by the finite systems of the world and the shadows that generate these systems in Earth Trigram out of Thunder Trigram to impress the observing mind trapped in Mountain Trigram, tortured by desires inflamed in Fire Element and Flame Trigram.

This unseen accounting system drives all things, its fruit is the objective world sold to us in the Sales system of materialism and science in Earth Trigram. Its origins are in the shadows where the Losses accumulated in Thunder Trigram drive Darwinian evolution and emergent structures at all levels of organization in the systems of Water Well Trigram.

Each individual observing system trapped within these cost flows analyzes its private equity of Impressionism in Mountain Trigram conscious mind, driven by the passions of Fire Element, the motives in Flame Trigram that burst out of the trapped passions of the Cave in the Exploding of the Big Bangs that are Lake Trigram, these emerging out of the Infinite Flux that is Heaven Trigram and the set points of that flux system in Wind Trigram paradigms like the I Ching model described above.

It is all driven by the losses accumulated by evolution as entropy in Thunder Trigram that generate the objective systems of Earth Trigram supported by the passions, the energy complexes that are the exploding cosmology of Lake Trigram that generate the patterns of motion and emotion manifest in the patterns and systems of astrology and astronomy that characterize Water Well Trigram organization.

The free infinitesimal monads of Fire Element and Flame Trigram become attached to mind systems in Mountain Trigram and their observation of natural systems in Earth Trigram in order to feel the pleasure that is generated by the integration of these system in the greater harmony and order that is Middle Son Yang in Wind Trigram out of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable in Heaven Trigram.

Thus soul accounting is the deep source of the infinite game and the soul systems that provide the hidden meaning of all things.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA. Jan 15th 2016

Earth Trigram is mechanical in the quantum mechanics of Middle Daughter Yin and the space time relativity of Youngest Daughter Yin and the Cybernetics, Information Systems, Complexity Theory, Systems Theory, Logic, Reason, and Mathematics of Eldest Daughter Yin, it has a finite product with the arithmetic of finite quantities of products in Sales, the fruits sold by flowering trees, the pollen sold to bees, the husbands sold by marriage brokers, the provinces sold by kings. Everything in Earth Trigram is measurable, is phenotypic, is an external objective fact, has an end, a title, a name, can be fragmented ground up, and consumed in some fashion.

Heaven Trigram is infinite in Middle Son Yang and infinitesimal in Youngest Son Yang, it is energy that is passion from within through the Eldest Son. It is a garden that is endlessly productive in the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable. At some point it integrates into pleasure and joy and love and peace and faith and hope that is beyond fragmentation and unites into and endless harmony in Middle Son Yang Nirvana Brahman Elohim Allah that includes all things in an eternal whole. In Christian theology, this is called the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit. In Chinese Philosophy, the union of Eldest Son Yang passion and energy with this path of integration is called the Tao or Dao or Way.

It is not finite or measurable because it is endless universal productivity and creativity, within and without. It is at once too tiny and too large, too refined and too boundless to comprehend, measure, view, and too integrated and minute and total in its integration to ever completely pull apart. Its manufacturing, its product resources can never be fully measured or consumed. In genetics, it is endless mutability and adaptability.

In is internal to feeling, it is pleasure from within, passion from within, there are no words to describe it, only exclamations. In Youngest Son Yang, it is the Creative Spirit. In Christian Theology it is the trinity, of Father in Yahweh I become what I become Eldest Son Yang passion and energy. Holy Ghost in Elohim Allah Nirvana Brahmin Hen One of Middle Son Yang boundless integration Love and Compassion, and Son in the Youngest Son Yang Creative Spirit Logos of Geology, Astrology, Mythology, Cosmology, Anthropology, Biology, Theology, Sociology, Ecology, Psychology, Embryology, Topology, Physiology, Epistemology, Morphology, Axiology, Archaeology and Paleontology. But in Thermodynamics, it is the First Law of Conservation of Energy in Middle Son Yang, Vishnu, the Preserver, and the Second Law of movement toward Entropy, in Eldest Son Yang, Shiva, the Destroyer, and it is Brahma the Creator, in the Youngest Son Yang of the Logos of Creation in Evolution as Entropy in the Creative Spirit. Thus, uniting Hindu Theology from within with scientific Thermodynamic energy costs from without. This, as part of the Heaven Trigram of the I Ching should make the relationships with Mandarin Chinese Theology and Metaphysics plain for all to see.

The Heaven Trigram integrates into the Middle Son Yang of Allah, his power comes out of Eldest Son Yang and is creative spirit lies in Youngest Son Yang, since this Trigram is the manufacturing cost of this soul accounting, and this in its true source in Allah is beyond description or measurement, we have joined the Christian, the Hindu, the Islamic, all forms of the Chinese, which is Buddhist in Middle Son Yang, Daoist or Taoist in Eldest Son Yang and Youngest Daughter Yin in Earth Trigram and Youngest Son Yang in Heaven Trigram in Confucian notion of the harmony between Heaven and Earth in this I Ching model, we have joined these with the thermodynamics of science and Humanism in a harmony that should embrace the major thought systems of all cultures, in respect to this metaphor of “finite and infinite games,” of the contrast between accounting for manufacturing in the infinite and sales in the finite. (the Hebrew is Middle Son in Elohim and Eldest Son in Yahweh, Youngest Son in the Creative Spirit that generates the sequences in the Kabbalah, see my writings elsewhere defining the relationship between the I Ching and the Kabbalistic system)

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 16th 2016.

Notes on Buddhism. Buddhists are taught to be aware of how the Middle Daughter Yin Earth Trigram of fragmented awareness is suffering, how the Eldest Son Yang Thunder Trigram is constant change and flux and how the Youngest Daughter Yin aspect that associates atomic flux in energy dissipative structures is no-self, is just a series of random associations driven by Darwin principles of natural selection and competition for survival. The alternative to this suffering in Earth and Thunder Trigram is the Dhammapada, the path of Dharma, of holy wisdom in the cosmic principle of Eldest Daughter Yin wisdom. The perfection of this wisdom in Wind Trigram through refinement of the mind in Youngest Son Yang meditative Buddha thought and the integration with compassionate inclusion with the gone utterly beyond joy of Middle Son Yang Nirvana detachment from graving for material pleasure constitutes the Buddhist form of the good, the eightfold path of right thoughts, views, meditation, that is described in the Buddhist Tripitakka, in the Dhammapada is the Buddhist fulfillment of Wind Trigram and the mastery of the energy flux of Heaven Trigram.

Craving arises in Thunder Trigram for the fruits of Earth Trigram Sales but it generates nothing by Losses in the Soul Accounting system that is described above. The ego tends to cling to its owner equity in Mountain Trigram, but this generates bad Karma, bad choices in Flame Trigram that produce suffering in the Dharma of Water Well Trigram and birth and rebirth in Lake Trigram rise and fall of passions and passion driven attachments to new rebirth cycles. The solution is to devote the creative energy in Heaven Trigram to right thoughts and view in Wind Trigram so that the creative spirit of the mind in the Buddha of Youngest Son Yang can be properly focused on integration with all things and the blowing out of attachment to particular things that brings the love and bliss of Nirvana in true Middle Son Yang liberation from the cycles of birth and rebirth driven by fragmentation and suffering in attachments to flux in the Eldest Son Yang of Thunder Trigram and the fragmented particular in the Middle Daughter Yin of Thunder Trigram and the borderline and histrionic associations of the finite world of space time relativity in Youngest Daughter Yin.

So now we can add Buddhist theology to our system described above.

We can also add Platonism, since the Hen One of Plotinus is one and the same with Middle Son Yang, the Nous, or Cosmic Mind is the same as Eldest Daughter Yin, and the Psyche, or local mind, is one and the same with Youngest Son Yang, the three members of the Wind Trigram of the Form of the Good, the Adaptive Peak, the Buddhist Eightfold Path, as described above.

We have also affixed Alfred North Whiteheads Process Philosophy to our system by identifying his “God” with our interpretation of the Heaven Trigram (same as the usage of Confucianism), and his “Eternal Objects” with our Wind Trigram, “prehensions” with Mountain Trigram, “actual occasions” with Earth Trigram, “events and process” with Thunder Trigram, “organism” with Water Well Trigram, “novelty” with Flame Trigram, “nexi” with Lake Trigram.

The key to New Thought and “Religious Science” is the connection of the Creative Spirit to Youngest Son Yang and the Law of Mind to the Nous, or Dharma, or Eldest Daughter Yin, the “Body” to Earth Trigram and “Middle Daughter Yin,” thus, in New Thought, the conscious mind, or Mountain Trigram is the link between the creative world of manufacturing and profits in mental action that is Heaven and Wind Trigram as described above, and the sales world of sales and losses in physical products in Earth Trigram and Thunder Trigram. Water Well and Lake are the collective unconscious, the orderly processes of natural systems, of the laws of mind in Water Well and “race thought” in Lake Trigram that give us back the fruits of our choices in the freedom of “Flame Trigram” as it generates the karma out of Mountain Trigram that will bear fruit in the Sales and Losses of Earth and Thunder according to the laws of liabilities in Water Well and investments in emotional payables and receivables in the faith and passion of the collective unconscious in Lake Trigram synchronicity and described by Jung and by Tarnas in his “Cosmos and Psyche.”

The dialectical system of Hegel rules the operation of this collective unconscious by generating the Thesis of the dialectic in Youngest Daughter Yin of Lake Trigram, the antithesis in Eldest Son Yang, and the greater synthesis in the Middle Son Yang of the Lake Trigram ideological dialectic trinity. The dialectic of Marx puts emphasis on Youngest Daughter Yin, the dialectic of Hegel on Middle Son Yang. It is the same set system principles that will function in any direction you care to use it.

Of course, all of this fits the metaphysics of Kant, per his Critique of Pure Reason, since the I Ching harmonizes with his four antithetical notions, Heaven Trigram being the infinite, and Earth being the finite, Mountain is the simple, Lake is the complex, Flame is the free, Water Well is the determinate, Wind is the ideal necessity and Thunder is the contingent.

We also unite this with mathematics, for Heaven is calculus, Wind is algebra, Earth is arithmetic, Thunder is statistics, Flame is trigonometry and differentiation, Mountain is analytic geometry, Water Well is set theory, Lake Trigram is topology and group theory and integration, the complex opposite of the simple analysis that is Mountain.

Eldest Son Yang is the e of energy in the natural logs of Euler’s identity and Middle Son Yang is integration of all things in the curving lines of circles and spheres in pi and Youngest Son Yang is the square root of minus one, Eldest Daughter Yin is the Zero, and Middle Daughter Yin is the unit one fragment and Youngest Daughter Yin is the equal sign that complete’s Euler’s Identity and ties together the mathematics of the three yangs and three yins of the I Ching ideal.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 16th 2016

Another note, originally I was interested in Plato’s Divided Line. Ideal Forms in Wind Trigram sinking toward Earth Trigram though mathematics in Eldest Son Yang toward objects in Earth Trigram and finally to shadows of objects in Thunder Trigram. However, this line is actually a circle which moves on into the Eldest Son Yang that is the source of the thermodynamics out of which the shadows and objects emerge and on into the Heaven Trigram that is the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable and generates the Forms of Wind Trigram out of its endless generative potential. So this is a circle running though two opposites information and mathematics in Eldest Daughter Yin and energy and passion in Eldest Son Yang, through four Trigrams, Heaven, Wind, Earth and Thunder, and two trigram interfaces, the transcendent between Heaven and Wind and the manifest between Earth and Thunder.

There is a complementary line that makes this circle into a sphere. It also runs from Eldest Son to Eldest Daughter back to Eldest Son, but it intersect four different trigrams, Flame to Mountain to Eldest Daughter to Water Well to Lake back to Eldest Son. It also runs through two interfaces, Flame choice to Mountain mind through conscious awareness and Water Well order and fate to Lake synchronicity and passion and feeling and birth and rebirth through the collective unconscious and universal cosmogony in the dreamtime as the opposite of cognitive awareness and finally back to Eldest Son Yang energy and passion again. Thus, the I Ching is the flushing out of Plato’s Divided Line in the Allegory of the Cave, where Lake Trigram is the Cave, Water Well is its walkways, Mountain is the chained observer, and Flame Trigram is the local fires.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 16th 2016

Reminder, Heaven is also manufacturing costs, Wind is profits, Earth is sales, Thunder is losses, Flame is assets and inventories, Mountain is equities, Water Well is balancing debts and liabilities, Lake is a complex bag of investments, of payables and receivable balanced against the inflow and outflow of cash and equities. Wind Trigram is the key, it is the algebra of the present value of the resulting profits. It is also the Form of the Good, the notion of the I Ching as a master pattern, the Platonic Allegory and Divided Line, the algebraic identity attributed to Euler.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Jan 16th 2016

Some more notes on the above. Suppose me manufacture new genes in the Heaven Trigram of evolutionary genetics and pass these genes through the filter of natural selection by pruning away the maladaptive gene expressions in Thunder Trigram losses. Now we have the adaptive phenotype left for our sales accounts in Earth Trigram allowing the assemblage of genotypic set points in the adaptive peaks of Wind Trigram profits. To do this we need to apply competitive exclusion in Flame Trigram assets and inventories and speciation and genetic isolation in the owner’s equity accounting of Mountain Trigram, pay the needed debts and liabilities in the systems feedback and replication of Water Well Trigram and make the exchanges and investments in payables and receivable in the population genetics and genetic recombination of Lake Trigram.

Similar events take place in cultural productivity. New cultural practices appear in the Heaven Trigram of mutant human culture. These mutant cultures manufacture products that are subject to losses in the trading accounts of Thunder Trigram. There is a natural selection that removes maladaptive expressions from the market. Finally goods are generated for sale in Earth Trigram industrial production. Heaven Trigram generates aboriginal pride in achievement. Thunder Trigram generates hedonistic lust and the multiplication of numbers of consuming individuals, plants, animals, humans. All of the above participate in Earth Trigram sales and industrial manufacturing of desirable products, generating product addiction and gluttony.

Profits are made from the above by a greedy aristocratic elite in the hoarding of Wind Trigram as a result of industrial production and utilitarian democracy in Earth Trigram and trading and marketing in Thunder Trigram of consumables emerging from primitive resource ultimately emerging from sources in Heaven Trigram reserves.

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