Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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There is a competition for assets and resources in Flame Trigram supported by martial anger and military confrontation, even revolt and revolution. Local cities, states, nations protect their owners equity by separation and defense and by the generation of republics and nations and systems of ownership and segregation and accounting for equities driven by systems of partisan envy and jealous struggle in Mountain Trigram. Under the supervision of dominant elites, universal states and empires emerge with internal and external proletariats driven by systems of wage and bureaucratic slavery and servitude in Water Well Trigram. These systems are ordered by sets of legal liabilities and debts to the controlling state(s).

As these systems become more complex and age and decay, the philosophies of their dominant elites are modified by external and internal proletariats to form belief systems, cults and churches that are transformed by the dominant elites of universal states into universal churches and atheistic and agnostic ideological systems, thus, Christianity from and internal proletariat, Islam from an external proletariat, Chinese Buddhism as an agnostic religion, Marxism as an atheistic ideology, Hinduism a hybrid system fusing elements of the above. Payables and receivables of these systems merge in Lake Trigram and in the missionary efforts of these systems transferring owner’s equity to new realms of recombinant system formation and generating dogmatic sloth where these combinations become too weighty can cumbersome, trapping the proletariat in debts and obligations from which they cannot emerge in morasses and swamps of Lake Trigram.

Aboriginal production, manufacture has its deep source in Heaven Trigram and creative pride in product creation, but it moves toward marketing and consumption in Thunder Trigram, where hedonistic lust cause the multiplication of the numbers of consumers of all forms. Natural selection generates losses that result in adaptive phenotypes and industrial product addictions in the sales of Earth Trigram and greedy profit hoarding by the dominant elite in Wind Trigram.

Martial anger and the competition driven by external proletariats, rebellions and revolution and the exploitive orientation in Flame Trigram are resisted by security measures and isolation in the speciation and separation orientations of Mountain Trigram cities, states, and national partisan envy. The assets exploited by Flame Trigram, the losses generated by consumption in markets in Thunder, the cost of industrial production and sales in Earth, cause equity analysis and ownership reaction in Mountain Trigram. The partisan envy of philosophic thought and debate in Mountain drives the differentiation of ethical system reactions, inspirational ethic in Heaven Trigram, virtue ethics in aristocratic Wind Trigram, egotistic and existential ethics in competitive Flame Trigram, individualistic rational ethical systems in Mountain Trigram itself, hedonistic ethics in Thunder Trigram, duty ethics in Water Well Trigram, utilitarian ethics in Earth Trigram and divine command ethics, ideological ethics, human concern ethics and other emotion and faith based systems in Lake Trigram.

The aristocratic greed of dominant elites in Wind Trigram encourages a hoarding orientation, the submission and servitude of the internal and external proletariats subject to Water Well Trigram encourages a receptive orientation, and the missionary ideology associated with Lake Trigram encourages a recombinant orientation, a hybrid formation typical of missionary and ideological submission, an imperialist orientation.

Similar effects can be found on personality formation in the human brain. Here the right hemisphere creative integration serves as a Middle Son Yang and left hemisphere fact serves as a Middle Daughter Yin. Frontal lobe management of movement and speech result in an executive function Youngest Son Yang opposed to the sensory association Youngest Daughter Yin of the parietal occipital temporal lobe association areas. The Eldest Son Yang of energy and motion control in the basal ganglia and brain stem can be opposed to information and memory control in the hippocampus and its connections to the cerebral cortex in Eldest Daughter Yin.

The Ego, and its Adult Voice, begins as an exploitative and competitive function of the Flame Trigram of these effects which attempts to gain and control assets and inventories through marital anger and other competitive reactions. It uses the Mountain Trigram of analysis and speciation to account for its equities in the memory system dependent upon Eldest Daughter Yin hippocampus related function and executive Youngest Son Yang review of data from left hemisphere fact and language recognition functions.

The Parental Voice, the Super Ego of Executive Control, tracks values and virtue, assesses profits, makes profit statements in its attempt to establish the aristocratic, the dominant elite set points for this system that accrue from the aboriginal productive and pride positions of primitive Heaven Trigram behavioral instincts.

The Earth Trigram Child Voice attempts the sales of its products in the infantile anal, oral, genital, products sensory developments. It stages antisocial, histrionic, narcissistic, and dependent behavioral events to gain attention for its adaptive phenotypes. It indulges in addiction and gluttony in respect to product pleasures.

Libido in Thunder Trigram entices consumption and markets hedonistic lusts, ignoring any losses that may be associated with maladaptive behaviors resulting from waste and danger in this area of activity

The Parental Voice reacts by enslaving the personality to its demands, its censorship, its totalitarian repression in Water Well Trigram. The silent Egg Voice of the Collective Unconscious reacts with avoidance, masochism and repression and it withdraws into its hidden shell and hides in a complex of myth and dreams and dogmatic sloth in Lake Trigram.

The Adult Ego in Flame attempts to break out of the repression in Water Well, the Anal Oral Child attempts to gather the primitive resources of Heaven Trigram to support its infantile product. The Parent Voice in Wind Trigram attempts to control vulgar lust and resulting loss in Thunder Trigram libido and wastage in hedonistic entropy. The voiceless Egg in silent dogmatic sloth, asleep in Lake Trigram builds a strong wall, a fortress against intrusions by the demands of ownership and status envy in Mountain Trigram and supports this defense with depression that is opposed to the negativism and sadism of the Mountain Trigram’s active individualism, avoidance and phobic responses to Mountain Trigram’s narcissism, borderline retreat, borderline splitting, borderline resistance to the paranoid defense tactics and the partisan jealousy that explodes in the Mountain Trigram ego systems at the expense of Egg system reproductive and romantic needs in the Aphrodite Venus aspects of human personality functions (otherwise known as sex and love addiction).

Allan Ralph Andrews, Jan 16th 2016

So lets look at the personality disorders, are the antisocial, the negativistic, sadistic, and schizotypal all reactions of the competitive asset defending martial ego Adult Voice of the Flame Trigram brain, and are the narcissistic and paranoid reactions of its thoughtful owner’s equity defending impressionistic mental supports in Mountain Trigram?

Are narcissism, dependence, and histrionic systems simply effects of the primitive infantile anal and oral Child Voice in the Earth Trigram of childish product sales, attempts to gain parental attention?

Are the paranoid, schizoid, and compulsive simply overly active Parental Voice super ego functions in Wind Trigram, insisting on moral and status profit as opposed to libido based accidents and energy wastage in Thunder Trigram. Is the avoidant and schizotypal aspect of the Heaven Trigram personality a defense of primitive dreamtime creative archetype manufacturing?

Does the Parent Voice defend itself against the weakness of its relations with the fertile Egg voiceless collective investments with repression in the Compulsive, Masochistic and Dependent personality reactions of Water Well Trigram? Do these liabilities and debts balance the asset and inventory focus of the ego system in Flame, does this Water Well repression serve to put out those costly ego based fires?

Are the payables and receivables, the investments of the voiceless Egg, the collective unconscious, a way of protecting the energy stored for use of future generations that have been invested in the child by the ancestors of the Parent Voice itself, is masochism, depression, avoidance and borderline fission and fusion away to slip beyond the grasp of a too greed Parent Voice control, acknowledging receivable and payables the Parent is to quick to ignore or forget in its analysis of quick profits?

Does lust and libido and hedonistic loss in Thunder Trigram enable the final profit of the whole by encouraging the reproductive function so vital to the future of the voiceless egg, do the borderline, antisocial, and histrionic personality functions serve this necessary aspect, so opposed to the profit statements and executive controls in Wind Trigram?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 16th 2016.

Losses in Thunder Trigram in the above result from investments in Lake Trigram and manufacturing costs from Heaven Trigram enabling the creation of the Infant Child Voice which tries to sell itself in Earth Trigram anal and oral and phallic orientations, as it develops.

The profits, in the Wind Trigram Parent Voice are invested in Lake Trigram and Heaven Trigram and Mountain Trigram in the furthering of memes, the information necessary to maintaining the culture, and in future reproductive success and the transmittal of the cultural memes and genes of the adaptive peaks of Wind Trigram, their virtue ethic set points to future generations.

Sales in Earth Trigram allow the purchase of assets and inventories in Flame Trigram Adult Ego and the resulting profits from future sales of these resources are either invested in Lake Trigram or transferred to Owner’s Equity in Mountain Trigram.

The various personality functions are transmitters of these transactions, Hermes and Mercury in the histrionic, Zeus and Jupiter in the narcissistic, etc., etc., as describe above and elsewhere in these writings.

Jan 16th 2016, Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA

So the romantic temper is magical in the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable, it integrates in the Middle Son Yang of infinite boundless inclusive compassion of God as love, as Buddha mind, as Allah the merciful, and it becomes refined into infinitesimal jewels of pure eternal phenomenology in the Youngest Son Yang Yoga mind of the Atman Avatar, the Jiva Monad of primal creation, united to Eldest Son Yang thermodynamic energy and evolution in Shiva, the destroyer, the Yahweh, I become what I become, it is the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost of Christianity, the Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva of Hinduism, the laws of Thermodynamics of agnostic and atheistic science, the God of the Metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead, and Plotinus and Mohammed, it is the Nirvana of Buddhism in Heaven Trigram that blows out the cravings generated in Thunder Trigram and ends the suffering experienced in Earth Trigram through the eight fold path of right views, meditation, etc., in Wind Trigram.

This is the great manufacturing principle of all metaphysical accounting, it supplies the energy that driven through the hedonistic losses and lust of Thunder Trigram, drives the natural selection and survival of the fittest in evolution as entropy that enables the emergence of adaptive phenotypes in Earth Trigram and the sales accounting of these phenotypes as they sell their wares in flowers and fruits and bright colored feathers. This finite world that is sold to us by utilitarian science and measurement, is limited, and its realism brings suffering to the romantic spirit.

The profit statements of the greed driven aristocratic elite measure profits in their hoarding of virtue, of the good, of the Classical ideal in Wind Trigram of the I Ching model. Here are the genotypes in genes and memes and soul archetypes for the adaptive peaks that are ethical in Middle Son Yang, truthful in Eldest Daughter Yin and beautiful in the creative existentialism of Youngest Son Yang. In this harmony there is just enough Earth and enough Heaven, the Classical balances the Expressionistic, the Impressionistic simple analysis balances the Post-Impressionistic complex dialect, the existential free balances the mechanistic closed order.

Souls move freely in Flame Trigram existentialism and compete for the resources and assets that the infinitesimal is able to mine with its ability to pierce the walls of the finite and move into the infinite, return to the source of pure primitive time beyond the complexities of space and space time systems. There is competition here for access to this hidden resources of energy and creative novelty.

Simple impressionistic structures form and attach to the minds and brains of sentient beings. Here are the species barriers, the equity accounts that separate one observational system from another in Mountain Trigram. If Heaven Trigram is the producer source, the food producer, and Wind Trigram is the herbivore, Mountain Trigram is the carnivore, subject only to predation by the decomposers of Flame Trigram, or in death, by the saprophytes and scavengers of Earth Trigram, or in sickness, to the pathogens of Thunder Trigram. The methods of Lake Trigram are symbiotic and those of Water Well are fungal, parasitic, intestinal, digestive. Water Well includes the blood cells, red and white.

The assets utilized out of existential Flame Trigram are compromised with astrological debts and liabilities in the planetary influences of Water Well Trigram and the birth and rebirth, heaven and hell systems of investments in Lake Trigram space time complexes.

Emotions are invested in Lake Trigram complexes and topology. The mythology that comes out of Heaven into Lake Trigram entices us into attachments that generate debts to astrological structures and planetary influences in Water Well Trigram. The Post Impressionist and Baroque temper systems generate complex dimensions to our lives that transcend local time and space, transcend this universe into a cosmology of heavens and hells, of birth and rebirth, of time and space systems into a multitude of dimensions and topologies.

Do we act out narcissistically in Earth and Mountain or withdraw into avoidant mythology in Heaven and Lake? Do we cry out histrionically in Earth and Thunder or do a schizoid Buddhist withdrawal into Nirvana, Gone Gone Gone, utterly beyond in Wind and Heaven Trigram. Do we act compulsively in favor of morality and virtue in Wind and Water Well or act criminally on the cusp of competitive Flame and hedonistic Thunder? Do we become paranoid to protect our immortal purity and virtue on the cusp of Wind and Mountain Trigrams, or do we seek prostitutes and act out in borderline fission and fusion at the edge of expressionistic and hedonistic Thunder Trigram? Do we look for creative novelty as a schizotypal Guru at the edge of Flame and Heaven, or do we become dependent on normal society at the edge of Earth and Water Well? Are we sadistic at the edge of Flame and Mountain, or are we depressed and masochistic from conforming Water Well into dogmatic sloth in Lake Trigram?

The emerging childish behaviors in Thunder Trigram, borderline fusion with mother, antisocial tantrum and aggression, histrionic display to get attention generate losses, wasted energy. The narcissistic child learns how to command attention for oral and anal needs in Earth Trigram and learns dependence on others to obtain satisfaction, begins to understand product sales and sales satisfaction, the cost of taking value goods, burned fingers.

Gradually the better phenotypes, traits are able to compete, fight for assets and resources in Flame Trigram sadism, negativism, schizotypal behaviors, establish ownership and equity in Mountain Trigram paranoia, estimate profits, virtues, plans in schizoid and compulsive Wind Trigram ideals, through Parental Voice guidance, drawing on the creative imagination, the manufacturing of new goods in Heaven Trigram.

Debts, Liabilities, bad habits subtract from profits, require compulsive suppression and sublimation in Water Well Trigram, support from the unconscious, from the passions and emotions, from physiological resources in the masochistic and avoidant voiceless Egg of Lake Trigram Jungian synchronicity, the Anima, Animus.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 1/17/2016, Bakersfield, CA

So the book of Genesis requires manufacturing accounting for the creation story in Heaven Trigram of the I Ching with Elohim, the creator of Heaven and Earth as Middle Son Yang, Yahweh, the creator of Adam as Eldest Son Yang and Adam as Youngest Son Yang. When God calls the creation “Good,” this is profit and loss accounting in Wind Trigram with the resulting creation as the improbable that the infinite in Vishnu, the Middle Son Elohim First Law of Thermodynamics, as Flux, as movement toward entropy in Second Law of Thermodynamics Shiva Yahweh I become what I become, has made probable in Adam, the Logos of Geology and Ecology in Youngest Son Yang. This Good in Wind Trigram is the form of the Good, with the breath of Elohim as the Wind Trigram, Air Element entering into Adam as the Parent Voice, the Super Ego, including the Tree of Life as the holy wisdom of Eldest Daughter Yin. Elohim, Yahweh, Adam are the Creation of Protype of the Post Flood, Holy Ghost, Father, and Son of the Christian Trinity, the Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma of the Hindu Trinity, Adam is the Psyche of the Wind Trigram trinity of Plotinus, the Tree of Life is the Nous, Cosmic Mind, and Elohim, Holy Ghost, Brahman, Vishnu is the Hen One Allah, this is also Buddha as the fulfillment of Adam, Dharma as the fruit of the Tree of Life and Nirvana as the final consummation, thus the Wind Trigram is the Buddhist Eight Fold Path, the solution to the Sin of Adam, the problem of the Super Ego, the sin of Freudian Lust.

The Earth Trigram is the Sales accounting of the Garden of Eden where Adam buys the Apple offered by Eve through the temptation of the Snake. The Snake is the salesman of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and Eve as Middle Daughter Yin (Daughter of Elohim Hen One on the Tree of Life as Santa Sophia Holy Wisdom in Wind Trigram) and the product of that Tree as Knowledge of the Finite, of Evil in Earth Trigram. Earth Trigram includes Youngest Daughter Eve and Babylon as the City of the Children of Eve after expulsion from the Garden, this expulsion is the Child Voice, the infant that is expelled from the womb in Eldest Daughter and from his mothers dry breast in Middle Daughter and becomes just another part of the family in Youngest Daughter Babyon. The fruit is the oral stage, once eaten it becomes the anal stage, and when the snake is forced to crawl, the phallic stage of infantile expulsion from the womb, from the breast, from the Holy Family, from the Garden of Eden.

Yahweh, in Eldest Son sends his angels of natural selection and evolution as entropy in the loss accounting that is Thunder Trigram and there are monsters and thorns an thistles, so Thunder Trigram is the struggle for existence with these monsters in the loss accounting of evolution as entropy resulting in various forms of ecosystems, including the daughters of eve in the world and the Tower of Babylon as the realm of Youngest Daughter Yin and the loss accounting of that result, that destruction of energy dissipating structures. This is the realm of Freudian Libido and Buddhist Desire, this is Eldest Son Yang as Flux, Middle Daughter Yin Eve as Suffering and Youngest Daughter Eve Tower of Babel and Babylon as No Self, it is the cause of the suffering, the Kama and Lust that causes Dukka, realization of limits by the infant in Earth Trigram Child Voice infantile development.

Now Adam, Youngest Son Yang in Fire Element and Flame Trigram looks for assets and resources and finds them in the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Fruit and the salesmen Snake with Eve in Middle Daughter Yin, he discovers the things that Yahweh has done and he collects these resources, including the Fruit, and the Snake and Eve and adds them to his list of assets and inventories in this asset and inventory accounting. Adam, the adult Ego Voice, having discovered his own light, the Fire Element burning in the Platonic Cave, may have attempted to roast the Apple, maybe even the Snake, may have induced Eve to generate the first Apple Pie as a result of his Cost Accounting system and plans for a more productive, lest infantile garden. At this point Adam starts to cloth himself and set out parts of the Garden as his possession, his Equity, and he starts doing investment, equity management accounting in the Mountain Trigram of the human mind bounded by his relationship as Youngest Son Yang with the tree of life, the Cosmic Mind as the original mother and the tree of knowledge of good an evil as the minds first daughter in its empirical knowledge, its new kingdom of what Alfred North Whitehead calls “Prehensions.”

But, there is liability accounting, the Parent Voice, the Super Ego discovers losses in Thunder Trigram, this damage to the Garden is a cost in Water Well Trigram, a liability, a debt which must be paid, there must be discipline, repression applied, first to the infant, the child voice and then to the adult, the Ego as a result of the violation of the standards of Wind Trigram, the breath, the Voice of Elohim, the Holy Ghost in Wind Trigram Dharma and Dhammapada, the Eight Fold Path of Holy Wisdom.

At this point, Yahweh, as Eldest Son Yang in Lake Trigram, attempts to collect these debts by sending the flood, but leaving Noah to collect what assets, payable that can be collected against receivables, in the Ark, that must rise above the flood of resulting debts and losses. This water is the womb and its egg, the development of the next child that will continue the growth of the human family. Now Adam, the Adult Voice and Eve his daughter in Thunder Trigram and his mother in Wind Trigram must investing his few assets in the flood waters of the womb as the voiceless Egg that is the flood remakes his world.

All the holy literature in the world, all the books of the Christian and Hebrew Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, the books of the Buddhist and Confucian, and Daoist cannon, the books of Freudian and Jungian psychoanalysis, all the stories, the Epics of Greece and India, the Thousand and One Nights, they are all tales about the results of this flood, the attempt of Youngest Son Yang Adam and Youngest Daughter Yin Eve to overcome the floods of debts that have been accumulated as the result of their attempts to feed and cloth their family of billions of infants in the story, the logos of the post flood creation that is the literature and mythology of Lake Trigram and the morality of Human Concern and Divine Command Ethics. Now the oceans rise again and the flood returns, is there hope for this trouble family and its accounting problems, its family system problems, its ecological problems, with its rising debts and taxes, once again hope in Middle Son Yang love and peace and joy, in the Heaven Trigram of the I Ching of Confucian Classics, in what is called “Steps Toward and Ecology of Mind?” (see Bateson, referenced elsewhere in these writings)

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 17th 2016.

The Infant leaves the womb in the control of the Id, the Unconscious, the Anima, Animus of Child and Mother to emerge from this Water Element, the realm of the Lake Trigram, as pure libido, as pure desire and behavior. From the investments, the payables and receivables of Lake it enters into the pure losses of evolution as entropy, of the Darwinian struggle for existence, if it survives, it begins to move through the oral, anal, and other stages of development in Earth Trigram and become a salesman for the Child Voice. In Buddhist terms, it leaves the realm of pure kama, pure desire in Thunder, the cries, the tantrum behavior of Thunder Trigram, to become pure suffering, pure dukka, in the bad food and anal excretions, the tears, and milk of Earth Element and Earth Trigram. Now it must sell itself, now it must gain assets from sales, it must obtain the mother’s breast, the mother’s milk, the mother’s protection and favor.

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