Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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Inevitably it must pay for these assets that it obtains and exchanges in Earth Trigram sales for debits and liabilities that subject it to frustration and discipline by the fight between the Super Ego, between the Parent’s standards in Wind Trigram and its own instincts in Lake Trigram unconscious Id-Anima-Animus, as they are evolving out of Thunder Trigram libido into Earth Trigram oral anal genital childhood, now subject to the evolving system of repressions of that libido, now subject to rules and laws and discipline in Water Well Trigram, gradually learning in Water Well how to be dependent, how to be compulsive, how to be a masochist, how to be depressed, gradually learning the vice of slavery and servitude to supplement the vice of sloth it learned in the Water Element of the womb in Lake and the vice of lust and craving that emerged with its birth and tantrums in Thunder Trigram and has now been further developing from its reactions to the objects it buys and sell in Earth Trigram sales, itself, its smile, its worthless anal products, its infantile histrionics and narcissism and is developing vices of product addiction and gluttony, to this system it will now be enslaved in the absolutism of Water Well Trigram.

Its solution is the Fire Element, the Choleric temper, and through this temper and its developing sadistic, negativistic, schizotypal, and antisocial skills, it gains, grabs, steals assets and inventories, it is Adam grabbing fruit from the tree, stealing fruit from Eve, from this an adult voice develops in Flame Trigram. But, to become a full Ego, a full adult it must complete its education in paranoia at the foot of the Tree of Life and at the foot of the Super Egos of its parents in the Parent Voices of Wind Trigram.

The result is the gradual education of the impressionistic mind, the notion of ownership and owner’s equity in Mountain Trigram, from here, the vice of anger maturing in Flame, can be further developed into jealousy and envy, now with further education, the Ego can parent, can become a Super Ego to others in the Wind Trigram paranoid realm of hoarding values, profit assessments and virtues. Eventually, schizoid versions of these new traits, compulsive investments allow the Parental Voice some form of aristocratic dominance, if the developing Ego energies have gained enough profits from the narcissistic and histrionic sales of their assets in Earth Trigram.

The final goal is for the rising Ego in Flame Trigram to fully inflate itself with the Air Element ideals and rise to sainthood in the Dreamtime Zamani of the tribe, to ascend into Heaven Trigram as a grandparent, as an elder voice.

Thus, it is that Genesis reverses the order of human development, beginning with creation in Heaven Trigram and the announcement by Elohim that the result is Good in Wind Trigram and the gift of breath to Adam as Youngest Son Yang. Now Adam finds himself in the Garden of Eden, which becomes the New Thought Trinity of the empirical mind, the Pneuma, Creative Spirit, or Adam, and the Psyche, or local use of the Nous Santa Sophia Cosmic Mind Tree of Life, Eldest Daughter Yin, this emerges in New Thought (see Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind Textbook) as the Law of Mind, and finally the Soma, the Body. It is within this triangle, the trigonometry, that Adam discovers his empirical ability, his ownership and his equity.

From here Adam reaches into Fire Element and Flame Trigram to steal the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, to join with Eve as Middle Daughter Yin, to rebel against the parents out of the Dreamtime Heaven Trigram. Now fully aware of Earth Element, Earth Trigram, it becomes objects for sale, it becomes finite, Adam and Eve enter together into Dukka, into Buddhist Suffering, Christian Sin.

The punishments of Water Well Trigram come down upon them, they are forced to pay for the debts and liabilities of their stolen assets, and they must wander in this reduced Earth Trigram where the Earth Element is impoverished by the realistic temper. But, further distress comes upon them in Thunder Trigram, where bad weather chases them from the remains of the garden and they are subject to the losses associated with entropy, with the struggle for existence.

Deeply indebt in the realm of Youngest Daughter Yin in Babylon, enslaved to construction of its Tower of Babel, they are swept away by the flood of bad investments in Lake Trigram, where only the chosen are rescued by Noah and his ark.

So we see the stages of creation are the reverse if the stage of Ego development.

7:23 AM, Bakersfield, California, 1/18/2016

Consider a Heaven Trigram manufacturing dominated by producer organisms, by green plants, by the Plant Kingdom, and a greedy profit accounting by herbivores in Wind Trigram, a envious equity accounting and ownership of food by carnivores, in a Mountain Trigram dominated by the Animal Kingdom, helped out by decomposers in the Flame Trigram that are competing for assets, inventories, of elemental resources in the remains the carnivores leave behind.

Suppose the Earth Trigram is filled with seeds and fruits that are put up for sale by the trees that drop them with scavengers among the leaves and humus on the ground that are among the final consumers, saprophytes that consume the dead remains. Suppose that the Thunder Trigram is filled with bacteria that support the operations described above, but also cause disease and major losses cause by disease, thus supporting Darwinian evolution and natural selection by causing the extinction of maladaptive genetic expressions. These losses subtract from the profits of the herbivores in Wind Trigram.

Water Well Trigram is filled with fungi that also support Earth Trigram compost and humus formation. The fungi are a liability account, debits against the assets and inventories of the final decomposers in small animals and bacteria. The lichens and symbiotic fungi and bacteria and algae in Lake Trigram are investments with further payables and receivable stacked against assets and owners equity in Mountain and Flame Trigram.

Suppose that the carnivorous animal kingdom Mountain is bounded by sadistic personalities like the spiders and narcissistic types like the lion, paranoid types like the shrew. Suppose the producer plant kingdom Heaven Trigram is bounded by schizoid types like redwoods, avoidant types like symbiotic coral reefs and schizotypal types like chemosythetic bacteria. Suppose the fungi forming compost in Water Well are bounded by compulsive types like leaf cutting mold growing ants, masochistic types like the fungi and algae in lichens, dependent types like the fungi that form mushrooms. Suppose pathogenic bacteria in Thunder Trigram are bounded by histrionic types like malaria, borderline types like yeasts, and antisocial types like the flu viruses.

Would Middle Son Yang be the ecological integration of the system and Middle Daughter Yin be its fragmentation and disintegration? Would Eldest Daughter Yin be stabilizing systems functions and Eldest Son Yang be death and changes in energy states and energy flows? Would Youngest Son Yang be concentration and isolation of energy and information and Youngest Daughter Yin be its association and dissipation?

Would this be a metaphor for metaphysics, with Middle Son Yang as the integration of the finite and Middle Daughter its fragmentation in local atoms and quantum events, with Eldest Son as the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable through evolution as entropy and Eldest Daughter as mathematics, reason, and systems function of that energy. Youngest Son as the primitive here and now source of time in the phenomenological creativity of being from within energy as passion and being from within information as knowledge, integration as pleasure and love and joy, and disintegration as pain and hate and sadness?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, June 18th 2016

So Flame Trigram and Fire Element are combustion, oxidation and Earth Trigram is solid ground, and Earth Element, Lake Trigram is Water Element and liquid solutions, Wind Trigram is Air Element and the Gaseous state, Nitrogen Oxygen. But the Nitrifying Bacteria belong to the opposite of Wind Trigram, the pathogens and bacteria are sources of Losses in Thunder, and the Animals are the opposite of Water Element, they are the salty blood of Mountain Trigram, so the Green Plants in Heaven Trigram send their roots down into Earth Element but their leaves are pointed toward the Sun in order to accomplish photosynthesis. All the oxidation in the compost forming Fungi of Water Well Trigram is going on in the mitochondria of the protoplasm.

So Eldest Daughter Yin, the Tree of Life, generates the complex water of the blood for the Animal Kingdom carnivores of Mountain Trigram and the complex fires of the mitochondria of the protoplasm in the Fungi and other compost forming organisms in Water Well Trigram, gives nitrogen to the herbivores of Wind Trigram, not directly from the air, but through nitrifying bacteria of Thunder Trigram that provide nitrogen to the soil of Earth Trigram where it is some of the good for sale for the roots of tree and used by them for the manufacturing of proteins in Heaven Trigram Garden of Eden manufacturing costs. So the Eldest Daughter Yin of the Garden of Eden, as the Tree of Life maintains this complex system of harmonic balances between the eight trigrams: Water from Lake in the Salty Blood of carnivorous animals in Mountain Trigram, Fire from Flame in the Oxidation of Sugars in the mitochondria of compost forming creatures like the Fungi in the Water Well Trigram, Earth from Earth Trigram providing nutrients, including nitrogen to the roots of Trees doing photosynthesis in producer green plant Heaven Trigram, and the nitrogen coming from nitrifying bacteria in thunder, or from nitrogen provided to the soil in nitrogen strike in Thunder Trigram out of the nitrogen gas in the air and wind of Wind Trigram.

But the energy of this Tree of Life, Eldest Daughter Yin comes from Eldest Son Yang, the Yahweh, I become what I become Father of All Life as Energy flows to Entropy, as the source of Life and Evolution, this isolating and concentrating in isolated living things, Adam, Youngest Son Yang and associating in energy dissipative associations in Eve, Youngest Daughter Yin, integrating as the First Law of Thermodynamics in Middle Son Yang Elohim, or disintegrating as Middle Daughter Yin, Entropy in the Snake, in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, in the Snake as the animation of the Tree.

All the Sons Yang are sons of God as the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable in Heaven Trigram and all the Daughters Yin are daughters of Nature as the finite products that emerge from the improbable in the visible world.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1/19/2016

Energy from the sun in photosynthesis is the source of the food production, the manufacturing done by Green Plants in Heaven Trigram, this same energy drives evolution as entropy in the struggle for existence, in the survival of the fittest, in the survival of energy dissipative structures that are thrifty with energy. In order to do this there must be a code, a system for energy regulation, this code has come to mean proteins that serve as enzymes in the cell. These enzymes are made of nitrogen containing amino acids, the codes for the making of these amino acids are in messenger RNA and chromosomal DNA, substances made of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus.

The green plants get their hydrogen and oxygen from water in the soil through xylem tissue that carries water upward from the roots. This water also contains dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus in an ionic form that the plant can utilize in its cell chemistry. Most of this nitrogen comes from the nitrogen gas in the atmosphere, the mythical “air element” of the wind and the breath, Wind Trigram. But, plants and animals cannot take it directly from the air. Most of it is put in the water of the soil by nitrifying bacteria as a result of their own chemical processing of nitrogen, some comes from the chemistry resulting from lightning strikes, this is truly phenomena that belong to Thunder Trigram, the opposite of Wind Trigram in the I Ching system.

But, nitrogen is essential to forming the DNA and RNA and proteins that maintain the living systems, it is the biological equivalent of the Platonic “Form of the Good.” Again, this nitrogen used by the cell, comes largely from the nitrogen supplied by nitrifying bacteria in the Thunder Trigram of Earth Trigram weather and evolution as entropy. Thus, in a cost benefits analysis of living systems, Profits arising from the replication of DNA, RNA, proteins and nitrogen containing essential chemical of the cell must be compared with Losses resulting from the depletion of nitrogen and other necessary substances in the soil. Some bacteria in Thunder Trigram destroy available nitrogen and render the soil less fertile, this is a loss that must be balanced against profits in Wind Trigram.

Just as the relationship of roots to tree tops ties Earth Trigram Earth Element soil particles with water and nitrogen to food production, food manufacture, in Heaven Trigram, the manufacturing costs in Heaven come from purchases made from Earth Trigram, and just as the genetic set points in Wind Trigram air molecules (Carbon from Carbon Dioxide in the air, Hydrogen and Oxygen from water that fell in rain, nitrogen from soil bacteria, phosphorus from phosphorus molecules released into the soil). When the cost of sales is too high, when the green plant cannot afford to sell its seeds and fruits to the forces, to the animals, that disperse its reproductive structures, it decreases the overall profitability of life in the ecosystem as a Middle Son Yang Heaven Trigram whole, as something that is Wind Trigram Profit for the entire system as a whole.

Assets and resources in Flame Trigram that become available because of the recycling of resources and inventories by decomposer organisms come with a cost. Generally, stored energy in the cell must be burned, must be oxidized in the mitochondria of the cell, particularly the mitochondria of the compost forming fungi. The liability, the debts of the asset accumulating processes in Flame Trigram Fire Element must be stacked against the liabilities, the debts to energy storage in the protoplasm of the structures that must processes these assets and resources. Nothing can be accomplished without the expenditure of energy fueled by oxidation of sugars in the mitochondria. Thus the Fire Element that is trapped in the protoplasm of organism like the fungi in Water Well Trigram is vital to the decomposition that occurs in Flame Trigram.

The Equities, the ions, the energy, the food reserves stored in the blood system, the liquid plasma of animals in Mountain Trigram, the energy equity of this plasma, the salts in solution in this plasma, like sodium, vital to the nerve message that carry information in the nervous system, these have their origin in the cell water of Lake Trigram. It was the primitive ocean that was the original home of the animals that now live on land. The receivables and payables, the energy transactions of living things take place within a solution, a cytoplasm, protoplasm, that is largely enzymatic protein in water. These transactions depend on symbiosis, on the cooperation of the structures and processes in the web of life, in the water and protein of these exchanges in primitive Lake Trigram.

This Tree of Life system is a metaphor for the larger system of all things.

What we call systems theory appears in mythology and metaphysics as the Tree of Life, as Santa Sophia, as holy wisdom, and Eldest Daughter Yin, or as Psyche, the Law of Mind in New Thought Theology (see Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind). In the East, it is known as “Li” or “Dharma.” It is Cosmic Mind, Cosmic Justice, Cosmic Law, the mathematical systems structure underneath all information systems in time and space.

God, Allah, Nirvan, Brahman, Vishnu, Elohim, the Holy Ghost, Middle Son Yang, is the integration of this system, the Body, Quantum Mechanics, the Snake, the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, is the fragmentation of this system into atomic parts.

Youngest Son Yang is the phenomenological existential being from within of pure primary creative infinitesimal time as the jiva atman soul monad private start of all things. Out of nothing, this one point emerges as the negative number square root of minus one that generates the primary time line from which all complex time and space are woven. Primary time is simple free infinite in number, infinitesimal in measure, and necessary for all other space time eventuality, This primary time is the Youngest Son Yang, its energy is passion and its information is knowledge and its processing of the information is thought and reason, its review of this information and passion is consciousness, the disintegration of this process is pain and sorrow and its integration is love and joy.

Youngest Daughter Yin space time relativity is complex and contingent and finite and mechanistic and determinant and associated, and public.

Neither Primary Time, in Youngest Son Yang, nor Middle Son Yang Integration enter into scientific thought or realistic philosophy because they are intangible and immeasurable and have meaning only within the infinite game, not within the finite game. They are known only in the higher levels of management of the finite game as an open ended play of the infinite game.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 19th 2016

The infinite flux that make the improbable probable in Heaven Trigram generates and infinity if infinitesimal moments of simple open generative time, simple open phenomenology and existentially inexistence now, like the decomposers of the soil, this Fire Element, the Flame Trigram competes for attachment to minds and brains in order to gain the pleasure that comes from integration. This infinite flow of infinitesimal jiva monad moments bombards our physical world constantly with time options that are unseen and never measured because the infinitesimal cannot be measured or proven in the finite.

But this is not the only unseen realm. Lake Trigram integrates these monads in all sorts of different world, cosmic systems in various complex combinations of space and time and multidimensional systems of multidimensional space time. In this endless complex is every cosmology and theology and mythology possible, Buddhist systems, Muslim systems, Greek, Polynesian, Native American, African, Native Australian, Papuan, Icelandic, Germanic, mythological sequences, Hindu, Tibetan, Japanese, there is no end to the possibilities, of reincarnation, purgatories, hells, heavens, and super heaven in the tradition of Pythagoras, Homer, Plotinus, Dante, etc., etc. This is the complex space and time that our local existential monads of the now are drawn to, this is the Lake Trigram of symbiosis but in a collective unconscious deep Water Element of Jungian Synchronicity and “Race Thought” magic. Here are complexes of souls in time and space, ghost and ancestral bodies, just as complexes of living things, fungi, slime molds, lichens form in the living world, which becomes a metaphor for the Tree of Life, the Santa Sophia, the Holy Wisdom of the unseen.

But all of this attaches to Earth Element, to Earth Trigram, to the finite world that is formed of quantum events in Middle Daughter and space time relativity in Youngest Daughter Yin, formed out of information and natural systems and laws and mathematics in the Tree of Life that is Eldest Daughter Yin information system potential.

Out of the interaction of this Tree of Life Santa Sophia, the Nous, the Cosmic Mind of Eldest Daughter Yin, of the I Ching, of the trinity of Plotinus, with the Middle Son Yang First Law of Thermodynamics and integration of the boundless in Vishnu Brahman Allah Elohim Hen One, and the Youngest Son Yang creative logos, the Adam of the Pschye, the phenomenological and existential self that is the Yoga of meditation and being from within, that becomes the Socrates, the Christ, the Mohammed, the Krishna avatar, Buddha, Confucius, out of this emerges the Wind Trigram paradigm, the I Ching paradigm, the Four Element Paradigm, the Form of the Good Ideal, the adaptive peak of genotypic set points, here is the genotype, the paradigm for the integration of all things.

The opposite of this realm is the Thunder Trigram of evolution as entropy, as the thermodynamic events of the visible world and the Darwinian evolution that generates the losses the remove the maladaptive expressions and live the pearls of great price as the profits in Wind Trigram

In Buddhist view, as discussed above, Thunder Trigram is the realm of Kama, of desire, Earth Trigram of suffering, and Wind Trigram of the noble eight fold path of right meditation that leads to the end of suffering in the Heaven Trigram of Nirvana, gone gone gone utterly beyond.

Otherwise we are trapped in bad choices, bad karma out of Flame Trigram and the bad views and egotism of Mountain Trigram, trapped in the justice and dharma of Water Well Trigram that condemns us to birth and rebirth in the space and time complexity of Lake Trigram.

The bad assets that we buy and compete for in Flame Trigram and own and claim in the equities of Mountain Trigram must be paid for in astrological debts and liabilities in Water Well Trigram and birth and rebirth in a complex system of lives and heavens and hells and purgatories in Lake Trigram payables and receivables and bad investments.

Only Wind Trigram brings true profits and only Heaven Trigram is the real productive source of joy and love and peace and faith in the boundless integration that is Middle Son Yang and the creativity and phenomenology that is Youngest Son Yang and the energy and power and progressive possibility that is Eldest Son Yang evolution as entropy.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1/19/2014

In the meantime, the mind begins as a fertilized egg in Lake Trigram Water Element of the womb. Here is the unconscious defense of the genetic model for survival, here is the family system that seeks to perpetuate its genetic plans. This level of the unconscious would generate endless depression, avoidance, masochistic sacrifice and borderline fission and fusion if it would keep us safe and allow us to perpetuate our genetic heritage.

The infant is the product of this family complex of ego investments on the part of its members and payables and receivables. At first the infant is left in the Thunder Trigram of losses, loss of the safety of the womb and the comfort of attachment to the mother. Having lost this safety, it seeks to steal what attention and support it can with primitive antisocial aggression, it takes as much from the mother in time an nurturing as it can.

With histrionic displays it buys time at the mothers breast in Earth Trigram, with narcissistic performances, it attempts to sell its talents to family and friends. Yet it is dependent upon the environment and family system which soon punishes it, disciplines it, if it does not compulsively follow the rules of its world, its parents, of the culture and the family system. Here in Water Well Trigram, it learns its debts, its liabilities, the payments it must make to the meme system, the cultural idea system, to the language community to which it belongs, if it wishes to survive.

So puberty will entice the Ego, the Adult Voice to rebel in Flame Trigram and Fire Element, to cut loose in a negativistic, antisocial, sadistic, even schizotypal rebellion against the family and the home and the dependent role of the Child Voice and the anal and oral stages of its early development. With time, this Adult Ego will develop its own Equity accounts, its own impressionistic mental system in Mountain Trigram, its own existential and experimental use of assets and inventories in Flame Trigram competition with other adult systems.

From the sloth of the womb and the slavery of conformity to its culture in Water Well and Lake, from the lust and gluttony and addiction to products sold to it by the Earth and Thunder Trigrams, it will minimize its losses and seek its own combination of genes and memes, its own reproductive narcissism, which it will guard with jealousy in a paranoid reaction to threats against its owner’s equity in Mountain and Wind Trigram.

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