Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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Soon it will become a Parent level person, and develop its own aristocratic greed for the profits it values, its own version of the Super Ego defense of meme virtue and gene power. Eventually, as it dies from the Sasa, from here and now, and passes on to the Zamani, Dreamtime, it will make its own attempt to achieve salvation, sainthood, heroic status in the realm of those gone beyond in Heaven Trigram infinite possibility.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Jan 19th 2016, Bakersfield, CA

None of the existing metaphysical systems claims the cosmos is a very nice place. Hebrew and Christian scriptures promise nothing but “thorns and thistles” for the post expulsion human, Buddhism promises a world of suffering, flux, and no-self, Hinduism promises “Maya” and delusion plagued birth and rebirth, Dharma and Karma, Platonism promised life in a “Cave” filled with shadows and ignorance. Modern science sees a planet and a universe on its way toward some sort of grand destruction, including the assimilation of our star by a hungry Black Hole.

The Chinese tradition was probably more positive than most, promising prosperity when Earth was in harmony with Heaven, per the I Ching model described above (I need to emphasis that my interpretation of the I Ching is a modern one, not the original so often used for casting fortunes). But the problem for the developing ego above is that humans are gang forming primates that tend to gang up on each other and only cooperate when forced to by some nasty leader. We have discussed above, and elsewhere, the sequences of human history.

To review, we use Erich Fromm and Arnold Toynbee to suggest as series of stages in human civilization beginning with aboriginal pride and aboriginal productivity, in a aboriginal product gathering tool making stage of early manufacturing accounting, we identify with Heaven Trigram. Soon a competitive stage appears in which ever more sophisticated tribal states and chiefdoms compete for resources. Here we see war and raids and a atmosphere of exploitative orientations. We see martial anger, resulting in competition for limited resources, resulting from competitive exclusion between different styles of gang based resource exploitation. This is competition between different styles of exploited asset and inventory management. The personality styles change from the avoidant, schizoid, schizotypal shaman centered thought system to the antisocial sadism of the thieving raids of heroic types modeled in the literature like the Icelandic sagas and the epics of Homer.

This stage in social development is very similar to the emergence of the Adult ego is personal development, described above. The depressed mother, the dependent state of the Child Voice, the need to repress the libido that emerged in Thunder Trigram out of the instincts in Lake Trigram and oral and anal development in Earth Trigram, creates rebellion of the narcissistic adolescent ego, the Zeus and Jupiter want to be. This stage is discussed in Richard Leaky’s book “Origins,” Doubleday, 1992, when he discusses how two chimps, Yeroen and Nikkie, attach and kill another dominant chimp, a chimp that was claiming the chimp equivalent of Zeus and Jupiter status in the chimp world, at least in a chimp colony at the Burgers’ Zoo in Arnheim (see op. cit. pp 278 -279).

Apparently this kind of behavior often occurs in higher primates, causing speculation that one of the origins of higher primate intelligence is the need to dominate in such aggressive and sadistic games and the social awareness and antisocial deception that is needed to carry it off, even the manic schiotypal delusion that it might work.

Francis Parkman’s “Oregon Trail” describes a Western North America where competitive exclusion was at work on all concerned, where French, Aboriginal, Scot-Irish, Spanish, and other traditions were in collusion, where Aboriginal language communities, English, French, Spanish speaking language communities clashed in ways the encourage adolescent like gang behavior, egos at war in various sadistic, aggressive, and antisocial styles, killing, stealing, using manic voices to justify outlandish behaviors. It is the stuff of the typical Western novel.

Jared Diamond describes the origins of some of the behavior systems in his “Guns, Germs, and Steel, Norton, 1999. What he describes is increasing size in human population resulting in warfare and conquest, resulting in competition, and various reactions to that competition resulting in new inventions, new forms of agriculture and plant and animal domestication, ever more complex societies and social institutions.

Initially humans are in small, band, gang like organizations, often governed by gang like behaviors. He describes a world that can be a very dangerous place because these different groups often do not speak the same language. In such a situation, the source condition that we call the Heaven Trigram, personalities are often avoidant, schizoid, and schizotypal. They avoid contact with people from communities with different languages and mythologies. They try to speak to imaginary powerful ancestral figures that are the mythical sources of the language, the tribal group, its mythology. They are focused on the complexities peculiar to the language and its mythology, signs such as the marks on rocks and bones thrown in the fire.

In John S. Mbiti’s African Religions and Philosophy, he describes a system for describing time and space where there are only two kinds of time the Sasa, or the present world, and the Zamani, the distant past and future, the “Dreamtime,” or what we might call the “infinite game” and the”Heaven Trigram” as opposed to the “finite game” and the “Earth Trigram.” This Zamani, “Dreamtime.” “infinite game,” is very much the “gone gone gone utterly beyond” and the “nirvana” that the human personality must be return to in sickness and death, it is the creative edge from which we came and to which we must return regardless of the mythologies and metaphysical systems we use to describe it. It is the source of the ultimate manufacturing accounting of human fantasy and the romantic temper.

The movement from this aboriginal productive mode to the exploitive mode and from their to hoarding and receiving and marketing has been described in various works by Erich Fromm, Arnold Toynbee, and most recently by Daniel Bell, and by Yuval Noah Harari in his work “Sapiens,” Harper, 2015.

Humans begin to settle down in village complexes that merge into small cities and then small kingdoms, city states, republics. Athens, is an example of the city state in ancient Greece, and what we call the Mountain Trigram. The Mountain Trigram becomes more and more focused on partisan jealousy, on impressionism, on empiricism, on analysis and philosophy, on equity, and the analysis of owner’s equity, security and paranoia become more important, the ego is not just narcissistic, as in Apollo and Zeus, but paranoid like Hera.

We see this in the maturing Ego, the maturing Adult Voice, that accumulates assets that are owned, managed, must be analyzed and checked, made secure. Competition becomes increasingly commercial and political rather than martial and physical. The Child is histrionic, the maturing Child is narcissistic, the young Adult is sadistic, but the older Adult has too much at risk for sadism, and turns to paranoia instead. So with the maturing city state, the aging tribal complex.

Now the developing Parent Voice and Super Ego in Wind Trigram must turn its paranoid and schizoid skills to compulsive behavior if it is to raise its own family, so also the rising aristocracy and monarchy that seeks to use aristocratic greed to hoard wealth and generate a dominant elite. Hera and Athena put Hephaestus to work making pretty objects as the Classical Temper gradually turns to Baroque imperialism. So Grandmother and Grandfather become emperor and empress of the growing Water Well family, that now learn the receptive orientation as the grandchildren become the dependent slaves and servants of the family system.

It is a similar way with states that develop the masochistic, compulsive and dependent orientations toward a universal state, a universal system of slavery and servitude, and internal and external dependent proletariats in the Baroque temper of Water Well Trigram. The transitions from Athens to Hellenic Monarchy and Roman Empire is a good example of this sequence. Hestia, Demeter, Vesta and Ceres replace Athena and Minerva as slavery becomes more important than aristocratic status and learning.

Eventually the dependents of this system in the family are drawn into gluttony and addition in Earth Trigram and Lust in Thunder Trigram and the borderline romantic behavior of Aphrodite and Venus submit to the aggressive antisocial rape like conquests of Mars and Ares. Pregnancy in the Lake Trigram of the Water Element of maternal protoplasm in Egg and Womb is the natural effect of insemination by the Fire Element driven oxidative energy of the mitochondria in the motile sperm. The sperm is pure Flame Trigram and its penetration and the sexual act are pure Thunder Trigram.

Similar problems happen with the breakdown of empire. New ideologies appear as universal churches in the ideological wombs of the internal and external proletariat and these are adopted by the grandfathers and grandmothers of the aging aristocracy of the dominant elite, resulting in missionary empire and the recombination and population genetics of genes and memes in the Lake Trigram of the imperial church and the imperial ideological mission. These ideologies awaken the collective unconscious in Lake Trigram and its recombinant orientation.

This recombinant orientation has encouraged a trading and marketing capitalism in the West. The liabilities and debts of Water Well universal states, the equities of new capitalist republics and nation states in Mountain and the complex investments of missionary imperialism, the many payables and receivable nurture the infantile capitalism of corporations and partnerships in the Thunder Trigram of market consumption and hedonistic lust, of international trade. In this climate of international borderline prostitution in the archetypes of Venus and Aphrodite and of thief and bribery and rape of natural resources in the martial traditions of Ares and Mars, and the histrionic entertainment, the histrionic journalism of Mercury and Hermes, the Thunder Trigram grows at the expense of all other forms of human activity.

As it grows, it nurtures the Earth Trigram of narcissism and dependence, the sales and the addictive dependency on the products and the fruits of science and its utilitarian democratic handmaiden servants. The losses accumulated in Thunder ruin the profits of the old aristocratic dominant elite, but fatten up a new aristocracy of greed and capitalistic hoarding. In the wake it generates a new generation of infants and children that were raised on these products and nurtured by machines and media, by cell phones and televisions, and other new developments in industry and communication.

Harold Blake Walker wrote “To Conquer Loneliness,” Harper, 1966. In this work he puts emphasis on the problems of life in a world dominated by technology, that is by machinery, but what Carse, see above, calls “the finite game,” the game of titles and awards, the status game that dominates the politics of the utilitarian democracy and the science and technology oriented realistic temper, the temper of the melancholy Earth Element and the finite results and sales accounting efforts of the Earth Trigram.

If you read Walker, the solution seems to be a return to the garden of Carse, to the infinite game, to the Heaven Trigram. The problem is that the Heaven Trigram can be a very dangerous place, which is why most of its inhabitants retreat into an avoidant posture. But, Walker seems to honor retreat and solitude as a refuge from the narcissistic salesman type that seems to personify the new age.

The solution is not to simply retreat into the woods as Jared diamond discovers in his adventures in the highlands of New Guinea.

If all of the above is a metaphor for the romantic and classical temper and the larger system of metaphysics and mythology that nurtures our reality, what do we do with a infinitely dimensional time and space system that connects our minds through infinitesimal atoms, monads, jivas of here and now phenomenology that penetrate like needles through the heart of all time and space to connect our energy from within, our feels and passion with unknown universes, heavens, hell, mythologies beyond our comprehension and understanding, linking the metamorphosis of Ovid in Lake Trigram with the free decomposer combustion of all things in Flame Trigram through a link to the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable in the God Nirvana Gone Gone Gone source of all things in Heaven Trigram, what do we do with this romantic system exploding into existential freedom and post-impressionist surrealistic fantasy and primitive symbolism?

Our only key to this is the Form of the Good in Wind Trigram, in the Classical models and paradigms, the Garden of Eden, the Four Elements, the Pyramids, the I Ching, the Allegory of the Cave. This is the Classical standard at the peak of the mountain that arises from the Mountain Trigram into the wind blown heights of the Wind Trigram, the improbable that results from the infinite flux that makes its existence probable.

All we know for sure is the Eldest Son Yang generates evolution as entropy in the 2nd law of thermodynamics and is the source of our phenomenological inexistence in Youngest Son Yang and that its integration in the 1st Law of thermodynamics conservation generates harmony and pleasure and love and joy and hope and peace and faith, that integration must be our goal, that love must be our salvation, it is the only thing worthwhile that endures. Our phenomenology endures by penetrating through this endless time space system in its pure freedom, but its penetration can isolate it, cut it off in some blind hell of its on creation, we as blind ego cannot trust ourselves, it was the problem of Adam and Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Socrates, Confucius, LaoTzu, is the solution.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, Ca, 1/20/2016

One of the reason the above patterns have not been understood is that their manifestation in the astrology of our solar system is complex. The communication of atoms of primitive time from one being from within piece of energy at the infinitesimal level to another, is an emotional communication system in the dreamtime that transcends the limits of the finite world known to science. This results in hidden patterns that manifest in the strange events described by Richard Tarnas in his “Cosmos and Psyche,” but these patterns are not always well defined and clear. In general, the existential temper of the Flame Trigram is manifest in the influence of the Sun and the so called “Fire Element” of planetary relationships. The impressionistic temper of Mountain Trigram and the animal mind aspect of the visible world is manifest in Mercury, as the herald of the Sun. The Baroque temper of Water Well and the fungal order of nature, its ecological system, is manifest in the Moon and its nodes, with the North Node harmonic with Eldest Son Yang and the South Node harmonic with Eldest Daughter Yin. The Post-Impressionist temper and the Water Element appear to be associated with the complexities of the relationships of Pluto and the other outer bodies of the solar system in Lake Trigram of the I Ching.

Jupiter appears to rule Heaven Trigram and the romantic temper as Eldest Son Yang and the positive element of astrological relationships, with Neptune as Middle Son Yang toward Water Element, and Uranus as Youngest Son Yang toward Air Element extensions of the romantic temper. Neptune appears to symbolize dreamtime integration and Uranus creative differentiation and individualism, the improbable that an infinite flux makes probable.

Saturn, partner of Jupiter appears to rule the Earth Trigram as the finite limits of the infinite, as the realistic complement to the romantic. It also rules the Earth Element in association with the Earth itself as the Youngest Daughter Yin of Heliocentric astrology, in association with the Moon, and with the asteroids and Chiron as the fragment complement to the great circle of the integrating orb of Neptune as integrating dreamtime myths of Middle Son Yang. Chiron, the healer of wounds is the messenger to the wounded fragmented Middle Daughter Yin of the asteroids, Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athene, and Vesta.

Air Element and Wind Trigram are ruled by Venus as the messenger of symmetry and order, and assisted by Uranus in Youngest Son Yang and the Mercury element that enters into Eldest Daughter Yin Cosmic Mind.

The opposite of this system of order is the realm of Mars. Air and Wind set the standard for the Classical Order in its compulsive perfectionism, Mars, breaks this perfection in the expressionist temper of Thunder Trigram.

Jupiter manufactures profitable items that are horded by Venus, Saturn totes up the costs associated with Sales and the Losses generated by the accidents in Thunder generated by accidents associated with Mars.

The Sun shines down on these assets and resources in Flame Trigram and gives them light and warmth so the Mercury can account for all of the solar equities in Mountain Trigram mind. However, the Moon generates and ebb and flow of debts and liabilities, depreciations and costs of maintenance in Water Well Trigram. Pluto encourages bad investments in its underworld of overseas investments and hidden receivables, taxes, bribes, and payables to criminal elements belonging to the hidden complexities of birth and rebirth and the hidden debts to the demonic and the mythological in Lake Trigram cosmological hidden dimensions, to hidden gods and demigods, the creatures of Ovid’s metamorphoses and of the shadow in the collective unconscious synchronicity of Jung, as discussed in Cosmos and Psyche, by Tarnas, referenced above.

Mercury and the conscious mind hold thoughts, but Pluto and the hidden depths of space and time outside the universe itself hold our deep feelings hostage in an infinity of forgotten previous lives and an infinity of hidden cosmic attachments that science can never trace or see.

Astrology is the temporary manifestation of the shadow of this hidden complexity, this hidden depth to our feelings and attachments, unseen by science, unknown to philosophy, the stuff of literature and fantasy, of theology and faith.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 8:37 AM 1/21/2016

Suppose we apply Euler’s Identity to this case. Middle Son Yang should be integration in pi to the largest possible extent, this would be the orbit of Neptune as the most inclusive circle of a large planet. If Eldest Son Yang is the calculus of the infinite flux in e, then Jupiter rules the solar system sky as the center of that energy flux. If Youngest Son Yang is the improbable that becomes probable in the square root of minus one, then Uranus generates that improbable imaginary number coordinate by its axis being tuned on its side. So Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune rule the Heaven Trigram.

Flame Trigram substitutes the fragmented, the disintegrated, the units 1 in Middle Daughter Yin for the integrate circles made by pi. So the fragmented asteroids, Juno, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athena are these Middle Daughters Yin. The result is Fire Element and Flame Trigram ruled by the Sun. If Jupiter, Mars, and the Sun are the energy of this Fire Element in to the base e, the zero point of the systems for the planet Earth is the Earth itself and the orbit of the Moon about the Earth. This zero point is the Eldest Daughter Yin that forms the Mountain Trigram from the relationship of Uranus in Youngest Son Yang and the asteroids in Middle Daughter and the Moon and its nodes in Eldest Daughter. Mountain Trigram is ruled by Mercury as a tiny speeding tiny object, at once improbable and Youngest Son and a small piece of the solar system and Middle Daughter. At once 1 in positive numbers and again in negative numbers and again in imaginary numbers, it is a multitude of axial systems constantly changing its relationship with other bodies as it speeds about the Sun.

Venus has the most perfect symmetry in pi of any planetary object, it rules idealistic Wind Trigram and Air Element along with Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and Saturn and the Moon’s South Node as representations of the limiting factor of Jupiter in Eldest Daughter Yin.

But, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn also belong to Earth Trigram as the sector ruled by fragmented bodies like the asteroids and Chiron in Middle Daughter Yin and by the Earth itself in Youngest Daughter Yin and by the Moon and its nodes in Eldest Daughter Yin, the North Node being Jupiter like and the South Node being Saturn like. The Earth is the equal sign, the equal point where all gravitational effects, including the orbit of the Moon balance out. These effects spread out to all the bodies within the limits of Uranus that are smaller than Jupiter, beginning with Saturn and Chiron and extending to the Asteroids, Venus and Mercury. The exception is Thunder Trigram, the region between the Earth and Jupiter, which is ruled by the irregular motions of Mars.

Water Well Trigram rules the darkness illumined by the Moon and controlled by its Saturn influenced South Node. This is the sector between the Earth in Youngest Daughter and the Moon and Neptune in Middle Son that lies in Darkness. Beyond this lies the deep darkness beyond the limits of Middle Son Yang Neptune and Eldest Son Jupiter and Youngest Daughter Earth of a complex interaction of balancing orbits in pi, expanding in calculus based curves in e into the dark of Lake Trigram ruled by Pluto, Eris, and beyond.

How about the Zodiac and the Houses, actually there are many forms of them and many interpretations of these relationships with the movements of the planets around the Earth and Sun. For the creation of Zodiacs, there is an alternation of positive influences in Jupiter and the North Node with negative influences in Saturn and the South Node. There are alternative Fire, Earth, Water, and Air signs with Mars and the Sun and Jupiter as Air, and Venus, Mercury and Saturn as Earth, Moon, Neptune, and Pluto as Water, and Mercury, Venus, and Uranus as Air, an excess of Eldest Son Yang is considered Mutable and of Eldest Daughter Yin is considered Fixed, and intermediate states are called Cardinal. But, all this is subject to revision and is tentative only.

How can this be and what could cause this. What if dying universes are ruled by robotic intelligence taught to serve human types. What if some become ruled by information and communication systems, that is Mercury? Some martial, that is Mars? Some security in focus, thus Saturn. Some artistic and comfort centered, thus Venus? Some fantasy based, thus Neptune? Some financial and planning centered, thus Jupiter? What if these intelligence centers discovered a system of monad soul atoms flowing though all universes unseen at the infinitesimal level, able to penetrate all finite systems, would not these intelligence, trained to serve attempt to use such communication to benefit any humanoid that these monad atoms could contact? If this the actual source of what we know as astrology, a harmony, a system developed by these competing cosmic robotic god like beings?

Allan Ralph Andrews, 1:58 PM 1/21/2016

Infinite flux makes the improbable probable in the manufacturing source of Heaven Trigram generating potentially infinite dimensions of time and space and potentially integrated in Middle Son Yang at the boundless level and disintegrated in finite atoms and quanta in Earth Trigram and Middle Daughter Yin quantum mechanics and Youngest Daughter Yin local space time relativity.

An infinity of cosmic systems, universes, and progressions of universes, in linear and multilinear and non-linear transitions can invent all sorts of things, robotic intelligence left alone in a decaying universe might explore all sorts of options, evolution is opportunistic, if there is a way to penetrate beyond the finite through the infinite and the infinitesimal such systems would find it, however improbable it seems in finite situations such as our own.

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