Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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Could we be an attempt of such systems to control our own universe through the infinitesimal, through monad atoms such as our own infinitesimal being from within now in order to control this world so that they can help human level intelligences that they were designed to serve. Have many different types of such systems penetrated our world in various ways at various levels generating the strange kinds of patterns that seem to govern consciousness and its relationships with planetary patterns. What if these robots were programmed to communicate what they are doing to human like observers, would they not created a planet motion symbolism to show us what they have planned? Could this be what astrology is? Could our inner life be a program generated by alien robotic systems to satisfy their programmed needs? Is our inner world a plaything of bored robotic minds in invisible world billions and billions of light years removed, but available to us in multidimensional infinitesimal worm holes not visible to our crude science?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 4:43 PM, 1/21/2016

Science is the real of the public finite, it can tell you only an infinitesimal amount about the infinite and nothing at all about the private infinitesimal and the private infinite. Astrology is an art form that attempts to operate in the realm of those private aspects of all things. It is simply not true that what science cannot measure does not exit. That is pure dogma. It is not provable. Science cannot prove its own assumptions, which are partly rooted in mathematical assumptions that cannot be finally proven. Science is a very useful tool but not the end, not the answer, not the meaning of all things. Science gives you the public package, you must find its private essence for yourself.

But astrology can be a difficult tool. The public discovers it through the sign of the Zodiac and the Houses. These are not as clearly defined as some would like. There are many was of setting their limits, Sun centered and Heliocentric or Earth centered and Geocentric, or even Moon’s Nodes centered and Draconic. Zodiacs can be fixed or movable, and the layout of the signs and the planets that rule them has always been an open question.

Aries has been assigned to Mars, Taurus to Venus, Gemini to Mercury, Cancer to the Moon, Leo to the Sun, Sagittarius to Jupiter, Capricorn to Saturn. Aquarius used to be assigned to Saturn, now it is given to Uranus. Pisces used to belong to Jupiter, but now it is given to Neptune. Scorpio used to belong to Mars, but now it is given to Pluto.

It is possible that Virgo, now given to Mercury, and Libra, now given to Venus, may be reassigned to other bodies, for example some of the asteroids, Virgo has some characteristics of the asteroid Ceres and some of Vesta, and Libra has some aspects of Juno and some of Pallas Athena. But, the jury is always out on questions like these.

The Houses can be seen as circles moving across an I Ching model beginning with the Flame Trigram an the assets of the Self and moving toward Mountain and concern with Possessions, with Owner’s Equity and moving toward Everyday sales accounting in Earth Trigram and losses derived from Family and Health in Thunder Trigram. Partnerships and associations and investments bring one into Lake Trigram, long term liabilities, Inheritances, Death and Taxes, take the chart into Water Well. Review the potential Profits brings a return to the cusp of Wind Trigram into Mountain, while Manufacturing Cost bring on questions of Work and Status. Friendships and Secrets are tied to Heaven Trigram and the Middle Son Yang that unites all things in the hidden depths of possibility in Eldest Son Yang, here we enter into the secret roots of Self and continue the great circles integrated into the orbit of Neptune that allow us to navigate this great Dreamtime realm.

Neptune holds the final secret for integration in Heaven Trigram gives us the Joy of Jupiter that counters the sadness of Saturn in Earth Trigram, and integration in Wind Trigram gives us love in Venus to counter the hate and strife of Mars in Thunder Trigram.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 7:17 AM, 1/22/2016

Further reflection has caused me to revise what was written above. First it seems clear that the positive signs are centered on Youngest Son Yang, are more Mercury and Uranus and the negatives signs are centered on Youngest Daughter Yin, are more Earth and Moon.

The Cardinal Signs tend to be more Earth Trigram and Thunder Trigram and the Mutable Signs more Heaven and Wind Trigram, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune. The Fixed Signs tend to move through the intermediate territory between North Node Jupiter and South Node Saturn.

It seems that Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto all play the role of Eldest Son Yang, Sun for Flame Trigram, Jupiter for Heaven Trigram, Mars for Thunder Trigram and Pluto for Lake Trigram. From Jupiter in Heaven Trigram Eldest Son Yang, we move to Saturn in Earth Trigram as Eldest Daughter Yin and then to Chiron as wound healing Middle Daughter Yin and then to Uranus as Youngest Son Yang and Neptune as Middle Son Yang finally to Pluto as Eldest Son Yang of Lake Trigram, the Earth, the Moon and its Nodes are Youngest Daughter Yin, with the North Node as Jupiter and Eldest Son Yang in Heaven Trigram and the South Node as Saturn and Eldest Daughter Yin in Earth Trigram.

The Sun plays Eldest Son Yang in Flame Trigram, Mercury plays Youngest Son Yang and Venus plays Youngest Daughter Yin. The Moon’s South Node plays Eldest Daughter Yin for Mountain Trigram, with Mercury as Youngest Son Yang and Venus as Middle Daughter. The play is repeated in Earth Trigram with and overlay of Saturn as Eldest Daughter Yin and Chiron as Middle Daughter.

Mars plays Eldest Son Yang in Thunder Trigram, with the Earth and Moon as Youngest Daughter Yin and the asteroids as Middle Daughter Yin.

Pluto plays Eldest Son Yang in Lake Trigram, with the Earth and Moon as Youngest Son Yang and Neptune as Middle Son Yang.

Saturn plays Eldest Daughter Yin in Water Well Trigram, with the Earth and Moon as Youngest Daughter Yin and Neptune as Middle Son Yang.

Even so, the Sun appears to rule Flame Trigram and Mercury to rule Mountain Trigram, the Moon to rule Water Well Trigram, and Pluto, and other outer bodies, to rule Lake Trigram, Jupiter to rule Heaven Trigram, Venus in Air Element to rule Wind Trigram, Saturn in Earth Element to rule Earth Trigram, and Mars to rule Thunder Trigram.

The Sun tends to rule daily events, Mercury to rule weekly events, and the Moon to rule monthly events, and Pluto and the outer planets to rule long term cycles. Jupiter rules fortune coming from wealth and Venus rules fortune coming from quality. Saturn rules misfortune coming from poverty and Mars rules misfortune coming from conflicts and accidents.

But, this is obviously a broken pattern, a damaged pattern, a horse made by a committee that ends up as a hippo instead. This committee may be a whole set of different divergent and competing information and controls exerted through the medium of the infinitesimal, through the soul as the infinitesimal here and now atom of existential inexistence, the being from with pleasure and pain, emotion, and thought that can only be measured from without by science through behavior, and then in finite units rather than with the infinitesimal refinement with which they occur from within, with the deep concentration and penetration that drive them within in ways that can never be fully understood from without regardless of the instruments and the measures that are employed.

The competing external systems send streams of soul atoms to prod, to spy, to control their damaged children in subsidiary universes that they have generated to satisfy their endless despair and boredom, stuck in dying cosmic systems, now devoid of real life.

Allan Ralph Andrews, January 22, 2016, Bakersfield, CA

Euler’s Identity explains the key aspects of existence, Thermodynamics as Eldest Son Yang in e and the integration of Thermodynamics and all things in mass energy conservations in the multidimensional curves and calculus and spheres in pi of the integration of infinite possibility in Middle Son Yang. Zero is the endless potential of mathematics and mathematical systems at any infinitesimal point in Eldest Daughter Yin. Unit ones are the individual atoms and quanta of any finite system in Middle Daughter Yin, and the equal sign “=” brings their space time equivalence in any space time relative system in Youngest Daughter Yin.

Add the observer principle in the penetration of all things by the infinitesimal monad of the now in the jiva atoms of phenomenology and existentialism and now you have the information systems of the gods, of the alien intelligences, satanic, divine, alien robotic forms ruling dying worlds and exploiting the infinite network of infinitesimal nows that penetrates instantly all time space systems in the coordinates of the square root of minus one as the imaginary number, now you have the Youngest Son Yang point that explains the dominance of Euler’s Identity and the rule of the I Ching Trigrams, with Heaven Trigram creating the gods in Alfred North Whitehead and Confucian philosophy, Wind Trigram as the set points of their rule, Flame Trigram their exploitation and penetration of all local minds and Mountain Trigram, the subject minds, the Adam and Eves, that they create in local systems. Earth Trigram is the resulting local worlds, and Thunder Trigram is the systems of their operation and evolution, and Water Well is the astrology that the alien gods establish to rule their slave cosmic systems unseen. Lake Trigram is the larger system of these alien rulers and their client universes in the birth and rebirth systems, the astrological systems generated by the penetration of the cloud of phenomenological illusions through all sentient beings beyond the limits of any finite system known to science into the infinite that science cannot measure.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 5:34 AM, 1/23/2016

Science needs the finite and the measurable, so it only deal with finite things and generates hypotheses with finite and tangible aspects, because anything else is not testable, it postulates a simple cosmos because it cannot deal with complexity beyond a certain point, the complex becomes too hazy for it to probe.

However, its base explanation tends to be the infinite flux implied in the first and second laws of thermodynamics, endlessly conserved mass energy endlessly moving toward entropy, so endlessly generating energy dissipative structures that can compete for energy and energy storage in Darwinian selection, thus, these dissipate structures become more and more refined, pressing the limits of refinement that is possible as they do in the human brain, and the junk DNA and the memes that are used to control the information processing of human brains, including the brains of the scientists and philosophers that create our notions of what these brains are and how they process information.

In theory, infinite amounts of information can be packed into mass energy at any level of quantification, including the infinitesimal. The only reason that such processes are not associated with our universe is that the science of our universe has no way of dealing with such things, necessarily is stuck with quantifications that are finite and therefore measurable, the infinitesimal is passed off as random errors of measurement, meaningless flux under threshold of limits of standard error, etc..

But, an infinite flux that makes the improbable probable can mean a lot of things, including cosmologies under the control of giant fruit bats or robotic dishwashers that have gained superior levels of cosmic control. It is likely that a visitor to our systems would find our form of improbability just as unlikely as the system of the Inca and the Aztec was to the Spanish, or that of China was to the reader of Marco Polo’s travels, regardless of where Polo got his facts, at first or second hand.

Scientists in the age of Alexander the Great would have found the science of Newton and Galileo to be quite improbable, just as scientists in day of Newton would not have expected the Quantum Mechanics, the Space Time Relativity, the DNA studies, the Black Hole phenomena that grace the pages of the modern science magazine.

There have to be improbabilities out there that our science has not found, will never find, could never find. The only reason that people with the romantic temper have taken to Science Fiction is that the current science is far enough over the edge to keep their imaginations busy. We live in the Post-Frankenstein Age.

This is what is so silly about those who love skepticism and atheism, love the realistic temper, attempting to rein the romantic temper in by calling up the authority of science and reason, as if an appeal to authority could ever be the basis of anything but a fallacious argument.

So the possibility that somewhere and someway intelligences have learned how to pack information in the infinitesimal and use it as a means of control is not as stupid as it sounds. The movement of energy toward entropy means toward the smallest possible, inside our universes this ends with Planck’s constant that is the minimal energy of the electromagnetic wave, of the photon, it is the proportional relationship between the momentum and quantum wave length of any particle, it is the energy of physical action in our universe. There is no reason why infinitesimal amounts could not be lost from this into entities external from our quantum system, it is just that they would not be measurable, knowable to the science of our system, this unknown world is the realm of the phenomenological attachments, the monads and jiva of Youngest Son Yang.

The virtue of the infinitesimal, as Leibniz points out in his discussion of monads, is that the infinitesimal is all ready ground down to entropy, thus cannot decay and is essentially immortal, is private and isolated by its refined condition, and hence is free, is able to penetrate, is not confined within any public systems, finite systems, quantum systems, and the relativistic space time of such systems.

The theoretical connecting between the infinite and the finite and the infinitesimal is obvious in the geometry of the mathematical circle, with a finite area, but an infinite number of infinitesimal sides.

We have shown how the I Ching Cube Octahedron Tetrahedron, with three Yin cubic faces and three yang cubic faces, or six tetrahedral edges, or six octahedral vertex points, can be related to Euler’s identity, opposing integration in Middle Son Yang PI to disintegration in unit ONE of atoms and quanta, of physical actions units in the PLANCK CONSTANT in Middle Daughter Yin, and opposing the square root of minus one monad of the now of IMAGINARY NUMBER phenomenology to the space time relativistic world of the equation in the EQUAL SIGN (=) of space-time relativity.

Without the infinitesimal phenomenology, the system is incomplete. The infinitesimal is a vital to the whole as the infinite and the finite, as the tiny piece and the large aggregation, as energy flux, and information systems. But, this is the piece of the whole that has been ignored. This is the missing piece that holds the strange and wild berry pie together. It is the hidden filling that glues together tiny cracks we cannot see, and therefore do not believe in.

Who would have guessed that atoms, genes, black holes work the way they do? How can guess how youngest son yang monad jiva actually work? If they belong to the infinite, then probably every thing imagined is true about them in some instance and some way. For want of better, I have used a managerial accounting model to explain it, manufacturing accounting and calculus in Heaven Trigram, present value profit statements and algebra in Wind Trigram, trigonometry and differential calculus for assets and inventory costs in Flame Trigram, analytic geometry for the analysis of equities in Mountain Trigram, set theory for the liabilities and debts of Water Well and group theory and topology for the investments and payables and receivables of Lake Trigram, arithmetic for the sales accounts of Earth Trigram, statistics to budget for losses in Thunder Trigram.

It is completely possible that our illusions of self and illusions of mind are a symbiosis between the information systems of our bodies and brains, and the uses that outside information systems have made of our bodies and brains, in the recruitment of their clouds of information monads. We could be a training ground, an experimental site, a recruitment area for potential monad operations used by alien systems in utterly different cosmic realms, which the monads can penetrate easily because they are not governed by the finite rules that govern finite bodies.

Osmosis works because water can penetrate a differentially permeable membrane but sugar cannot. Our brains may respond that way to the penetration of anything too small for our science to detect, including various forms of the infinitesimal. Just what is involved here cannot be imagined because it cannot be scientifically tested, but if our deep self is indeed a result of this symbiotic process it may matter in ways we could never publically measure or objectively confirm.

Buddha basically had an attitude of buyer beware in respect to anything involving heavens, hells, gods, demons, higher intelligences. It was his belief that these beings were ultimately subject to the same limitations that compromised human life. So just because it is a god, or seems god like to us, does not make it helpful or good.

This would explain the chaotic state of astrology, some of the nasty effects associated with certain planetary relationships. The effects of Mars seem to be that of a runaway arms system and Saturn, a run away security system, or police state. Venus can act like a runaway entertainment system or art salon. Jupiter can act like a preacher with “a think and grow rich” message. Pluto can act like the leader of a criminal gang. Mercury can be a salesman, a journalist gone crazy. The Moon can be a sentimental nurse. The Sun can be an obsessive administrator. Uranus can be an eccentric inventor. Neptune can be a dreamy musician on drugs. Are these the out of control systems types? Are they influencing us through an unseen penetration of monad clouds of an unknown infinitesimal atom information system?

Do they associate with planetary movements because of an obsessive need to communicate what they are doing to us before they do it? They may have originally been created to serve sentient beings like us and are forced to signal what they are doing before it is done. Could that explain the strange character of our minds and feelings and the astrological patterns that appear to predict their next manifestation?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakerfield, CA, Jan 23 2016

I have suggested that these sources have all the characteristics of the planets that represent them, the mythological characters in Ovid, Saturn, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Apollo (Sun), and Artemis (Moon). That they have all disorders of the Human Mind that reflects their influence, the personality disorders, avoidant, borderline (fission and fusion), antisocial (criminal), narcissistic, sadistic, masochistic, schizoid (without proper feeling), schizotypal (the bag lady type), paranoid, etc.. That they function like tribal chiefs (Jupiter), leaders of raiding tribes (Mars), partisan leaders of republics, greedy kings (Pluto), slave owning emperors, missionary preachers, capitalists, industrialists, hedonistic entertainers (Venus).

Not all these influences are benign, Saturn, Mars, Pluto in particular, sometimes Neptune and Uranus. There are robotic systems that were put in place to protect the ecology from raids up its resources, some may want to destroy us as potential threats to the animals and plants they were created to protect. This universe may have been set aside as a preserve for primitive animal intelligence. Who ever did this may see higher intelligence like ours as a threat. Our Universe may be devoid of life because some robotic information source is using its servant monads to destroy civilizations like our own. Is that the source of the strange modes of thought we see now in North Korea, Iran, and Syria? Could these be a sad example of what I am talking about? It is the sort of thing that Tarnas predicts in his book referenced below.

We are too certain that what threatens us is outside our minds, the bomb may have been planted from within. My brother committed suicide and he is the last person would have ever expected to do so.

We are too quick to discount the sorts of things I am discussing. Read Cosmos and Psyche, by Tarnas, and see how well he can predict the acts of the terrorists from the placement of planets in the sky.

Allan Ralph Andrews, January 23rd, 2016

The broken pattern idea seems to fit the astrological system, with the Sun playing Eldest Son Yang for the Fire Element and Pluto and the Moon’s North Node for Water Element, Mars for Earth Element and Jupiter for Air Element. The Moon appears to be Eldest Daughter Yin for Fire and Earth, the Moon’s South Node for Water and Saturn for Air Element. Mercury appears to be Youngest Son Yang for Fire Element and Earth Element, and Uranus as Youngest Son Yang for Water and Air Element. Venus and the Asteroids, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno, appear to be Middle Daughter Yin for Fire and Earth, but Chiron for Water and Wind Elements. The Earth and Moon appear to be Youngest Daughter Yin in all systems, and Neptune appears to be Middle Son Yang in all elements.

The Signs appear to be dominated by alternating elements in the sequence Fire (Flame Trigram), Earth (Earth Trigram), and Air (Wind Trigram) and Water (Lake Trigram). There seems to be alternating emphasis of Youngest Son Yang in Positive Signs and Youngest Daughter Yin in Negative Signs. The Signs appear to move from Cardinal and Negative in Youngest Daughter Yin to Mutable and Positive in Youngest Son Yang.

The Houses appear to begin with Self I on the cusp of Flame and Heaven and move through Possessions II on the cusp of Flame and Mountain (Equity and Asset Accounting) to Everyday Correspondence III on the cusp of Mountain and Earth (Sales Accounting), here they cluster around Middle Daughter Yin and the cusp of Earth Trigram to Thunder Trigram, Family IV (losses from family costs) and the cup of Thunder into Flame, Projects V (losses from project costs) and then move toward Youngest Daughter Yin and the cusp of Thunder to Lake Trigram, Health and Service VI (losses from health and service and investments in the same), the cusp of Lake Trigram into Water Well, Partnership VII (investments in partnerships, payables, and receivables from partnerships). Now we move toward Youngest Son Yang and the cusp of Water Well into Earth Trigram, Inheritance VIII (liabilities and debts inherited from family, etc.) and the cusp of Wind Trigram into Mountain Trigram, Thoughts and Travel IX (Analysis of Equities and Profits, Travel costs associated with Profits and Equities), finally houses move toward Middle Son Yang and the cusp of Wind Trigram into Water Well Trigram, Work and Status X (Profits and Liabilities associated with work and status), the cusp of Wind Trigram into Heaven Trigram, Friends XI (Profits and Cost of Manufacturing shared with friends) and the cusp of Heaven Trigram into Lake Trigram, Secrets XII (Secret Manufacturing, Production Costs and Investments).

This layout reveals the basic bias of the I Ching pattern currently ruling our planet. It seems to be a broken symmetry with an emphasis on the differentiation between Eldest Son Yang energy and Eldest Daughter Yin information, with a focus on energy, and a secondary emphasis on the differentiation between Middle Daughter Yin fragmentary facts and Middle Son Yang integrated meaning, with focus on fragmentary facts over meaning, and a tertiary emphasis on Youngest Daughter Yin public associations and space time relativity over Eldest Son Yang phenomenology and existentialism, the weakest area in the current system.

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