Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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The Houses and Signs tend to blend. Aries on the cusp of Flame into Thunder blends into nearby Self I and Taurus on Earth to Thunder into nearby Possessions II, Gemini on Wind to Mountain into nearby Correspondence III, Cancer on the Water Well to Lake side of Moon with Family IV on the Earth to Thunder side of Moon, Leo, between Flame and Mountain with nearby Projects V, Virgo between Earth and Mountain, with Health and Service VI, Libra on the cusp of Wind and Water Well with nearby Partnership VII, and Scorpio on the cusp of the Lake and Thunder side of Moon with Inheritance VIII on the Water Well to Earth side of Moon, Sagittarius on the cusp of Heaven and Flame with Thought IX side of Youngest Son Yang, Aquarius, on the cusp of Wind and Heaven, with Friends XI, also on that cusp, Secrets on the cusp of Heaven to Lake, with Pisces, also on that cusp.

This hazy blending of houses and signs makes the characteristics of the houses and signs less well defined. This explains why the current system of signs, houses, and planets seems so unworkable, it is a set of broken patterns resulting from a broken system created by sporadic influences of the controlling forces. Thus, Aries can be antisocial or schizotypal, Taurus can be histrionic or sadistic or even paranoid, or borderline. Gemini can be narcissistic, histrionic, etc.

The public knows about astrology only through this ancient broken system of signs and zodiacs that seems so defective and outdated. But, there are influences at work in these broken patterns that seem to control our thoughts and actions. Consider the evidence presented in Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche.

What do you do with such influences? Can it be that the owner’s equity of mind and soul illusions in Mountain Trigram becomes rooted in the body in Earth Trigram, which has generated Sales of its charms to equities in Mountain Trigram? This in spite of terrible losses to evolution and the struggle for existence in Thunder Trigram? Can the true source of all phenomenology lie in the infinity of infinitesimal soul connections in the Wind Trigram I Ching paradigms? Are the paradigns generated out of the manufacturing that is the infinite flux in Heaven Trigram that makes the improbable probable in the experiences of individual souls in the total freedom, the endless penetration of all things in the chaos of souls that is Flame Trigram and their connection to the passions, the oceans of emotions that are rooted in Lake Trigram cosmology and the astrological controls of planetary and cosmic systems in Water Well Trigram. This was the basic thesis of the metaphysical system of Alfred North Whitehead, beginning with God (our Heaven Trigram) and Eternal Objects (our Wind Trigram).

The solution is the integration of all things in Middle Son Yang surrender to the highest Joy in Heaven Trigram, Love in Wind Trigram, Peace in Water Well Trigram and Faith in Lake Trigram.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 5:09, 1/24/2014, Bakersfield, CA

In “Cosmos and Psyche,” Plume, 2007, pp. 291 -292, Richard Tarnas discusses the degree to which a change in “archetypes” can affect beliefs. Changes in archetypes, according to Tarnas, can be signaled by squares, conjunctions, oppositions, of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with Jupiter associated with expansion and Saturn with contraction, with Uranus and Jupiter signaling liberating creative breakthroughs, where Saturn and Pluto bring changes that are darker and more painful.

Tarnas describes an archetype as generating a different world, a wall between that world and other worlds, the Jupiter-Uranus mind can see the joy and the light but not the darkness, and Saturn-Pluto can see the dark but not the light.

Michael Shermer, famous atheist, skeptic, and columnist for “Scientific American,” has an interesting column in the Feb 2016 issue of Scientific American. Titled “Afterlife for Atheists,” he discusses possible ways of storing and preserving the information in a human brain that causes that brain to develop its mind and personality. Shermer states that there is no evidence for such a thing as soul stuff.

But why should that be? Why not stuff that just does not fit in our scientific system, cannot be seen or measured because our measures wouldn’t be able to handle it? What if it is not public and finite? Science can only deal with the public and finite? Why should the world be totally visible, totally measurable, totally public, totally observable, totally within the realm of science? The answer is that scientists can claim better titles, claim more powers, claim more knowledge if science is the only worthwhile player on the field. The answer is that science is the most important player on the field if we are playing Carse’s “finite game,” the game with titles, positions, prizes to be won.

It is not the most important player if we are playing the “infinite game,” and the Heaven Trigram source of all things is the realm of the infinite game, of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable.

Still it is easy to be overtaken by the realistic and materialistic archetype pushed by Shermer if you are constantly bombarded by the fallacies of special pleading, the circular reasoning, the hasty generalizations, the appeals to emotion and numbers that characterize typical skeptical and atheistic argument. The old 5000 scientists with doctoral degrees are not likely to be wrong argument that used to hold weight when it was 500 priests with divinity degrees that were pushing a romantic or symbolist alternative to skepticism, involving the ethics of divine command.

What can we do if the Shermer argument overwhelms us, even if it is incorrect? Should we freeze our brains in hope of rebirth in an artificial body? First, such an idea is pure narcissism. When our dog dies, we find another dog and when our rose bush dies we plant another rose bush. There are one hundred thousand ancestors in my on-line family tree. I miss some of them, but would not have any of the brought back to life.

Immortality is already given by what we know. Mass-energy is neither created nor destroyed. All the visible forms it takes in nature can be described by current mathematics, information theory, systems theory, geometry, statistics and science. Feelings are these processes, this energy from within, and knowledge is the information obtained from within, consciousness is the attentiveness required to obtain it and pleasure is the feeling of integration associated with gaining it and pain is the feeling of disintegration associated with its loss. Passions, feelings, information, knowledge, living structures and functions are immortal potentials of mass energy.

I am an avatar of the Vishnu that is mass energy conservation dancing within the cosmic wisdom potential of mathematics and geometric form. I am immortal in that capacity of infinite flux to make the improbable probable and do it over and over and over again.

Life is a continual letting go of a narrow infantile stage in favor of a broader more mature stage, inclusive of more experiences, more associations, more people, more contacts, more potentials. When I release my narcissistic self to the endless possible I clear the deck for new things. I allow the energy and pattern in me to be reborn as something broader and bigger than its earlier form. It is silly to be afraid of that larger process. Anything less than my release to that process will torture and torment what remains of what I was with imprisonment in an artificial jail, a cage made to trap the soul rather than set it free. The true soul is that creative archetype, not the selfish substance clinging shadow generated by a disembodied brain.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Jan 25th 2016, Bakersfield, CA

The astrological affects generated by Pluto, Saturn, Mars may be simply those same disembodied impulses moving from universe to universe through the Sattva Guna. The South Asians believe in three Gunas. Tamas Guna is the material aspect of things, what shows up in the atoms and particles generated by Quantum Mechanics, what we call “Middle Daughter Yin.”

Rajas Guna is the thermodynamic energy in the quanta of Quantum Mechanics, what we call “Eldest Son Yang,” and Sattva Guna is that energy activating an infinity of infinitesimal Jiva atoms, private monads of phenomenology that spread as a cloud through all things unseen. Where they attach to the Rajas and Tamas, they give it the capacity to generate patterns from within, to free, to penetrate, with these patterns beyond the limits of the world of Tamas.

A life devoted to the most perfect and refined patterns in the integration of the Sattva infinitesimal would fulfill the Venus archetype of perfect love and beauty, the Platonic Form of the Good, and that which integrates this with the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable in Heaven Trigram would be the Jupiter archetype, Zeus archetype, the God of the Platonic System, the expanding possibility of all things.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 25th 2016

Our model requires passage through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, passing through the physiological need challenges of the Egg Voice, of the developing infant in the Womb, the Water Element that is Lake Trigram, with major investments made in the developing infant by the mother’s body and the food brought to the mother by the hunter male as father parent, the infant is born into the losses associated with Thunder Trigram, it must struggle to survive, it must achieve a safe, a secure placement with the mother, to achieve this it cries out, tantrums when its libido is not satisfied.

Gradually it achieve the sales accounting that is Earth Trigram, it buys milk from the breast, it sells its presence to the mother which attaches to it and it attaches to the mother. Gradually it learns the rules it must learn to repress is own needs, to pay for the debts and liability accounts that it is establishing within its family systems, its socialization and belonging payables and receivables in Water Well Trigram and in Lake Trigram.

At this point, it gradually passes to accumulating assets and equities in the self esteem accounting associated with Flame Trigram Ego and Mountain Trigram Mind and Personality, even Wind Trigram Character and Values.

Finally comes the Self-Actualization stage of Maslow, where the Ego develops a harmonious relationship with its Super Ego, and begins to master the challenges of good form and virtue in Wind Trigram profit accounting, and creativity in the manufacturing accounting of Heaven Trigram possibility.

Here the Ego and Super Ego merge with the Archetype and the Dreamtime, achieve worthy immortality in the divine archetypes and creative potentials of the gods and the angels and avatars of the gods.

This is the realm of the saints like Saint Margaret of Scotland, who was anything but a perfect person with a perfect life, but her profits exceeded her losses, her manufacturing investments and inventories exceeded their costs and losses in notable ways. So with the Greek, Roman, and Norse Gods, who were anything but perfect, but had virtues and creativity beyond the probable norm, thus belonged to the Heaven Trigram of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable, this is the realm of the infinite game that never ends and those who play this game belong to the kingdom of eternal life.

What this means, what is a player’s exact status? This is never certain, for this game is endlessly changing and has no end. There is no end of explanations to what this means. All the tempers are true of it in part, first of all the romantic temper that is its home, but also the classical that establishes its set points, and the Baroque which orders its feed back systems, and the realistic temper that measures its productivity, and the impressionistic temper that analyzes these measures, and the existential temper, that sets them free, the post-impressionistic temper which generates emotional reactions and passions, and the expressionistic temper which produces both appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and reactions.

This explains why my immortality seems hidden, lost in a garden, the Garden of Eden, from which I was expelled when I entered the Babylon of the finite game. This infinite game is the Eden to which I shall return through the gate of the endless romantic temper dreaming. There is nothing to fear in this garden, fear belongs to the fragmented meanings, the broken pieces of the finite game, which concentrates on the outer package at the expense of the contents hidden within. There is am end in the finite game. Given the crown in the finite game, I must be given as an offering to the finite gods. But, once I die and return to the dreamtime source, there is no need for an offering, there is no need for the play to end.

All I have in the finite game is my finite self, bounded by the outer package that is my skin, but in the infinite game I have my energy, which is eternally conserved, and my passion which is hidden in this energy as its inner core.

When I release this passion from its narcissistic focus on self, I let it lose from my self imposed torment and suffering, seeking an infantile pleasure that becomes addictive, becomes a trap, a source of self punishment based on inhuman expectations of immortality in the human package. Released from narcissistic attachment to that surface, I gain the immortality and freedom of the dreamtime gods, who like Yahweh, become what they become and do so endlessly without limits in time and space. The infinite game is the game of love and joy and hope in endless play. It is the only investment truly worth of my mature concern.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, Jan 24, 2016

We can begin with the fertilized egg, the synthesis of the dialectical process, the Middle Son Yang of the Lake Trigram of the Water Element of the Womb, the Creator, Alpha and the Omega of the Logos, of the Story of the Person, the end and the beginning of the Dialectic of the Person. This synthesis began as a THESIS Ovum in Youngest Daughter Yin that was fertilized by an ANTITHESIS Sperm in Eldest Son Yang generating the SYNTHESIS that is the Zygote beginning in Middle Son Yang. This Zygote goes through its own logos, and Embryo logos, of Embryology in Eldest Son Yang thermodynamics to generate and energy dissipative structure in the womb of Youngest Daughter Yin that emerges into Thunder Trigram when the energy of Eldest Son Yang muscle movements forces it into the world, where it will breathe and cry and scream in Thunder of Thunder Trigram.

As this energy disperses toward entropy in Middle Daughter Yin, its oral needs will seek the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the breast of Middle Daughter Eve and take in the melancholy milk of Earth Element and Earth Trigram, where it will drop the silent voiceless wisdom of the Egg and gradually changes its screams and cries into the developing voice of the Child. To do this it must find the Zero point of its own Euler’s Identity in Eldest Daughter Yin, this is the original opening of the body in its deuterostome source, the blastopore of its blastula formation in the womb, now the Zero Anus of Eldest Daughter Yin that matches the developing teeth, numbered and fragment forming in the oral cavity of the unit number in Middle Daughter Yin from a face and body of Euler’s identity equivalence in the equal sign of two hands and two feet and two eyes and two arms and two legs (=) in Youngest Daughter Yin.

This Youngest Daughter Yin becomes the Child, the Horus of Isis, the Virgin Mary, the eternal Mother, Saint Margaret in Eldest Daughter Yin Mother Nature, Hera, Juno, Santa Sophia, Holy Wisdom, Nous Cosmic Mind, the information systems impregnated by conserved energy thermodynamics in Osiris, Elohim, Allah, Vishnu of Middle Son Yang, the Archetype of the Father. This is the family system of debts and liabilities that will mature the child and allow the maturation of the Child Voice and the Duty Ethic, this Trinity Osiris, Isis, Horus, or God, the Virgin Mary, and the Child Jesus, is the archetype source of law and of the reign of the Super Ego, the origin of the Parent Voice that matures in Wind Trigram and dies an goes to Heaven as a Saint in Heaven Trigram.

The Child rebels and becomes a teen age criminal in the antisocial sadism of Flame Trigram, where the manic and choleric Fire Element causes the young Ego, the young Adult voice to become manic and schizophrenic in the schizotypal personality disorder. Here the body takes on its role as Tamas Guna Middle Daughter Yin, growing substance. and Rajas Guna Eldest Son, growing energy and Karma, while the phenomenological mind emerges as the Sattva Guna of the Youngest Son Yang spirit, of the soul, or the breath of life that is expressed in the Ego’s private, personal paranoid voice, its narcissistic presence.

An empirical mind begins to develop in Mountain Trigram, as this narcissism and paranoia mature. This is where the Ego takes the assets and resources of Fire Element and Earth Element and claims them as its property, this is where the Adult does its private species formation and walls itself off from others in its assessment of its owners equity accounts. This is mine, this is my possession, the Adult Voice explores its pronoun usage. This is the great empirical realm explored by Ernest Holmes in his Science of Mind Textbook, the old Pneuma, Psyche, Soma, of Youngest Son Yang, Eldest Daughter Yin, and Middle Daugher Yin. This trinity is described as Creative Spirit, Law of Mind, and Body in the system of New Thought explained by Holmes. The Creative Spirit is the internal phenomenology that stimulates the subjective mind, the collective unconscious, the Dharma path of existence, to respond to its stimulus with the visible world of the spirits attachment, the shadows cast by the Eternal Objects in its Sattva Guna that the law of mind attracts and reflects in its mirror of Water Well and Lake Trigrams, in its Water Element mirror into the Earth Element of the visible world. Bernard Rensch, the great German evolutionists, called this Youngest Son Yang Creative Spirit, the Laws of Parallelisms, the laws of mind, Law of Cognition, and the physical element visible to science, as the Laws of Correspondence (the correspondence of hypothetical observation to actual event in Tamas Guna tangible objects).

What this empirical world really is, some call it the illusion of the mind, is the subject of partisan debate by various schools of philosophers, as we have discussed above, but it is a theater that characterizes the concerns of the Adult Voice and the adult Mind as to the nature of its equities, its character.

At this point, this schizoid approach to events, these compulsive fixations, lift the Adult Voice into Air Element and Wind Trigram, into the realm of the Super Ego and the Parent Voice. Wind Trigram is ruled by paradigms and set points, by axiology, by aesthetics and concern for beauty in Youngest Son Yang, by ethics and concern for morality in Middle Son Yang, and by logic and concern for reason and truth in Eldest Daughter Yin, this is the realm of the Platonic Forms, the Platonic Allegory of the Cave and the Form of the Good, it is also the realm of the trinity of Plotinus, with the Hen One as Middle Son Yang, the Nous, or Cosmic Mind as Eldest Daughter Yin, and the Psyche, the Creative Spirit of Individual Consciousness as Youngest Son Yang Jiva Monad Atman Soul of existentialism and phenomenology. It is the realm of virtues and values in Air Element, of the set points of culture in the memes as the opposite of the set points of the body in the genes that ruled in the Thunder Trigram of birth and the struggle for survival.

The Parent Voice, the Super Ego, fully matures in death as it leaves the normal world and enters the timeless dreamtime of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable in Heaven Trigram possibility. Here the Euler’s Identity begun with the Zero of the blastopore in Earth Trigram Eldest Daughter Yin, the numbered teeth of the unit generating fragmenting mouth in Middle Daughter Yin, the equal signs of the legs, feet, hands, etc., in Youngest Daughter Yin are encompassed in the all inclusive circle of conserved mass energy in Middle Son Yang pi integrative calculus and the diffusion of energy toward entropy in Eldest Son Yang energy flow to the log e and the internal refinement of that diffusion into the infinitesimal in Youngest Son Yang to the square root of minus one. Our phenomenological core is the refinement of that search for ultimate freedom that is this creative existentialism.

This is the Buddha principle that the mature Adult and Parent coordinate can only find itself by letting go. In this schizotypal, avoidant, schizoid realm, the game is to detach, wander of in the Garden alone, free from all prior thoughts and wants, avoiding all attachments and commitments to any world system. This is Nirvana where the monad jiva atman Buddha soul sails free, Gone Gone Gone Utterly beyond.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield CA, 7:21 AM 1/26/2016

Whatever psychoanalysis was, what ever Freud was up to, he seemed to be apply analytic operations of Mountain Trigram conscious mind to the voiceless Egg of Lake Trigram. The Eldest Daughter Yin is very public, the newly born infant is a helpless creature, histrionic, screaming its needs, utterly dependent on the mother, masochistic, forced to suffer to obtain its requirements, borderline, having no good boundaries and forced to experience constant fission and fusion, good mother, and bad mother. But the Eldest Son Yang of Mountain Trigram maturing Adult Ego Voice is quite another thing, private, so private science and philosophy are still at war over just what it is. The latest idea, discussed elsewhere in these note, is that the whole Mountain Trigram empirical impressionist mind is a giant illusion created to minimize the losses in Thunder Trigram survival and Earth Trigram sales of personal assets and purchase of needs, narcissistic sales, dependent needs and liabilities, and histrionic advertising of the public transactions involved. The equity accounts, like those of many giant corporations are all an accounting illusion, a set of false book prepared for their public effect.

One big difference between the Child Voice and the Adult Voice, is that there is little question what the child is, he, she is a very dependent public creature and its needs are apparent and the meaning of its behavior is obvious. However, the Adult has learned to be devious, whole books are written on the phenomenology and existentialism of the Adult mind. William James, in his classic text on psychology, Gilbert Ryle, in his “Concept of Mind,” make it plain that it is truly difficult to figure out the fine tuning of what is happening, deception, self deception increases as you travel toward the control of Wind Trigram cultural virtues and set points and public memes and Heaven Trigram gods and heroic figures, saints, and other creative and mythological possibilities.

Eldest Son Yang energy comes from the Sun in our solar system and is very visible, but Eldest Daughter Yin information is stored at the genetic level in the cell and at the neurological level in the organism, in structures like the hippocampus in the case of knowledge what and in the basal ganglia in the case of knowledge how.

Thus, the skillful, wise Adult Voice can be very deceptive, even self deceptive as it rises toward the status of self parenting in Wind Trigram and gone beyond all local parenting in Heaven Trigram.

The need to make this transition was realized in his notion of a death instinct (drive) pushing toward Heaven Trigram, just as there was a life instinct driving toward Earth Trigram.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA. 1/26/2016

What are the ways we attempt to fix this system when it ceases to work? We use family systems therapy, in Water Well Trigram, to draw in a problem behavior that manifests in the family, usually some sort of schizotypal or antisocial disorder in a young adult acting out in the Fire Element of Flame Trigram. We gather together the family Osiris, Isis, Horus, and attending gods and goddesses and let them act out the family play.

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