Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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Alternatively, we use cognitive therapy, talk therapy, psychoanalysis, even hypnosis, against the Lake Trigram and its voiceless Egg, Jungian psychoanalysis against the hidden anima and animus and the shadow in the deep synchronicity of the Water Element and the collective population genetics of genes and memes.

We use some kind of spiritual therapy, pray, 12 step, Yoga, meditation, to martial the Heaven Trigram against the addictive behavior of the Child stuck in the pleasure principle, in the anal, oral, phallic fixations of the Earth Trigram and Earth Element.

We use behavioral conditioning and pill and medications in Thunder Trigram to try to tamper with the set points of Air Element in Wind Trigram and minimizes the losses from their malfunction.

What of the relationship of Youngest Son Yang to Youngest Daughter Yin, in our system Youngest Daughter is the infant emerging from the womb into Thunder Trigram and developing its own identity as a Child Voice in Earth Trigram and becoming the Child of the Father Osiris of Middle Son Yang in Water Well Trigram and the Mother Isis of Eldest Daughter Yin in the Water Well Trigram of family rules and family systems. Traditionally the child of Osiris and Isis was Horus, Pharaoh of Egypt, but the male child has a female soul and the female child has a male soul in the Anima and Animus theory of Jung. Therefore, in the deep Egg of the Water Element and Lake Trigram, Horus is a female, not a male, a true Youngest Daughter Yin.

Osiris is a symbol of integration, of the Middle Son Yang as the pi based circle that includes all things. When Set, as Eldest Son Yang destructive losses in Thunder Trigram, dismembers Osiris into Middle Daughter Yin fragments, the oral stage teeth that chew, the fear of the male that the vagina has teeth that will fragment the phallus (remember Seth too would have a female, a Middle Daughter Yin soul), it is Isis as Eldest Daughter Yin Mother Nature that gathers his parts together and restores his integrity, here we see the homeostasis maintaining and restoring function of natural systems.

But, if Youngest Daughter Yin is the infant attached to the mother, the infant in the womb at the moment of birth, so Youngest Son Yang is the Adult Voice, the Ego straying, venturing away, leaving home, seeking Self-Actualization.

This is the wandering prophet who left Youngest Daughter Yin in the homeland womb of Ur to wander and enter Canaan, it is Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt, it is Jesus, the Son of David, Christ in fleeing to Egypt, growing up in Galilee far from Jerusalem. It is Krishna, avatar of Vishnu on a great battlefield (Fire Element of Flame Trigram), it is Mohammed in Mecca inspiring Jihad. This prophet exists on the imaginary number axis, it is the creative source of the novel and the new. It is Buddha, the prince that gives up his kingdom to mediate in the wilderness, it is Socrates taking poison Hemlock rather than be faithless to philosophy (love of wisdom, Santa Sophia, Eldest Daughter Yin), it is Confucius in self-exile from his home, it is Laozi, writing his book (The Book of Tao) and then departing to the West. It is Mahavira travelling all over South Asia teaching Jain Philosophy. It is Freud, the psychoanalytic Jew in Vienna, in exile. It is the Adult and Parent Voices seeking self actualization in Wind and Heaven Trigram.

The female has a male animus, or inner core in Jungian belief, so Youngest Son carries a hidden female core. This core is Mary Baker Eddy, who creates a new thought Christian Science of Wind Trigram and Heaven Trigram metaphysics to replace the old Puritanism of Boston. It is Helena Blavastsky, the Russian occultist who helped found the Theosophical Society and wrote “Isis Unveiled” travelling through Europe, the Americas and India. It is Annie Besant leaving Youngest Daughter Yin London and travelling to India.

Heaven Trigram is a dreamtime place, it is Narnia of C.S. Lewis, ruled by Youngest Son Yang as Aslan the Lion, it is Middle Earth of Tolkein’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The three rings of the Elf Kings belong to the Youngest Son Yang (Gandalf) and Middle Son Yang (Elrond of Rivendell) and Eldest Daughter Yin (Galadriel of Lothlorien). These rule the Air Element, the Wind Trigram of the High Elves. Opposed to them is Sauron, the losses in Thunder Trigram, Modor, use of Eldest Son Yang, ruler of the One Ring, a Tree of Knowledge, a fragmented version of entropy riddled male power in Middle Daughter Yin, this is the same as the serpent in Garden of Eden, with goblins and orcs and dragons as his imitations. Sauron attempts to take human form as a Fire Element narcissistic, antisocial, sadistic Child Voice seeking Adult and Parent Voice power, One Ring to Rule Them All in imitation of the Middle Son Yang and Eldest Daughter Yin rings of the Wind Trigram.

But Sauron fails because he has no true Youngest Son Yang power to create, he is at a primitive anal, phallic, and oral stage of development and is forced to divide his power among Dwarves and Nine ghost like mortal men.

Thus, the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, the Narnia stories and myths of adolescence, of the transformation of the adolescent Fire Element into the true adulthood and Parent Voice of Air Trigram. We view this transformation in the Hobbits as the journey from the Earth Element of the Shire to the Youngest Daughter Yin city of Gondor and the fallen Middle Daugher Yin and Eldest Daughter Yin of Modor and Isengard. Saruman is fallen Eldest Daugher Yin wisdom, but Fangorn and Lothlorien and the Old Forest are fragments of the original Eldest Daughter Yin Garden of the Tree of Life and remain true to their origins in the Heaven Trigram of the Valar. Varda is the Eldest Daughter Yin carried to its highest perfection in the Heaven Trigram transcendence of Wind Trigram, it is the hidden female soul of the male God, the self-actualization of all things.

But this is the infinite game, so there are no final answers, stories, all is subject to revision at any time.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 2:53 PM, 1/26/2016

So is the Heaven Trigram of the Hobbit, Tom Bombadil as Eldest Son Yang, Elrond as Middle Son Yang, and Gandalf as Youngest Son Yang, or does sometimes Aragorn, Strider the Return of the King, is the Youngest Son Yang of the Heaven Trigram in which the Shire is enclosed, but does Bilbo, Frodo take on some Youngest Son Yang when they go on their journey, and does Arwen now become Youngest Daughter Yin when she rules as Queen of Gondor, the old Babylon of Eve. The infinite game allows constant reinterpretation, just as the self as story, as logos, generates constant rebirth and recreation, as Archetypes, we do not die, but our character is reborn in another body, another role, and infinite flux that makes the probable plot twist probable.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 5:59 PM, 1/26/2016

The Heaven Trigram can break open beyond the one line, the two line, the three line, the two dimensional trigram arrangement, the three dimensional trigram arrangement, into four and five dimension and beyond, here the cube, pyramid, octahedron, tetrahedron flips around and is penetrated by new dimensions from within. Eldest Son Yang discovers a female center in Eldest Daughter Yin and the reverse, in the Anima and Animus of the Water Element of cosmogony and cosmos generation in the mulitverse macrospace time of Lake Trigram and integration in Middle Son Yang. Pascal’s Triangle and the Fibonacci Number sequence rule this endless progression.

The person dies in the mortal finite linear time lines of this world and its finite games, but is immortal in the infinite games that generate a new heavens and a new earth, by entering the game in new dimensions and new levels of archetype and meaning from within. In this sense, Buddha, the Prophets, Moses, Socrates, Jesus, Mohammed, Freud, Jung, Mary Baker Eddy, Theosophy, Isis, Mother Kali, Krishna all save by generating a new imaginary number line in Youngest Son Yang creative spirit logos that generates a new Confucian Heaven Trigram, a new Taoist Way, or path leading to a whole new progression that belongs to the infinite game of the endlessly new.

In the Lord of the Rings, the Middle Earth is broken and changed and the Holy Lands are removed from the world into an unseen ocean of unseen dimensions that change all things. Thus, the real solution to death is the Eternal Object of Alfred North Whitehead that is the Archetype of Jung’s Collective Unconscious and the God that rules the ultimate future of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s “Evercoming Kingdom,” the realm of the Infinite Game, the shines on these Eternal Objects and gives them new beauty and loves them into new number systems that are endlessly removed into the eternal creative possibility of higher algebra and number theory and integral calculus, in the endless progress of Pascal’s Triangle and the Fibonacci number sequence.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 9:05, 1/26/2016

So the metaphor is that the developing mind, the developing, Child, Adult, Parent, the developing Hierarchy of Maslow, is like a forest ecosystem.

The voiceless Egg, Id, Anima, Animus, Collective Unconscious, begins in Lake Trigram in the Water Element of the Womb. It exists here in a symbiotic relationship with the mother. When it is born into Thunder Trigram, it has left the Sloth of the Womb to enter into the remains of the Lust of the parents who created it. The role of the Infant in this Thunder Trigram is something like that of a pathogen. From the standpoint of many of the family members, the baby may look like a disease in the family system, causing the mother to neglected family roles, neglect her husband, neglect her job, etc. To avoid remaining in this realm of losses, the infant has to sell itself the mother and the family, first by attempting to develop an attachment to the mother that will cause her to feed it and care for it. The infant may have to purchase milk from the mother’s breast at the cost of submission, liabilities to the family system.

The developing Child Voice becomes a scavenger taking what it can at this primitive stage of anal and oral development. Gradually, as it submits more to the Parent Voice, the Super Ego, it becomes part of the compost heap that is the family system, it becomes part of the mycelium, the web of fungal strands that is the receiving orientation of the family. Having left the Thunder Trigram little pathogen stage, and the Earth Trigram little scavenger phase, it enters the Water Well Trigram of family system debts and liabilities, as a full fledged member of the family of mushrooms feeding on the compost heap provided by the parents and grand parents and great grandparents and the cultural ecosystem to which they belong.

But the successful Ego, Adult Voice must establish itself on its own. Becoming a little thief, an antisocial teenage gangster and gang member, as schizotypical maniac, it enters Flame Trigram and Fire Element as a decomposer, cutting into, decomposing its ties to the family system for its own benefit, it is sadistic, negativistic, and becomes more paranoid and protecting its own niche in this food web. Soon, as a result of effective narcissism, it emerges as a full fledged carnivore, lion, skunk, spider, carnivorous insect, it learns to feed itself and speak for itself, developing owner’s equity, it may set up house for itself on its own. Progressing from being a pathogen in its parents bedroom, kingdom of lust, to being a scavenger in the kitchen, in the kingdom of gluttony, to being a part of the fungal dependency that is the system of service and slavery that makes the social compost of the social ecosystem work.

This adult voice may begin as an angry decomposer, but as it matures and develops from Maslow’s physiology needs in Lake and Thunder Trigram to security needs in Earth and Water Well Trigram and full fledged social need fulfillment in Water Well Trigram, it begins with primitive forms of Self Esteem in Flame Trigram toward more mature forms of Self Esteem in Mountain Trigram. Finally, as equity accounts begin to fill will profits, in Wind Trigram, with virtue development, it may master and effective parental role of its own, and become a herbivore, a major food source for its own dependent community of decomposers, carnivores, scavengers, and fungi as part of the larger community and larger family of the larger world.

It is excels at this, it may become creative enough, good enough a manufacturing new instruments and discovering new resources, to become a branch of the tree of life, to become an archetype in the Dreamtime version of that tree, in the eternal Christmas of the Human Heart that is Heaven Trigram (the realm of Maslow’s Self Actualization, it is now a full fledged autotroph rather than in heterotrophy, it is finally paying its own way).

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 8;10, 1/29/2016

Genes mutate in Heaven Trigram and enter the Water Element of the gene pool in Lake Trigram, in this womb, they are symbiotic with the other genes of the gene pool, emerging from this pool in a particular infant organism in Thunder Trigram, they are like a disease in the system, as potential maladaptive genetic expressions, they are subject to extinction, to natural selection. If they survive as adaptive phenotypes in Earth Element and Earth Trigram, they must scavenge to maintain themselves in the system. Once established with the system in Water Well, they will be reproduced, their code will be replicated and maintained within the gene pool of Lake Trigram.

But, under stress, the will be forced to compete in Fire Element and Flame Trigram. If they can get established in a particular niche in Mountain Trigram, geographic barriers may allow them to be included in subspecies and species groups, undergoing partisan rivalry with other types, they may emerge to occupy and adaptive peak in Wind Trigram, and be subject to mutation themselves, entering Heaven Trigram and its continual manufacture of novel things.

Similar things happen to cultures, languages, memes. In the Bible, the captivity of the Jews in Egypt is used as a metaphor for this process. The Jews are nurtured in the Womb of Water Element and Lake Trigram in Egypt, where they serve in symbiosis with other cultures in the Egyptian system. But Moses leads them from Egypt, where the enter the disease, the pathogenic state of Thunder Trigram, in exile, the are subject to potential extinction.

Even, established in the friendly Earth Trigram environment of Palestine, they still must scavenge to find their place. Only after years of warfare and organization to the fill up the compost heap of Judea with what will become the Kingdom of David and Solomon in the Water Well stage of their cultural emergence.

Still, they are subject to war and conquest, and when this occurs, a new Fire Element and Flame Trigram emerges, associated with Prophets like Jeremiah. Once the pass into Mountain Trigram, and establish a new owner’s equity in Jerusalem, there are still partisan rivalries. We see this equity dispute stage and these debates in the Gospel of Matthew, where the Child Voice and Adult Voice of these cultural archetypes seek to emerge and Parent Voices in Air Element.

When they do we have Prophets, Saints, Cultural Icons and Archetypes, like Saint Matthew, Mary and Joseph, which will in turn rise to the Eternal Christmas of the Heart in the Dreamtime that is Heaven Trigram where they will spread and mutate to fertilize new cultural systems like the imaginary kingdom of Narnia, in the children’s fiction of C. S. Lewis.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 8:18 AM, Bakersfield, CA, 1/30/2016

So the Athenian Greeks were part of tribes that had been nurtured in the womb of Babylonian culture, leaving that influence of Lake Trigram, as a disease, parasitic on that culture in Thunder, scavenging for a place in the system in the gluttony and dependence of Earth Trigram and being driven into the compulsive slavery of Universal State internal proletariat Water Well Trigram, the compost heap of the receptive orientation of the ecosystem, the food web of the hierarchy of community in civilized culture.

Breaking free at some point to become a sadistic, antisocial thieving and raiding decomposer in Fire Element and Flame Trigram, we see them in the martial anger of the Homeric Epics. But as some point they settle down, form city state republics, like those of ancient Athens, and become involved in partisan envy and partisan debate in Mountain Trigram. It is this point that the Adult Voice begins to emerge in dialogues like the “Republic” of Plato. Socrates rises to the level of a Parent Voice, in the Wind Trigram and Air Element of his Allegory of the Cave. At this point, Socrates, Plato, and Plato’s student Aristotle rise to the Self Actualization level of Maslow’s Hierarchy and enter into the Dreamtime of Heaven Trigram where they provide mythological and theology and fantasy material for the creative systems of the cultures of the world.

You see a similar set of events in the South Asian cultures, where Krishna debates with the warrior Arjuna in the famous section of the Epics of South Asia known as the “Gita.” Here, Krishna, and avatar of Vishnu, himself an aspect of Brahman, the divine One, of Middle Son Yang integration of Heaven Trigram divinity, debates with Arjuna. This debate is taking the fighting Arjuna from the Flame Trigram and Fire Element through the Mountain Trigram of partisan debate into the Wind Trigram and Air Element of Virtue and Duty, and finally above that into the Heaven Element of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable and is the ultimate source of all romantic temper creativity and mythology and theological transcendence.

If we look at Arnold Toynbee’s analysis of civilizations and Fromm’s economic orientations, there is probable a tendency for mutant development in the primitive productive and manufacturing orientations of aboriginal hunter gather cultures to be brought under the influence of ideas, myths, trade relations, etc, with nearby cultures higher up the sequence of levels of organization and cultural complexity. Nurtured in this womb, they gradually become masochistically involved with these higher cultures. At first avoidant and withdrawn, they become borderline, do fission and fusion, and enter into the Womb, the Water Element of the population genetics, the gene pool of memes, of languages, skills, cultural ideas and practices.

When they exit from this womb as cultural infants in Thunder Trigram, when they become histrionic and antisocial, begin to beg and steal, they will be seen as pathogens, cultural disease organisms by their rivals within the larger system.

To get a Child Voice, that will fill their stomachs, they cannot just provide women to full the lust of the hedonistic Thunder Trigram of the cultures with which they are trading, to which they have become consumers, parts of the marketing orientation supported by the larger cultural system, they now must enter in to the productive orientation as utilitarian fragments, the must sell themselves as narcissistic salesmen, histrionic entertainers or dependent slaves in the larger universal state receptive orientation of wealth distribution. They must move from Thunder Trigram orientation infancy to Earth Trigram childhood, Child Voice, Earth Element dependency and become compulsive slaves and servants of the larger order, if they want to be consistently fed.

Tired of being treated as children, as diseased, as scavengers, as slaves, as a fungus in the compost, in the dung of the larger social system, they may rebel and seek an Adult Voice in the sadistic raids, the negativistic propaganda, the martial anger, the schizotypal mania, the antisocial thieving that is the Fire Element and the Flame Trigram, that is the decomposer role, the exploitative orientation, found in the Homeric Epics. These raiding external proletariats may justify themselves with appropriate prophetic voices. We can see this development among the Jews and Arabs and Greeks, the Germanic Tribes, at earlier stages of their development.

Eventually, many of these tribes settle down and form city states, the city states of the Arabs, Jews, Greeks, etc.. It is this stage of partisan envy and speciation that creates some of the world’s greatest literature. It is this stage the encourages the writing down of what was once oral literature, thus the Torah, the Bible, the Confucian Classics, the Greek Classics, the Koran, emerge from the exploitive stage and now are used to identify a species of philosophy, theology, or literature.

The decomposer function of the wild raid becomes organized into a mature carnivorous orientation. These are merchant states utilizing the agriculture of surrounding area to package goods, to form and shape items that they can market, or sell. They are now accumulating equity, accounting for costs and debts on their books.

Eventually some aspect of the above leads toward greed and hoarding, to the accumulation of precious things, of profits by an aristocratic elite, and monarchies, and kingdoms begin to arise that conquer and subjugate other states. These dominate culture will often be the Parent Voice for universal systems of slaving internal proletariats that become dependent upon them. When these universal states begin to decay, universal churches will emerge out of the result in the compost heap that is the internal proletariat of Water Well and Lake Trigram.

The hoarding of profits by the aristocratic nobles, will cause them to attempt to dominate these universal churches and these missionary efforts by the universal state in its decline. It doing so, the aristocracy passes its cultural investments on to this process of cultural recombination. All of the above passes gradually into the Heaven Trigram of aboriginal productivity where it fertilizes new mutant forms of cultural ideas and practices.

We can see this in English Literature, which begins with poetry like Beowulf that focuses on Flame Trigram warriors that are still at the raid and plunder stage of cultural development. By the time that Geoffrey Chaucer is creating modern English as a national language, England has begun to enter into Mountain Trigram speciation, to separate out a separate place with its own language. This new Adult Voice appears in the stories told by the travelers in The Canterbury Tales.

Edmund Spenser, William Shakespeare, characterize a stage in which England is developing its own Church, its own aristocracy in Wind Trigram, its own national elite, its own attempt to profit from its new adventures in trade and empire. The jewelry worn by Queen Elizabeth I is an example of the hoarding of profits and wealth that characterizes this stage.

But, John Milton, and Paradise Lost take us into Heaven Trigram and the Garden of Eden story itself. By this time England is involved in lots of trade with aboriginals and is attempting to develop its own systems of slavery in Water Well Trigram and its own missionary efforts in Lake Trigram. The rule of the Puritans in England under Cromwell is associated with the population genetics of memes, of ideas taking place within the Lake Trigram (Water Element of the Atlantic and Great Lakes) that will carry these ideas to New England where they will fertilize the efforts of men like Emerson and Longfellow.

The problem is that the above sequence flows both was. Paradise Lost, the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for the gene, the meme, the culture that suffers the Sin of Adam, and Falls, moves the wrong way in this sequence.

The typical aboriginal culture finds itself in a creative garden, the legendary Garden of Eden of the Heaven Trigram. It develops a complex hierarchy of dependents, develops a hoarding aristocracy, even a caste system in Wind Trigram, these herbivores that feed on the producers, the food producers in Heaven Trigram. As this system becomes more complex, politicians, accountant, merchants emerge to track equities in the partisan jealousies of Mountain Trigram.

Less flexible, less able to handle environmental change, these complex city states soon find themselves in competition with other states, even at war. Forced now to pay for the assets and the resources need by an angry martial class, the state begins to decline. The carnivorous accountants that live off the herbivore aristocratic wealth of the profits the aristocrats have made from the producer food gathers and agriculturalists, now force the soldiers to become decomposers, to live off the land that they raid and plunder in Fire Element and Flame Trigram.

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