Astrology and this whole system, astrology and the global field, per Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche

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But, the accountants, the managers, the new Adam in Mountain Trigram, have eaten of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in Earth Trigram and Earth Element. They want the goods, the products, to indulge in the product addiction and gluttony of Earth Trigram. They purchase these goods from Earth Trigram and pile up debts and liabilities to the universal states and the slave system that have emerged in Water Well Trigram.

The result is that the snake arises from Water Well Trigram to reach out and plunder them, they are thrown out of their gardens, which are plundered by the empires and universal states of the tower of babel and the Babylon’s that are Youngest Daughter Yin and they become slaves of the empires of Water Well and addicted to the fermented products of Earth Trigram, what is left of these tribes, these cities, those that are not slaves and dependents, must scavenge, must become pathogens, thieves, drunks, the outcasts of Thunder Trigram.

Here they become extinct, and their languages, their ideas, their genes and memes are absorbed and digested, dissolved as salts in the great swamp, the great womb, the great whore that is Babylon and enter into the water of the flood, of Water Element in the population genetics and recombination that is Lake Trigram. Most of our memes and our genes come from that swamp, it is the true source, the true mother, the lost Eve of our ancestry.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 1:08 PM Jan 30 2016

Leonard Shlain, in Sex, Time, and Power, suggest that the Mars archetype in men is a result of iron deficiency in human women and their attraction to a strong type that is a good hunter and can deliver a meat meal to satisfy her iron needs. Thus, the carnivore Adam in Mountain Trigram, arises from the primitive Adam in Heaven Trigram to satisfy the starving Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter Yin in Thunder Trigram lust so that they can nurture the growing egg and embryo in the Lake Trigram Water Element. Thus, the scavenging iron starved Eve in Earth Trigram Eden may have delivered the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil she found in exchange for meat that Adam discovered in his hunting. Could it have been python meat, did he kill and roast the snake in Fire Element of Flame Trigram?

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA

If we were to look at the books of the Bible and our model of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, remembering that we place physiological needs in the Water Element that is the symbiotic womb of Lake Trigram, security needs in the pathological and scavenging stages of Thunder Trigram birth and struggle for existence, and Earth Trigram and Earth Element scavenging for adaptation to limiting conditions, and the belonging stage as some sort of dependent adaptation to the compost heap that is the order of family and social and cultural systems in Water Well Trigram.

Self Esteem begins when the dependent Child rebels and tries to do it on his, her own, the first steps are angry and rebellious, in Fire Element and Flame Trigram, where the Ego becomes rebellious, becomes a decomposer plundering the system. Eventually the maturing Adult develops equity in the system and gains its own place in the food chain as a carnivore of some status in Mountain Trigram. This is the beginning of self esteem. With higher esteem, greater virtues are developed and the Adult Voice rises toward self actualization as a set point establishing Parent Voice in Wind Trigram and as a magical entity in Heaven Trigram.

In the Bible, we find Eldest Son Yang, as Jehovah, or Yahweh, the voice of I become What I become energy in the burning bush. The opposite of Yahweh is the Bible itself and the holy Wisdom that it symbolizes in Eldest Daughter Yin, who is also Mother Nature, and the Holy Law. Middle Son Yang is Elohim, God as Creator, Lord of All, as Love, as Allah. Its opposite is Middle Daughter Yin as the Holy Land and finally there is Youngest Son Yang, the Prophet, the old Adam, and the new Adam as the Messiah and Youngest Daughter Yin, the City of Babylon, Jerusalem, Rome, etc., the Tower of Babel, the Cosmos, the World.

Genesis is the story of the captivity, the symbiosis that leaves the tribes of the book in Egypt, this is the result of the story of the flood and its aftermath, it is Water Element and Lake Trigram. Thunder Trigram is the birth, the emergence of the people as pathogenic organisms struggling to survive under the leadership of Moses, this is the story of the Exodus, in the remaining books from Exodus through Judges, the tribes scavenge for a place in Earth Trigram and Earth Element. Beyond Judges, the books, Kings, Chronicles, Psalms, Wisdom, show the system that the tribes establish in the compost heap that is Water Well Trigram, which includes the capture of tribes, their enslavement by Babylon, Persia and other powers.

The Prophets are the emergence of an Adult Voice in this system. They are decomposers, rebels, voices crying out in the wilderness of Flame Trigram and Fire Element. The Gospels find the holy people with their own kingdom under Herod, but as part of the larger system belonging to Rome. In Matthew, the sloth that was the captivity, the lust of the exodus, hunger and gluttony of life on the land in Earth Trigram and slavery that is Water Well Trigram, anger of the prophets in Flame Trigram, becomes partisan envy and debate in the gospels as Jesus debates with Scribes and Pharisees.

The Epistles no longer speak to equities in the Kingdom of Herod, the Epistles are written to the cities of the Roman Empire, they reach out to the dominant elite, and those that serve the dominant elite, these works belong to the Wind Trigram and Air Element and preach the virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity, that the emerging church must manifest if it is to become truly Self-Actualizing. Revelation takes this Self-Actualization into the realm of the Dreamtime, and with it, the Bible returns to the Kingdom of Heaven in the Heaven Trigram of the infinite flux that makes the improbable probable.

The emerging church itself becomes a captive of the disintegrating Roman Empire and enters into the search for a universal church that characterizes a disintegrating universal state (see Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History). It is now in Lake Trigram and Water Element, hidden in the womb of its genesis and recombination with new genetic and meme and cultural elements.

As it emerges from this womb into Thunder Trigram, it is seen as a disease and is subject to persecution, it barely survives. What does survive must scavenge in Earth Trigram and Earth Element. Only gradually does it become absorbed into the large system as become an accepted part of the Roman order that is Water Well Trigram.

Still, its Adult voice requires as struggle in the decomposition that Is Fire Element and Flame Trigram. It is only through such struggles that the Western Roman Church survives as a separate institution from the Greek Church in Constantinople. Prophetic voice like Calvin and Luther arise, and national churches seek their own owner’s equity in Mountain Trigram. Here we see partisan debate among jealous factions of the Adult Voice wanting this theological position or that, this political position or that.

Eventually, Parent Voice arise in Wind Trigram. The Pope, speaking for the Church in Rome, the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking for the Church of England, the Puritans attempting to establish their own church, the Pilgrims settling in Plymouth, Mass.

These Wind Trigram events encourage new forms of self-actualization in the creativity of Heaven Trigram. Milton’s Paradise Lost, C. S. Lewis and his Narnia stories, Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings, and Hobbit, discussed above.

Allan Ralph Andrews, 1/31/2016 Bakersfield, California 6:58 AM

If we were to look at the places at the literary table taken by various authors in the above sequence, it would seem that the works by Jane Austen and Dickens work within the current system, the Water Well of British Empire, but at times working out a male or female owner’s equity, Pickwick Papers Is a set of partisan debates by Adult Voices, David Copperfield a Child Voice, in search of an Adult Voice, even a Parent Voice. Whitman’s Son of Myself is such an Adult Voice taking equity in the American City and rising to view Lincoln as a virtuous Parent Voice entering the Dreamtime of the hero in Wind and Heaven Trigram.

Tennyson explores the edges of Heaven Trigram, and enters it with his grief with “In Memoriam,” and poets like Wadsworth and Coleridge explore the Heaven Trigram of nature and fantasy. But Kipling, Conrad, and Hardy explore the deep wells of Empire, the Water Well and the Lake that digest the world. Emerging from that womb, we find the works of Joyce and Faulkner, looking the emerging pathogenic state of things. Realizing its devastation in the Thunder Trigram of T. S. Eliot’s Waste Land. But Yeats appears to emerge from this womb in a new Earth Trigram and Earth Element in the rebirth of Ireland, a new form of realism in which he scavenges hope from his visions of “Byzantium.”

Allan Ralph Andrews, 9:06 AM, Bakersfield, CA 1/31/2016

In genetics, the mutations the occur in Heaven Trigram can move into the gene pool in Lake Trigram and work their way through natural selection in Thunder Trigram and become adaptive phenotypes in Earth Trigram, part of natural systems and become replicated in Water Well Trigram, be subject to competitive exclusion in Flame Trigram, be segregated out in a species, or subspecies, in Mountain Trigram, become part of an adaptive peak genotype in Wind Trigram.

Or the reverse can happen, if a mutant occurs in an adaptive peak genotype, thus, moves from Heaven Trigram source to Wind Trigram, set point, is protected by species barriers in Mountain Trigram, is subject to competition in Flame Trigram. Achieve survival and replication in Water Well Trigram, is an adapted phenotype in Earth Trigram, becomes maladaptive in Thunder Trigram and is subject to extinction, or is partially retained in a recombined form, like the genes of the Neanderthals, in Lake Trigram gene pools.

Similar things happen with the family system. Heaven Trigram is the aboriginal type, the hermit, as opposed to the salesman, the family clown in Earth Trigram. Wind Trigram is the saint and hero and Thunder Trigram is the sinner and bad person, thief, etc.. Flame Trigram is the victimizer and Water Well Trigram is the victim, Mountain Trigram is the manager, the winner, and Lake Trigram is the lazy bum, the loser.

The Parent Voice in Wind Trigram attempts to manage the memes and genes of the children, but aboriginal mutant genes and memes still appear out of Heaven Trigram family generative activity, and some move unseen to the voiceless Egg, the Lake Trigram Womb of family fertility. Bad behavior in the infant in Thunder Trigram is subject to repression out of Water Well Trigram as the Child seeks its voice in Earth Trigram and the emerging Adult rebels in Flame Trigram and seeks its own place in Mountain Trigram. As the Parent Voice ages and enters Heaven Trigram, it can not defend its equities in Mountain Trigram and its children are force to compete in Flame Trigram and submit to the larger system in Water Well Trigram, even to scavenge in Earth Trigram and suffer losses and defeat in Thunder Trigram, where they unsuccessful retreat in hide in the cultural and genetic womb that is Lake Trigam.

Even nations play this system. JUG, Japan, United States, and Germany is a triangulation that is currently the winning manager, occupying the owner’s equity spot in world trade in Mountain Trigram. China is organizing its investments in Lake Trigram, joining together losers to fight against JUG, thus NAC, North Korea, Africa, China. Associated with JUG, are the remains of empire and its victimization, for example, what is left of British Empire in CAN, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in competitive Flame Trigram, opposed to the current organization of victims in RIP, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, or SIR, Syria, Iran, and Russia, Water Well Trigram. MIT, or BIT, Burma, India, and Thailand, occupy a place of traditional Wind Trigram profit in ancient classical values and traditions, these are the Saints and Heroes of Eastern Tradition, and so they are the opposite of CAB, Columbia, Argentina, and Brazil, in Thunder Trigram, that suffers losses to the drug trade, to organized crime in various forms, some of this seems pathogenic, though if one looks closer, there is as much, perhaps more of this problem in the homeland of Buddhist virtue.

Finally, SIP, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, sits in an area where aboriginal products and productivity can still be found, Heaven Trigram, as opposed to FUN, France, UK, and Netherlands, Earth Trigram, which represents the utilitarian climax of industrial activity and gluttony and addiction associated with the sale of manufactured products.

These relationships are constantly in flux, changing as we write this. But, even the I Ching model that we are using, comes out of the voiceless Egg that is Ancient China and the Lake Trigram womb of culture and the human gene pool.

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 2:44 PM, 2/1/2016

Before we get to upset with above, remember that we are dealing with symbols, and surfaces, per Jung, the core is the opposite of the surface, so the core of Eldest Son Yang, is Mother Kali, of birth and death. In South Asia, energy can be feminine.

It is well to remember that each voice has its own ethical system and logical weakness, Heaven Trigram’s aboriginal pride has an inspirational ethic and reasons with the fallacy of appeal to ignorance, while Earth Trigram’s industrial gluttony and product addiction, has a utilitarian ethic that uses the fallacy of an Hominem, which looks mostly at surface things (this man is uneducated and gullible and therefore wrong). Wind Trigram aristocratic greed uses a virtue ethic and circular reasoning, while Thunder Trigram animal lust uses a hedonistic ethic and appeals to numbers. Flame Trigram martial anger uses egotism and existential ethics, while Water Well Trigram’s bureaucratic slavery uses duty ethics, and appeals to authority. Mountain Trigrams partisan jealousy uses rational individualism to guide its ethics, and special pleading to defend its philosophical positions, but, Lake Trigrams dogmatic sloth favors divine command ethics, human concern ethics, ideology, and appeals to emotion.

As a result, each voice is stuck in its own temper, romantic in Heaven, realistic in Earth, classical in Wind and expressionist in Thunder, existential and experimental in Flame and Baroque and legalistic in Water Well, impressionistic in Mountain and post-impressionist in Lake Trigram. The voiceless Egg is stuck in the womb of Lake and the infant is creating tantrums in Thunder. The Child scavenges to survive at a dry breast in Earth and suffers discipline and repression in Water Well. The Adult Voice rebels in Flame Trigram till it gains its own equities in Mountain Trigram. The Parent Voice looks to virtue in Wind Trigram till it ascends into Dreamtime sainthood in Heaven Trigram.

An Adult Voice is more likely to be allowed to rebel in Australia, and to suffer repression in Iran. A Child Voice is more likely to scavenge for addictive products in England, but use natural resources in creative ways in Indonesian rainforests. A Parent Voice is more likely to speak in favor of Classical South Asian virtues in India, but indulge in hedonistic play on the beach in Brazil at Rio. But, these are stereotypic notions, not facts, paradigmatic pathways, but not truths.

What do we know, that the visible world uses thermodynamics and quantum mechanics and space time relativity to generate evolutionary sequences in Thunder Trigram that evolve natural systems at various levels of organization in the finite measurements of Earth Trigram science.

What is likely true? That an infinite flux in Heaven Trigram make the improbable probable in Wind Trigram, and this improbable take on various mathematically significant forms including the managerial accounting I Ching systems described above.

Suppose this Heaven Trigram is the Sun that shines above Plato’s Cave in the Allegory of the Cave, in his book called the “Republic.” Suppose this Sun shines on the Form of the Good in Wind Trigram and establishes the set points for the natural systems and objects in Earth Trigram, through the evolution of these systems and objects our of the shadowy thermodynamics and quantum mechanics of Thunder Trigram.

But, where do we find Plato’s Cave, its fires, and walkways, is chained observers? We find these in the illusions of our Mind. The generation of these illusions arises in Flame Trigram and generates individual minds in Mountain Trigram that are systematized in Water Well, the walkways within the Cave, and collected together in the cosmic systems of Lake Trigram, the Cave itself.

How do we explain this, we postulate a cloud of monad atoms, that attach themselves to natural form and generate a variety of phenomena, including the intelligent thought associated with the human brain and the emotional order associated with the movement of the planets. These monad atoms move separately from any given cosmos, or cosmic system, but attach themselves to cosmic system because disintegration brings pain and integration brings pleasure. By integrating their emotions with planetary systems and their ideas and thoughts with nervous systems and mental phenomena, the monads, and systems of monads, avoid the pain of loneliness and separation and obtain the joy and satisfaction and pleasure that comes with integration and agreement with harmonic forms of order and system.

The monads seek the music of the spheres, both the planetary spheres and the neurological equivalents in the harmony and system of the human mind and nervous system, in the biological order and the harmony of its ecology.

These monads release the memories and emotions of their old attachments and quickly pick up the memories and emotions of their new attachments, because separation brings pain and union brings pleasure. Anything taken from the old attachment will be discordant with the new attachment, so the monads quickly learn how to change to fit their current associations. Thus, the strange thing is that the pure monad is eternal, never dies, is utterly free, but gives up this pure free state for the pleasure of mortal attachment so as to gain the pleasure and satisfaction that comes with absorption and integration with an attachment. The monads willingly give themselves to all kinds of strange astrological orders for the pleasure of belonging and to avoid the pain and loneliness of detachment from organic systems.

The Buddha suggested that a higher order of attachment and pleasure would come from a greater degree of integration, integration with the ultimate fusion of all things itself, integration with the gone gone gone utterly beyond harmony of all things in the ultimate compassion and joy. But, this is beyond the ability of most monads, stuck in cycles of attachment to lesser harmonies, they cannot endure the pain of temporal separation that is required, the discipline that is required for transformation to a higher level, and a deeper degree of integration with the infinite oneness of all things. So Jesus, in the Gospel of Matthew, tells us that broad is the path that leads to destruction, and narrow is the path the leads to Eternal Life (True Eternal Integration).

Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, 2/1/2016

There is a mathematical structure to all things and Archetypes that emerge from that structure, Euler’s Identity, Pythagorean Order, Pascal’s Triangle, the Golden Ration, Pi, Fibonacci Numbers, the Platonic Solids, the Geometry of Buckminster Fuller and Synergetics, the I Ching Cube Octahedron, buried Pyramid, the Tao, or Dao, the Way, the Li of Neoconfucianism, the Hen, Nous, Psyche of Neoplatonism, the set points of systems theory, the Dharma of Buddhism, the Virtues of Aristotle, and Confucius, this is the Classical Realm of Plato’s Forms and Alfred North Whitehead’s Eternal Objects, it is the Wind Trigram and Air Element of our system.

This improbable good only emerges from the pressure derived from Alfred North Whitehead’s God, from the Heaven Trigram, from the Sun of the Good, from the Infinite Flux that makes the improbable probable in the Dreamtime of Heaven and the Romantic Temper.

It arises from mutations that are stored in the Womb of Lake Trigram, the Water Element of Jung’s collective unconscious, these mutations are mutant genes, memes, cultural, cosmic complexes that emerge out of the improbable possibility that is Heaven Trigram into the mix of associations that generate the group theory and topology transcending ordinary space and time that is the Water Element of this system.

These mutant types emerge into the light of quantum mechanics and space time relativity as aspects of the thermodynamic flow of energy to entropy and the emergence of energy dissipative structures in Thunder Trigram. Here they are subjected to a Darwinian struggle for existence, and evolution as entropy, natural selection.

They gradually generate surviving systems, at various hierarchies of organization, phenotypic traits, properties that are measurable as Earth Element in Earth Trigram.

But there is an observer principle at work in monads of infinitesimal here and now time and existential inexistence in the free and eternal and novel and unseen cloud of Fire Element and Flame Trigram competition of observing monads for linear developments in primitive time and attachment of these linear developments to associations of these developments in the quantum clouds of the finite in various forms of time and space. This means attachment to neurological structures to develop minds in Mountain Trigram.

The emergence of these dissipative structures generates the Expressionist Temper, of these monad time streams, the Experimental or Existential Temper and their association with observing minds, generates the Impressionist Temper.

The collection of these processes into higher and higher systems of order and regulation generates the Baroque Temper in Water Well Trigram and its collection into the collective unconscious of Lake Trigram and Water Element generates the Post-Impressionist, Synchronistic, Symbolism associated with Astrology and Jungian psychology, with the dialectical and surrealistic vision of all things, from which this very I Ching system has emerged that we are describing now.

In the order of the world, MIT-BIT, the world of Burma, India, Thailand sits atop the Wind Trigram adaptive peaks of Hindu and Buddhist virtue, looking at the profits that accrue to investment in ancient texts and ancient ways of thought.

In contrast the CAB of Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, exists on a continent counting its losses of the drug dealers and the plunder of the rainforest, the costs of mining and rising populations that need food. The fall of the trees in the forest creates some of the Thunder Trigram noise emerging in this new aspect of the larger cultural world.

The manufacturing center of aboriginal ideas remains within the grasp of SIP in Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, at the edge of what remains of the old Garden of Eden of the tropical rainforests in Heaven Trigram.

But products from this primitive manufacturing are reworked and sold by the salesmen of Earth Trigram in the FUN centers of France, UK, and the Netherlands, London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

Britain set the mark for exploitation of resources, originally iron and coal, but CAN, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand continue the British tradition of decomposition of the natural world in Flame Trigram burning of all things.

Opposed to this nonsense, this frivolous liberty, is the serious order of the world ruled over by RIP and SIR, by various remains of the old Russian and Ottoman, and Persian, and Moslem Empire in Russian, Iranian, Pakistani, and Syrian, and Iraqi ideas of how to govern and rule from the Great Eurasian river systems and dusty valleys. This is the great Water Well, or Water Pit Trigram, from which the order of the world has always come, very conscious of its importance and the debts and liabilities the rest of the world owes it for its natural, religious, and cultural, its military resources, including the world’s largest collection of aging nuclear weapons.

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