Atlantic Congress & Commissioning Parking/ Transportation Information

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Atlantic Congress & Commissioning

Parking/ Transportation Information

  • St. John’s Citadel Parking Lot (25 Adam’s Avenue)

    • Shuttle Bus Service will be provided to & from Mile One Center on load & go basis. Starting 1 ½ hours before public meetings at Mile One.

    • Service provided by Metro Bus

    • Booth Memorial & Bishop’s College High School Parking Lots, located next to St. John’s Citadel will be available for overflow parking

    • Security Service will be provided for vehicles parked at these locations.

  • Downtown Shuttle Bus Service:

    • Metro Bus contracted to provide service for those who choose to park in the downtown area

    • Pick-up at all Metro Bus Locations on Water St., Duckworth St. & Harbour Dr. before & after public meetings held at Mile One Center

  • 200 parking spaces at City Hall Parking Garage

(Some spaces will be reserved for handicap & VIP Parking)

  • 800 parking meters in downtown area (FREE on weekends)

  • 160 parking meters on Harbour Drive

  • Parking Lots managed by the City of St. John’s (All FREE weekend parking)

    • Bell Street Parking Lot

    • Central/ Livingstone Street

    • Gower St. (north side between Church Hill & Cathedral St.)

    • Henry St - south side between Bell St. & Dick’s Square

    • Prince Street Parking Area – off George Street West

    • Queen’s Road – north side between Garrison Hill & Longs Hill

    • Springdale Street Parking Area

    • Water Street East parking Area – east of Cochrane St.

    • Convention Center Parking

    • The Delta Hotel

    • Murray Premises

    • Atlantic Place (Not open SUNDAY; FREE on SATURDAY; PAID on FRIDAY; No entrance after 6 p.m. Friday & Saturday; Exit no later than 11 p.m.)

  • RV Parking

    • No particular parking area has been designated for RV’s

    • Pippy Park RV Park (709-737-3655) 166 services lots @ $37.00 per night

    • Pippy Park location also has an overflow area @ $24.00 per night

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