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125 AUST "THE AUSTRALIAN VICTORIES IN FRANCE IN 1918" by Sir John Monash. Published 1923, H/C, 352pg. Used. Discolouration to pages. Very well presented information. Grade II-. $225

126 AUST "OFFICIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18 - Vol. II, The Story of ANZAC" by C.E.W. Bean. Published 1941, H/C, 975pg. Used. The Story of Gallipoli. Grade II-. $120

127 AUST "OFFICIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18 - The A.I.F. in France, 1917" by C.E.W. Bean. Published 1941, H/C, 1039pg. Used. Definitive history of Australia in WWI. Grade II-. $100

128 AUST "OFFICIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA IN THE WAR OF 1914-18 - Vol. V - The A.I.F. in France, 1918" by C.E.W. Bean. Published 1941, H/C, 824pg. Definitive history of the A.I.F. Grade II-. $120

129 AUST 1933 275pgs "The Gallant Company" by H R Williams. H/C used. Age discolouration. First hand acount of service with the 56th battalion A.I.F. Grade II- $30

130 AUST 1941 493pgs "Official History of Australia in the war of 1914-18. By F M Cutlack H/C used. Definitive history of Australia in WWI. Grade II- $120

131 AUST 1939 1036pgs "Official history of Australia in the war o f 1914-18. Vol. III The A.I.F in France 1916, by C.E.W. Bean. H/C used. History of the A.I.F. Grade II- $120

132 AUST 1942 1096pgs Official history of Australia in the war of 1914-18. Vol VI The A.I.F in France 1918 by C.E.W. Bean. H/C used. WW1 Australian history. Grade II- $120

133 1999 Aust 142pgs, Their Service our Heritage, 1885-1998 The Story of the Medicos. S/C new. Grade I $28

134 AUST 1971/1987 192pgs "Light Horse to damascus" S/C used. Story of the light horse by the daughter of Harry Chauvel. $30

135 AUST THE ANZACS by Patsy Adam-Smith. 1985. 372 pgs. S/C. Used Grade II- $25

136 AUST TRACKS OF THE DRAGON. A HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN LOCATING Artillery. By Keith R. Ayliffe Bem & John M. Posener. 340pgs. 2004. From WW1 to the modern warfare systems. H/C. History. New. Grade I. $45

137 AUST "Riders of Destiny" by Patrick Hamilton. 1985/1996 H/C 195pg. History of 4th A.L.H Field Ambulance 1917-18. Semi- Biographical. Grade II $55

138 AUST "BACKS TO THE WALL - A Larrikin on the Western Front" by G.D. Mitchell. 1937/2007 S/C 341pg. New Release! Big seller back in 1937 reviewed for Today's readers. Very interesting. Grade I-. $40

139 AUST 1986, 318pgs. Australians on the Somme Pozieres 1916. H/C D/J used. Well researched story the 1st major battle. Water damage but ok. Grade III+ $20

140 AUST OCEANS OF LOVE, Narrelle- An Australian Nurse in WW1 New release, nursing tales from WW1. S/C, 2006, 272pgs. New, Grade 1- $37

141 AUST 1990 115pgs "THE DIGGERS WHO SIGNED ON FOR MORE" Australia's part in the Russian Wars of Intervention, 1918- 1919. S/C used. Great little reference story about the little known GB/Aust/USA, assistance to 'white' Russia. Grade II- $22

142 AUST 1987 191pgs "SERGEANT LAWRENCE GOES TO FRANCE" H/C D/J used. Personal experiences of WW1. Aust/Nz soldier. Grade II- $20

143 AUST FIRST TO FIGHT. By Bob Breen. Gripping account of the first Australian combat troops into the war zone of Vietnam. 1988, H/C, D/J, used, 316pgs Grade II- $40

144 AUST 1989/1997. "THE BLACK DIGGERS". By. Robert A. Hall. In depth view of Aboriginal Service to Australia mainly during WW2. Many photos and informative text. S/C. 228 pgs Grade I. $32

145 AUST 2005. "THE ESSENCE OF KOKODA" By. Patrick Lindsay. Pocket size book with numerous illustrations and colour and B/W photos, telling the story of Kokoda. H/C with D/J. 130 pages. Grade I. $28

146 AUST "Outback Corridor - World War II Lines of Communication across Australia from Adelaide and Mt.Isa to Darwin. Northern Territory Wartime Experiences. Army Womens' Services in the NT" by Alan Smith. H/C 2002 388pg. First hand accounts of service life in NT during WW2 AWAS flavour. Grade I- $70

147 AUST "Shifting Sands and Savage Jungle - The Memories of a frontline infantryman" by George Tarlington. 1994 S/C 118pg. New! Personal account of war in PNG (Kokoda) and afterwards. Grade I $30

148 AUST "My War on Bougainville - A soldier with the 9th Battalion (AMF) Milne Bay Bougainville" by Tod Schacht. 1999 S/C 227pg. Pocket Edition. Personal account of Australia's war in the Pacific. Grade I. $28

149 AUST "Commando Double Black - An historical narrative of the 2/5 Independend COY - 2/5 Commando Sqn" by Andy Pirie. 1996 H/C D/J 526pg. First hand account of Australian Commando Action in WW2. Grade I $65

150 AUST "The 'Letter' Batteries - The history of the 'letter' batteries in WWII" by Reg Kidd and Ray Neal. 1998 H/C D/J 415pg. New. Comprehensive history of Military Artillery Defence. Grade I $52

151 AUST "The Spirit of Kokoda - Then and Now" by Patrick Lindsay. 2005 S/C 210pg. Well researched and well illustrated. Grade I- $32

152 AUST "Kokoda" by Paul Ham. 2005 S/C 602pg. Large format New look at the Kokoda Campaign. Grade I-. $44

153 AUST "Tobruk" by Peter Fitzsimons. 2006 H/C D/J 580pg. New release. Great history. Hardship, endurance, mateship. Grade I- $65

154 AUST "On The Run - ANZAC Escape and Evasion in enemy occupied Crete" by Sean Damer and Ian Frazer. 2006 S/C 288pg. Informative text. Well illustrated. Grade I $38

155 AUST "AFRICAN TRILOGY" by Alan Moorehead. Published 1998, S/C, 641 pages. New. Very well written account of Desert Warfare. Grade I. $45

156 AUST "War Dance - The Story of the 2/3 Aust. Inf. Bn., 16 Brigade, 6th Division" by Ken Clift. Published 1980, H/C with D/J, 450 pages. Used. Unofficial story of the 2/3rd Australian Infantry Bn. Many photos. Grade II-. $70

157 AUST 2003 189pgs "NEVER EVER VOLUNTEER" S/C P/back new. Special forces soldier recants. Grade I $32

158 AUST 1946 68pgs 6th Div Sketches Aitape To Wewak - Australian in New Guinea From the 1944-1945 Campaign. H/C D/J used. A great compilation of sketches showing many details of digger life in New Guinea. Tears to dust jacket. Grade II- $85

159 AUST 1942/2003, 48pgs, The Clowes Report. S/C new. Re-paint of confidential report into WW2 action. Grade I $25

160 AUST 2001 232pgs Ordnance Citizen Forces Queensland, A History of Units and Personnel 1925-1998. S/C used. Area units historical reference for essential service corps of Australian Army. Grade II+ $30

161 AUST 2004 490pgs. Kokoda. S/C new. Australian best seller. Grade I $45

162 AUST 1995 337pgs "First in-last out" Abridged history of 2/2nd field company Royal Australian Engineers. 6th Australian division. A.I.F. 1939-1945. S/C used. Shortened history of the 2/2 field coy engineers. Grade II- $30

163 AUST 1952/1986 336pgs. "To Benghazi" Australia in the war of 1939-1945. H/C D/J used. Official first part of history of Australia in WW2. Grade II+ $38

164 AUST 1990/2008 526pgs "DUTY FIRST" A history of the Royal Australian Regiment. H/C D/J new release. An updated version of the history of the Royal Australian regiment. Grade I $60

165 AUST BOOTS AND ALL. By Ivan Blazely. First hand account of Artilleryman in WWII. 1990, S/H, Desktop published, 120pgs Grade II- $15

166 FROM TOBRUK TO BORNEO Memoirs of an Italian Aussie Volunteer Small number of B/W photos. Informative text from Mid East to Pacific Theatres. S/C, 2002, 188pgs, New, Grade I. $38

167 AUST "7th Aust. Div. Supply Column - 2/6 Aust. Coy. A.A.S.C Diary of a Rat" 1977 S/C 80pg. Desktop Publication Tobruk - Western Desert - A.I.F. Grade II- $55

168 AUST 1984/1995 "Not A Conquering Hero" The Siege of Tobruk. The battles of Milne Bay, Buna, Shaggy Ridge. S/C Great biographical war history and relevant comment. Grade I $52

169 AUST MUD AND BLOOD IN THE FIELD. COMPILED BY DICK FRANKE. 520pgs, 1984. The 2/23rd Inf Bn. A complete collection of Newsletters distributed by the battalion 1940-1945. H/C with D/J. Ex-library book. Grade II-. $45

170 AUST 1943 119pgs "THE RATS OF TOBRUK" H/C used. Page discoloration. Australian classic literatrue. Grade II $30

171 AUST 2005 323pg "Strike Swiftly" The Australian Commando Story. H/C with D/J New release. History of Australias Commandoes. By P Collins. Grade I $90

172 AUST MARCH TO RANAU. Australian Servicemen at Sandakan, Borneo 1943-1945. By William E. Thomason. Booklet in memory of members of the Sandakan Death March. 1989, 53pgs, S/C, Grade II+ $20

173 AUST 1944 185pgs "WE DROVE THE AMERICANS" H/C used. Tales of two Aust. female drivers in WW2. Written as a novel in wartime. Grade II- $15

174 AUST RIPCORD AUSTRALIA by B Johnson. 194 pgs 1984. The story of Parachuting and Australian Paras at War, the 'Roos', and the 'Caterpillars' with Nominal Rolls including the 1st Aust Para Regt WW2. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $28

175 AUST THE GUNS OF MUSCHU. New release special forces missions. S/C, 2006, 255pgs, Grade 1- $37

176 AUST "Only One River to Cross - An Australian Soldier behind enemy lines in Korea" by A.M. Harris. 2004 H/C D/J 124pg. New. A personal account of Korean War Experience. Grade I $55

177 AUST "The Fight Leaders - Australian Battlefield Leadership Green, Hassett and Ferguson" by D.Butler, A.Argent and J.Shelton. 2002 H/C D/J 178pg. Leaders of Australian Troops in Korea. Grade I- $54

178 AUST 1997 100pgs "STALEMATE IN KOREA" The Royal Australian tegiment in the static war of 1952-1953. H/C, new. Insight into aspects of the Korean conflict. Grade I $46

179 AUST 2005, 289pgs We Were There in the RAR, Duty First Royal Australian Regiment. S/C New. First person accounts of various engagements experienced by members of the Royal Aust Regiment. Grade I $35

180 AUST 2007 248pgs "Renoevous" H/C new. S.A.S. regt. 50th anniversary. Grade I $60

181 AUST SAS - A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE AUSTRALIAN SPECIAL AIR SERVICE 1957-1997 by M Malone OAM. 416 pgs. 1997. With Honour Roll. SC. Grade I. NEW. $45

182 AUST "On The Offensive - The Australian Army in the Vietnam War 1967-68" by Ian McNeill and Ashley Ekins. 2003 H/C D/J 650 pg. Worth a look at. Official History of Aust. Ops in Vietnam '67-'68. Grade I $100

183 AUST A Green Baggy Skin" by Vincent P.Neale. 2002 S/C 158pg. One man's look at his service in Vietnam. Grade I- $32

184 AUST 1993 272pgs "NO NEED FOR HEROES" the Aussies who discovered the Viet Cong's secret tunnels. S/C used. Gripping tales of Cu Chi tunnels. Grade II- $30

185 AUST 1986 187pgs The Battle of Long Tan. S/C new. Gripping story of major battle in Vietnam War. Grade I $32

186 AUST 2005 418pgs. "The Men Who Perservered" S/C used. Personal and historical aspects of the A.A.T.T.Y in Vietnam. Grade II $30

187 AUST BLUE LANYARD RED BANNER by L McAulay. The capture of a Vietcong Headquarters by 1st Battalion the Royal Australian Regiment Operation CRIMP 8-14 January 1966. 2005 245 pgs. HC DJ. New. Grade I. $70

188 AUST WRITE HOME FOR ME A Red Cross Woman in Vietnam. By Jean Debelle Lamensdorf. A number of B/W Period Photographs. A rivetting story of courage & compassion. S/C, 2006, 302pgs, NEW, GRADE I. $42

189 AUST 2004 "WE TOO WERE ANZACS" - The Sixth Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment/NZ (ANZAC) South Vietnam 1969-1970. By. Lieutenant-Colonel Brian Avery. 254 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $75

190 AUST 2005 210pgs, The Spirit of Kokoda, Then & Now. S/C new. Group relives Kokoda experience. Grade I $32

191 AUST 2007 "Battles Heroes & Humor" on the RAR. S/C new. More first hand accounts on various issues affecting the R.A.R. Grade I- $35

192 AUST 1919, 160 pgs. Australia in Palestine. H/C some spine damage (but complete). Collection of digger/ALH stories, verse and pictures. Great early post War item. Grade II- $160


193 AUST 1971. "DEEDS NOT WORDS" The Victorian Navy. By. Wilson P. Evans. All about the Colony of Victoria's Navy pre- federation. H/C with D/J. 200 pgs. Grade II- $50

194 AUST NO PLEASURE CRUISE - THE STORY OF THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY by T Frame. 335 pgs 2004. From the beginning to set up a sea base (1770) to 2003. SC. Grade I. NEW. $25

195 PACIFIC PARTNERS. A history of Australian-American Naval relations by Tom Frame. 200 pgs. 1992. H/C with D/J. As new. Grade II+ $20

196 AUST "The Royal Australian Navy - Its origin, development and organization" by Frances Margaret McGuire. 1948 H/C 406pg. Used book. Damage to spine. Very informative, well illustrated. Grade II-. $85

197 AUST 1986 248pgs "The Seawatchers" The story of Australia's coast radio service. H/C D/J used. Ex-library. Grade II- $20

198 AUST 2005. "THE NAVY AND THE NATION". The Influence Of The Navy On Modern Australia. Edited by: David Stevens & John Reeve. 438 pages. S/C., New. Grade I. $40

199 AUST 1978 35pg "The Price Of Admiralty" S/C booklet. Great source of information. Direct to the point. Grade II $20

200 AUST THE SHORES OF GALLIPOLI. Naval aspects of the Anzac Campaign by T Frame. The part played by the RAN. SC. New. Grade I. $33

201 AUST "Fairmile Ships of the Royal Australian Navy - Vol 1" by Peter Evans. 2002 H/C 276pg. Well researched book with many photos, maps etc. Grade I- $52

202 AUST "Kill the Tiger - The truth about Operation Rimau" by Peter Thompson and Robert Macklin. 2002/2005 S/C 306pg. In depth story of Commando Ops in late WW2. Grade I. $32

203 AUST "The Australian Cruiser Perth 1939-1942" by Ian Pfennigwerth. 2007 S/C 262pg. New Release. Short lived ops of an Australian Icon. Grade I-. $40

204 AUST "Fairmile Ships of the Royal Australian Navy" New Release history of RAN Ships during WW2. Second Volume. Grade I-. $50

205 AUST "Proud Echo - The Great Last Battle of HMAS Perth" by Ronald McKie. 1953 S/C 150pg. Paperback (well used) controversial subject. Grade II-. $25

206 AUST "Australia Under Siege - Japanese Submarine Raiders 1942" by Steven L. Carruthers. 1982 S/C 192pg. Great book about the little known other raids on Australian soil. Grade II-. $25

207 AUST 1994 277pgs, Queensland Airfields WW2 - 50 Years on. S/C used. In depth analysis & numerous photographs. Grade II- $30

208 AUST 2002 955pgs "Wartime Trilogy" Out of the smoke into the smotheer. The sword and the blossom. By Ray Parkin's. S/C, new. Navy action at its best. Grade I $70

209 AUST A NAVAL CAREER. Reports of Proceedings 1921-1964 by Rear Admiral GGO Gatacre, CBE, DSO, DSC. 379 pgs 1982. Spanning a 43 year career, this book is his story. Illustrated. H/C with D/J. Grade II- $35

210 AUST THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY IN WORLD WAR II. SECOND edition. Edited by David Stevens. 316pgs. 2005. History with illustrations. S/C. New. Grade I. $40

211 AUST 1957, 686pgs. H/C used. Aged and well used. Official history of the R.A.N. in WW2. B/W photos of relevant ships & actions. Grade II- $85

212 AUST "TALL TALES AND TRUE FROM THE BOYS IN BLUE" By Allen Lyne. 2005. S/C. 171 pages. New. Grade I. $32

213 AUST A MERCIFUL JOURNEY, Recollections of a World War II Partole Boat Man, By Marsden Hordern, 334pgs, 2005, an interesting WW2 story of a RANR officer, h/c, new, Grade I. $30

214 AUST 1992. "WRECKS IN DARWIN WATERS". By. Tom Lewis. Wrecks since 1830. 97 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $40

215 AUST 2004. "THE KOOLAMA INCIDENT IN THE TIMOR SEA, 1942. MALICE or MUTINY". By. Bill Loane. 215 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

216 AUST 1945, 104pgs. Corvette Command, Nicholas Monsarrat. H/C used, discoloured & smoked stained. Story of Corvettes during WW2. Grade II- $15

217 AUST HMAS DIAMANTINA - AUSTRALIAS LAST RIVER CLASS FRIGATE, 1945-1980 by P Nunn. 160 pgs 2005. Ships history with Nominal Rolls of Commanding Officers and Commissioning Crew 27 April 1945. New. SC book. Grade I. $32

218 AUST 2006 189pg "Voices from Voyager" S/C paperback style. Interesting insight into voyager tragedy. Grade I $25

219 AUST 2005. "THE CRUEL LEGACY". THE HMAS 'VOYAGER' TRAGEDY. By. Tom Frame. 235 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

220 AUST BENEATH SOUTHERN SEAS The Silent Service. By Jon Davison & Tom Allibone. In depth history & photo essay of our current naval submariners. Nice full colour photos. H/C with D/J, 2005, 232pgs, NEW, GRADE I. $70

221 AUST "HMAS Kanimbla At War - Iraq 2003" by D.W. McKenzie. 2005 H/C D/J 93pg. RAN Ship Duties in Iraq 2003. Grade I- $55

222 AUST ACEH The Australian Defence Forces Tsunami Relief Mission. A Photographic Record by the Royal Australian Navy Many full colour photographs & informative text. H/C with D/J, 2005, 232pgs, NEW, GRADE I. $65


223 AUST 2005, 242pgs. The Brotherhood of Airmen. S/C, new. Interesting analysis of RAAF personnel. Grade I $42

224 AUST 1991 132pgs "AIR BASE RICHMOND" The story of the RAAF base on the Hawkesbury. S/C near new. Great photo journal of important RAAF base in northern NSW many B&W and colour photo's. $35

225 AUST "A Gremlin on my shoulder - The Story of an Australian fighter pilot - 260 Squadron RAF, 452 Squadron RAAF" by Ron Cundy. 2001 S/C 154pg. Pocket Edition. First person account of RAAF Fighter Pilot during WW2. Grade I $32

226 AUST "Killer Caldwell - Australia's greatest fighter pilot" by Jeffrey Watson. 2005 S/C 284pg. New Release RAAF Fighter Ace. Grade I $45

227 AUST "Air War against Japan 1943-1945" by George Odgers Part of the "Australia in the War of 1939-1945" series. 1957 H/C D/J 533pg. Official history of Australia's Air War. Grade II-. $60

228 AUST 1965 200pgs "STRIKE & RETURN" H/C D/J. Used, short history of 460 squadron R.A.A.F. exploits in WW2. Grade II- $25

229 AUST 2003 184pgs "THE LUCK OF THE DRAW" H/C new signed by author. By Edward 'Ted' Sly. Grade I $45

230 AUST 1999 96pgs "BILL NEWTON V.C." The short life of a RAAF hero. By Mark Weate. H/C new. Biography. Grade I $45

231 AUST 2006 282pgs "NICKY BARR" An Australian Air Ace. A story of courage and adventure. By P Dornan. S/C, new. Grade I $35

232 AUST 1998, 118pgs. Lone Evader, Sergeant Ted Coates, The Escape From France of an RAAF Pilot. S/C new. Great tale of escape/evasion. Grade I $32

233 AUST "HURRICANES OVER BURMA" by Squadron Leader M.C. "Bush" Cotton, DFC, OAM. Published 1995, H/C with D/J, 357pg. Used. In depth historical and personal account of the war in the Far East during WW2. Grade II+. $35

234 AUST 1999 208pgs "The RAAF at war" World War II, Korea, Malay and Vietnam. H/C D/J new. Very good look at the R.A.A.F. at war. Very well illustrated. Grade I- $60

235 AUST SKY DIGGERS by S Brogden. 142 pgs C/1945. A tribute to the RAAF WW2. Small card cover book. Grade II- $30

236 AUST EMPIRE AIRMEN STRIKE BACK. THE EMPIRE AIR TRAINING SCHEME AND 5SFTS, URANQUINTY by P Ilbery. 1999 200 pgs. Australian contribution to the Air War 1939-45 with the role of a Flying School in the EATS. HC DJ. New. Grade I. $50

237 AUST 2002. "G-FOR-GEORGE". A Memorial to RAAF Bomber Crews 1939-45. 460 Squadron RAAF. By. Michael V. Nelmes & Ian Jenkins. 147 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

238 AUST DESERT WARRIORS. Australian P-40 pilots at war in the Middle East and North Africa 1941-1943 by R Brown. 2000. 322 pgs. HC. DJ. New. Grade I. $75

239 AUST RESTORE TO SERVICE, Unit history 4 RSU-482 Maintenance squadron, by Walter Venn. 147 pgs 1999. 1942-1944 With nominal rolls. H/C. New. Grade I. $38

240 AUST SAVAGE WILDERNESS. The epic outback search for the crew of Little Eva by B Ralph. 209 pgs 2004. In 1942 a downed B-24 crew bailed out and survived the Australian Outback. This is their story and that of the men and Black Trackers sent out to find them. SC. New. Grade I. $35

241 AUST SEEK AND STRIKE. 75 SQUADRON RAAF 1942-2002 by D Wilson. 2002. 229 pgs. Well presented Unit history. HC DJ. New. Grade I. $75

242 AUST 2003 201pg "Together Up There" Hardcover. Good source of info and photos relating to air war in Northern Australia. Grade I $42

243 AUST 2004 212pgs Shockwave. S/C new. Great peersonal accounts of War in. Grade I $26

244 AUST 2002 Edition 185pgs, "Ex-luftwaffe MBE by F Korbl. S/C Winner 2001 heritage award. Grade I $32



246 AUST "Bridging the Gap - The 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment in Timor 1999-2000" by Kevin J. Vann, OAM. Detailed history of 3 CER Involvement in East Timor. Grade I-. $52

247 AUST "In Omni Modo Fidels 30.BN - Scottish Regiment New South Wales" by T.F. Wade-Berrel. 1985 H/C D/J 396pg. Beautifully bound and embossed book. Very well illustrated and text. Grade II- $225

248 AUST "Roundshot to Rapier - Artillery in South Australia 1840-1984" by David Brook. 1986 H/C 349pg. Area unit history artillery. Grade II $100

249 AUST "ON THE VELDT" by Major R.C.Lewis, DSO., (Officer commanding Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen). Published 1901, H/C 159 pages. Very interesting reading, includes a list of the 1st Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen giving details of rank, promotions, awards including VC and DSO's, and mentions those WIA and KIA. Sketch map of South Africa inside rear cover. Torn and separated. Original book owner's signature inside front cover "W.Brewer 1902", SGT. Brewer was a member of the 3rd Tasmanian Contingent. Used. Grade II-. $350

250 AUST SCARLET AND TARTAN by M Buckley. 295 pgs 1986. The story of the Regiments and Regimental bands of the NSW Scottish Rifles (Volunteers), the 30th Battalion (NSW Scottish Rifles) 'A' Company and Pipes and Drums, 17th Battalion Royal New South Wales Regt. With many Nominal Rolls. HC with DJ. Grade II+ $125

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