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251 AUST 1966. "SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ARTILLERY 1840-1966". Various Authors. A concise History of Artillery in South Australia. H/C. 119 pgs. Extremely informative text and appendices. Scarce. Grade II-. $200

252 AUST THE FEATHERBED SOLDIERS The New South Wales Lancers in the Boer War 1899-1902. 135pgs 2001. History and nominal roll with some biographical details and WW1 service. S/C NEW Grade I. $15


254 AUST BOLD STEADY FAITHFUL by R Austin. The history of the 6th Battalion, the Royal Melbourne Regiment 1854-1993. 322 pgs. HC with DJ. B/w photos with accompanying text. New. Grade I. $45

255 AUST 1997, 156pgs. No Cars No Drivers Victoria Police Transport Branch 1929-1997. Victoria Police driver transport branch. Grade II $50

256 AUST DEFENDERS OF AUSTRALIA. The Third Australian Division by A Palazzo. Citizen Soldiers in the Service of Australia 1916-1991. 245 pgs 2002. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $45

257 AUST 2002. "DEFENDERS OF AUSTRALIA" The Third Australian Division. By: Albert Palazzo. Citizen Soldiers in the Service of Australia, 1916-1991. 243 pgs. H/C., with D/J. New. Grade I. $55

258 AUST 1925 508pgs "THE STORY OF THE TWELFTH" H/C well used original. WW1 unit history of Tasmanian based/recruited A.I.F. battalion and their service in world war one, many black and white photos and text. A very scarce, original WW1 unit history. Invaluable for research or momento or relative past service. Grade III+ $450

259 AUST 1919. "WITH THE TWENTY-SECOND". By. E. Gorman. A History of the 'Twenty-Second' Battalion, A.I.F. H/C. with section missing from spine. In rear of the book there is damage to top right corner of photographs and to back cover 132 pgs. Used. Grade III+ $200

260 AUST 7TH FAB YANDOO. Vol III. Active Service issue. 200 pgs. 1919. Containing publications of the Organ of the 7th Field Artillery Brigade, AIF. Whilst on active service in France, and the return journey to Australia, Brigade Roll of Honor, Battery Casualty Lists, Nominal Roll, Brigade history, maps Xmas Cards, Novelty programme, menu cards etc. S/C. Original Unit history. Slight tatty edges o/w Grade II- $195

261 AUST OUR DEAR OLD BATTALION - THE STORY OF THE 7TH BATTALION AIF, 1914-1919 by R Austin. 320 pgs 2004. Unit history with Honours and Nominal Rolls. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $55

262 AUST COBBERS IN KHAKI - THE HISTORY OF THE 8TH BATTALION 1914-1918 by R Austin. 315 pgs 2004. WW1 Unit history, SC reprint, with Honour & Nominal Rolls. NEW. Grade I. $45

263 AUST MEN OF THE NINTH. A history of the Ninth Australian Field Ambulance 1916-1994 by Lieut Col R Likeman. 2003. 224 pgs. H/C. D/J. New. Grade I. $55

264 AUST 1998 311pgs "FORWARD UNDETERRED" The history of the 23rd battalion 1915-1918. H/C D/J new. Unit history of the 23rd Bn. A.I.F. Grade I- $60

265 AUST THE BLUE AND WHITE DIAMOND 28TH BATTALION by N Browning. 607 pgs 2002. Unit History 1915-1919 with Nominal Roll. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

266 AUST 2007 256pgs "THE FIGHTING FOURTH" Sydney's 4th Bn. A.I.F by Ron Austin. H/C D/J limited edition with box sleeve for storage. $180

267 AUST 2007, 256pgs. The Fighting Fourth, A History of Sydney's 4th Battalion 1914-19, Ron Austin. H/C, D/J. New. Unit history 4 BN A.I.F. WWI. Grade I- $80

268 AUST 2000 156pgs "THE WHITE GURKHAS" The Australians at the second Battle of Krithia Gallipolli. S/C new. Quick research book for second battle of Krithia. WW1. Grade I $30

269 AUST 2007 43pgs "FOR KING AND COBBERS" H/C D/J new unit history mainly concerning France & Flanders 1916-1919. Many B&W photo's and well researched text. Grade I- $86

270 AUST VOLUNTARY AID DETACHMENTS IN PEACE AND WAR by R Goodman. 1991. 231 pgs. H/C. Very well illustrated. Used. Grade II- $85

271 AUST 1978, 399pgs. An Australian Army Cadet Unit 1945-1977. H/C. Used. Great unit type history of Christian Brothers College, St Kilda. From 1945-1977. Many photos and great information. Grade II- $75

272 AUST 2000 289pgs "The history of the 2/11th (City of Perth) Australian Infantry Battalion 1939-45. Includes the battle rol of honour and a list of all the members of the battalion. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I- $85

273 AUST "A SPECIAL KIND OF SERVICE - The Story of the 2/9 Australian General Hospital 1940-46" by Joan Crouch. Published 1986, H/C with D/J, 173pg. Used. Mainly text with a section of B/W Photographs. Grade II. $45

274 AUST "1000 MEN AT WAR - The Story of the 2/16th Battalion" by Malcom Uren. Published 1959, H/C with part of D/J, 259 pages. Used. Story of the 2/16th Bn, raised in Western Australia. B/W Photographs, but mainly text with the nominal roll. Grade II-. $100

275 AUST "THE RISE, FALL AND REGENERATION OF THE 2/7th AUSTRALIAN FIELD AMBULANCE, AIF. IN WORLD WAR II". Compiled by Gordon Hoff. Published 1995, H/C with D/J, 264pg. New. Includes the nominal roll and many b/w photographs, maps and tables. Grade I-. $65

276 AUST 1999 262pgs. In The Footsteps of Ghosts, With the 2/9th Battalion in the African desert and the jungles of the Pacific. S/C, new. Grade I $35

277 'RED ROBBIE'S' ROUSERS. By Arthur Lelean. The Band of 1st Aust. Armd. Div. A.I.F. 1942- 1945. With foreward by Sir Charles Court, A.K., K.C.M.G., O.B.E. Unit history, with nominal roll and photos. S/C desktop publication, new Grade I. $15

278 AUST SILENT FEET. THE HISTORY OF 'Z' SPECIAL OPERATIONS 1942-1945. 272 pgs 2002. Australias Commando Units with Nominal Rolls. New. SC. Grade I. $35

279 AUST MUZZLE BLAST. SIX YEARS OF WAR WITH THE 2/2 AUSTRALIAN MACHINE GUNE BATTALION. 298 pgs 1980. WW2 Unit history with Nominal Rolls. HC with DJ. Original. $85

280 AUST 'B' COMPANY SECOND SEVENTEENTH INFANTRY by H Wells. 175 pgs 1984. Unit history WW2. With list of members. SC. Grade II- $45

281 AUST WITH THE TWENTY-SECOND by E Gorman. 2001. 245 pgs. A history of the 22nd Battalion AIF. B/w photos with accompanying text. Including Nominal Rolls. SC. New Grade I $115

282 AUST 1963 378pgs "2/24 A history of the 2/34 Aust. infantry battalion. H/C D/J (tatty edges) used. Great unit history. Grade II- $140

283 AUST MEN OF COURAGE. What we have we hold. A history of 2/25 Australian Infantry Battalion, 1940-1945 by A Draydon. 381 pgs 2000. With Nominal & Honour Rolls. HC NEW. Grade I. $55

284 AUST PROUDLY WE SERVED. STORIES OF THE 2/5TH AUSTRALIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL in Australia and Overseas, in battle areas and behind German lines in war torn Europe. 1988 280 pgs. HC with DJ. Used. Some signatures on end page. Grade II- $75

285 AUST THE BATTLE HISTORY OF THE ROYAL NEW SOUTH WALES REGIMENT by Major General G Maitland. Vol 1. 1885-1918. 333 pgs. 2001. Excellent pictorial & text history. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $80

286 AUST NO LOST BATTALION by J Lack. A Slouch Hat Publication. 2005 303 pgs. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $50

287 AUST THE BATTLE HISTORY OF THE ROYAL NEW SOUTH WALES REGIMENT by Major General Gordon Maitland. Vol 2. 1939-45. 453 pgs 2002. Well illustrated WW2 history (30th BN). HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $80

288 AUST FOREVER FORWARD by J Laffin. The history of the 2/31st Australian Infantry Battalion 2nd AIF 1940-45. 333 pgs 2002. With Nominal Rolls, showing awards and casualties etc. HC. New. Grade I. $55

289 AUST "THE 61st BATTALION 1938-1945 - THE QUEENSLAND CAMERON HIGHLANDERS' WAR". By. James Watt. The 61st Australian Infantry Battalion (AIF) Milne Bay - Madang - Bougainville 'A Cameron Never Yields'. 2001. Includes nominal roll from July, 1941. Hard cover. 288 pgs. New. Grade I. $60

290 AUST 2006 159pgs "A SHORT HOSTORY OF 9 FIELD COMPANY R.A.E. H/C new. WW2 engineer unit history. Quick reference work. Grade I- $40

291 AUST "The New Guinea Volunteer Rifles NGVR 1939-43 - A History" by Ian Downs. 1999 H/C D/J 359pg. Unit history of service in PNG during WW2. Grade I $75

292 AUST "Take Post - A History of the 18 Light Anti- Aircraft Regiment - Royal Australian Artillery 1952-1974" by Ray Samuel RFD. 2005 H/C D/J 204 pg. New Release. Signed by Author. Grade I. $50

293 AUST "A History of the 2/29 Battalion - 8th Australian Division AIF" by Nulli Secundus. 1983 H/C D/J 224pg. Original copy of the unit history. Grade II-. $160

294 AUST "Last Out - 4RAR/NZ (ANZAC) Battalion's second tour in Vietnam" by Jerry Taylor. 2001 H/C D/J 270pg. History of 4RAR/NZ in South Vietnam. Grade I. $65

295 AUST 2005 "LONG TAN AND BEYOND - Alpha Company 6 RAR in Vietnam 1966-67". By Lieutenant Colonel Charles S Mollison. Unit History. Well illustrated. 427 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $85

296 AUST 1962 310pg "Equal To The Task" The history of the Royal Australian Army Service Corps. H/C D/J used ex-library. Corps history. Grade II $60

297 AUST 2002 KAPYONG KRONICLE, Third Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, Australian Battalion VI, operation Tanger/Citadel. 3 RAR photo journal of tour of East Timor, 2002, S/C, 107pgs, Grade II- $40

298 AUST THE AMAZING -SAS THE INSIDE STORY OF AUSTRALIAS SPECIAL FORCES by I McPhedran. 2005 349 pgs. SC. New. Covers recent exploits of the SAS. Grade I. $35

299 AUST "SCAPEGOATS OF THE EMPIRE - The True Story of Breaker Morant's Bushveldt Carbineers" by Lieut. George Witton. Published 1982, H/C with D/J, 247pg. Used. First edition published in 1907. Author, Lieut. George Witton was commissioned to the Bushveldt Carbineers. H/C with D/J. Grade II-. $35

300 AUST 1998, 308pgs Maygar's Boys A Biographical History of the 8th Light Horse Regiment AIF 1914-19. H/C D/J new. Details of the 8 Australian Light Horse Regiment in WWI. Grade I $50

301 AUST 1945, 40pgs. Corps of R.A.E. War History 1939-1945. H/C D/J post WW2 record of service in the A.W.M. Book style. Very scarce. Grade II- $120

302 AUST 1991 352pgs "Hold hard, cobbers" Volume two 1930-1990. The story of the 57th and 60th and 57/60th Australian Infantry Battalions 1912-1990. H/C D/J near new. Light fading to spine. Unit history of 57/60 Bn. Grade I- $45


303 AUST 2001. PRISONER OF TWO WARS. An Australian Soldier's Story. "A powerful, poignant and very Australian story" Tony Stephens, Sydney Morning Herald. By Sherriff Probert & John Probert. Soft cover. 211 pages. New. Grade I. $35

304 AUST "Prisoners of War from Gallipoli to Korea" by Patsy Adam-Smith. 1992 H/C D/J 599pg. The Strength and Courage shown by Australians taken prisoner of war. Illust. Grade II+ $50

305 AUST PRISONER OF TWO WARS by Probert & Probert. An Australian Soldiers story. 211 pgs 2001. The story of Pte/Gunner Jack Probert. A POW in WW1 and WW2. SC. New. Grade I. $28

306 AUST "Escape from Hell - The Sandakin Story" by Walter Wallace. 1958 H/C D/J 175pg. Original account of a Sandakan Death March. Grade II- $30

307 AUST "Behind Bamboo - Hell on the Burma Railway" by Rohan Rivett. 1946/2003 S/C 400pg. Reprint of Australian War Classic P.O.W. Grade I. $32

308 AUST "You'll Never Get Off The Island - Prisoner of War Changi, Singapore, February 1942 - August 1945" by Keith Wilson. 1989 H/C D/J 147pg. Used. Gripping story of Prisoners of War in WW2. Grade II-. $25

309 AUST 2004 485pgs "THE BRIDGE AT PARIT SULONG" An investigation of mass murder. Malaya 1942. S/C, new. Well documented. Grade I $50

310 KURRAH! An Australian POW in Changi, Thailand & Japan 1942-1945. By F W G Power. 146 pgs. 1991. S/C (2/12th F Co Engineers) 3 1/2 years of Captivity under the Japanese in Changi, Thailand & Japan. New $15

311 AUST DIARY OF A GIRL IN CHANGI (1941-1945) 3rd edition by Sheila Allan. 265 pgs 2004. The story of Sheila Allan as a P.O.W. of the Japanese. S/C. New. Grade I. $25

312 AUST PRISONERS OF THE JAPANESE. POWs of World War II in the Pacific by G Daws. A very detailed history. SC. New. Grade I. $40

313 AUST 1985 224pg "P.O.W. Prisoners of War" S/C used! Great research insight into treatments of P.O.W's in pacific. Grade II $35

314 AUST 1997. "WHITE COOLIES". An account of the true story which inspired the film 'PARADISE ROAD'. By. Betty Jeffrey. 204 pgs. S/C Paperback. New. Grade I. $27

315 AUST 1998 400pgs "Sandakan" A Conspiracy of Silence. S/C behind the scenes explanation of the cruelty experienced by POW's on the Sandakan death march Grade I $52

316 AUST 1965/1994 129pg "Escape To Death" The Japanese break out at Cowra, 1944. S/C paperback used. Very interesting story of breakout. Grade II $25

317 AUST 19644 148pgs "BARBED WIRE IN THE SUNSET" Edwin. N. Broomhead. H/C well used. Prisoner of war in north africa. Italy and eventual liberation. Grade II- $20


318 AUST 1941, 922pgs. Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18 Vol XI Australia During the War. H/C used. Official history of WWI from Australian perspective. Grade II- $100

319 AUST 1941, 1000pgs. Official History of Australia in the war of 1914-18 Vol XII Photographic Record of the War. H/C used. Iconic Australian history in photographs. Grade II- $110

320 AUST 1937 662pgs. "Official History of Australia in the war of 1914-18". Vol.I The story of ANZAC By C.E.W Bean. H/C used (water damage to cover and some pages). Iconic history of the Gallipoli campaign. Grade III+ $90

321 AUST "Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18 - Vol.III The A.I.F. in France 1916" by C.E.W Bean. 1934 H/C 1036pg. Yellowing to pages. Grade II- $100

322 AUST "Official History of Australia in the War of 1914- 18 - Vol.VIII Australian Flying Corps" by F.M. Cutlack. 1938 H/C 991pg. Some photosynthetic discolouration to edge. Grade II- $100

323 AUST "Official History of Australia in the War of 1914- 18 - Vol.IX The Royal Australian Navy" by A.W. Jose. 1937 H/C 649pg. Yellowing to edge. Grade II- $100

324 AUST ACTIVE SERVICE. With Australia in the Middle East. 1941. 129 pgs. HC DJ. Grade II- $25

325 AUST SOLDIERING ON. THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY AT HOME AND OVERSEAS 1942. 200 pgs. HC. Cover starting to come away from pages at spine. Grade II- $25

326 AUST HMAS. Written and prepared by Serving Personnel of the RAN. 1942. 200 pgs. HC. No DJ. Grade II- $25

327 AUST THESE EAGLES. Story of the RAAF at War. 1942. 200 pgs. HC & DJ. Grade II- $200

328 AUST ON GUARD. With the Volunteer Defence Corps. 1944. 172 pgs. HC & DJ. Grade II- $25

329 AUST VICTORY ROLL. The RAAF at War. 1945. 200 pgs. HC DJ (Tatty). Grade II- $30

330 AUST STAND EASY. After the Defeat of Japan, 1945. 208 pgs. HC. No DJ. Grade II- $25

331 AUST AS YOU WERE. With the Australian Services from 1788 to 1947. 202 pgs. HC & DJ. Grade II- $25

332 AUST AS YOU WERE 1950. 188 pgs. HC DJ (Very tatty). C/w Korea Amendment pages. Book Grade II- $25


333 AUST "Black Jack" by Stan Arneil. The Life and Times of Brigadier Sir Frederick Galleghan. 1983 H/C with D/J 178pg. Some edge staining. Grade II-. $20

334 AUST "The Big Fight" by Capt. David Fallon, M.C. Published 1918, H/C, 301pg. First Edition, Used. First hand account of an accomplished officer during WWI. Grade II-. $95

335 AUST 1978, 265pgs. Chauvel of the Light Horse. A.J. Hill. H/C D/J (damaged) well used. Great biography of one of Australians great military leaders. B/W photos. Grade II- $40

336 AUST 2001. "BOWLER OF GALLIPOLI" Witness to the ANZAC Legend. By. Frank Glen. Story of the First ANZAC Beach Commander. A N.Z. Officer. 142 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

337 AUST AN ANZAC'S STORY. By Roy Kyle A.I.F. 2003. 277 pgs. H/C with D/J. New Grade I. $40

338 AUST A SOLDIER'S SOLDIER. THE LIFE OF LIEUTENANT GENERAL SIR CARL HERMAN JESS by R Austin. 240 pgs 2001. A WW1 Commander and Career Soldier. New. HC with DJ. Grade I. $45

339 AUST MARCEL CAUX - A LIFE UNRAVELLED by L R Silver. 2005 250 pgs. Biography of Marcel Caux Australian WW1 Veteran who enlisted at the age of 16 years. HC New. Grade I. $40

340 AUST "Winning With Intelligence - A Biography of Brigadier John David Rogers, CBE, MC 1895-1978" by Judy Thomson. 2000 H/C D/J 226pg. Biography director of Military Intelligence during WW2. Grade I $42

341 AUST "The Autobiography of the Woman the Gestapo called 'The White Mouse' - Nancy Wake". 1985 S/C 206pg. Story of Australian/French Partisan. Grade II-. $25

342 AUST "MY WAR 1939-1945" By. Michael Clarke VX123,2/3 Field Regiment. 1990. Personal story of a young Australian Artillery Officer in Europe and as a German POW after the Battle of Crete. H/C with D/J. 527 pages. Used. Grade II. $40

343 AUST "Of Love And War - The Letters and diaries of Capt. Adrian Curlewis and his family 1939-1945" by Phillipa Poole H/C D/J 1982 280pg. Wartime biography of famous Aust. Identity. Grade II- $25

344 AUST "The Paths I've Trod" by Elizabeth Burchill. 1985 S/C 259pg. Signed by author. Very interesting nursing autobiography. Grade II- $40

345 AUST 1987 436pg "One Crowded Hour" H/C D/J life and times of a celebrated combat cameraman. Grade II $30

346 AUST 1987. "SWIFTER THAN EAGLES". By. Clement Barnet Hewitt. Biography of RAAF Navigator Ross Frederick Barnett, killed in a Lancaster over England in March 1945. 226 Pgs. H/C. New. Grade I. $30

347 AUST PAUL CULLEN CITIZEN AND SOLDIER, Distinguished Soldier in North Africa, Greece, Crete and on the Kokoda Track, by Kevin Baker, 224pgs 2005, Major General Paul Cullen, a biography, s/c new, Grade I. $20

348 AUST NED HERRING, A life of Sir Edmund Herring, by Stuart Sayers. 264 pgs 1980. One of Australia's most famous generals. Sold with original signature on a letter and many newspaper clippings. H/C with D/J. Age stains to inside o/w grade II-. $85

349 AUST 2006, 468pgs General Peter Cosgrove My Story. H/C D/J Light use. Auto-biographical account of famous recent general. + CDF. Grade II $25


350 AUST "Pilgrimage - A Traveller's Guide to Australia's Battlefields" by Garrie Hutschinson. 2006 S/C 432pg. Very informative and extremely well illustrated Book/Guide. New. Grade I. $60

351 AUST WWI BOOK "Army Book 135" with crown cypher and "GR" George Rex. Printed to front 1918 dated. This is a WWI blank 'exercise' book. Someone has used it as a ledger. Small amount of scrabble to front. Name on back cover. Grade II- $10

352 AUST WW1 FIELD MESSAGE NOTE BOOK, 1917 DATED ARMY BOOK 153. Approx 4 pages of hand written (in pencil) description of trip through the "holy land" of sinai part of middle east in late 1918. Possibly an Australian light horse officer/ NCO. Fold to cover, edges rubbed. Interesting period item. Grade II- $50

353 AUST WWI 1918 DATED "ARMY BOOK 136" an Army note book, couple of civil related notations inside. Grade II- $20

354 AUST Military Chits by J.F. Yarwood. 2006 Edition. 48 pages. B/W Illustrations throughout. $17

355 AUST "Aboriginal Ex-Servicemen of Central Australia" by George Bray. 1995 S/C 22pg. Very informative illustrated booklet. Grade II-. $20

356 AUST "WE WERE THERE - AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS OF WORLD WAR II TELL THEIR STORIES". By. John Barrett. 1987. H/C with D/J. 470 pages. Used. Grade II. $25

357 AUST FOR ALL WHO SERVE. A history of the Victorian Branch of The Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women by E Lynes. 509 pgs 1996. Many members mentioned throughout. S/C. Grade I- $10

358 AUST 1984 241pgs "Police as Peace-keepers" The history of the Australian and New Zealand Police serving with the United Nations Force in Cyprus 1964-1984. H/C D/J(tatty) used. Grade II- $30

359 AUST "They Dared Mightily" by Lionel Wigmore. 1963 H/C 317 pg. Victoria Cross recipients from Australia throughout the Boer War, WW1 and WW2. Water damage but still useable. Grade III. $65

360 AUST "The Kapyong Battalion" by James J. Atkinson. Published 1977, H/C, 80pg. Used. Very informative booklet about the medals and entitlements for Australians in Korea. $40

361 AUST "GALLANT AND DISTINGUISHED SERVICE - VIETNAM 1962-1973" by I.L. Barnes. Published 1974, S/C Booklet, 154 pages. Used. Very detailed listing of medals and awards to Australians during the Vietnam War. Grade II-. Cover detached. $60

362 AUST 1994, 86pgs. Victoria's Guns, A Field Guide, by Bill Billett. S/C. New. Great reference work regarding pre federation guns. Grade I- $40


363 GB CIRCA 1920, 264pgs. "The Wonder Book of Soldiers for Boys & Girls." 4 double page and 8 other colour plates, over 300 illustrations. Contents include "The call to arms" "Life of a Soldier" "Trench Warfare" "The heros of ANZAC" etc. H/C. Used. Grade II- $30

364 GB CIRCA 1914, 264 pages. "The Wonder Book of Ships for Boys & Girls." 12 colour plates and 320 b/w photographs and illustrations. Contents include "Cruisers" Torpedo-Boat Destroyers, Warships, Life in the Royal Navy "The first Steamboats," etc. H/C, used. Grade II- $30

365 GB "South Africa and the Transvaal War" by Louis Creswicke. 1900 H/C 203pg Volume II. Official history of Boer War. Light Foxing. Grade II- $100

366 GB THE LILY AND THE LION - THE RISE AND FALL OF EMPIRES - ROYAL FRANCE, GREAT BRITAIN. 1980. 168 Pgs. With colour pictures. HC with DJ. Grade II- $20

367 GB THE GENERAL - THE TRAVEL MEMOIRS OF GENERAL SIR GEORGE WHITMORE edited by J Johnson. 1987. 244 pgs. B/w pictures. HC with DJ. Grade II- $10

368 GB THREE YEARS WAR - GENERAL CHRISTIAAN DE WET. 1986. 459 pgs. History of the Boer War. B/w photos and drawings. HC with DJ. Grade II- $20

369 GB BISHOP STIRLING OF THE FALKLANDS. The adventurous life of a Soldier of the Cross whose humility hid the daring spirit of a hero and an inflexible will to face great risks. By F MacDonald. 1929. 255 pgs. With illustrations and maps. HC. Grade II- $10

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