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370 GB "The Battle of Kursk - Operation Citadel 1943" by Robin Cross. 1993 S/C 272pg. Very informative analysis of the greatest Armour battle in history. Grade I. $30

371 GB 1941 32pgs "The war in maps". British perspective on the early bays of WW2 and pre-WW2 shown in maps. Grade II- $45

372 GB ALLIED COMMANDERS OF WORLD WAR II. Osprey Men at Arms series. 40 pgs 1982. Illustrated reference guide, with colour drawings. SC. Grade II. $15

373 GB THE WEST AT WAR 1939-45 by N Maddocks. As seen on the ITV West Series 'The West at War'. 2005 184 pgs. Experiences of Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen from the West of England who fought during the 2nd World War. SC. New. Grade I. $45

374 GB THE MEMOIRS OF LORD ISMAY. 1960. 486 pgs. HC with DJ (Tears). Grade II- $10

375 GB SPORTS HANDBOOK 1940. ROYAL NAVY AND ROYAL MARINES. 547 pgs including advertisements. HC. Grade II- $20

376 GB THE TURN OF THE TIDE. Based on the WW2 Diaries of Field Marshal Viscount Alanbrooke by A Bryant. 1957. 766 pgs. HC with DJ (tatty). Grade II- $10

377 GB 2006. "MILITARY TOKENS OF THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH" By. John F.Yarwood. Extremely well researched & illustrated book. S/C with spiral spine. Covers a range of Military Tokens & coins. 194 pgs. Grade I- $65

378 GB SPORTS AND RECREATION IN THE ROYAL NAVY 1954-54. 703 pgs with advertisements. HC. Grade II- $25


379 GB "The Wonder Book of The Army". 1955 H/C 224pg. Used with slight foxing. "Boys Own" style story book. Grade II- $40

380 GB 1987. "INDIAN GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL 1895 CASUALTY ROLL". Complied by Anthony Farrington. 166 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I $95

381 GB 1925. "A HISTORY OF THE BLACK WATCH IN THE GREAT WAR 1914 -1918" Volume 1: Regular Army. Edited by Maj-Gen. A.G. WAUCHOPE CB. Well foxed and yellowed pages. H/C in poor condition, but present (separated spine) & partial D/C (in very poor condition). Complete with maps & very informative text. Rare Book. 370 pgs. Grade III- $150

382 GB "The Life and Death of the Afrika Korps" by Ronald Lewin. 1977 H/C D/J 207pg. A look at the Afrika Korps with a different perspective. Grade II- $10


383 GB THE STORY OF PRINCE EUGEN FRITZ-OTTO BUSCH. Great story or one of Germany's principle warships in war. H/C with D/J 1976, 190pgs, Grade II- $25

384 GB CIRCA 1940, 256pgs. "The Woner Book of The Navy" 8 colour plates and nearly 300 b/w photographs. Contents include "Ships of the Fleet" (Photograps of each ship), "Battle Manoeuvres" "Submarines" etc.Some loose pages. H/C. Used. Grade II- $30


385 GB "THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN, August October 1940". S/C Period publication. Pamphlet size. No illustrations. 1941. 32 pgs Grade II- $45


386 GB 2007, 302pgs. Modern Combat Pistols, The Development of Semi-automatic Pistols for Military and Police Service Since 1945. H/C D/J, new release. Well illustrated and researched. (B & W photos). Grade I- $80


387 GB "PRISONER OF THE TURNIP HEADS" by George Wright-Nooth with Mark Adkin. Published 1994, H/C with D/J, 272pg. Used. First hand account of the shocking treatment of people interned by the Japanese in Hong Kong. Grade II-. $20


388 GB "The Complete book of Heraldry - An international history of heraldry and its contemporary uses" by Stephen Slater. 2003 H/C D/J 256pg. Light Use. Full of information and well illustrated. Grade II+ $40

389 GB WW1 1914. THE BRITON IN FRANCE. A pocket interpreter containing phrases and travel talk etc. By. D.J. Rees (London University). Soft cover book. 110 pages. Grade II- $50

390 GB "Dress Regulations 1900" by the National Army Museum. 1969 H/C D/J (small tears) 203pg. An essential reference for the GB/Victorian Uniform/Equipment collector. Well illustrated and documented book. A must have! Grade II- $225

391 GB 1999, 427pgs. War Office Textbook of Small Arms 1929. Covers rifles, revolvers, swords, bayonets, grenades, machine guns etc. A very comprehensive publication publication. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I $95

392 WORLD "The World Encyclopedia of Flags - The Definitive guide to international flags, banners, standards and ensigns" by Alfred Znamierowski. 2002 H/C D/J 256pg. Light use. Very informative. Grade II+ $40


393 GERM "FORMAN'S - GUIDE TO THIRD REICH GERMAN AWARDS...... AND THEIR VALUES. 1998 208pgs. A usefull reference all with excellent B/W photographs of the awards. H/C, used. Grade II $85

394 GERM 1948, 458pgs. The Goebbels Diaries. H/C D/J. Used. In depth analysis of one of Hitlers henchmen. Grade II- $20


395 GERM 1978 256pgs "The Weimar Chronicle" H/C D/J used. $25

396 GERM 1941 86pgs "Soldat mit der kamera" S/C official photo journal with many photo of lead-up training and early war type scenes. Grade II- $125

397 GERM 1989 385pgs. "Sancturary" Nazi gugitives in Australia. H/C D/J used. Very interesting/well researched political interest. Grade II- $25

398 GERM THE SS. A History 1919-45. The complete history of the rise and fall of the SS. Many pictures throughout. H/C with D/J. 2000. 249pgs. New. Grade I. $45

399 GERM FORTRESS THIRD REICH. German Fortifications and Defence Systems in WW2. 365 pgs 2003. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $70

400 GERM HITLER'S OLYMPICS THE STORY OF THE 1936 NAZI GAMES, By Anton Rippon. Interesting insight into politics and sport, 2006, H/C with D/J, New, 228pgs, Grade I- $45

401 GERM HITLERS ATLANTIC WALL by A Saunders. 216 pgs 2001. An illustrated history of Coastal Defences. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $30

402 GERM 2005. FORT EBEN EMAEL. By. TIM SAUNDERS. Battleground Blitzkreig 1940. Well detailed book. Fantastic photos of then and now. Soft Cover. 208 Pages. New. Grade I. $50

403 GERM AFRIKAKORPS. ROMMELS TROPICAL ARMY IN ORIGINAL COLOR by B Peitz with G Wilkins. 2005 192 pgs. HC Schiffer book with DJ. This is a must have for the DAK enthusiast. Unique full colour photos showing a variety of uniform shades, along with vehicles and equipment. Aerial photos taken by a War Correspondent. Grade I. $165

404 GERM THE DESERT FOX IN NORMANDY by S W Mitcham Jr. Rommels defense of Fortress Europe. 255 pgs. 2001. S/C. New. Grade I. $30

405 GERM BATTLE OF THE BULGE THEN AND NOW, By Jean Paul Pallud. An extreamly well researched and dual illustrated book. Answering the many F.A.Q's about the 2nd World Wars last ditch push in the West, 1984, H/C with D/J, used, 532 pgs, Grade II- $150

406 GERM 2007 336pgs "The German Army At Passchendaele" H/C D/J new. Very informative and numerous photographs. (B & W) $85


407 GERM 2006 192pg "Uniforms of the German Soldier" H/C & D/J Very informative. Pictorial History. Grade I $88

408 GERM "Erwin Rommel Infantry Attacks". 1935/2006 S/C 265pg. Rommel's own accounts of his tactics in WWI. Grade I $52

409 GERM THE GERMAN OFFENSIVES OF 1918 by Martin Kitchen. An in depth study of the last German Offensive. Pictures through- out. 2001. 283pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

410 GERMAN ARMY HANDBOOK APRIL 1918. 1977 186 pgs. Good reference on organization, structure, insignia, traditions. H/C D/J. Grade II+ $65

411 GERM 2005, 464pgs. The German Reichswehr, Uniforms and Equipment of the German Army from 1919 to 1932. Excellent colour and b/w photographs with accompanying text. Large format. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I $250

412 GERM 2005 192pgs "HITLER'S FOREIGN DIVISIONS" Foreign volunteers in the waffen-SS 1940-1945. By C Bishop. H/C D/J, new. Well illustrated, many photo's. Grade I- $50

413 GERM 1985 210pgs, Waffen-SS. H/C D/J used and very good B/W photos of many aspects of SS life. Grade II- $35

414 GERM 2007 221pgs "Exit Rommel" The Tunisian campaign, 1942-4 S/C new. New aspect of the final campaign in North Africa. Grade I $45

415 GERM GERMAN ARMY HANDBOOK 1939-1945 by J Lucas. 216 pgs. 2000. S/C. Very informative and well illustrated (photos and line drawings) of people, places and weapons. New. Grade I. $33

416 GERM 21. PANZER DIVISION by J Perrigault. 2002. 527 pgs. H/C. New. French with some English text. Very well illustrated. A good concise history. Grade I. $65

417 GERM RED SHINES THE SUN: A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE FALLSCHIRM-INFANTERIE by E Queen. 2002. 240 pgs. Fantastic new reference. Great pictures and photos. Bender quality. New. Grade I. $150

418 GERM GERMAN SPECIAL FORCES OF WORLD WAR TWO, KOMMANDO, by James Lucas. 245pgs. 2003. History with some B/W illustrations. S/C. New. Grade I. $20

419 GERM 1995. "CAVALRY OF THE WEHRMACHT - 1941-1945". By. Klaus Christian Richter. Pictorial History. Great B/W Photos. H/C with D/J. 208 pgs. New. Grade I. $85

420 GERM "Horses of the German Army in World War II" by Paul Louis Johnson. 2006 H/C D/J 352pg. An excellent Schiffer Publication with b/w period photographs and a chapter with coloured photographs of cavalry equipment. New. Grade I. $140

421 GERM ROMMELS ARMY IN AFRICA by D McGuirk. 1987. 192 pgs. A must for the DAK collector. HC DJ. Used. Grade II- $65

422 GERM BAYERLEIN: FROM AFRIKAKORPS TO PANZER LEHR. The Life Of Rommel's Chief-of-staff Generalleutnant Fritz Bayerlein. By P.A. Spayd. 2003. 301 pgs. H/C with D/J. New Grade I. $185

423 GERM BAYERLEIN After Action Reports of the Panzer Lehr Division Commander From D-Day to The Ruhr. Edited by P.A. Spayd and Gary Wilkins. Very Informative text and a wealth of period photos (many not previously published). H/C with D/J. 2005, 214pgs, New, Grade I. $165

424 GERM UNIFORMS OF THE GERMAN SOLDIER An Illustrated History from WW2 to the Present Day. Introduction by Charles Messe- nger. Written by Alejandro M. De Quesada. Wonderfull text & very well illustrated. Covers all aspects of the subject up until the present day (both east & west). H/C with D/J, 2006, 223pgs, NEW, GRADE I. $85


425 GERM "Torpedo Los! - The Fascinating World of U-Boat Collectibles" by Gordon Williamson. Published 2006, H/C, 415 pages. Excellent colour and B/W Photographs. Informative text. H/C. New. Grade I. $175

426 GERM "U-Boats - A Pictorial History" by Edwin P.Hoyt. 1987 H/C D/J 289pg. Used. Very well illustrated and informative text. Grade II-. $40

427 GERM THE GERMAN NAVY IN WORLD WAR II by R Jackson. 160 pgs 1999. Well illustrated history, with some great original photos. H/C - D/J. New. Grade I. $72

428 GERM SILENT HUNTERS, German u-boat commanders of World War II, edited by Theodore P. Savas. 215 pgs 2004. Most with photo illustration. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $70

429 GERM THE LAUGHING COW, Fortunes of war, The story of U69, by Jost Metzler, 160 pgs 2002. During WW2. S/C. New. Grade I. $25

430 GERMAN POCKET BATTLESHIPS by R Chesneau. 64 pgs 2004. A look at them in photos and models, with spec drawings. SC. New. Grade I. $57

431 GERM HITLER'S GREY WOLVES, U-boats in the Indian Ocean, by Lawrence Paterson. 287 pgs 2004. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $60

432 GER HUNTING THE BISMARCK by Skwidt and Prusinowska. Very well illustrated and informative text. H/C with D/J.2006 208pgs. New, Grade I. $72


433 GERM WW2. 48pgs. 1979. "LUFTWAFFE FIGHTER UNITS - EUROPE 1942-45." Osprey publication with great illustrations and valuable information. Many unseen shots. S/C. Light use. Grade I-. $35

434 GERM 1991 160pgs "Germany's first Air Force 1914-1918" By Peter Kilduff. H/C D/J used. First world war German planes, aces and general info. Grade II- $45

435 GERMAN AIRCRAFT COCKPITS 1911-1970 by P Cohausz. Published by Schiffer. 303 pgs 2003. A photo history well illustrated and detailed for parts. HC DJ. Grade I. $190

436 GERM 2006 348pgs "THE IMPERIAL GERMAN EAGLES IN WORLD WAR I" Their postcards and pictures. An excellent reference on German WW1 fight aces. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I $200

437 GERM THE SANKE CARDS WORLD WAR I GERMAN AVIATORS. By Charles Wooley. Great reference book with a multitude of Black & White photo-cards, 2003, H/C, New, 272pgs, Grade I- $175

438 GERMANY "German Fighter Ace Walter Nowotny - An Illustrated Biography" by Werner Held. 2006 H/C D/J 166pg. Large format new pictorial book on the life of this Luftwaffe Ace. Grade I. $125

439 GERM LUFTWAFFE CAMOUFLAGE & MARKINGS 1935-45 Vol 1. By K Merrick. 1973. 164 pgs. HC & DJ. Used o/w Grade II- $35

440 GERM DAY FIGHTERS - HUNTERS OF THE REICH by D Williams. 228 pgs 2002. A biographical account of 5 German Day Fighter pilots. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $55

441 GERM WW2. 64pgs. 1987. "JUNKERS BOMBERS" VOL 1. By Manfred Greil. Excellent. S/C. Warbirds, illustrated publication filled with great photographs from the period. Valuable reference. S/C. New. $26

442 GERM WW2. 144pgs. 1997. "GREEN DEVILS- GERMAN PARATROOPERS" Beautifully produced high quality book with lots of sensational illustrations and first hand accounts. This is an essential part of the collector's library. H/C. New. $100

443 GERM WW2. 444pgs. 1995. "LUFTWAFFE CODES, MARKINGS, & UNITS 1939-1945." This is a superb top quality Schiffer book with huge amounts of detailed information. Hundreds of great illustrations, this publication is a fantastic reference and a great source of information and pleasure for the collector and the modeller. H/C & D/J. New. $137

444 GERM WW2. 104pgs. 1999. "MESSERSCHMITT BF110 ZERSTOERER Aces of WW2." Osprey publication with great illustrations and valuable information. Many unseen shots. S/C. New. $35

445 GERM WW2. 63pgs. 1996. "FW 190 ACES ON THE ATTACK." Osprey publication with great illustrations and valuable information. Many unseen shots. S/C. New. $35

446 GERM WW2. 96pgs. 2001. "BF 109 ACES OF THE RUSSIAN FRONT." Osprey publication with great illustrations and valuable information. Many unseen shots. S/C. New. $35

447 GERM WW2. 96pgs. 2000. "JU88 KAMPFGESCHWADER ON THE Western Front." Osprey publication with great illustrations and valuable information. Many unseen shots. S/C. New. $35

448 GERM THE MESSERSCHMITT BF110 In Color Profile 1939-1945 by John Vasco & Fernando Estanislau. Very informative, well produced photos etc. H/C with D/J. 2006, New, Grade I. $110

449 GERM "Luftwaffe Efficiency & Promotion Reports - For the Knight's Cross Winners" by French L. MacLean. Published 2007, H/C with D/J, 262pg. New. Schiffer Military History. Features photographs of documents. Many period B/W Photos of recipience with text. Grade I. Volume 1. $150

450 GERM THE FOCKE-WULF FW 190. Fighters, Bombers, Ground Attack Aircraft by Heinz J. Nowarra. Illustrated history. 47pgs 1991 S/C New Grade I $10

451 GERM JU 88 OVER ALL FRONTS by J Stein. 1991 48 pgs. Fully illustrated with period b/w photos. S/C. New. Grade I. $20

452 GERM LUFTWAFFE ACES OF THE WESTERN FRONT by R Michulec. Luftwaffe at War series. 72 pgs. 2002. Lovely illustrated history. S/C. New. Grade I. $30

453 GERM COMBAT LEGEND FOCKE-WULF FW 190 by P Caygill. 2002. 96 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $30

454 GERM MARKINGS AND CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEMS OF LUFTWAFFE AIRCRAFT IN WORLD WAR II. Vol III. 1967. 112 pgs. German and English text. Nice pictorial reference. HC with DJ. Grade II- Used. $30

455 GERM MESSERSCHMITT Bf 109. Luftwaffe Fighter. By Air Vice- Marshal Ron Dick. Fantastic Color Pictures. Close up details of Various Parts of the Aircraft. 1997 Approx 60 pages. S/C. New Grade I. $35

456 GERM LUFTWAFFE BOMBER ACES. Men, Machines, Methods by Mike Spick. 239pgs 2001, H/C with D/J, New Grade I. $75

457 GERM LUFTWAFFE X-PLANES. GERMAN EXPERIMENTAL AND PROTOTYPE Planes of World War II. By Manfred Griehl. 80pgs, 2004. Photographic history. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $57


458 GERM WW2 "THE CONCENTRATION CAMP" By. Fritz Spiesser, 1940. Published by. Franz Eher Verlag (Nazi Party Publisher). A Novel based on the Camps set up by the British during the Boer War, presumable as counter propagand to Foreign Press reports. Germ. Text. H/C. 160 pages. Used. Grade II- $20


459 GERM THE RED KNIGHT OF GERMANY, By Floyd Gibbons. Baron von Richthofen, Germany's great war airman, 1931, H/C, used, 408pgs Grade II- $35

460 GERM ROMMEL by D Young. 288 pgs 1953. Traces the story of the man and examines the sources of the legend. Illust. H/C with D/J. Grade II- $12

461 GERM ACES OF THE REICH by G Williamson. 219 pgs 1989. Details how various Knights Cross winners won their awards. B/w illustrations. HC with DJ. NEW. $65

462 GERM 2005. "AT THE HEART OF THE REICH". The Secret Diary of Hitler's Army Adjutant. By. Major Gerhard Engel. With a Preface by Charles Messenger. 208 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $60

463 GERM SKORZENY'S SPECIAL MISSIONS. The Memoirs of 'THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN EUROPE' Skorzeny's secret missions. By Otto Skorzeny. Translated by Charles Messenger. S/C with fully informative text and a small number of B/W photos. 1957-2006. 226pgs. New, Grade I. $45

464 GERM ADOLF GALLAND - EIN FLIEGERLBEN IN KRIEG UND FRIEDEN by W Held. 1983. 184 pgs. Biography of Hitlers greatest Pilot. Germ. text. Used. H/C with D/J. Grade II- $70


466 GERM "German Fighter Ace Hans-Joachim Marseille - The Life Story of the Star of Africa" by Franz Kurowski. 1994 H/C D/J 233pg. Quality Schiffer publication text with many B/W photographs. New. Grade I. $110


467 GERM "Infanterie Greift An" by Oberst Erwin Rommel. 1938 H/C 357pg. Field Marshal Rommel's book on military tactics. German text with diagrams. Used. Grade II-. $250

468 GERM POSTCARDS OF HITLERS GERMANY. VOLUME 1 1923-1936 by R James Bender. 1995. 368 pgs. HC. New. Grade I. $85

469 GERM "Deutschland Erwacht" (Germany Awakens). A Cigarette card album on the fight and victory of the NSDAP. Contains 122 B/W Photographs including a full page photo of Adolf Hitler plus many other small photos of him. To the rear of the album is a large fold out photograph of the 1933 Nuremburg Party Rally, Size 130cm long by 31cm high. German Text. H/C. Grade II-. $285

470 GERM 1935 DATED PUBLICATION TITLED "DEUTSCHES BILDUNGSWEFEN" With small SA style Eagle/ Swastika to front cover. Covers various general interest subjects. German text. Grade II. $75

471 GERM 1936, 127 pgs - 1936 Olympic Games cigarette card album. Book 1. Contains 163 B/W and colour photographs (nine photos missing). Fold out map of the Olympic area in the rear of the album. H/C with D/J. (Tatty). German text. Grade II- $225

472 GERM 1936, 165pgs - 1936 Olympic Games cigarette card album. Book 2. Has all the B/W photographs present. H/C with D/J. Comes in it's original brown cardboard posting carton. German text. Grade II+ $300

473 GERM WW2 RARE ORIGINAL NAZI PARTY REGULATION BOOKLET For the SA and the NSDAP, printed in 1932. Yellow linen bound cardboard covers with Political Eagle on cover. This is Part 2 of 4 parts. Grade II+ $50

474 GERM WW2 RARE ORIGINAL NAZI PARTY REGULATION BOOKLET for the SA and the NSDAP printed in 1932. Orange linen bound cardboard covers with Political Eagle on cover. This is Part 3 of 4 parts. Grade II+ $50

475 GERM HILTERS MILITARY HEADQUARTERS. Organization, Structures Security and Personnel by A Johnson. 1999. 240 pgs. HC. Bender book. New. Grade I. $85

476 GERM "Propaganda Postcards of the Luftwaffe" by James Wilson. Published 2007, H/C with D/J, 224pg. Many interesting B/W Photographs with accompanying text. New. Grade I. $95

477 GERM 1940 "Das Ist England!" "Das Auserwahlte Volk." (This is England, The Chosen People). Publication by the N.S.D.A. P. German Text. S/C Used. 79 pgs. Grade II- $40

478 GERM THE MYSTERY OF ROMMELS GOLD. The Search for the Legendary Nazi Treasure by P Haining. 221 pgs 2004. A very interesting read. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $40

479 GERM 1941, 112 pgs. "Zucht Und Sitte," (Culture & Customs). A4 size book with b/w photographs and various articles on statues, paintings etc. Interesting article on German horses with a nice photo on the side of a mountain. German text. S/C with D/J (tatty). Used. Grade II- $75


480 GERM 1999 457pgs. "THE IRON TIME" A HISTORY OF THE IRON CROSS. By S T Previtera. An excellent refference for the Iron Cross collector with clear coloured photographs of the various awards and accompanying text. H/C, used. Grade II+ $175

481 GERM 2008 457pgs "THE WAR MERIT CROSS" Covers the war merit cross 1st & 2nd classes, war merit medal. German cross in in silver and the knights cross of the war merit cross giving a list of the holders of the last award with a brief history and B & W photo of each recipient. Excellent colour photos of the awards. A very good reference source. H/C. New. Grade I $75*

482 GERM 2005. "PRUSSIAN BLUE, A HISTROY OF THE ORDER, POUR LE MERITE". By. Stephen Thomas Previtera. An excellent most informative publication with many close-up photographs of the various "Pour Le Merites". Giving dimensions, weights, makers and types of metal used. Well recommended. 400 pgs H/C., New. Grade I. $295

483 GERM GERMAN MILITARY CUFFBANDS 1784-Present by Williamson an McGuirl. 1998. 352 pgs. HC Bender book. New. Grade I. $85

484 GERM "Collecting World War II German Military Identification Discs" by Michael Burroughs. 2005 S/C 116pg. Large format new release of well researched and photographed subject. Grade I. $85

485 GERM 1971, 130pgs, Divisions Abzeichen Der Waffen-SS Its Divisional Insignia. S/C used. Many B/W photos & line drawings of insignia etc. Grade II- $65

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