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US AIR FORCE FLIGHT SURGEON WING gilt, clutch grip, by: 'Vanguard', small blouse type, 51mm Grade II.

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6724 US AIR FORCE FLIGHT SURGEON WING gilt, clutch grip, by: 'Vanguard', small blouse type, 51mm Grade II. $40

6725 US USAF CIVIL AIR PATROL MINIATURE Set of 2 Observer wings, basic and master. clutch grip. Grade II. $60

6726 US WW2 Australian Made USAAF Enlisted Aircrew Member Wings. By Angus + Coote, Sydney. Sterling Silver. Pin replaced, O/W Grade II-. Scarce. $250

6727 US AAF OFFICERS COLLAR PAIR INSIGNIA embroidered cotton khaki, Grade I. C/1938-47. $15

6728 US WW2 US Army Air Force Officers Shoulder Patch. Silver / Gilt bullion embroidered on blue wool. Attractive badge. Grade II-. $95

6729 US 565TH STRATEGIC MISSILE SQUADRON, SLEEVE PATCH, C/1970s, stationed in Cheyenne Wyoming USA. Grade II- $25

6730 US AIR FORCE LOT, EM'S HAT BADGE AND COLLAR DEVICE, sleeve patch "air intelligence agency" and breast path "U.S.Air force". No pins on badges O\A. Grade II-. $35

6731 US WW2 ARMY AIR FORCE PILOTS WINGS. Australian mady by "Wallace bishop, Brisbane". Marked silver. Brooch pin. Grade II- $350

6732 US MISSILEMAN QUALIFICATION BADGE (Basic). 1958-1996 W/M with miniature. Grade II $25


6734 US "AMERICAN RED CROSS VOLUNTEER" lapel brooch badge, gilt and en, c/WW2, Grade II-. $45


6735 NTH VIETNAM VICTORY BADGE FOR 'DIEN BIEN PHY 7-5-1954'. 40% paint wear Grade III+ VERY RARE. $300

6736 NTH VIETNAM 1975 SPRING OFFENSIVE CAMPAIGNE BADGE. Painted alloy. Pin on rev. Grade II. $45


6737 STH VIETNAM MASTER PARACHUTE WINGS with palms. Type 2. Emb. Subdued. US Manufacture. Grade II- $10

6738 STH VIETNAM. RANGERS 'TINNIE' 56 X 43 mm. Brass painted black, red and white on yellow. Pin Back. Grade II- $65

6739 STH VIETNAM Army Special Forces tinnie 41mm x 33mm Brass. Painted yellow on green. Tiger jumping over parachute. Grade II- $65

6740 STH VIETNAM ARMY SPECIAL FORCES BERET BADGE. 1st Pattern. Die struck brass with two lugs. Grade II- $130


6742 VIETNAM (REPUBLIC) HA SI RANK (CORPORAL). Silk woven. Grade II. $15

6743 STH VIETNAM. ARMY AIRBOURNE BRIGADE CLOTH PATCH. Hand embroidered, white & blue on maroon. In country made. Grade II- $85

6744 VIETNAM (REPUBLIC) FIRST (I) CORPS (SILK WOVEN) Sleeve patch, subdued type. Grade II. $20

6745 VIETNAM (REPUBLIC) JOINT GENERAL STAFF (Silk woven) sleeve patch. Grade II. $20

6746 VIETNAM/US PARA WING HAND EMBROIDERED white chute/wings, gold star on USA Woodlands pattern camo, (RFU) Grade II- See BT 287 for example. $50

6747 REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM (SOUTH). Senior para wings. W/M. clutch grip. Theatre made. Grade II- $50


6748 WORLD LARGE MODERN EMB. PATCH. "INDEPENDANT MERCENARY FORCES" 130 X 130MM. MG, Skull & Dagger design. Grade II- $35

6749 NZ WW1 5TH (WELLINGTON) RIFLES REGT HAT BADGE. (Gilt) and opposing collar pair. (Brass). Grade II- $85

6750 WORLD "Jane's Merchant Shipping Review" by A.J. Ambrose. 1983 H/C 159pg. Includes chronology of 1982 and all aspects of merchant shipping. Illustrations. Grade II- $20

6751 US "Iron Bravo - Hearts, Minds, and Sergeants in the U.S. Army" by Carsten Stroud. 1995 H/C D/J 326pg. Novel of Big Red One (US 1st Infantry Division). Grade II- $15


6752 AUT 2006, 320pgs. The Austrian Mountain Troops, History, Uniforms and Equipment of the Austrian Mountain Troops from 1906 to 1918. Excellent colour photos with many perios b/w photos. Accompanying text. Large format, H/C with D/J. New. Grade I $250

6753 AUSTRIA. UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT OF THE AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN ARMY IN WORLD WAR ONE. A Study In Period Photographs. By Spencer A. Coil. Schiffer Publication. 2003. 350 pgs. H/C with D/J. New Grade I. $225

6754 AUSTRIA 2007, 543pgs. With Drawn Sword, Austro-Hungarian Edg Weapons 1848-1918. Excellent colour photographs with many b/w period photographs. Also covers sabre belts, sword belts and frogs. Large format. H/C with D/J. New, Grade I $250


6755 THE FALL OF JAPAN by William Craig. A magnificent telling of both the glorious and the tragic. 1968 368 pgs. B/w photos. HC with DJ. Grade II- $10

6756 JAPANESE MILITARISM - PAST AND PRESENT by H H Sunoo. 1975 164 pgs. HC with DJ. Grade II- $10

6757 JAPAN NAVAL ALBUM (BOOK) FULL OF PRINTED PHOTOS OF NAVY LIFE in Training Camps. 100 pgs, anchor on soft cover, nice original album C/1920-30s. Grade II- $175

6758 JAPAN MITSUBISHI A6M1/2/-2N ZERO-SEN in Japanese Naval Service. By Richard M. Bueschel. Nice original photo illustrations. 63pgs 1995, S/C. New Grade I. $30


6759 POLAND "WOJSKO POLSKIE 1921-1939 - Organizacja i Odznaki Artylerii" by Henryk Wielecki and Rudolf Sieradzki. Published 1994, S/C, 124pg. Used. Polish Language Text. Honours and awards to Polish Artillery Units, 1921-1939. Grade II-. $50


6760 RUSSIA THE MODERN SOVIET NAVY. An assessment of the USSRs current warships, naval capabilities and development. 1979. 120 pgs. B/w photos. HC with DJ. Grade II- $10

6761 US 1977 216pgs Time Life WW2 "Prelude to War" Pictorial history. H/C Grade II $12

6762 US TIME LIFE BOOK THE BATTLE OF THE ATLANTIC. Pictorial history. 1977, H/C, 208pgs. Grade II- $12

6763 US TIME LIFE BOOK THE WAR IN THE DESERT, great photos & text, 1977, H/C, Used, Worn spine, 208pgs, Grade II- $15

6764 US TIME LIFE THE HOME FRONT: USA. Pictorial history, 1977, H/C, 208pgs Grade II- $12

6765 US TIME LIFE BOOK PARTISANS AND GUERRILLAS, Pictorial history of WW2, 1977, H/C, 208pgs Grade II- $12

6766 US TIME LIFE BOOK CHINA-BURMA-INDIA. Pictorial history of WW2, 1977, H/C, 208pgs Grade II- $12

6767 US TIME LIFE BOOK ISLAND FIGHTING, Pictorial history of WW2, 1977, H/C, 208pgs Grade II- $12

6768 US TIME LIFE BOOK LIBERATION, Pictorial history, 1977, H/C, 208pgs Grade II- $12

6769 US TIME LIFE BOOK THE AFTERMATH: ASIA, Pictorial history, 1977, H/C, 208pgs Grade II- $12


6770 US D-DAY GLIDERS by P Esvelin. 145 pgs 2001. A pictorial history. H/C. New. Grade I. $50

6771 US BASTOGNE - BATTLE OF THE BULGE. 160 pgs 2001. The illustrated history of the battlefield now and then. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

6772 US GHOSTS OF THE ETO. American Tactical Deception Units in the European Theatre 1944-1945 by J Gawne. 342 pgs 2002. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $90

6773 US 2004. "UTAH BEACH. Sainte-Mere-Eglise Sainte-Marie-du- Mont". By. Georges Bernage & Dominique Francois. Well Illustrated. 168 pgs. H/C. New. Grade I. $50

6774 US WAR ON SADDAM. The Daily Telegraph. Over 200 photos. The complete story of the Iraq Campaign 2003. 191 pgs. 2003 Well illustrated in colour. S/C. New. Grade I. $50

6775 US SUBS DOWN UNDER. BRISBANE 1942-1945 by D Jones & P Nunan. 297 pgs 2005. History of the US Sub Task Force. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $80

6776 US USAAF HANDBOOK 1939-45 by M Bowman. 273 pgs. 2003. Well illustrated. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

6777 US 2005. "BEYOND THE BEACHHEAD". The 29th Infantry Division in Normandy. New & expanded Edition. By. Joseph Balkoski. 328 pgs. S/C. Some illustrations & Photos. New. Grade I. $45

6778 US "Collecting Foreign-Made Toy Soldiers - Identification and Value guide" by Richard O'Brien. 1997 S/C 494pg. A Comprehensive study of world Toy Soldiers. Grade I $60

6779 US US SILENT SERVICE Dolphins & Combat Insignia 1924-1945 by David A. Jones. Bender quality with fantastic photo's inc. combat badges, patches, posters and related objects of the US. submarine service. 2001. 224pgs. H/C. New. Grade I. $90

6780 US 1984 "MEDALS, MILITARY AND CIVILIAN OF THE UNITED STATES ". By. David Borthick & Jack Britton. Informative text and mainly line-drawn illustrations of USA Medals up to 1984. Grade II- $45

6781 US PAINTED STEEL. Steel pots, volume II. By Chris Arnold. Bender published reference on unit & decorative U.S helmets 2000. 383pgs. H/C. New. Grade I. $105

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