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593 US 7.62mm US M14 RIFLE HANDBOOK for Identification, Stripping & Assembly, Service & Maintenance, Operation & Function, Illustrated Parts Lists, Accessories & Spares, Historical Memoranda & Additional References. 2005 34pgs. SC. New. Grade I. $12

594 US 7.62 x 39mm SKS CARBINE HANDBOOK for Identification, Stripping & Assembly, Service & Maintenance, Operation & Function, Illustrated Parts Lists, Accessories & Spares, Historical Memoranda, Additional References. 2004 34 pgs. SC. New. Grade I. $12

595 US 7.62mm FN FAL HANDBOOK for Identification, Stripping & Assembly, Service & Maintenance, Operation & Function, Illustrated Parts Lists, Accessories & Spares, Historical Memoranda & Additional References. 2005 34 pgs. SC. New. Grade I. $12

596 US "9mm LUGER P'08 PISTOL HANDBOOK for Identification, Stripping & Assembly, Service & Maintenance, Function & Operation, Illustrated parts lists, Accessories & Spares, Historical Memoranda and Additional References. Published 2004, S/C, 35pg. New. Grade I. $12

597 US ".303 SMLE RIFLE No.1 HANDBOOK" by Ian Skennerton. Published 2006, S/C, 34pg. New. Grade I. $12

598 "US RIFLE .30 MODEL 1917 and .303 BRITISH PATTERN 1914 HANDBOOK" by Ian Skennerton. Published 2004, S/C, 34pg. New. Grade I. $12

599 US "HANDBOOK FOR .303 BRITISH RIFLE NO.4" by Ian Skennerton. Published 2006, S/C, 34pg. New. Grade I. $12

600 US "9mm WALTHIER P-38 HANDBOOK for Identification, Stripping & Assembly, Service & Maintenance, Operation & Function, Illustrated Parts Lists, Accessories & Spares, Historical Memoranda and Additional References". Published 2005, S/C, 34pg. New. Grade I. $12

601 US "CARBINE .30 M1, M1A1, M2 and M3 HANDBOOK" by Ian Skennerton. Published 2004, S/C, 34pg. New. Grade I. $12

602 US "7.62x39mm AK-47 HANDBOOK" by Ian Skennerton. Published 2005, S/C, 34pg. New. Grade I. $12

603 US "5.56mm AR-15 and M-16 HANDBOOK" by Ian Skennerton. Published 2004, S/C, 34pg. New. Grade I. $12

604 WORLD 2005 192pgs "THE WORLD'S GREAT MACHINE GUNS" H/C D/J new. Photo's, tabulated data, line drawing etc. Grade I $45

605 WORLD 2005, 226pgs. Small Arms From 1860 to the Present Day. H/C D/J, new. Very well illustrated. Great data. Interesting information. Grade II- $60

606 WORLD 2005 176pgs "THE WORLD'S GREAT HAND GUNS" From 1450 to the present day. H/C D/J, new. Colour & B&W plate illustrated. Grade I- $35


607 POLAND "BAGNET NIEMIECKI wz. 1871/84" by Maciej Proszynski. Published 1990, S/C, 16pg. Pamphlet style booklet dealing with German Bayonets from 1871. Line drawings. Polish Text. Informative. Grade II-. $25


608 AUST "BRITISH SERVICE SWORD & LANCE PATTERNS. Pattern Identification, Descriptions & Lists, Official References & Drawings, Accessories and Fittings. Small Arms Identification Series" by Ian Skennerton. Published 1994, S/C, 48pg. New. Grade I. $20

609 GB HIGHLAND BROADSWORD by Wagner & Rector. Five Manuals of Scottish Regimental Swordsmanship. 2004 251 pgs. Refers to 17th and 19th Century Swordsmanship. Line drawings and some photos. SC. New. Grade I. $90

610 GB 2005. "NAVAL EDGED WEAPONS IN THE AGE OF FIGHTING SAIL 1775-1865". By. Sarah C. Wolfe. A brief look at British and US Swords. 120 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $70

611 GB "RAPIERS - An Illustrated reference guide to the Rapiers of the 16th and 17th Centuries and their Companions" by Eric Valentine. Published 1968, H/C with D/J, 74 pages. Clear B/W Photographs with accompanying text. Used. Grade II-. $40

612 JAP 1990, 126pgs. Military Swords of Japan 1868-1945. H/C D/J used. Excellent quick reference for the new Japanese sword collector. Full explanations, pronunciations, line drawings and photographs. Grade II $145


613 AUST "IDENTIFICATION HANDBOOK OF BRITISH GRENADES 1900-1960" (Numerical Series). Published 2002, S/C, 48pg. Abridged version of more in-depth book. A great quick reference. Grade I. $25

614 GB THE GREAT WARBOW. FROM HASTINGS TO THE MARY ROSE by Strickland & Hardy. 2005 538 pgs. HC DJ. New. Grade I. $75

615 GB THOSE ENTRUSTED WITH ARMS. A history of the Police, Post, Customs and Private use of weapons in Britain by F Wilkinson. 294 pgs. 2002. Very nicely illustrated history. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $80

616 GER 2007 160pgs "Panzers I and II" The spielberger German armor and military vehicle series. H/C D/J new. Collectors reference book relating to German army workhorse during early WW2. Grade I $120

617 JAP SAMURAI. THE WEAPONS AND SPIRIT OF THE JAPANESE WARRIOR by C Sinclaire. 144 pgs 2001. Nicely illustrated reference guide. $65

618 US "A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in all countries and in all times" by George Cameron Stone. 1934/1961 H/C D/J 693pg. Reprint of one of the 'bibles' of arms and armour enthusiasts. Many detailed b/w photographs including knives, etc. Grade II- $60


619 GB 1912 110pgs. Map reading and field sketching, 1912 early instructional pamphlet. Grade II- $35

620 AUST 1940. 'ANTI-TANK RIFLE COURSES. (Based on War Office Pamphlet, No.18, 1939). S/C pamphlet. 16 pgs. Grade II- $45

621 AUST/GB 1941, 64pgs, Military Map Reading for the New Army, with an Appendix on Judgment of Distance. S/C instructional pamphlet. Essential learning for all troops. Very well illustrated. Grade II- $25

622 AUST 1943. "SPOKEN JAPANESE SIMPLIFIED" S/C. pam. 69 Pgs. Grade III. $50

623 AUST 1951. INFANTRY TRAINING Vol: 1. 'GRENADES' (All Arms). 1951. S/C pam. 23 Pgs. Grade III+ $50

624 AUST 1961 165pgs "CADET TRAINING" Volume 2. 1961. S/C instructional pamphlet dealing mainly with navigation, infantry minor tactics, basic fieldcraft. Grade II- $30

625 AUST 1944, 20 pgs, Australian military Forces Army Rehabilitation Advice to Army Personnel Awaiting Discharge. S/C small pamphlet with a wealth of information about return to civilian life after military service. Grade II- $25

626 AUST 1941, 222pgs, Infantry Minor Tactics 1941, Australia. S/C instructional pamphlet basic infantry skills and drills for Australian troops. "Must not fall into enemy hands." Grade II- $45

627 GB 1943 20pgs, Soldiers Guide to Sicily. S/C pamphlet guide to Soldiers preparing to invade Sicily. Grade II- $20

628 GB 1941, 172pgs, Aircraft Recognition. S/C instructional booklet shows photograph and silhouette style indentification. Grade II- $30

629 AUST/GB. "INFANTRY TRAINING" (TRAINING AND WAR) 1937. H/C pamphlet. 250 pages. Grade II. $45

630 AUST "MANUAL OF THE MILITARY POLICE BRANCH". AUSTRALIAN ARMY PROVOST CORPS. 1943. Softcover pamphlet. Very tatty cover. 124 pages. Grade III+ $45

631 AUST "DRILL" (ALL ARMS) (AUSTRALIA) 1953. Softcover pamphlet. 134 pages. Tatty spine otherwise Grade II- $25

632 AUST 1939, 118pgs, Australian Military Forces Infantry Section Leading, S/C small instructional pamphlet. Basic military skills & drills. Grade II- $30

633 AUST SMALL ARMS TRAINING Vol.1, Pamphlet No: 11. PISTOL + S/C Pam. Covers .38 calibre pistol. B/W photos, diagrams and text. Written name of Constable and 1950 date to top of front cover. Back page and rear cover seperated. 1943. 20 pages. Grade III+. $50


635 AUST ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY. - REGULATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS- for the Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve. 1921. Hard cover pamphlet. 15 pages. Text only no illustrations. $40

636 AUST FIRST AID TO THE INJURED. The attached notes have been taken from the authorised text book of the St. John Ambulance Association and cover the course laid down for National Emergency Services. National Emergency Services. 25 pgs c/WW2. S/C pamphlet type book. Loose cover. Grade III+. $25

637 AUST WW1 C/1916-1917. "GRENADES AND THEIR USES" Compiled By Lieut.-Col. R. Law. Original Australian produced pamphlet. Includes diagrams of Turkish and Jam Tin Grenades used at Gallipoli. Tatty and water stained pages. Rough condition, but rarely seen. Grade III+ $150

638 AUST "RETURN TO CIVIL LIFE" A handbook of information for Members of the Forces on the road back to Civil Life. S/C pamphlet type book. 1945. 55 pages. Grade II- $35

639 AUST JOINT SERVICES STAFF MANUAL GLOSSARY. 1970. Large HC binder pam. Grade III+ $20

640 AUST/GB THE ELEMENTS OF FIRST AID. Reprinted, modified for Australia 1959. 32 pgs. SC Small pam. Grade II- $10

641 AUST INSTRUCTORS AIDE-MEMOIRE 1971. 14pgs. S/C pam. Grade II-. $8

642 AUST MANUAL OF LAND WARFARE PART ONE VOLUME 1 Pamphlet No 2 Command and Control 1977. 70 pgs. SC Pam. Grade II- $9

643 AUST TRAINING COMMAND ARMY TRAINING SYSTEM PAMPHLET 3. The Design of Individual Training 1980. SC Pam. Grade II- $9

644 AUST "FIELD SERVICE REGULATIONS VOL III - Operations Higher Formations 1935". H/C Used. Doctrine for use by commanders at divisional level. Grade II-. $35

645 AUST 1940 180pgs THE FIGHTING SOLDIER S/C pamphlet style booklet explaining a lot of the "taken for granted". Grade II- $50

646 AUST 1939, 38pgs, Protection Against Gas & Air Raids, Phamphlet No 2 Respirators (Modified For Australia) 1939. S/C instructional pamphlet for all aspects of the WW2 gas mask. Grade II- $40

647 AUST 1979 "ARA Conditions of Service reference Booklet and ARA platoon roll book." Grade II- $20

648 AUST WW2 "BUSHCRAFT". 46pg, S/C. Pamphlet produced by the Australian Army Education Service. Grade II-. $25

649 GB WW1 1915. "NOTES FROM THE FRONT - PART IV. and further NOTES ON FIELD DEFENCES." Collated by the General Staff, May, 1915. S/C Pam. Front and back covers loose. Light soiling. 64 pgs. Grade III+ $50

650 GB EVALUATION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE IN THE JAPANESE HOMELAND PART TWO - AIRFIELDS. Originating Agency: The US Strategic Bombing Survey. British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee. C/1946 27 pgs. SC Pam type book. Grade II. $20

651 GB RAMC TRAINING PAMPHLET No 1 Drill and Exercises 1951. 50 pgs. SC Pam. Grade II- $10

652 GB REGULATIONS FOR ARMY ORDNANCE SERVICES VOL 3. Pamp No 35. Instructions for the Operation of a Mobile Laundry and Bath Company, RAOC 1952. 14 pgs. With fold out charts. SC Pam. Grade II- $8

653 GB REGULATIONS for the ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE (MEN). (Subject to correction.) Revised to 31st July 1914. Prepared and issued by the Admiralty and Board of Trade. LONDON. Printed under the authority of His Majesty's Stationery Office. Hard cover pamphlet. 101 pages. Text only, no illustrations. $45

654 GB WW2 RAF "GUIDE TO SERVICE" - Officers. Goes into detail the responsibilities and rights of RAF Officers. Grade II- $25

655 GB 1917 "GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FOR A RECRUIT". By. Owen Grant. Very small pocket sized pam. S/C. 21 pgs. Grade II- $50

656 GB WW1 C/1917. "INSTRUCTION IN ANTI-GAS MEASURES". S/C Pam. Missing front and rear covers. 7 pgs. Grade II- $35

657 GB WW1 1918. "DEFENCE AGAINST GAS". S/C Pam. Front and rear covers loose and brittle. 47 Pgs. Hard to find. Grade III+ $50

658 GB R.A.M.C. TRAINING - 1935. 438pgs. (Royal Army Medical Corps) pam. H/c. Grade II-. $25


660 GB WW2 PAMS x2 ON TANK TERMS, 1/ "Glosary of Italian tank terms", 35pgs 1943 s/c. 2/ "Glosary of German tank terms" 90pgs s/c. Both issued by "The school of tank technology" and named to:"Major R.A. Nairn". Pocket size pams, note no pictures of tanks, just their terminology. Grade II-. $50

661 GB 1905 78pgs "Manual of Military Ballooning" S/C pamphlet. The pros and cons of using balloons in warfare. Grade II- $35

662 GB/AUST 1937 320pgs RAF Pocket Book 1937. H/C used RAF pamphlet. Invaluable range of information for Air Service Officers prior to WW2. Grade II- $65

663 GB 1940 64pgs, Aircraft Identification Friend or Foe? Part One Revised. S/C recognition pamphlet private purchase type photos, drawing and silhouettes. Grade II- $45

664 GB 1916 16+pgs "The offensive of small units" S/C training (operational) pamphlet. New tactics to counter trench warfare adopted by the British. Grade II- $70

665 GERM 1942 "AUSBILDUNGSBORFCHRIFT FUR DIE INFANTERIE". Infantry training publication with many B/W illustrations and diagrams. Germ text. Soft cover. 255 pages. Grade II- $85

666 US "Survival on Land and Sea - Prepared for the United States Navy 1944". 1944 S/C 187pg. Survival guide for the US Navy. Grade II- $45


667 US "ONE-MAN PNEUMATIC LIFE RAFT SURVIVAL KITS OF WORLD WAR II". By Robert S. McCarter and Douglas Taggart. 2006. S/C reference, well illustrated. 176 pgs. Grade I. $90

668 GB "Special Forces Recognition Guide" by Ewen Southby- Tailyour. 2005 S/C 496pg. Full colour "Jane's" guide to modern Special Forces and equipment. All the info you need. Grade I $75

669 US "Propaganda Postcards of World War II" by Ron Menchine. 2000 S/C 158pg. A comprehensive look at poscards during WW2 Political. Includes prices. Grade II $60

670 US/GB "World Army Badges & Insignia since 1939" by Guido Rosignoli. 1984 H/C D/J 218pg. International quick reference. Grade II- $35

671 WOR THE AIRBORNE SOLDIER by J Weeks. 192 pgs. 1982. Illustrated history of the Worlds elite, from WW2 to 1980. H/C with D/J. Grade II. $20

672 US SWEAR LIKE A TROOPER. A Dictionary of Military Terms and Phrases by W Priest. 232 pgs 2000. Yes it has some of the colourful terms like SNAFU. H/C with D/J. Grade I, New $45


673 GB AWARDS OF THE GEORGE CROSS 1940-2005 New release, important medal information. H/C with D/J, 2006, 172pgs. New, Grade 1- $78

674 AUST "MEDALS TO AUSTRALIA, With Valuations. Third Edition" by R.D. Williams. Published 1990, H/C, 96pg. Near New. A comprehensive guide to Australian Medals in both colour and black and white pictures. Grade I-. $25

675 AUST "GALLANTRY AND DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS TO THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY DURING THE FIRST WORLD WAR." Volume 3. British Orders and Other Awards. By Michael Maton. 2006. Long awaited third volume. A must. H/C. 860 pgs. Grade I. $245


677 AUST GALLANTRY AND DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARDS TO THE AUSTRALIAN ARMY DURING THE FIRST WORLD WAR. Volume 2. The Military Medal (L-Z). By. Michael Maton. 2005. 911pages Hard cover. New. Grade I $240

678 AUST NOBLE NUMISMATICS AUCTION CATALOGUE SALE NO.55 PART A. The collection of Medals and Militaria formed by the Late Major E.J. Millett. 23rd Oct. 1997 $12

679 AUST NOBLE NUMISMATICS AUCTION CATALOGUE. The J.J. Atkinson Collection of British Gallantry Groups. 7th April, 2005. $15

680 ORDER OF AUSTRALIA 1975-1995 2nd Edition - The First Twenty Years. Edited by Frederick Kirkland, OAM, JP. 875 pgs. 1995. Lists all recipients and photographs of some selected recipients. New. $90

681 SERVICE 1995 2ND EDITION. 134 pgs. Lists recipients of the DSC, CSC, NSC, DSM, PSM, APM, AFSM, CSM, Antartic Medal, Commendation for Distinguished Service, Champion shots medal, Meritorious Unit Citation (Units only). With selected photographs. New. $70

682 AUST 1979 40pgs "AUSTRALIAN ROLL OF HONOUR FOR THE SOUTH AFRICAN WAR" S/C desktop published foolscap size, very informative research documnet, very scarce. Grade II- $100

683 AUST "AUSTRALIANS AWARDED" A concise guide to Military and Civilian Decorations, Medals and other Awards to Australians from 1815-2007 with their valuations. H/C new. The long awaited, updated guide to military and civil medals/awards specifically for Australians. Full colour, with current valuations and reference material. Grade I $65

684 CANADA 1982. "THE MEDAL ROLL OF THE RED RIVER CAMPAIGN OF 1870 IN CANADA". By. Graham H. Neale & Ross W. Irwin. Light storage wear to cover. 70 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade II+. $28

685 CANADA 1983. "THE CANADIAN MEDAL ROLLS - DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT AND MILITARIA MEDAL (1939-45 & 1950-53). By. Martin Ashton. 130 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $28

686 GB 2002. "BY GRACE OF THE LORD OF THE REALM". The Medal Roll for the Delhi Durbar 1903. Compiled by Malcolm Rouse. 84 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

687 GB "The Medals Year Book - A-Z of Medals. Fully illustrated Price Guide" 1995 Edition. 1994 S/C 180pg. Old copy of Medal Yearbook. Grade II- $30

688 GB BRITISH ORDERS, DECORATIONS AND MEDALS by D Hall. 1973. 96 pgs. Many coloured photographs and accompanying text. Used. HC with DJ. Grade II. $30

689 GB BRITISH AND FOREIGN MEDALS relating to Naval and Maritime Affairs. National Maritime Museum Greenwich 1937. 330 pgs 1937. In date order and illustrated, from 1605 to the 1930s H/C used o/w Grade II- $75

690 GB BRITISH ORDERS AND DECORATIONS by P Duckers. A Shire Book. 56 pgs. 2004. Coloured illustrations and brief history. This small book is an introduction to the insignia of Knighthood and Chivalry. SC. New. Grade I. $24

691 GB 384PGS 1999. MEDAL YEARBOOK 1999. FROM THE PUBLISHERS OF MEDAL NEWS. Medals issued to British and Commonwealth forces 1700's - 1999. fully illustrated and valuation guide. Includes Australian section. Coloured ribbon chart and research information. S/C new Grade I. $25

692 GB MEDALS The Researcher's Guide by William Spencer. New release great reference guide. H/C with D/J, 2006, 224pgs. New, Grade 1- $60

693 GB MILITARY GENERAL SERVICE 1793-1814 (Canadian Recipients) Egypt Medal 1882-1889 (Canadian Recipients. North West Canada 1885. 191 pgs 1975. Nominal Rolls plus ranks and Units. H/C. Grade II. $35

694 GB BRITISH GALLANTRY AWARDS by Abbott & Tamplin. 1971. 359 pgs. Many colour and b/w photos of the different awards With accompanying text. Glue stains to DJ. Used. HC with DJ. Grade II- $35

695 GB FOREIGN ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD CONFERRED UPON BRITISH SUBJECTS. 1839. 582 pgs. Excellent reference book for the Researcher, re-bound with leather. H/C. Grade II. $250

696 GB 2006. "THE NAVAL LONG SERVICE MEDALS". By. Kenneth Douglas-Morris. 288 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $75

697 GB NATAL MEDAL ROLL 1906. 98 pgs. 2000. S/C. New. Grade I. $45

698 GB INDIA GENERAL SERVICE MEDAL ROLL 1908-1935 TO THE RAF. Military Reference Book. A naval & Military Press. C/2000. 89 pgs. SC. New. Grade I. $45

699 GERM 2007 532pgs "The Iron Time" H/C large format. New. Comprehensive history/reference of the iron cross including some extraordinary photos. Grade I $350

700 NZ THE COMPLETE NZ DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL. An account of the New Zealand recipients of the Distinguished Conduct medal collated by A Polaschek. 1983. 359 pgs. H/C D/J. Used but Grade II- $24

701 US VERNONS COLLECTORS GUIDE TO ORDERS, MEDALS & DECORATIONS (with valuations) 4th edition by Sydney B Vernon. 528 pgs 2000. Some illustrations. From 1300-2000 covers world medals. A great priced reference guide. SC. New. Grade I. $47

702 RUSSIA 'OPDEHA' BOOK OF RUSSIAN AND FOREIGN ORDERS AND DECORATIONS 1917. 189 pgs 1963 edition of 1917 original. Text in Russian, illustrated in colour and b/w. HC. Used. Grade II- $55

703 RUSSIA THE ORDERS, MEDALS AND HISTORY OF IMPERIAL RUSSIA. 269 pgs 2000. Illustratedf reference guide. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $70


704 GB "BADGES OF THE BRITISH ARMY 1820-1960 - An Illustrated Guide for Collectors" by F. Wilkinson. Published 1971, H/C with D/J, 56pg. Used. Great little quick reference guide for the collector. Grade II-. $35

705 AUST AUSTRALIAN AIRBORNE. The HIstory and Insignia of Australian Military Parachuting. Large Format. One of those must have books for the Para Wing collector. By John O'Connor. Covers Navy, Army and Airforce. 440pgs, 2005, H/C with D/J. Grade I. $75

706 AUST 2007, 58pgs. Australian War Badges of World War 1 and World War 2. S/C new release. Desktop type publication reference. Grade I- $66

707 CANADA "THE REGIMENTS AND CORPS OF THE CANADIAN ARMY - Prepared by the Army Historical Section. Volume I of the Canadian Army List". Gread reference work for those interested in Canadian Army History and badges. Grade II-. $50

708 GB "Army Badges and Insignia of World War 2 - Book 2" by Guido Rosignoli. 1975 H/C D/J 198pg. Collectors quick reference guide by International Author. Grade II-. $20

709 POLAND POLISH HONOR AND COMMEMORATIVE BADGES 1914-1918 AND 1918-1921 (Warfare to establish the countrys borders). 255 pgs 2001. Fully illustrated, badges, medals and certificates, text in English, Polish and German. New. S/C. Grade I. $85

710 US UNITED STATES NAVY WINGS OF GOLD, From 1917 to the present, by Ron L. Willis & Thomas Carmichael, with foreword by Commander Alex Vraciu (USN, RET), A Schiffer military history book. 220 pgs 1995. A fantastic photographic Schiffer reference. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $95

711 US/GB "Badges and Insignia of World War II - Air Force, Naval and Marine" by Guido Rosignoli. 1983 H/C D/J 363pg. International quick reference. Grade II- $30


712 US "UNIFORMS, EQUIPMENT AND WEAPONS OF THE AMERICAN EXPENDITIONARY FORCES IN WORLD WAR I." By Bret Werner. 2006 Schiffer Book. A great full colour reference. H/C with D/J. 326 pgs. Grade I. $220

713 US "SAILORS IN FOREST GREEN USN PERSONNEL ATTACHED TO THE USMC". U.S. Navy Uniforms in World War II Series. By. Jeff Warner. 2006. H/C with D/J reference very well illustrated. 325 pgs. Grade I. $220

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