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RURE VOL. 2 GN - [2 of 6] B&W. Creators: Creator: Da-Mi Seomoon. Description: Kuya realizes who the princess really is: Wan, Princess of Wilia Azus, third in line to the king. The princess may be beautiful and elegant on the outside, but she’s anything but on the inside. Princess Wan is quite strong and cunning, and seems to have some plans of her own for Kuya. 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 13+.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED VOL. 6 GN - [6 of 9] B&W. Creators: Creator: Ryo Saenagi. Description: It’s back to the amusement park for Shima and his supermodel pal Kaori. They’ve been invited to test out a new attraction—a mystery-maze game. Shima, Kaori, Mai, and APP are a team, but along with them is a snooping reporter who wants to get the goods on Kaori. When Kaori collapses during the game, APP learns the truth about Kaori’s alter ego, Kyo. What could that truth be? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 16+ MATURE THEMES.

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI (KAHN) VOL. 1 GN - [1 of 9] B&W. Creators: Creator: Kazuaki Yanagisawa. Description: Nobu has returned from the Underworld and with his mother moved to a new town and a new school. Peace is fleeting, however, and it is not long before he must battle off Demons sent by the U.S. Ambassador to hunt him and his Demon Summoning Program down. Reunited with Pixie, who has come to the Surface World looking for him, and his friend Yumi, they take on the Demon crew. But will they be able to save Nobu’s mother before it’s too late? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 16+ MATURE THEMES.

SHINSHOKU KISS VOL. 2 GN - [2 of 2] B&W. Creators: Creator: Kazuko Higashiyama. Description: If you thought a story about a doll maker that kisses a girl in order to turn her into an old woman with the intent of making her work in his workshop was bizarre, then wait until you read this volume! When Yuta wants Kotoko to use her encroacher to make a doll of a certain street artist, Kotoko ends up falling for one of Yuta’s creepy comrades, Fuyu. Fuyu also has an encroacher, however, and tells Kotoko that he’d like to show her STAR. On the way, Kotoko realizes two things: Takuto is a living doll, and she has memories of STAR from her childhood. 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 16+ MATURE THEMES.

THREADS OF TIME VOL. 11 GN - [11 of 11] B&W. Creators: Creator: Mi Young Noh. Description: After realizing that he was once Sali Tayi and having all of his memories, Kim Moon-Bin goes to meet the present Sali Tayi and engage him in a long fierce battle. Which Sali Tali will be the victor—the present one, or the past one? Find out in the final heartracing conclusion to Threads of Time! 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 13+.

TRAMPS LIKE US VOL. 14 GN - [14 of 14] B&W. Creators: Creator: Yayoi Ogawa. Description: In the final volume to Tramps Like Us, Takeshi’s family has come to see him perform! Sumire goes to meet them, although Takeshi fears that things might not go so well. And when she comes out wearing her slippers from the hotel, what will the "Demon Sister Quarter" think of her?! 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 16+ MATURE THEMES.

TRINITY BLOOD VOL. 5 GN - [5 of 9] B&W. Creators: Author: Sunao Yoshida Art By: Kiyo Kyujyo. Description: Radu makes one final attempt to destroy the city of Carthage by unleashing the lblis, an enormous artificial sandstorm. Ion and Petros join forces with Tres to protect the city while Abel tries to disarm the Vicious winds himself. Howerver, as he closes in on the enemy, Abel finds more than one surprise waiting for him in the underground chamber, including a friend from long, long ago. 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 16+ MATURE THEMES.

TWELVE KINGDOMS VOL. 1: SEA OF SHADOW SC - [1 of 7] B&W. Creators: Author: Fuyumi Ono. Description: Yoko Nakajima’s life has been fairly ordinary—until Keiki, a young man with golden hair, tells her that she is his master and must return to their kingdom. With the help of a magic sword and a magic stone against the demons on her trail—Yoko begins her quest for both survival and self-discovery in her new land. 464 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: 13+.

Viz Media LLC

Viz Magazines

SHOJO BEAT (MAR. 08) - Partial Color. Description: VIZ Media's monthly manga magazine, Shojo Beat, offers vast quantities of serialized shojo manga appearing in the United States for the first time. In addition the beautiful artwork and compelling storylines from well-known manga creators, Shojo Beat offers quality features on Japanese trends, art, news, fashion, and culture, plus interviews, how-tos, and more! Shojo Beat is a hip, fun, informative read that will appeal to newbies and manga fans alike. 300 pages. (8x11) Publisher Rating: T+ .

SHONEN JUMP (MAR. 08) - Partial Color. Description: The world's most popular manga! One of the world's biggest comics, containing the original manga sources for some of the most popular anime ever made! Each issue includes tons of full-color information about toys, TCGs, CCGs, video games and anime, plus amazing manga stories! 368 pages. (8x11) Publisher Rating: T.

Shonen Jump GN

BLEACH VOL. 22 SC - B&W. Creators: Tite Kubo. Description: The noose tightens around Ichigo. His inner Hollow can't wait to consume him, the sinister transfer student has him tapped for a mysterious job, and now powerful new enemies have landed in his hometown to destroy him. 216 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T.

DRAGON DRIVE VOL. 6 SC - B&W. Creators: Ken-Ichi Sakura. Description: Maiko's in jail, along with all the people of Yaudim! A huge, childish dragon named Guanku is holding them captive and using Maiko as his personal toy! Is there any hope for escape? Meanwhile, Reiji faces a series of dangerous and deceptive trials set by the dragon he wants to claim as an ally — Shinseiba! Will his bravery and trusting nature win over this powerful dragon and help him save the day? 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: A.

HOSHIN ENGI VOL. 5 SC - B&W. Creators: Ryu Fujisaki. Description: As the enemies of Dakki unite with Taikobo, the new alliance finds itself under siege by The Shisei of Kuryu Island, formidable foes with mysterious ties to Dakki herself! 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T.

KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC VOL. 22 SC - B&W. Creators: Masami Kurumada. Description: To stop the army of Hades, Athena's Knights have unleashed forces beyond even their control. Hit by two cosmic blows of the forbidden Athena Exclamation, Sanctuary itself begins to crumble. But the battle has only just begun. In a desperate gambit, Seiya and his fellow Bronze Knights prepare to descend into the underworld and challenge Hades face to face. But Princess Sienna has a shocking plan of her own. 184 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

MUHYO & ROJI'S BUREAU OF SUPERNATURAL INVESTIGATIONS VOL. 3 SC - B&W. Creators: Yoshiyuki Nishi. Description: Muhyo's friend Biko has a big problem. One of Biko's magic locks has been broken, and now something's escaped from the bottom level of a top-security prison for the evilest, most dangerous ghosts. It's up to Muhyo and Roji to restore order, but what will they do when their greatest fears are realized? 208 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

NARUTO: OFFICIAL FANBOOK - Partial Color. Creators: Masashi Kishimoto. Description: Think you know all you can possibly know about Naruto? Think again! The Official Fanbook takes you deeper than ever before into the world of the most determined ninja as he pushes ever closer to his ultimate destiny! Maps, character profiles, previously hidden revelations and more give you all the inside secrets about Masashi Kishimoto's incredible saga. Includes the original 44-page Naruto manga. 288 pages. Publisher Rating: T .

YU YU HAKUSHO VOL. 14 SC - B&W. Creators: Yoshihiro Togashi. Description: With the Dark Tournament far behind them, the gang is in a whole new mess! Someone is trying to pick up where Sakyo's dream of opening a portal from the demon plane into the human world left off. Already, energy from their evil world is seeping through. The group heads to Swarm City and finds the place crawling with nasty insects only those with a developed sixth sense can see. 208 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

YU-GI-OH!: MILLENNIUM WORLD VOL. 7 SC - B&W. Creators: Kazuki Takahashi. Description: In the illusionary Millennium World of three thousand years ago, the forces of good and evil clash for the last time. But now that Yugi has split from Yu-Gi-Oh, the heroes must journey to present-day Egypt, where Yu-Gi-Oh — the pharaoh — must face his final destination. But what awaits them in Egypt? Has the evil of the Millennium Items been exorcised? And can the bonds which hold the pharaoh's soul ever be broken? 224 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

Shonen Jump Advanced GN

BUSO RENKIN VOL. 10 SC - B&W. Creators: Nobuhiro Watsuki. Description: The remaining Alchemist Warriors head for Papillion Mask's hideout to put an end to everything. But is Papillion Mask really going to carry out his mission to burn the entire world to the ground? Meanwhile, Kazuki and Victor's battle on the moon continues! Will there be a true victor in this final battle? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

D.GRAY-MAN VOL. 8 GN - B&W. Creators: Katsura Hoshino. Description: The battle on the sea continues, with the swarm of evolved akuma pressing hard on the Exorcists. Lenalee tries to tackle one akuma on her own, but realizes she can prevail only by unleashing the full force of her Innocence. Back on the ship Lavi prepares to call on a special attribute of his own Innocence. Will any of this be enough? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

DEATH NOTE PROFILE HOW TO READ 13 - Partial Color. Creators: Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata. Description: Here, in one authoritative volume — everything you need to know about Death Note, the best-selling manga series. Featuring complete character biographies, detailed story-line summaries, production notes, and behind-the-scenes commentaries. Death Note How to Read 13 also includes exclusive interviews with creators Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata and a bonus manga chapter of never-before-translated material. Unless you own your very own death note, it doesn't get any better than this! 280 pages. Publisher Rating: T+ .

DEATH NOTE: ANOTHER NOTE NOVEL - B&W. Creators: Nisioisin. Description: A serial killer is on the loose in Los Angeles and the local authorities need help fast. Onto the scene comes L, the mysterious super-sleuth and an FBI agent named Naomi Misora. They conclude that the killing spree is a psychotic riddle designed specifically to engage L in a battle of wits. Stuck in the middle between killer and investigator, it's up to Misora to navigate both the dead bodies and the egos to solve the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. 176 pages. Publisher Rating: T+.

EYESHIELD 21 VOL. 18 SC - B&W. Creators: Riichiro Inagaki & Yusuke Murata. Description: It's time for some serious gridiron action when the Bando Spiders collide with the Devil Bats! The game gets off to a bad start for the Bats when an incredibly accurate onside kick, combined with top-notch blocking, results in a field goal and an early lead for the Spiders. From there it just gets worse as the Devil Bats try to overcome the Spiders' special defensive maneuver, the "Run Force"! 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

PRETTY FACE VOL. 4 SC - B&W. Creators: Yasuhiro Kano. Description: When he discovers a clue to the location of Rina's real twin sister, Rando goes on a road trip in search of the girl whose face he's wearing. But a guy in a short skirt can get in a lot of trouble traveling alone — and even more trouble when Rina comes along for the ride! 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

RAL OMEGA GRAD VOL. 1 GN - B&W. Creators: Tsuneo Takano & Takeshi Obata. Description: From the creators of Death Note! The people of Sphaein are under siege by an army of monsters knows as Shadows. With the castle walls collapsing and their doom within sight they are persuaded to let loose a boy who himself has a Shadow within him. Released from his black cell a teenager who has never laid eyes on the opposite sex, he meets his beloved teacher face to face and discovers there are differences between men and women, differences he deems worth fighting for! 216 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+.

Shojo Graphic Novels

BASARA VOL. 26 SC - B&W. Creators: Yumi Tamura. Description: Sarasa's quest for freedom has ended, but Basara isn't over yet! In this volume of special side stories, Yumi Tamura goes deeper than ever before to explore the characters and world of Basara. Hijiri and Nachi recount childhood memories of ships, sea monsters and mermaids. A band of star-crossed rebels arises in another time — and changes the course of Sarasa's battle. 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

BOYS OVER FLOWERS VOL. 28 SC - B&W. Creators: Yoko Kamio. Description: Tsukushi's friend Yuki is still fixated on Akira, a member of the F4. While struggling to understand him she immerses herself in a mysterious event from his past. Meanwhile, spies continue to track Tsukushi and Tsukasa's every move. The two of them will have to take some outlandish steps to outsmart the snoops and get some "alone time.” 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

HANA-KIMI VOL. 22 GN - B&W. Creators: Hisaya Nakajo. Description: When Mizuki is almost caught changing clothes, the school goes wild with rumors about a mysterious girl on campus! Can our heroine keep her secret, or will she be outed and separated from Sano? Meanwhile, the girls of Saint Blossom Girls' High School are caught up in the boys' romances! 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

Shojo Beat Graphic Novels

ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND VOL. 5 GN - B&W. Creators: Yuu Watase. Description: A miniature version of Night has returned to Riiko while his full-size body gets repaired — but now Soshi has decided to move in with them! Can a mini Night prove to Riiko that his love is just as real as Soshi's? 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

BABY & ME VOL. 6 GN - B&W. Creators: Marimo Ragawa. Description: When a new student, Hikage, joins the class, Takuya tries to befriend him. But Hikage is suspicious of Takuya's motives and begins a campaign to destroy Takuya's happiness. When Takuya seems to weather the assault, Hikage gets his little brother to attack Takuya's weak spot? Minoru! 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

BE WITH YOU MANGA - B&W. Creators: Takuji Ichikawa. Description: When Takumi's wife suddenly returns from the grave, he can't believe his eyes. As he starts digging deeper and deeper into the mystery of her sudden reappearance, he discovers a secret that is somehow linked to the past — and the future. Is it possible to experience first love for a second time? Without question, the answer is yes! Available both as a manga (illustrated by Sai Kawashima) and a prose novel. 216 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

BE WITH YOU NOVEL SC - B&W. Creators: Takuji Ichikawa. Description: When Takumi's wife suddenly returns from the grave, he can't believe his eyes. As he starts digging deeper and deeper into the mystery of her sudden reappearance, he discovers a secret that is somehow linked to the past — and the future. Is it possible to experience first love for a second time? Without question, the answer is yes! Available both as a manga (illustrated by Sai Kawashima) and a prose novel. 300 pages. Publisher Rating: T .

FUSHIGI YUGI: GENBU KAIDEN VOL. 6 SC - B&W. Creators: Yuu Watase. Description: Takiko has found another Celestial Warrior — in a house of ill repute! But the proud, bitter Inami has no interest in following the priestess, and she intends to test Takiko's mettle in a duel. Can Takiko's skill with the naginata withstand a full Celestial attack? And when a dark force engulfs the women of the brothel, can Takiko and Inami join forces to save them? 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

GODCHILD VOL. 8 SC - B&W. Creators: Kaori Yuki. Description: It is time for the truth to be told. At last, all the secrets of the Hargreaves family will emerge from the dark into the harsh light of day, as Kaori Yuki wraps up Cain's epic adventures. Is Cain ready to find out who he truly is? Are you ready? 216 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

KAZE HIKARU VOL. 8 GN - B&W. Creators: Taeko Watanabe. Description: Yamanami and Todo prepare to be sentenced to death for insulting officials at the Rokkaku prison after witnessing prisoners being ruthlessly murdered. In a surprising turn of events, rumors fly that the Shinsengumi were the actual culprits behind the abuse of the prisoners. Meanwhile, Todo has fallen in love with the prostitute who witnessed them enter the prison. Can he win her love and convince her of his innocence? 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB VOL. 10 SC - B&W. Creators: Bisco Hatori. Description: Ever since the day he helped her up after a nasty tumble, Black Magic Club member Reiko Kanazuki has been obsessed with Hunny. She is devoting all her knowledge of the dark arts to curse him and steal his soul. Will the sweetest member of the Host Club fall victim to her spells. 208 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

SOCRATES IN LOVE NOVEL SC - B&W. Creators: Kyoichi Katayama. Description: Socrates in Love took the Japanese publishing industry by storm, becoming the all-time best-selling novel in Japan! Finally, U.S. readers will be able to experience the phenomenon that became the inspiration for a blockbuster movie, a hit TV show, and a popular manga. A national sensation that touched over three million readers, Kyoichi Katayama brought innocent love and romance to the forefront of Japan's ultra-hip mass market. 176 pages. (5x7)

TAIL OF THE MOON VOL. 9 SC - B&W. Creators: Rinko Ueda. Description: At the tea ceremony, Hanzo saves Usagi and takes her to his hideout in the city. Unfortunately, Mamezo is caught by the formidable Akechi Mitsuhide and forced to reveal where Hanzo's hideout is! Meanwhile, Ranmaru feels humiliated for letting Hanzo get the best of him and vows to hunt down all the ninja of Iga by himself! 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

Viz Kids

MEGAMAN NT WARRIOR VOL. 13 GN - B&W. Creators: Ryo Takamisaki. Description: When MegaMan unlocked the ancient "Beast" program, he gained the dangerous ability to "Beast Out" — and unleashed a monster as old as the Net itself! Now, to win the power to stop CyberBeast Gregar, MegaMan has to prove his worth as the world's top NetNavi. Worse, his arch-rival Bass has gained the power to Beast Out, too. 184 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: A .

Viz Media Graphic Novels

DRIFTING CLASSROOM VOL. 10 SC - B&W. Creators: Kazuo Umezu. Description: Guided by the words of a dying student, the survivors leave the school and travel across the desert in search of "paradise" — only to find something stranger than they could ever imagine. Maddened by hunger, the students turn to a horrifying, final solution! 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

FLAME OF RECCA VOL. 26 SC - B&W. Creators: Nobuyuki Anzai. Description: Gaoh is back — and he's angry! The stone-cold warrior with a secret sweet tooth is determined to destroy anyone who gets in the way of his revenge on Domon. When Gaoh conjures up a rock monster the size of a mountain, will Kaoru be squashed flat under its granite feet? Or will Gaoh's hunger for vengeance turn out to be weaker than his hunger for sweet, sweet chocolate. 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

HAYATE COMBAT BUTLER VOL. 6 SC - B&W. Creators: Kenjiro Hata. Description: With a prize of 150 million yen on the line, the traditional sports event at Hakuou Gakuin — the paired freestyle marathon — finally begins. Honor, pride, and even the fate of Hayate's employment are on the line, but how can he hope to win when his mistress Nagi would sooner French-kiss a king cobra than participate in anything remotely close to exercise? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

INUBAKA: CRAZY FOR DOGS VOL. 7 SC - B&W. Creators: Yukiya Sakuragi. Description: A young girl who misses her departed little brother longingly gazes at all the lovely little puppies at Woofles Pet Shop. Feeling sorry for her, Suguri lets her hold a little dachshund. Suguri turns her back on the two for just a moment, and when she turns back, they're both gone! Where could they be? 232 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

INUYASHA ANI-MANGA VOL. 25 GN - B&W. Creators: Rumiko Takahashi. Description: Inuyasha and friends head to the coastal region to confront a horde of bat demons. There, Inuyasha meets Shiori, a young girl who is also a half-demon. He sympathizes with Shiori because they are both outcasts from the worlds of demons and humans. Inuyasha learns that the only way to make himself more powerful is by killing the young girl! Can he go through with it? 216 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

KEKKAISHI VOL. 12 GN - B&W. Creators: Yellow Tanabe. Description: With Yoshimori held hostage by the Kokuboro ayakashi in their impenetrable fortress, the stakes are higher than ever! Infighting within the Kokuboro cadre may provide the chink in the armor his friends need to rescue him. But can Tokine and Yoshimori's families overcome their centuries-long feud to unite and overthrow their common enemy? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

LAW OF UEKI VOL. 10 SC - B&W. Creators: Tsubasa Fukuchi. Description: Who knew these battles were just the first round? How many rounds are there, anyway? With only three weeks to put together a five-person team for the second round, Ueki and best pal Ai are hard-pressed to choose fighters who not only compliment their strengths, but can be trusted! Fortunately, they've got a period in which to consider their options, during which no completely unexpected significant development occurs — right? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

NO NEED FOR TENCHI 2ND ED. VOL. 12 SC - B&W. Creators: Hitoshi Okuda. Description: Just when Tench and his friends thought they had undone her brainwashing, Ayeka pulls a Patty Hearst and flees back into the hands of Prince Garyu, taking Sasami with her! Now the Tenchi household must follow Garyu into hyperspace to the lost planet Oku-II, to rescue the two princesses and save Earth from shockwaves of destruction. 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

O-PARTS HUNTER VOL. 8 SC - B&W. Creators: Seishi Kishimoto. Description: A chance encounter and a case of mistaken identity pit Jio and Cross against each other in a battle that almost seems foreordained — and though Cross is unaware of the creature lurking inside Jio's heart, he can't fight the strange feeling that they've met somewhere before! Will Ruby be able to intervene before these two formidable O.P.T.s tear each other apart? 192 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T+ .

ZATCH BELL VOL. 17 GN - B&W. Creators: Makoto Raiku. Description: Things are looking bleak as Zatch and company struggle desperately against the gargantuan Demolt, the most ferocious mamodo in Zofis's private army. Zatch's ex-girlfriend from the mamodo world, Penny, decides to make the ultimate sacrifice, but will that be enough to ensure victory? And what's this? Is Zatch about to discover a new spell? Meanwhile, Sherry and Brago's emotional battle against Koko and Zofis is reaching its climax. 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: T .

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