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Full Circle Publications

THICKER THAN BLOOD #1 (SDCC EXCLUSIVE BLOOD RED FOIL ED) - Full Color. Creators: Simon Reed, Mike Ploog & Simon Bisley. Description: Get your hands on these San Diego Comic Con exclusive editions of Thicker than Blood #1! The Blood Red Foil Edition is limited to 1,000 copies. Also available, a double signed edition by Simon Bisley and Mike Ploog, and comes with Certificate of Authenticity) Finally, there is a very limited supply of the double signed edition with a werewolf head sketch by Mike Ploog in the white sketch box on the back cover, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 28 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

THICKER THAN BLOOD #1 (SIGNED SDCC EXCLUSIVE BLOOD RED FOIL ED) - Full Color. Creators: Simon Reed, Mike Ploog & Simon Bisley. Description: Get your hands on these San Diego Comic Con exclusive editions of Thicker than Blood #1! The Blood Red Foil Edition is limited to 1,000 copies. Also available, a double signed edition by Simon Bisley and Mike Ploog, and comes with Certificate of Authenticity) Finally, there is a very limited supply of the double signed edition with a werewolf head sketch by Mike Ploog in the white sketch box on the back cover, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 28 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

THICKER THAN BLOOD #1 (SIGNED SDCC EXCLUSIVE HEADSKETCH ED.) - Full Color. Creators: Simon Reed, Mike Ploog & Simon Bisley. Description: Get your hands on these San Diego Comic Con exclusive editions of Thicker than Blood #1! The Blood Red Foil Edition is limited to 1,000 copies. Also available, a double signed edition by Simon Bisley and Mike Ploog, and comes with Certificate of Authenticity) Finally, there is a very limited supply of the double signed edition with a werewolf head sketch by Mike Ploog in the white sketch box on the back cover, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 28 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

Gemstone Publishing

UNCLE SCROOGE #374 - Full Color. Creators: William Van Horn & Lars Jensen. Description: When Scrooge finds “A Gal for Gladstone” on Valentine’s Day, he doesn’t realize he’s fixed his impossibly lucky nephew up with evil sorceress Magica De Spell! Then adventures for the holiday lovelorn continue with Gyro Gearloose’s “No Need to Know” and Lars Jensen’s “Rainbow Raiders,” featuring the unsinkable lady tycoon Brigitta MacBridge! Finally, in William Van Horn’s “Easy Circumstances,” half-brother Rumpus McFowl pitches investment ideas to Scrooge, and Scrooge tries to get out of them by faking bankruptcy — uh-oh! 64 pages.

WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #689 - Full Color. Creators: Floyd Gottfredson, Carl Barks & Marco Rota. Description: It’s Valentine’s Day, and Daisy dumps Donald for a Saudi nobleman in Marco Rota’s “Burning Hearts!” Can Donald rescue his riven romance? Next, it’s Pegleg Pete who falls in love — with crimebustin’ Mickey Mouse and Butch disguised as “Schoolgirls!” Then, in part two of Floyd Gottfredson's "The Gleam," Mickey struggles to outwit the jewel-robbing swami — but falls at the feet of his hypnotic power! Finally, in Carl Barks’ “Jet Rescue,” it’s Donald’s turn to dump his significant other, desperately wooing slinky flower collector Swansdown Swoonsudden! 64 pages.

EC ARCHIVES: WEIRD SCIENCE VOL. 2: LIMITED LEATHER BOUND HC - Full Color. Creators: Various. Description: DC Comics President Paul Levitz re-introduces the thrilling and mysterious world of EC Comics with his foreword to this leather-bound, limited edition of Weird Science Volume Two. Containing twenty-four stories by Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein, with artwork by legendary artists Wally Wood, Joe Orlando, Jack Kamen and Harvey Kurtzman. Leather-bound edition limited to 300 numbered copies, signed by Al Feldstein. Reprints issues #7 through #12 (24 stories) of the comic book Weird Science, originally published in 1951 and 1952. 212 pages. (8x11)

Go Media Entertainment LLC

A-I REVOLUTION VOL. 2 SC - [of 17] B&W. Creators: Yuu Asami. Description: Explosions, rescues, time machines and former loves — they all mesh in the second volume of A-I Revolution as the robots continue their struggle to learn human emotion! 200 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

BLACK SUN SILVER MOON VOL. 2 SC - [of 6] B&W. Creators: Tomo Maeda. Description: Despite Taki's efforts, the demons within Shikimi become stronger with each passing day. Now, with a duty-bound demon hunter intent on killing Shikimi and an old friend pushing him towards the tempting darkness, can Taki fulfill his promise to save the priest — or will he have to kill him to do so? 200 pages. (5x7) Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

CY-BELIEVERS VOL. 1 SC - [of 3] B&W. Creators: Shioko Mizuki. Description: Rui has just transferred to a new school, and hopes to make friends quickly. What better way to do that then by joining a few clubs? Unfortunately, it seems that most of the social groups around campus have been recently shut down – by the boy who just happens to be Rui’s fiancé! Still, determined to get around her controlling, selfish betrothed, Rui starts a new club that won’t be so easy to shut down. Welcome to the Cy-Believers! 200 pages. (5x7.5)

HER MAJESTY'S DOG VOL. 8 SC - [of 11] B&W. Creators: Mick Takeuchi. Description: The identity of one of the ruthless attackers on the Kamori family has finally been revealed! But Amane's and Hyoue's troubles are far from over, as forces from all sides close in on our heroes to drive a wedge of doubt and distrust between them. 200 pages. (5x7.5)

KANNA VOL. 3 SC - [of 4] B&W. Creators: Takeru Kirishima. Description: Kagura’s journey to uncover the mysteries behind Kanna becomes much more perilous as minions of the Black God grow more determined. The discovery of a shrine maiden sent to help them is a momentary breath of fresh air, but things soon take a turn for the worst when she transports them into the Other World — right into the middle of a war! 200 pages.

WISE MAN SLEEPS VOL. 1 SC - [of 2] B&W. Creators: Mick Takeuchi. Description: Miharu is not having a good year. Her mother died, leaving her a single ring to remember her by, and her father went bankrupt — leaving her with all his debts! Intending to sell the ring to get out of debt, Miharu finds herself tangled up in alchemy and a hot boy, making her unable to part with it — literally! 200 pages. (5x7.5)

Harper Collins Publishers

MIKI FALLS VOL. 4: WINTER SC - B&W. Creators: Mark Crilley. Description: In this final installment of the four-part saga, the action, adventure, and romance ramp up as the young couple tries to escape the powerful agents intent upon ending their relationship. Trekking through Japan's frozen north, Hiro and Miki cling to the hope their love will survive — but will they? It all comes to a head in this thrilling conclusion to the ground-breaking series! 176 pages. (5x7)

SPY GODDESS VOL. 1: CHASE FOR THE CHALICE SC - B&W. Creators: Mike Spradlin. Description: Loveably klutzy teenage spy and budding goddess, Rachel Buchanan makes her way from novels to manga with an all-new adventure and an authentic manga look! That no-good, power-hungry Simon Blankenship is still on the loose trying to track down the Seven Talismans of Power in pursuit of world domination, and the only one who can stop him is Rachel! She’s on her way to Japan to intercept the Clawhorn Chalice — of course, Blankenship will have to wait while she gets some shopping in and samples the local sushi. Hey, even goddesses have to eat! 192 pages. (5x7)

Heavy Metal Magazine

TATTOOS PORTFOLIO - Full Color. Creators: Luis Royo. Description: Available again. A portfolio containing 6 plates from world-renown artist Luis Royo. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

The Hero Initiative

MARVEL THEN AND NOW: AN EVENING WITH STAN LEE AND JOE QUESADA DVD - Description: Available again. This special DVD is as honest as it gets; Stan Lee, Joe Quesada and Kevin Smith, together on stage for the first time, talk about Marvel, the successes, the failures, the ridiculous and the sublime. The questions were blunt, the answers sincere, all to benefit The Hero Initiative charity for comic creators. Includes bonus interviews, commentary track, and alternative audio track for little ears. Running time 3 hrs 25 mins.

Heroic Publishing Inc

LIBERTY COMICS #3 - Full Color. Creators: Various. Description: The saga of the first and greatest champion of them all is told once more in this third 48-page issue of Liberty Comics! Dennis Mallonee and Chris Marrinan tackle the origin of Giant! Also in this issue, the thrilling conclusion to the all-new Liberty Girl adventure, "Durango Mission: Sections Classified," by Michael Aushenker and Tim Burgard. Plus, the fabulous Flying Fox takes the spotlight as the secret origin of the world's greatest little sneak thief, Raven Gold, is revealed through the courtesy of Wilson Hill, J. Adam Walters, and Daniel Lauer. 48 pages.

Instant Press Comics

DISTANT #3 - [of 4] B&W. Creators: Manuel Preitano. Description: Cain’s past is revealed after his violent meeting with Alex. Relm and Cain discuss their fascination with the tower and clues are given to why they need the “creature” and what must be done in order to reach paradise. All this leads to the final showdown between Cain and Alex! 24 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

Kenzer & Company

KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE #135 - B&W. Creators: Jolly Blackburn & Various. Description: Knights of the Dinner Table is a multiple award-winning periodical featuring the gaming industry’s most popular comic strip, as well as being a full-fledged gaming magazine. That's right, more than half of each issue is devoted to reviews, adventure ideas and tips, maps, monsters, NPCs, magic items, and many other articles for a wide variety of games and game systems, written from a gamer's perspective. A hilarious and hysterical slice of (fantasy) life in strips, features and a wonderful celebration of the gaming culture! 80 pages.

King Hell

ABRAXAS AND THE EARTHMAN SC - Full Color. Creators: Rick Veitch. Description: Available again. Rick Veitch's unforgettable 8-part Epic Magazine series is finally one mind-bending full-color graphic novel! Abducted from Earth by space whalers, cetologist John Isaac endures physical and spiritual mutation by order of the ship's cruel master, Rotwang. Pressed into the mad captain's hunt for Abraxas, Isaac finds his own destiny in the belly of this monstrous red-horned whale. 88 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

King Tractor Press

INNOCENT VOL. 1 SC - B&W. Creators: Granger, Aponte, Nando, Abeleda, Vera & Zeta. Description: Innocent is about an angel and a psychopath who become best friends. They spend their days discussing human existence, sipping lattes, and fighting demons from hell and sometimes the earth-grown evils. Innocent Vol 1 collects the "Innocent" webcomic from 2006-2007 plus more than 57 of new work that hasn't been previously available. Also this edition has the special edition cover by Tony DeZuniga. 196 pages. (6x9)

Last Gasp

ARAB IN AMERICA SC - B&W. Description: This semi-autobiographical graphic novel chronicles the life of an average Arab-American struggling with an Arab identity in an increasingly hostile nation. From childhood through adolescence, and as an adult, Toufic illustrates the prejudice and discrimination Arabs and Muslims face in American society. 100 pages. (8x11)

HAUNTED PARADISE: ART OF GLENN BARR HC - Full Color. Creators: Glenn Barr. Description: Available again. Glenn Barr's robots, creatures, and vixens live in a seedy-yet-swinging 1960s universe, drenched in the haze of a post-Industrial hangover. Working out of the burgeoning lowbrow movement in Detroit, Barr creates kinky inner sanctums adorned with disembodied cherubs, morally bankrupt babes, and sizzling femme fatales. 200 pages. (9x12)

Lerner Publishing Group

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: ALI BABA HC - Full Color. Creators: Marie P. Croall & Clint Hilinski. Description: This is the story of Ali Baba, a poor man who makes his living selling wood. One day, he stumbles upon a secret cave where forty bandits have been hiding priceless treasures. Entering the cave, he decides to take some treasures for himself. Ali Baba’s wife is thrilled at their newfound fortune — until she accidentally reveals the secret to Ali Baba’s wealthy brother and sister-in-law. When the secret of the cave gets out, it unleashes a series of events that will change Ali Baba’s life forever! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: GUAN YU HC - Full Color. Creators: Dan Jolley & Ron Randall. Description: Recounting the adventures of a Chinese warrior as told in China’s famous epic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this tells the story of Guan Yu and his blood brothers Liu Bei and Zhang Fei who fight side by side to squash the menacing Yellow Scarves, a group that threatens the Chinese government. Yu defends his country and his honor, but his troubles are far from over, as all across China trials await Guan Yu. Opponents pose grave challenges, each one more trying than the next. Will Guan Yu prevail against the forces that threaten him or will the obstacles prove too much for even the brave warrior to handle? 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: HERO TWINS HC - Full Color. Creators: Paul D. Storie & Ron Randall. Description: The Hero Twins — Hunter and Jaguar Deer — are two smart and fun-loving boys blessed with super powers and astonishing skill at the traditional Mayan game of Pok-a-tok. But their skill soon angers the Lords of Death, rulers of the Mayan underworld. The Lords of Death invite the twins to the underworld and attempt to kill them through a series of difficult challenges. However, the twins are quite clever themselves, and prove to be more than a match for these dangerous challenges. 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: PEREUS, THE HUNT FOR MEDUSAS HEAD HC - Full Color. Creators: Paul D. Storie & Thomas Yeates. Description: Perseus is the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and a mortal woman. Perseus’ mother is pursued by a king who wants her hand in marriage. To get rid of Perseus, the king sends him on a seemingly impossible mission — to retrieve the head of the gorgon Medusa, whose very look can turn men to stone. Aided by the gods, Perseus takes on this mission, and along the way rescues a beautiful princess, Andromeda. When Perseus returns with the head, his surprised future father-in-law gets more than he bargained for! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: SUNJATA, WARRIOR KING OF MALI HC - Full Color. Creators: Ron and Justine Fontes & Sandy Carruthers. Description: Ugly Sogolon’s child, Sunjata, was foretold to be the hero of the Manden people, but he was unable to speak or to walk until he was a teenager. Then he and his mother had to flee their home and Sunjata grew into a warrior in another country. He returned to Mali to defeat the magician conqueror, Sumangaru, and to unite the Manden people into the Mali Empire! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: TRISTAN & ISOLDE HC - Full Color. Creators: Jeff Limke & Ron Randall. Description: Tristan is a young knight serving at the castle of his uncle, King Mark of Cornwall. Mark sends Tristan to Ireland to slay a dragon and bring back Mark’s bride, Princess Isolde. But on the voyage home, Tristan and Isolde fall in love. They realize they must choose duty and loyalty or risk many dangers to be together! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: AMATERASU, RETURN OF THE SUN SC - Full Color. Creators: Paul D. Storrie & Ron Randall. Description: Amaterasu's parents create the first eight islands of Japan. Amaterasu's father later puts his children in charge of parts of the natural world. Beautiful and kindly Amaterasu is made the goddess of the sun. But her brother, Susano, god of the seas and storms, is jealous of his sister’s position. In fear of Susano's temper, Amaterasu hides in a cave, plunging the world into darkness. The other gods and goddesses must come up with a clever plan to lure Amaterasu from her hiding place and restore order to the world! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: ATALANTA, THE RACE AGAINST DESTINY SC - Full Color. Creators: Ron and Justine Fontes & Thomas Yeates. Description: Atlanta is the best hunter, swiftest runner, and the all-around most eligible bachelorette in ancient Greece. She's also a woman with a secret — a fortune-teller has given her a stern warning to never marry! When her father, a powerful king, insists that she choose a husband, she hatches a clever plan to hold onto her freedom. Will Atlanta be able to outrun her father's demands? Will the gods intervene in her story? And will fate catch up with her in the end? 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: DEMETER & PERSEPHONE SC - Full Color. Creators: Ron and Justine Fontes & Steve Kurth. Description: The Greek goddess Demeter rules over a perpetual summer on earth, where crops, trees, and flowers grow in abundance. Persephone, her young and beautiful daughter, unknowingly attracts the attention of the lonely god of the Underworld, Hades. Hades kidnaps Persephone, and a frantic Demeter searches in vain for her daughter. Finally, Demeter retreats to her temple in mourning, and her sorrow causes crops to die and the ground to freeze. As the Greeks begin to starve, the other Olympian gods and goddesses try to convince Demeter to accept a marriage between Persephone and Hades. But Demeter will not give up her daughter forever to the Underworld! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: JASON, QUEST FOR GOLDEN FLEECE SC - Full Color. Creators: Jeff Limke & Tim Seeley. Description: Jason and his team of heroes sail off to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the king of Colchis. Jason yokes the fire-breathing bulls and conquers the spirit soldiers that spring from the dragon teeth seeds. He is helped by the king's daughter, Medea, who makes it possible for Jason to snatch the fleece from the dragon guarding it and flees her home with him and the heroes! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: ROBIN HOOD, OUTLAW OF SHERWOOD FOREST SC - Full Color. Creators: Paul D. Storrie & Thomas Yeates. Description: As a young man, Robin Hood, the world's greatest archer, is unjustly accused of a crime and forced into living in Sherwood Forest. There, he decides to ally with friends to rob from the rich and give to the poor! 48 pages. (6x9)

GRAPHIC UNIVERSE: YU THE GREAT SC - Full Color. Creators: Paul D. Storrie & Sandy Carruthers. Description: This story tells the legend of Yu the Great, a Chinese hero from the twenty-first century BC. Some scholars believe Yu actually existed and that he founded the Xia Dynasty (ca. 2100-1700 BC), the first Chinese empire described in historical records. Some later Chinese texts describe Yu as a kind and strong emperor whose engineering projects saved China from frequent floods by using magical soil to plug underwater springs, with the help of a tortoise, an owl, and a dragon! 48 pages. (6x9)

"SYMPATHY FOR DEVIL" DIGITAL PRINT - Full Color. Creators: Joseph Michael Linsner. Description: It’d be a lot easier to feel sympathy for the devil, if she looked like this! Lushly rendered in rich blues and reds, this classic art from Linsner’s Cry For Dawn days has a touch of horror mixed in with the cheesecake that old-school Linsner fans love! Printed on heavyweight smooth art paper, this 11” x 17” print ships encased in a sturdy acrylic sleeve and comes with a postcard Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist. (11x17)

DAWN: "ANGORA" DIGITAL PRINT - Full Color. Creators: Joseph Michael Linsner. Description: Here’s a winter vision of the Goddess! This soft, sensual portrait of Dawn in a simple gray sweater is slightly cartoony, but still heavy on charm. The dazzling green of Dawn’s gaze is emphasized by the intensity of the other colors as well. The cherry red of Dawn’s mouth stands out as well! Measuring 11" x 17", "Angora" will ship in a tough plastic sleeve and come accompanied by a postcard Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist. (11x17)

DAWN: "PURPLE ROSES" DIGITAL PRINT - Full Color. Creators: Joseph Michael Linsner. Description: Joseph Michael Linsner presents his signature Goddess character Dawn in a simple but dazzling outfit with purple roses. Linsner works with a slightly different rendering style here, utilizing a thicker outline a lá Alphonse Mucha. The result is a sweet-faced, smooth-skinned stunner of a pin-up painting, sure to be a hit with Goddess worshippers everywhere. "Purple Roses" will be encased in a tough plastic sleeve. Measuring 11" x 17", this print will come with a postcard Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist. (11x17)

Masterpiece Comics

FULL MOON CRAZE #2 - [of 6] Full Color. Creators: Masters, Feliciano, Tournas & Nichx. Description: In the clutches of the vampires, Rane prepares Paulina to be presented to Murd, much to the dislike of Murd’s wife, Lorena. Meanwhile Angel’s plan to rescuing Paulina stalls when he comes face to face with Crescent Cove’s other creatures of the night — werewolves! 24 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

Microcosm Publishing

APPLICANT SC - B&W. Creators: Jesse Reklaw. Description: "One night while rooting through the recycling bin for magazines, I found all the confidential Ph.D. applicant files for the biology department at an Ivy League university from the years 1965-1975. Stapled to many of the yellowed documents were photographs of the prospective students. I tore through the folders and rescued every portrait I could find. Only later did I realize I had to publish them...” Jesse Reklaw's Applicant is priceless timebomb of pop culture, serving up a compelling and secret look into an impossibly lost era. 48 pages. (6x9)

MY BRAIN HURTS VOL. 1 SC - B&W. Creators: Liz Baillie. Description: A group of teenage queer punks get in perpetual trouble with the police when they aren't flirting over loud music or postering their high school with flyers to allow same sex couples at prom. It's like they were your actual high school peers — pissing off the administration and taking care of each other when they get beat up by skinheads. Liz Baillie (a featured artist on Indie Spinner Rack) has a real talent for dialogue, characters, storytelling, and capturing New York — especially those moments that we all live, awkwardly making out, pulling pranks, and drinking beer. This graphic novel collects the first five issues of the comic My Brain Hurts. The weekly comic Free Wheel is available at 128 pages. (6x9) Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

INDESTRUCTIBLE SC - B&W. Creators: Cristy Road. Description: Indestructible reads like an autobiography, a personal treatise, and a cultural expose wrapped into one petite-yet-fierce 96-page illustrated novel. It's the coming-of-age story of now Brooklyn-based illustrator and 'zine writer, Cristy C. Road; a collage of vignettes about her life as a Cuban teenager growing up in Miami and the communities of Latino, queer, and punk teenagers around her. 96 pages. (6x9)

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