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LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #38 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Jim Shooter / Art and Cover by Francis Manapul & John Livesay. Description: Continuing Jim Shooter’s return to Legion of Super-Heroes! Saturn Girl, Timber Wolf and Star Boy’s mission on the moon of Triton goes awry as Invisible Kid leads them into a lethal predicament. Meanwhile, Lightning Lad’s duties as team leader aren’t going any easier as he’s forced to sit through a painful tryout session for new Legionnaires. 32 pages.

LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES IN THE 31ST CENTURY #10 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Matt Manning / Art and Cover by Matt Stewart. Description: An ancient legacy catches up with Brainiac 5 when he learns the terrible secret of his great-great-grandfather, Brainiac 1…one of Superman’s greatest enemies! To make it up to Superman, Brainy takes him on a trip to his home planet’s past — but an unexpected detour to the Phantom Zone could mean disaster! 32 pages.

LOONEY TUNES #158 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Robbie Busch, Frank Strom and Sam Agro / Art by by Omar Aranda, Walter Carzon, Mike Decarlo, Pablo Zamboni, Alberto Saichann, Ruben Torreiro and Horacio Ottolini / Cover by Scott Gross. Description: Tweety is on the tail of that notorious art thief, Sylvester! And they’re headed straight for the Louvre! 32 pages.

MAD MAGAZINE #486 - Full Color & B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by The Usual Gang Of Idiots. Description: Ring in the holidays with the greatest humor mag of all time! 48 pages.

METAL MEN #5 - [of 8] Full Color. Creators: Written by Duncan Rouleau / Art and Cover by Rouleau. Description: The saga of the Metal Men continues with a flashback to their rise to fame as America's darling robots. In the present, we see them face the horrors left over from 52. And in the future…there may be no Metal Men! 32 pages.

NIGHTWING #140 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Peter Tomasi / Art by Rags Morales & Michael Bair / Cover by Michael Bair. Description: Guest-starring Batman & Robin! A new era of Nightwing begins from writer Peter Tomasi (Black Adam: THE DARK AGE, Light Brigade) and the incredible art team of Rags Morales and Michael Bair (Identity Crisis)! When the bodies of nefarious villains and fallen heroes begin to disappear from their final resting places, Dick Grayson is drawn into a mysterious, life-altering adventure! 32 pages.

ROBIN #170 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Chuck Dixon / Art by Chris Batista / Cover by Freddie E. Williams Ii. Description: With the return of new series writer Chuck Dixon (Robin, Nightwing, Batman) and art by fan-favorite Chris Batista (52, Legion of Superheroes), Robin #170 is the start of a new era no one will want to miss! After a life-changing battle with Ra’s al Ghul in Nanda Parbat, Robin comes home to Gotham to find there’s a new girl in town, wearing a color he can’t ignore. The new vigilante calls herself Violet, and she steals from the rich to keep for herself…and Robin’s going to find out that’s not all she’s playing for. Plus, the return of an old friend with something to hide! 32 pages.

SALVATION RUN #3 - [of 7] Full Color. Creators: Written by Bill Willingham / Art and Cover by Sean Chen & Walden Wong. Description: The DCU’s most savage villains are stranded on a hostile planet. Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd now control the minds of many of the other castaways, forcing them to go along with the geniuses’ plan. But will this plan lead to escape, or something far more sinister? 32 pages.

SCOOBY-DOO #128 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Vito Delsante and Paul Kupperberg / Art by Tim Levins, Jeff Albrecht and Scott Neely / Cover by Ropert Pope & Scott McRae. Description: Mysteries, mayhem and music abound at the house that Scooby built…the opera house, that is! Plus, there’s something strange happening in a little town called Vladsburg! 32 pages.

SHADOWPACT #21 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Matt Sturges / Art and Cover by Tom Derenick & Wayne Faucher. Description: How did the Unbound manage to take over Nightmaster’s beloved kingdom of Myrra? Can they survive against a population that’s been converted to a cult of black magic? 32 pages.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: ENEMY ACE VOL. 1 SC - B&W. Creators: Written by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert / Art by Kubert, John Severin, Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams and Others. Description: Take to the skies in this thrilling volume collecting OUR ARMY AT WAR #151, 153, 155, SHOWCASE #57-58, STAR-SPANGLED WAR STORIES #138-152 , 158, 181-183, and 200, DETECTIVE COMICS #404, MEN AT WAR #1-3, 8-10, 12-14, 19-20, THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER #252-253, 260-261, 265-267 and DC SPECIAL #26! Scheduled to arrive in February. 552 pages.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: SUPERMAN FAMILY VOL. 2 SC - B&W. Creators: Written by Otto Binder, Jerry Coleman, Leo Dorfman and Others / Art by Curt Swan, Wayne Boring, Kurt Schaffenberger and Others. Description: The spotlight shines on Superman's girlfriend Lois Lane and pal Jimmy Olsen in this volume collecting stories from SUPERMAN’S PAL Jimmy Olsen #23-34, Showcase #10 and SUPERMAN’S GIRL FRIEND Lois Lane #1-7! Scheduled to arrive in February. 520 pages.

SIMON DARK #4 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Steve Niles / Art and Cover by Scott Hampton. Description: “He looks scary and acts even scarier, but I’m not afraid of Simon at all…” writes Rachel, who’s new to Gotham City. She’s befriended the freakish gargoyle who protects her neighborhood and whom the locals call “Simon Dark”…but will she pay for getting too close to him? 32 pages.

SPIRIT #14 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier / Art by Mike Ploog / Cover by Jordi Bernet. Description: Join the new SPIRIT creative team of writers Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier (Groo the Wanderer) and Mike Ploog (Abadazad) for a case of murder! A string of killings is plaguing Central City…and the Spirit — with Commissioner Dolan — is on the case! 32 pages.

SUICIDE SQUAD: RAISE THE FLAG #5 - [of 8] Full Color. Creators: Written by John Ostrander / Art by Javier Pina & Robin Riggs / Cover by John K. Snyder. Description: Even as the team heads to the Mideast to take out the breathtakingly deadly weapon codenamed Scarlet Tears, bloodshed threatens to break out within their ranks! 32 pages.

SUPERGIRL #25 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Kelley Puckett / Art and Cover by Drew Johnson & Ray Snyder. Description: Supergirl and Superman must work together to defeat the nuclear menace of Neutron! But when Superman tries to teach her the hardest lesson of all, he learns that Supergirl has something to teach him! And wait until you see the startling new direction the book takes! 32 pages.

SUPERMAN #672 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Kurt Busiek / Art by Peter Vale & Jesus Merino / Cover by Vale. Description: It's Superman versus the all-new Insect Queen on the Moon, for the life of Lana Lang. Meanwhile, Lana (on the Moon) makes a startling discovery that could transform LexCorp's future. And back in Metropolis (sadly, not the Moon), Chris Kent's power problems build to an explosive payoff. 32 pages.

SUPERMAN / BATMAN #45 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Michael Green / Art and Cover by Shane Davis & Matt Banning. Description: The Man of Steel’s and the Dark Knight’s quest to rid the world of Kryptonite hits a roadblock when they realize not everyone’s willing to hand over the deadly substance. One of those unwilling is Aquaman — and the result is a brutal undersea battle! 32 pages.

SUPERMAN CHRONICLES VOL. 4 SC - Full Color. Creators: Written by Jerry Siegel / Art by Joe Shuster, Jack Burnley, Wayne Boring and Others / Cover by Shuster. Description: The Man of Tomorrow moves into the 1940s in this fourth volume, featuring stories from the pages of Action Comics #26-31 and Superman #6-7! Scheduled to arrive in February. 192 pages.

SUPERMAN CONFIDENTIAL #11 - Full Color. Creators: Written by B. Clay Moore / Art and Cover by Phil Hester & Ande Parks. Description: B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) teams with Phil Hester & Ande Park (GREEN ARROW) to shed light on the origins of the Jimmy Olsen/Superman relationship in Part 1 of a 3-part story, in which Superman invents a way for Jimmy to signal him, and Metropolis deals with giant, 32 pages.

TEEN TITANS #55 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Sean McKeever / Art by Eddy Barrows & Rob Hunter. Description: Following up the epic “Titans of Tomorrow” storyline, we catch the Titans in a moment of quiet before the next storm. As one Titan leaves forever, Wonder Girl and Robin explore their newfound feelings for each other as Ravager enjoys herself by pitting Blue Beetle against Kid Devil. And watch out for the introduction of the new Clock King, a modern-day Fagin out to create a villainous team of his own. Fan-favorite writer Sean McKeever continues to deliver his own special blend of excitement and angst sure to keep this book on the top of your must-read pile! 32 pages.

TEEN TITANS GO! #51 - Full Color. Creators: Written by J. Torres / Art by Todd Nauck & Lary Stucker / Cover by Nauck. Description: Introducing Geo-Force! He's Terra's big brother and he looks like big trouble! What happens when he thinks the Teen Titans are the enemy? Find out in"The Secret Origin of Terra"! 32 pages.

TEEN TITANS: THE LOST ANNUAL - Full Color. Creators: Written by Bob Haney / Art by Jay Stephens & Mike Allred / Cover by Nick Cardy. Description: Don’t miss the TEEN TITANS LOST ANNUAL, featuring the original Teen Titans: Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Aqualad! Classic Teen Titans writer Bob Haney sends the Titans into space to rescue President John F. Kennedy in this story illustrated by Jay Stephens (The Land of Nod) & Mike Allred (Madman, X-Statix)! Meet new alien races, witness a startling betrayal, and more! It’s a secret space adventure that couldn’t be told…‘til now! 64 pages.

TEEN TITANS: YEAR ONE #1 - [of 6] Full Color. Creators: Written by Amy Wolfram / Art by Karl Kerschl & Serge Lapointe / Cover by Kerschl. Description: Writer Amy Wolfram (Teen Titans animated series) joins rising star artist Karl Kerschl (ALL-FLASH #1, ROBIN) for a colorful reimagining of how the Teen Titans came together! See how these teammates bonded, and overcame the sheer awkwardness of being teenagers in this explosive 6-issue miniseries that guest-stars the Justice League of America! You may think you know Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Aqualad…but you don’t really know the original Teen Titans! 32 pages.

TIME MASTERS SC - Full Color. Creators: Written by Bob Wayne & Lewis Shiner / Art and Cover by Art Thibert & José Marzan Jr. Description: Collecting the often-requested TIME MASTERS #1-8 and material from SECRET ORIGINS #43, featuring 52’s Rip Hunter! Hunter forges alliances with DC heroes including Cave Carson, Metal Men creator Doctor Will Magnus, Dr. Fate, the Viking Prince, Arion and others to stop the threats of immortal super-villains including Vandal Savage and his Illuminati. Scheduled to arrive in February. 224 pages.

TRIALS OF SHAZAM #11 - [of 12] Full Color. Creators: Written by Judd Winick / Art and Cover by Mauro Cascioli. Description: The trials continue with Freddy losing ground in his quest for the ultimate abilities and power of Shazam…to the now equally powered Sabina! To find Mercury he may need the help of Shadowpact and the Justice League! 32 pages.

UNCLE SAM AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS #5 - [of 8] Full Color. Creators: Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray / Art by Renato Arlem / Cover by Dave Johnson. Description: This one has it all — betrayal, death and destruction! One of the Freedom Fighters takes a turn toward the dark side, and the Human Bomb is left vulnerable. Can the rest of the team stop him from going nuclear? 32 pages.

WATCHMEN SC - Full Color. Creators: Written by Alan Moore / Art and Cover by Dave Gibbons. Description: Available again. Reoffered to coincide with BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, this landmark volume is largely regarded as the greatest comics work of all time ! 334 pages.

WONDER GIRL #5 - [of 6] Full Color. Creators: Written by J. Torres / Art and Cover by Sanford Greene & Nathan Massengill. Description: Wonder Girl’s in for the fight of her life, and she won’t be able to handle it alone! She’s going to need a little help from her friends, including Supergirl, Robin, and others, to bring justice down on the people trying to kill her!

WONDER WOMAN #16 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Gail Simone / Art by Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson. Description: The intensity ramps up in the third chapter of “The Circle,” as the whole truth is revealed about the attempted murder of Diana on the night of her birth! And in the present day, Wonder Woman fights to prevent the destruction of not just her loved ones, but her entire culture. But whose standard is she wearing into battle, and does it mean she has abandoned the gods completely? No Wonder Woman fan should miss this story! 32 pages.

WONDER WOMAN: WHO IS WONDER WOMAN? HC - Full Color. Creators: Written by Allan Heinberg / Art by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson and Gary Frank & Jon Sibal / Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson. Description: Relist. Previous orders are cancelled. In this volume collecting WONDER WOMAN #1-4, plus WONDER WOMAN ANNUAL #1 by acclaimed writer Allan Heinberg (TV’s Grey’s Anatomy, Young Avengers) , the Amazon warrior Diana has gone missing, leaving Donna Troy to take up the mantle of Wonder Woman! When Diana returns, she goes under her former alias Diana Prince, acting as a secret agent and member of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Her first assignment is to save Donna Troy — but will she retake the role of Wonder Woman? Scheduled to arrive in March. 144 pages.


APOTHECARIUS ARGENTUM VOL. 4 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Tomomi Yamashita. Description: CMX. Princess Primula and Prince Lorca set off to neighboring Navara to negotiate peace between their two kingdoms. When they arrive, they find the Navaran court in chaos. A young prince has been abducted, and the King is losing his mind under the control of a mysterious young woman. Twin whirlwinds of politics and intrigue on both sides of the border are about to engulf everyone! Scheduled to arrive in February. 200 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: TEEN.

CRAYON SHINCHAN VOL. 1 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Yoshito Usui. Description: CMX. The star of the hit late-night Adult Swim series comes to CMX. He’s rude, he’s crude, and adults tremble whenever he’s around. His inappropriate comments and obsession with body parts and bodily functions make life stressful for his struggling parents. No one is safe from Shinchan’s verbal outbursts…and now, neither are you! Fans around the world have been following Shinchan’s offensive adventures for years, and now he’s enjoying wider exposure here in the USA. CRAYON SHINCHAN will appeal to fans of The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy. CMX brings you the original manga in all its uncensored glory. Scheduled to arrive in February. 128 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

DOKKOIDA?! VOL. 1 - B&W. Creators: Written by Taro Achi / Art by Yu Yagami. Description: CMX. Naïve 19-year-old Suzuo is in search of a part-time job when he runs into Tanpopo, a girl who is actually a humanoid alien. Claiming that she works for a toy company, she offers him a job testing a costume for the character Dokkoida. But she’s really working for the Galaxy Federation Police, an organization looking to test power suits for their own peacekeeping forces. Before he knows it, Suzuo beats up a giant robot and moves into an apartment building with other suit-testers — only none of them know they’re all doing the same job! DOKKOIDA?! is sure to appeal to fans of Dr. Slump and Hikkatsu! Scheduled to arrive in February. 194 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: TEEN+.

KEY TO THE KINGDOM VOL. 3 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Kyoko Shitou. Description: CMX. The next phase of the quest begins, with the search for “The Invisible Tower,” an elusive location that contains an important clue. A new competitor enters the ring: Fireheart, a man who is impervious to the flames of the Dragon Men. He welcomes Prince Asta and his protector Badd to his castle, where he shares with Asta an important family secret he learned from Asta’s father just before he died. Scheduled to arrive in February. 176 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: TEEN+.

KING OF CARDS VOL. 3 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Makoto Tateno. Description: CMX. Manami’s math teacher thinks she is falling behind in her grades because of her dedication to the CHAOS card game. He threatens to tell her mother – unless she can beat him in a match! Later, a seemingly unbeatable player who actually hates CHAOS is gunning for Manami. Then the unthinkable happens: Manami loses her Sahgan card. Can she go on playing without her most powerful card? Scheduled to arrive in February. 192 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: TEEN.

ORFINA VOL. 2 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Kitsune Tennouji. Description: CMX. With Princess Orfina captured by the invading forces of Granze, Fana takes her place and fights alongside the Princess’ bodyguards. The Imperial City has been captured, but the Granzian general is fuming because the King escaped. In an attempt to draw him out, the public execution of Princess Orfina is announced. It’s up to Fana to try and rescue her royal double, but a big surprise awaits her. 170 pages. (5.5"x8") Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

PALETTE OF 12 SECRET COLORS VOL. 2 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Nari Kusakawa. Description: CMX. It’s Christmas time on the island of Opal, and a visiting young Prince introduces holiday traditions to its residents. What could be more festive than the powers of the color wizards? But Dr. Guell is jealous of the relationship between the Prince and Cello and adds a sour note to the celebration. Then, find out more about Cello’s family and learn how she first bonded with Yoyo, her special bird. Scheduled to arrive in February. 192 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: everyone.

SWAN VOL. 12 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Kyoko Ariyoshi. Description: CMX. Masumi manages to snap out of her intense insecurities and performs beyond her expectations with her dance partner, Leonhardt. She wins second place overall, beating out everyone except her archnemesis, the prodigy Lilliana. After the win, Masumi and Leonhardt receive invitations to dance from both Moscow and New York, the world’s two most prestigious ballet locations! Which will Masumi choose? Scheduled to arrive in February. 200 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: everyone.

VENUS IN LOVE VOL. 2 - B&W. Creators: Written and Illustrated by Yuki Nakaji. Description: CMX. Fukami is convinced that there’s chemistry between his friends Suzuna and Eichi, who just need a little push to become a couple. He doesn’t know that they both have a crush on him. But Fukami’s got his own romantic distraction with a girl he keeps running into. When Suzuna realizes that she has a new rival, she’s going to have to act fast. Can she finally tell Fukami how she really feels? Scheduled to arrive in February. 200 pages. (5”x7.375”) Publisher Rating: TEEN.


100 BULLETS #87 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Brian Azzarello / Art by Eduardo Risso / Cover by Dave Johnson. Description: As more members of The Trust fall, one family head reaches out to a semi-retired Minuteman for help and protection. But with blood in the water and Graves and his soldiers making a final push for total control, will this old-timer be able to stop the massacre? 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

AMERICAN VIRGIN #23 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Steven T. Seagle / Art by Becky Cloonan & Jim Rugg Cover by Celia Calle. Description: Don’t miss this incredible series finale! There are three things Adam Chamberlain has been waiting his whole life to experience: reunion, revenge, and consummation. Under the all-seeing eye of his Higher Power, Adam is offered these desires, but each comes with a price: betrayal, arrest, and damnation. FINAL ISSUE. 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

ARMY @ LOVE #11 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Rick Veitch / Art and Cover by Veitch & Gary Erskine. Description: It's party time on the Mongrolian trail for rivals Loman and Flabbergast, but it's decision-making time back in Edgefield for Switzer, the woman they both love. Meanwhile, Magoon has been given the ultimate marketing tool by Big Finger, and it's Number One with a bullet. 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

CROSSING MIDNIGHT #15 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Mike Carey / Art by Jim Fern & Jose Villarrubia / Cover by J.H. Williams Iii. Description: Toshi has finally caught up with Kai, and, with complete amnesia, she’s committed to fight him to the death. And regardless of the victor, one of the twins will cross a line from which there is no return. 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

CROSSING MIDNIGHT VOL. 2: A MAP OF MIDNIGHT SC - Full Color. Creators: Written by Mike Carey Cover by J.H. Williams Iii / Art by Jim Fern, Eric Nguyen and Mark Pennington. Description: Collecting issues #6-12 of the acclaimed new Vertigo series! Toshi begins her hazardous training through a fairy-tale-gone-wrong world. Scheduled to arrive in February. 168 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

DMZ #27 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Brian Wood / Art by Nathan Fox / Cover by Wood. Description: “RANDOM FIRE” One wild night in the life of the DMZ! We follow DJ Random Fire as he spends a rough day — dodging bullets, ex-girlfriends, and rivals in the club scene — in preparation for a show that night. 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

EXTERMINATORS #25 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Simon Oliver / Art by Tony Moore & John Lucas / Cover by Philip Bond. Description: Of all the weird things Henry James has witnessed at Bug-Bee-Gone, the resurrection of his dead, drug-addled, demented partner, A.J., is the weirdest. Now, for the first time, the truth behind A.J.’s return to Earth goes public, in this special issue tracing A.J.’s twisted trip through an unreal version of the ancient Egyptian afterlife. 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

FABLES #69 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Bill Willingham / Art by Mark Buckingham & Steve Leialoha / Cover by James Jean. Description: “The Good Prince,” Part 9. All things considered, maybe Flycatcher should have remained a janitor. In the end, the heroic life turned out to be just too deadly. But how will the new Kingdom of Haven get along without Fly? Will people fade back into ghosts without his magic to sustain them? Will the Emperor overrun the kingdom now that Fly isn't there to stop him? 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

HELLBLAZER #240 - Full Color. Creators: Written by Andy Diggle / Art by Leonardo Manco Cover by Glenn Fabry. Description: Vertigo’s flagship title reaches its 20th anniversary issue with “The Laughing Magician,” Part 1 of 3! The streetwise, chain-smoking con-magician John Constantine finds himself in receipt of a most perplexing birthday gift: a memory wrapped up in a warning. As Constantine tries to figure out what it means, the brutal African war-mage known as Mako hits London — and he’s taking no prisoners. 32 pages. Publisher Rating: MATURE THEMES.

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