Batman and what inspired his creation and how he evolved over the years in all Medias

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Batman other media success

Over the course of the years that batman has been published he has appeared in other forms media such as TV and Video games. In this part of the document I am going to write about only the major success that batman had in these media or ones that bought about a change in the batman comics.

An attempt at batman enter other media was The Batman TV series featuring Adam West and Burt Ward in some ways this can be consider a success because it had a huge following and in other ways it can be consider a failure because it was a very campy show that did not focus fully on what drove batman to fight crime or how solved all the crime he faced. So while it can be consider a success because it got a lot of people interested in the batman comic.

True fans of the comic consider it to be a failure due to the campy image it gave batman and how it didn’t really focus on Bruce Wayne’s motives for becoming batman. It also inspired the comics to start making the costume and the theme the comic dealt with darker so that they could lose the camp title batman had been label with thanks to this show.

For many the show that would define batman in his truest personal on TV was Batman the Animated Series which was aimed at teenager. This show really highlights the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman and what drove him and how dangerous the batman villains were even though no one died in show.

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