Batman and what inspired his creation and how he evolved over the years in all Medias

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The episodes show viewer a deep look in the batman mind and even the villain’s minds showing that they were not all ways the bad guy or what made them how they were. The art style of this version of batman was very bold and dynamic and instead of going with bright colors the backdrop and costumes they went with a darker gothic feel to the cartoon.

The character design while not as realistic as x-men was at the time but it seem to draw more people to show because of the quality stories they produce.

Batman has also appeared in movies with the most success being the movies made by Christopher Nolan which show how batman was created by the tragic murder of his parents. This movie and its sequel which focus on the batman greatest villain the joker and really digs deep into by doing what Bruce Wayne does as batman does he just create more criminals for him to fight later or does he accomplish what he set out to by saving Gotham from being run by mobster and murderers.

The style of this film is very realistic with all the gadget and weapons that appear in the movie looking like they could be found in the military or used by feudal agents in their field of work.

The final media batman has appeared is video game with his greatest success being the games Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. While batman has many games on many consoles the Arkham title are seen as the best because they allow the player to feel like they are the batman because they are not just beating up bad guy like the other batman game let you. But you also have to think about how and when you are going attacks because the guard will call for back like in real life.

The art style of these games is a mix of realist graphics with the character only able to do what a well trained fighter could do with all those gadgets and comics books images which are used on poster and the in-game bio of character from the comic book. These games are seen as the best batman game out there by fans of the batman and have even inspired their own one shot comic book.


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