Batman and what inspired his creation and how he evolved over the years in all Medias

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How over the years the changes in the world have inspired change in The Batman!

Over the course of first appear in detective comic in 1939. Batman has gone though a lot of changes that have by in inspired by events that have happen in history and by changing views that has also happen in history. In this section of my document I will highlight some of the major change that has affected The Dark Knight starting with his Golden age in comic all the way too Today’s comic and other media exports.

Golden Age

During this age of comics batman was being retooled to fit the current generation views and how they felt after coming out of the war in 1946 and even though some of the batman cases in the comic book could be quite dark. The art style of the comics where very much the same as other comic book character where the main character were all very normal looking were as batman and robin were in brightly colored costumes even though they were so post to petty dark in their outlook in life. Also there were lots of issues were batman and robin took part in charity races or crossover with other character that was part of the DC mainstream or other show on at the time.

The reason the batman of this age was so bright on his outlook on life was because at the time people did not want a reminder of what they had gone though in the war and having a character that was totally fueled by his desire to avenge the death of his parents would bring up a lot of bad memories for families recover from the war and the lost of family members.

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