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Richard Waddell

From Issue 7 of the FPA Newsletter: Richard Waddell (1969) is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and has recently been appointed Managing Director for Belgium of a firm of International Construction Cost Councils, Mark Dunstane Associates. Richard is based in Brussels, lives in the Netherlands and is married to a Dutch nurse, Karien. They have a daughter, Fiona, who was born in Scotland.

Sasha Waddell

BBHS 1953-55

On leaving Bell Baxter at about the age of 13 or 14, Sasha Waddell went on to the Arts Educational School in Upper Berkley Street, London. The allure of Sasha Waddell's cool, fresh interiors lies in her ability to keep things simple. ‘The most wonderful ideas, badly worked, look dreadful, the most ordinary ones, sensitively executed, can look fabulous', she says. Formerly an actress, Sasha changed careers and studied interior design at Chelsea College of Art, before setting up her own interior design business in 1982. In an era dominated by the English country-house style, she quickly made her mark by pioneering her own now highly recognisable Swedish look. Shortly afterwards, she launched her own-design, Swedish-inspired furniture.

Now Sasha has sold the furniture business and closed her Wandsworth Bridge Road shop, and is concentrating full time on her design work. She says she enjoys working for clients who already have a sure sense of style, and many are from the worlds of publishing, fashion and music. Sasha is currently working on residential projects in London, and has designed a new range of carpets for The Carpet Library.

Sasha has a brother, Gavin (qv).

Sasha Waddell, 17 Haldane Road SW6 (tel:020-7610 3704,


Mike Waddington


BBHS 1956-62

On leaving Bell Baxter in 1962 I went to St Andrews University (Queens College) to study Civil Engineering. Failed 1st year exams following too much rugby and beer over a 12-month period. Decided not to continue course and to pursue qualifications by other means.

After a year in Southampton and 2 years in Manchester, I returned to Scotland to take up a post as a Civil Engineer with George Wimpey Construction. First project was on M74 Uddingston by-pass and during the course of this scheme decided to specialise in Road Construction. Spent 16 years with Wimpey working both in UK and overseas (mainly East Africa) and moved house no less than 7 times. In fact I returned to Cupar from 1978 to 1981 and travelled to west of Scotland on a daily basis.

Left Wimpey in 1981 (lack of decent projects in Scotland) and joined a Road Construction company in SE England. After 23 years of major schemes (M25 included) retired in 2004. Now I'm a self-employed consultant to earn the beer money!

Married Jenny Gardner (year below me at school) in 1969 and have 3 daughters all in their 30s and who all live near us. Two of them are getting married this year.

Played rugby and tennis until injuries put an end to that. Managed to win several "caps" playing rugby for East Africa 1972-74. Wrecked knee in 1977 playing for Highland (Inverness) against Hawick. Knee reconstruction allowed tennis until 2001. Now play golf at local club.

Jenny retired in 2005 and we spend quite a bit of time walking our dog and touring UK and Europe with our touring caravan. The photograph is of me on my 60th birthday in 2004.

Connie Walker

The wedding took place on 8th August 1997 of Connie Mackie (née Walker), widow of Alistair Mackie, and Ian Donaldson (qv), whose wife died about two years previously.

Iain Walker

Iain Walker, a pupil from 1955-61, died in a climbing accident in Wester Ross in 1992. Iain was a passionately keen mountaineer. In 1990 he was named Campaign Journalist of the Year for his role in investigating the child abuse cases in Rochdale.

Richard Walker

Richard Walker (1975) died in hospital on 1st January 2005. On leaving School, Richard joined the army as had always been his ambition. One of his hobbies was playing the bagpipes, so it was natural that he should join the band of the Black Watch. He served in many places at home and overseas, before joining the motorised unit of the Black Watch. When he finally left the army after more than 20 years' service, he went to work with Fisher's Laundry as a driver. He married just over a year before his death and became ill just months later. He is survived by his wife, Linda.

Robert Walker

In an age when great shortages of skilled tradesmen have led to successful careers being abandoned in favour of retraining as plumbers (that seems to be the most popular), it is good to hear of a local plumber employing his first female apprentice plumber (-ess?). It is unfortunate that fashionable thinking has led to the abandonment of the old-fashioned apprenticeship in favour of (often) pointless degrees which lead nowhere. Both master and pupil are FPs. The master plumber is Robert Walker (mid 1960s) and the apprentice is Debi Glen (2003). Debi scored top marks in her first set of exams.

Ron Walker

Ron Walker was born in Perth and brought up in Newburgh in Fife. Educated at Bell-Baxter High School, Cupar, he was given his first piano lessons by Miss Georgina Gorrie, a well-known and much admired piano teacher in that area. Following her advice, Ron went to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow, where he studied piano under Wight Henderson, giving several recitals in Glasgow and the West Coast area.

It was in Glasgow that Ron's interest in conducting first took off, and he had lessons from some of the Academy's staff, working with them in rehearsals of the orchestras.

Ron soon became a great admirer of one of Scotland's best conductors of the 20th century, the late Bryden (Jack) Thomson. He first met Jack Thomson in 1963, and received innumerable tips on conducting. On Jack's advice, Ron went to London where he had several lessons from Colin Metters, Professor of Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music.

He has also studied at the world famous Canford School of Music under the tutelage of the international conductor George Hurst.

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