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Ben Williams

Ben Williams was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Cupar in 1999 to take part in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award scheme, which involves the pupils taking part in a week of strenuous outdoor activities as well as classroom work.

Meg Willams

In 2002 Meg Willams and Tina Frew had been working with the charity "Storytelling Unplugged" which runs clubs for storytelling and traditional music. They were heading for Darmstadt in Germany as part of a private exchange with a Rudolf Steiner School. The project is supported by Fife Council.

David Williamson

David Williamson (first year, 1927) died on 4th February 1996. An accountant, David worked for private enterprise, then in the Treasurer's Department of Fife County Council, from which he moved to work with British Gas. He served in the forces for six and a half years during the Second World War. His retirement was spent in St Andrews, and he is survived by his wife and daughter.

Philip Peter Williamson


BBHS 1955-61

Phil Williamson died suddenly at home in Dairsie on 15 April 2008. A retired RAF squadron leader, Phil’s interest in aviation was kindled during his schooldays when he was a member of the Auchtermuchty Squadron of the Air Training Corps. On leaving Bell Baxter in 1961 he studied for a BSc in aeronautics at Glasgow University and was accepted into the Royal Air Force on graduation.

After flying training on Jet Provosts, Gnats and Hunters, Phil joined 19 Squadron in Germany flying Lightnings. In 1970 he became one of the first RAF pilots to convert onto the Phantom and joined No 43 (Fighter) Squadron, the Fighting Cocks, at RAF Leuchars. This was the start of a long association with the Fife airbase, which continued with his employment as a civilian instructor on the Tornado F3 simulator there. His contribution to military aviation was recognised in the early 90s by the award of a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Services in the Air. He is survived by a son and daughter.

David Wills

David Wills (1998) signed a contract in 2005 with Publish America for his children's novel Fern's Dragon. He is studying English and American Studies at Dundee University. The story tells of a 6-year old girl whose sculpture of a dragon comes to life and takes her on an adventure to save the Dragon King from the evil dragon Hetfield. David had started writing the story when he was 15 but finished only the first chapter. Having come across it again last year, he took it up again and finished it in a month. He found the publisher via their web site. If this is a success, we may well hear more of David, for he would like to earn his living as a writer and journalist. Good luck to him!

Catherine Wilson

Mrs Catherine Mitchell died in October 1993. Catherine started Bell Baxter in the late 1920s. She lived then at Hilton of Carslogie Farm. She married George Mitchell in 1942, and was a partner in the St Andrews butcher's firm. She was a member of Cameron Church, and also of St. Regulus Ladies' Golf Club, the Soroptomists and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. She is survived by her son Murray.

Charles Wilson

Served with REME; Inspector of Weights and Measures; “Orford” Kingskettle. Married Muriel Beveridge (qv). Attended BBS in the 1930s.

Charles Fenwick Wilson

Charles Wilson entered BBS in 1937. After School he joined the Merchant Navy and later Lothian & Borders Police. After retiring from the police force he became a Legal Assistant and a Club Steward.

David R Wilson

MA (1st Hons.) Edinburgh in Economics; International Wool Secretariat in London; in Colonial Service till 1958; tacught economics in Balham and Tooting College in Kent; resided in Beckenham. Late of Ayton Smithy, Newburgh. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

Elinor Wilson

Mrs Elinor Dalglish (née Wilson) (1948) died in a Nursing Home on 11th April 2008 after a long illness. On leaving School, Elinor trained as a Primary School Teacher at Dundee Teacher Training College and taught in Schools in Fife and Perthshire. She is survived by her husband, a daughter and a son.

Frances Wilson

Mrs Frances Dalton (née Wilson) (1945) died at home on 20th December 2009 after a long illness. She left school with an arts bursary to St Andrews to study English and History, then completed a diploma in Education at Queen's College Dundee. She met her husband at St Andrews, and they married in 1958 before moving to Ohio, where she worked as a family counsellor for two years before returning to Yorkshire, where she worked in teaching and social work before going back to university in Hull to obtain a BSc degree in Psychology in 1978. She went back to counselling in 1989 as a consulting family therapist, after a long period co-ordinating the work of volunteer services in what was then Humberside. She began work on a PhD in Psychology in 1991, as well as training for a pilot's licence, but was unable to complete either of these due to advancing illness. She is survived by her husband and son.

(Contributed by her son Gavin)

Frances was the daughter of John Wilson (qv), a teacher better known as Wearie Willie.

George Wilson

Chartered Accountant and in partnership in Birmingham, late of Ayton Smithy, Newburgh; one of three Wilson brothers to be School Sports Champions and half-milers. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

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