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Barbara Beveridge

Mrs Barbara McManus (née Beveridge) (1953) died in hospital on 9th April 2007 after a long illness. Barbara studied at the Royal Scottish Academy and then qualified as a Music Teacher. She taught first in Kirkcaldy and then moved to her old school. She taught both music classes and individual pupils. Later in her career, when there began to be some cut-backs, she taught in a number of Primary Schools, retiring around 2001. Throughout her career, Barbara was very actively involved in the musical life of the community outside school. She and her husband, John, restarted the Cupar Choral Association, and both were very active in the Cupar Amateur Opera, where Barbara must have done everything except build the sets over the years. She played lead rôles, sang in the chorus, accompanied, directed and conducted. This involvement continued after she retired. She was also a talented accompanist and played most sympathetically in that role at the Centenary Music Competition year after year until 2006. She is survived by her husband, two sons and a daughter. Her daughter was due to be married just 3 weeks after Barbara's death.

Sandy Scott (qv) contributed the following appreciation of Barbara who became his colleague as well as coming from the same village:-

Having known Barbara since her babyhood and followed her musical development with interest, I could hardly believe my good luck when she came to work with me at St Andrew's R C High School in Kirkcaldy after graduating from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama and completing teacher training at Dundee College of Education. She was not only an excellent teacher from the start, but also she was ever willing to take part in the choral and orchestral activities that involved me on three evenings each week. At Anstruther she accompanied rehearsals of the Philharmonic choir. She also played 'cello in both of the orchestras I conducted at the time. The Edinburgh Symphony performed the Serenade to Music by Vaughan Williams in its original setting for sixteen solo voices. Their parts are identified in the score by the initials of the distinguished singers for whom they were written. Isobel Baillie's was allocated to Barbara - whose musicianship was wonderfully versatile. She was equally at home as a pianist, 'cellist or solo singer. At her Memorial Service in St John's Church I recalled that the last time I had heard Isobel Baillie sing was at a performance of Haydn's Creation, which took place there during the early 1950s. The thought passed through my mind that the great soprano would have given a nod of warm approval if she had heard BB's performance of the part Vaughan Williams had composed for IB. Barbara has left behind her a legacy of high quality music making throughout East Fife. That will be long remembered. Her benign influence will be sadly missed.

Harry Beveridge

Commissioned in Royal Navy; studied at Dundee Technical College and Heriot Watt; BSc (Eng) London and HMLMech Eng; was Chief Engineer, Olive & Partington, Glossop. Later with the Donside Paper Co. Ltd., Aberdeen. Attended BBS in the early 1940s.

Helen Beveridge

Mrs Helen Beveridge (1945) died in hospital after a short illness on 5th December 2008. Helen left School earlier than she might otherwise have done, as she was needed to care for her mother and help on the farm. After she married, the work of a farmer's wife continued to be her lot at Peattieshill. However, she had many interests beyond the farm, for she was very active in the local Church, where she taught in the Sunday School and sang in the choir. She was also much involved in the WRI and was instrumental in organising a great variety of events and courses in the village of New Gilston. She played an important role in the FP Association, for it was Helen who, inspired by the large reunions in 1989, decided to initiate a series of 50th Anniversary gatherings which have continued, since the 1945 reunion, without a break since. Helen was predeceased by her husband several years previously and is survived by two sons and a daughter.

Isabel M Beveridge

Trained at Moray House; Taught in Kettle and was Head Mistress at Parson’s Green School, Edinburgh; Now (1964) living in Queensland, Australia; late of Gowrie Villa, Kingskettle. Attended BBS prior to 1930.

James Beveridge

James Beveridge entered BBS in 1938. He farmed at Peattieshill, New Gilston.

Margaret Beveridge

Mrs Margaret McDonald entered BBS In 1940. She lived in Dawlish, Devon, and had a career in Nursing.

Muriel Beveridge

Trained in Glasgow as a nurse. Mrs Charles Wilson, Orford, Kingskettle. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

Anne Black

Mrs Anne Derks entered BBS in 1945. Among her activities were linen weaver, bottling whisky, bus conductress and housemaid at Airth Castle Hotel. She lived near Falkirk.

James Adamson Black

James Black entered BBS in 1946. His sphere of activities included the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Royal Signals (Despatch), working in a carpet factory and British Telecom. He lived in Tayport.

Joseph Black


BBS 1943-6

From Issue 2 of the FPA Newsletter:

Joe Black retired from Coats Viyella in 1988 after 20 years as group computer boss - now busy as a member of the Executive Council of Alzheimer's (Scotland).

From a later issue:

Joe Black entered third year in Bell Baxter in 1943. In 1945-46 he was School Captain (or Head Boy as the title was then). On leaving school he went immediately into the Army, and after completing his service, he went to St Andrews University. He became a District Officer in the Colonial Service until 1958, and from 1958-1988 he worked in the Computer Industry.

He and his wife retired to a remote country cottage near Fenwick, Ayrshire, but they are now on the move, currently living in Dunning while they look for a more permanent home.

Joe died in March 2007, after a long time of declining health. He was Head Boy in his sixth year. Like all young men of that generation, Joe did his National Service immediately on leaving School in 1946 and then studied English at St Andrews University, graduating in 1952. For a time after graduating he worked at the Radar Station on Tiree and then went to Tanganyika (as Tanzania then was) in 1954, becoming a District Officer, on contract. His wife-to-be went out to join him and they married there, but when it became clear that circumstances were going to change, they decided to return to the UK. Joe was very interested in Time and Motion Studies and worked in that field for some time. That led almost naturally to computing, and he was involved at a very early stage in the introduction of computers when they occupied entire rooms, setting up BR punch card systems. He worked thereafter for various consultancies, travelling all over the world. When he retired he and his wife went to live in Ayrshire and they both worked for the Alzheimer charity. When final retirement came they moved to the Blairgowrie area and Joe became very involved in local activities, chairing the Ruthven Music Festival (the moving spirit behind which is another FP, Angus Hood) and serving on the Village Hall committee. Joe is survived by his wife, three sons and two daughters.

Joseph Black Pearson (qv) was his cousin.

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