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Helen Campbell Alexander

Helen Alexander died during the summer of 1994 in Inverness. Helen was the daughter of Reverend Robert Alexander, late Minister of Cupar Old Parish Church. She entered first year in 1926 - retired in 1980 from her post as Principal Educational Psychologist in Inverness.

Helen graduated MA and BD from St Andrews and M Ed from the University of Glasgow.

Roy Alexander

BD (St Andrews); Eaglesfield, Dumfriesshire. Attended BBS in the 1930s.

Eileen Allan

Eileen Allan entered BBS in 1948. She lived in Moathill Road, Cupar, and went into Primary Teaching.

Isobel A M Allan

Mrs Isobel Kidd entered BBS in 1942. After School she became a Shorthand Typist and Housewife.

James W Allan

James Allan (1938) spent 26 years in the British Army, retiring as a major. He later became Assistant Head Teacher at Castlehill Primary Scool. He was the founder of ‘Houses of Scotland (Regd)’ card cut-out model manufacturer.

Major James Allan (1938) died in December 2011. During the late summer of 1943, while waiting for the Falkland bus on the pavement outside what many of us remember as Bell Baxter's Rooms 1 & 2, I spotted a girl in my year called Jeanette Allan standing in the Strathmiglo queue on the opposite side of the West Port. Family resemblance told me that the senior pupil close by must be her big brother.

The next time 1 recognized Jim Allan was in April, 1956, when - as a National Service Sergeant - I joined half-a-dozen other instructors in his charge at No.3 Army Education Centre, Catterick Camp. His rank at that time was Warrant Officer First Class, and he was in charge of administration in what remains the army's biggest teaching centre.

We lost no time in catching up with each other's activities and reminiscing about

schooldays. He then began to show me the ropes, and I quickly discovered that he ran a tight and very well-organised ship. He was mainly responsible for overseeing the three grades of Army Education Certificate and there were also more specialized preparatory classes for National Servicemen who had not yet undertaken tertiary studies — all of which ran alongside an extensive programme of hobby and leisure clubs.

Jim had recently married a Swiss girl called Bumbi and they were to have a long and

happy partnership. Their first son arrived while they were still at Catterick. About
halfway through my eighteen-month spell, they left for what seemed a rather betwixt-
and-between posting in Hook of Holland. From then on we exchanged Christmas cards and the occasional letter, but - as with most friendships formed whilst in uniform – we drifted gradually apart. Jim retired from the army in 1971 with the rank of major.

A student who had been allocated to Castlehill School for teaching practice during the

mid-'80s looked in on me one morning and said she had met Jim as Deputy Headmasterthere. I looked in on him when driving through Balmullo and we met at Education Sunday get-togethers held in 2 Division Headquarters at Craigiehall - just off the road out to the Forth Bridge.

I am sure that all former pupils who remember Jim as BBS contemporary, army officer or teacher will join in sending condolences to Bumbi on her loss.

(Contributed by Sandy Scott, qv)

Jim Allan attended the University of St Andrews, had a Dip Ed from Oxford and was the author of the War Office’s Class Textbook on Map-reading.

Jeanette C P Allan

Mrs Jeanette Reddoch entered BBS in 1943. After school she went into the Civil Service. At the time of the Centenary (1989) she was widowed and living in Kinross. She was Secretary in the Environmental Health/Building Control Department of Perth & Kinross District Council at the Kinross office.

Jennifer Allan

Mrs Jennifer Howie (née Allan) (1953) died very suddenly on 16th January 2007. Jennifer studied Classics at St Andrews University and after graduating she taught languages at St Andrews High School in Kirkcaldy and briefly in Bell Baxter. She decided to change career and trained as a nurse, working at Freeman's Hospital in Newcastle. She married Tom Howie, the son of the late Principal Teacher of Classics at Bell Baxter, in 1964. She is survived also by her family of two sons and one daughter.

Mark Allan

Mark Allan died with tragic suddenness on 20th April 1992, aged 22. Mark died in Edinburgh. He belonged to Cupar, although the family had moved to Dunshalt.

Mark Allan

The School Vice-Captain for Session 1998-9 was Mark Allan from Balmullo.

Mary Alston

Mrs Mary Campbell entered BBS in 1947. She lived in Balmullo and listed her career activities as Farmer, Housewife, Garage Owner Partner and Driver with Fife Regional Council.

Agnes Anderson

Nessie Anderson (1946) died in the Adamson Hospital on 2nd September 2002 after a long illness. On leaving School, Nessie went to St Andrews University, where she studied Maths and Physics. She returned to Bell Baxter to teach Maths until she took early retirement in 1988. Thereafter she spent 5 months of every year in Portugal, returning to spend the summers in Cupar. Nessie is survived by her older brother Ian.

Catherine I Anderson


BBS 1943-9

Mrs Catherine Wilson entered BBS in 1943. She studied for an MA at the University of St Andrews and taught French and German in Bell Baxter. She married and had three children and retired from teaching in March 1992.

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