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Donald Dow

MB ChB Edinburgh; gained Mackenzie Bursary, Ian Oswald Prize, Russell Crighton Prize; did orthopaedic surgery at Western Infirmary, Glasgow; 5 Cardenden Road, Cardenden. Attended Bell Baxter in the late 1940s.

Scott L Dow

Scott Dow entered BBS in 1944. He became a Civil Engineer and lived in Stirling.

Anne Downie

Morag Downie

James D Downie


BBS 1921-27 & 1935-66

Mr Downie was one of the first two Harkness Scholars at St Andrews University. Returning as a teacher in 1935, he served the School loyally and successfully in the English Department until his untimely death in 1966. He was an enthusiastic cricketer, and the family donated the James D Downie Cup in his memory.

From the 1966 School Magazine:

School mourns the passing of one of its ablest and most loyal sons. Man and boy, Mr Downie could point to Bell-Baxter as the nurse of his talents and the fulfilment of his destiny.

As a boy he brought honour to the school by winning one of the first Harkness Scholarships at St Andrews University, a distinction which he shared that year with Dr McIntosh, now Fife's Director of Education.

On going up to University, Mr Downie abandoned the Classics and turned to English, in which he gained his degree with honours. Thereafter he returned to his old school to teach English literature, to coach rugby and cricket, to run the Parent-Teacher Association, to organise School's annual Prize-giving—in a word, to perform all those duties, reveal all those qualities, by which the world recognises a born teacher.

He was a quiet man, with a sharp, incisive mind that abhorred irrelevance and went to the heart of things.

In recent years, his favourite game was golf, and there too he will be sadly missed by his friends.

His fatal illness struck him down with cruel suddenness. None of us was prepared for a loss so harsh and so abrupt.

He gave his all to Bell-Baxter, and we are proud of him, and grateful.

To Mrs Downie and to his three daughters, and to his son-in-law, School tenders its deepest sympathy.

J E Dunlop, Rector


I have seen too many pieces such as this spoiled by hackneyed phrases and ill-dressed sentiment, Praises mouthed but seldom meant.

What I want to say I know not how to say.

Words cannot glean the depths, thoughts unexpressed must be the tribute to a man who hated pomposity.

Dogmatism he despised and recognised that when all

See beauty as beauty there is already ugliness.

This is what I shall remember when looking down the corridor of years a man, a teacher, dedicated. It was not in vain he taught us to listen to silence to see the daylight flooding along the ridges of the cold wind.

Leslie Downie

Leslie Downie (1935 approx.) died suddenly in hospital on 21st October 2005 after several years of poor health. Leslie's career was spent mostly with Government Communications HQ at Hawklaw, Cupar. He was unmarried and is survived by his younger sister, Maureen.

Margaret Downie

Mrs Margaret Muir (née Downie) (1946) was rewarded by Sportscotland in 2000 for her services to local swimming. She is an Honorary Life Member of Cupar Swimming Club and she received the award at a special ceremony in Cupar, when she was presented with an Edinburgh Crystal plate. She has given up a great deal of her own time to help in many ways, acting as timekeeper, judge, referee, teacher, coach and Committee member. When she heard that the life-saving section might fold because of the lack of volunteers, she took that on and has transformed it into a very successful group.

Jean R Downs

Miss Jean R Downs, a former pupil of Bell-Baxter, joined the staff from Ladybank Junior Secondary School in 1951.

Doreen Drake

Mrs Doreen Proudfoot entered BBS in 1942. After leaving School she became a French Polisher, a craft she returned to after being a wife and mother of
four. She lived in Kirkcaldy.

David Drummond

David Drummond of Cupar (1980s) has seen a remarkable change in his fortunes thanks to his own initiative and his willingness to make a fresh start. Having left school with two ‘O’ Grades, he worked in the construction industry. On being made redundant, he went to Elmwood Technical College and completed an HNC in Professional Cookery, winning the prize for the best student, and he was then accepted for a degree course in Food and Welfare Studies at Dundee University, where he completed an MA in 1999. He has returned to Elmwood College as a lecturer in Food and Hospitality.

Fiona Drummond

Mrs Fiona MacGregor (née Drummond) (early 1970s ?) who works with Fife Council Housing Department, was awarded the Malcolm Smith Trophy, presented by the Chartered Institute of Housing (Scotland) for the best written work by a student studying for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Housing. Fiona has worked in Local Government since 1983, beginning her career as a Housing Benefits Officer. Since then she has gained experience in a wide range of aspects of the work. She did her 2-year course at Glasgow University.

Gillian Drummond

The Chairman of the East Fife Sports Injury Clinic is Gillian Pagan (née Drummond) who entered 1st year in 1964. She is also Team Leader of Sport at Elmwood College. The Sports Injury Clinic in Cupar will, by the way, be open every Thursday evening, and no Doctor's reference is required. It is manned by trained physiotherapists.

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