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Colin Anderson

BBHS 1976-78

I left Scotland in 1978 and emigrated to Ontario, Canada. After spending many years in Canada and working in several different jobs, I eventually moved to the USA and joined the US Army. I am currently stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Colin retired from the US Army in September 2012. The photograph shows Colin with his wife, Terrie, on retirement day.

Dorothy J S Anderson

Dorothy Anderson, originally from Falkland (1951) married Arthur Dall (qv).

James Anderson

James entered Bell Baxter School in 1920. He became MRCVS in 1929, took a Scholarship 1930-31 before becoming a Veterinary Officer in Kenya. He graduated PhD freom the University of Edinburgh in 1934 and was active at the Rowett Institute and as a Veterinary Research Officer from 1935-47 when he was awarded a DSc. He was appointed OBE in 1948 and Corresponding Member, Societa Italiana, par il Progresso della Zootechnica; 1951—Kenya; 1952—Senior Member, Society for Endocrinology. He retired 1958 but was a Member of Standing Committee, International Congress on Animal Reproduction. In 1964 he was awarded the Lazzaro Spallanzani Medal and Scroll. He died in April 1989.

Jean Anderson

Trained at Skerry’s and was secretary to her husband, David Lawson, who was principal of Carcross Residential School of Indian Reservation at Carcross, Yukon. Attended BBS in the late 1940s.

Jennifer Christine Anderson


BBHS 1957-63

Jennifer Anderson, now Mrs Gilchrist, was hoping to come to Reunion 125 and to meet again one of her favourite teachers, Bob Meikle, whose name had been on the list of those planning to attend. Jennifer mentioned this when she sent a message to the FPA saying she would not, after all, be able to make the long journey from Cozumel, an island off Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Here was her response on learning that Bob Meikle had died in April …

I was stopped in my tracks by your sad news about Mr Meikle …

Perhaps selfishly, thinking that I was now deprived of the anticipated moment of saying a special thank you to him, when I saw his name on the attendance list of paid up guests, when I was still playing with the idea that my miracle would happen in a timely fashion, and when the realisation that I did not have a ticket, and informed you, I obviously thought that an email message and asking for an address was the next step.

For background explanation, I had a special present in preparation, a map of Cozumel on bark paper, made by me.

However that is not on the menu any more, and I spent all afternoon re-contemplating my personal strategy, having discovered the fact that he will not be there either. I sincerely appreciate the information.

It is fairly challenging to write promotional ‘blurb’ about one´s lifetime co-habitant with passion, and this household cannot support more than one prima donna so my efforts meet with strong competition. Bear with me while I mention that the two most influential teachers in my life were Mr. Rodger and Mr. Meikle

In my second year, Mr M arrived, we got him for Geography after Sarah Watt left, and I became his caddie for the Staff vs Pupils Golf match which took place at Scotscraig, Tayport, where Kenny Nicol played every Wednesday for years. So our conversation in the course of walking the golf course was more extended than what would be said in a classroom, and he let me borrow a couple of his anthroplogy books since that was my main interest, for which I am eternally grateful, as I have indeed become a seasoned anthropologist, albeit unofficially, but always a people watcher and observer, and last month my son had the privilege of being part of the team from National Geographic, who brought out a skull from an underwater cave near Tulum,Yucatan. The report has just been published … and that was my punch line …

One day, in third form, Mr Rodger askedWho is this gal?’ And from the moment he told me I was head and shoulders above anyone else for my letteringhe changed my lifeand when he got married, he asked if anyone could find him seedlings of beech … as he wanted to plant a hedge … and if you go to his house on Tarvit Avenue, you will find a robust beech hedge … a photo of which I have on my kitchen wall, with Mr R in front of the hedge … beeches from Kinshaldy …

These two incidentsKinshaldy seedlings and the golf course at Scotscraig,meant that these two guys - and only these two - realised how far away I lived and how much effort was required of me, physically, like on my bike for three and a half miles and then getting on the red double decker, before the day started … anywaythey were sympathetic that I had to truck a bit harder than the locals from Cupar.

I actually did get to visit Mr R some years later, and present him with a silk screen print of the Goddess IxChel, hand pulled. He always wanted me to go to Art College, but I was intimidated by the life style of those times.

When I received the emails from Jenny Waddington about the Golden Reunion for our class 1957I asked her if she had heard any word about Heather Curtis, the only person to be in same class and same residence as myself, after BBHSand I switched horses, went to London, lost touch … and she replied that she had died some 4 years previously, and that evening I felt that a bullet shot through my brain …

Shortly thereafter, I thought that if, God forbid, something untoward were to happen to me, someone would be going through my stuff, find things in folders that had never been framed, or seen, and no doubt say what a shame nothing ever got shownso she was the inspiration for me to get my act together and mark the occasion of Twenty-five years in Cozumel by having an exhibition of my work, good bad or indifferent, at the local Museum, and I am glad and proud that I did. Took me almost a year in preparation, and among the bigger pieces, I wrote a quotation, in SANDin homage to Mr. RodgerI kid you not …

For a while I have been promising myself that I was going to document the last 40+ yearsMy Life in Ruins joke/no joke. Somaybe I will get going

Here´s something thoughwhen I was making my way to Leuchars, for my mother´s funeral, I was chatting on the train to this woman from Botswana, who had left S.Africa to earn more money as a nurse in the UK … She got off at Berwick on Tweed, and this guy who had been sitting across the aisle, and couldnt help but hear our conversation, came over to speak to me, and saidI just have to ask, where are you from? I cannot place your accent …’ And so this man, returning with his family from Toronto,to get his son settled in starting at St.Andrews turns out to be an FP of Bell Baxter … and our conversation centred around the personality teachers Tommy Muir and others …

Ken Cochran from Strathkinness, father retired doctor, met him at Leuchars, and a few months later, a CD arrived on my doorstep, St Andrews Virtual Tour.

Keep up the good work …I am sure you will have a successful event to report …all hail …saludos


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