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George S Fairweather


In May 1909, at the early age of 23, Mr G S Fairweather, a well known Cupar cricketer, died in Dundee. Having carried off the Balgonie gold medal, the 'blue-ribbon' of the Bell-Baxter School, he proceeded to St Andrews University and graduated MA on his twentieth birthday, taking second class honours in classics. In his College classes he distinguished himself in Latin, Greek, ancient history, and education. After acting for a time as an assistant teacher in the Bell-Baxter School, he was appointed house tutor at the Royal Grammar School, Worcester. It was known that his heart was in his work and that he had given great satisfaction in the discharge of his duties there. He came home to Dundee to spend his Easter holidays, and was almost immediately seized with his fatal illness. As a sportsman, Mr Fairweather’s services were much sought after. He was a keen cricketer, and as a forceful batsman gave many a fine display in Bonvil Park. His wicket-keeping, recognised as about the best in the county, told heavily in his Club’s favour, and left him the undisputed possessor of the post. In the football world he also occupied an honourable position. He was a prominent forward in his ’Varsity Rugby Club, and had the honour of being chosen for one of the trial Internationals.

A R Farmer


BBS 1923-9

Dr A R Farmer (1923) died in September 2001, aged 89. Dr Farmer graduated MB ChB from the University of St Andrews and served in the Royal Air Force. He spent most of his career as a GP in Hartlepool and continued to live there after he retired. He served as a Police Surgeon and was also medical officer to the Shipping Federation and the British Petroleum Company. He was predeceased by his wife and is survived by his 4 daughters.

Elizabeth Farmer


BBHS 1950-56

Elizabeth Craik (née Farmer) entered first year in 1950. After a Classics degree at the University of St Andrews she studied at Cambridge, then held a research post at Birmingham University before returning to St Andrews and teaching in the Department of Greek until appointment (1997) as professor at Kyoto University, Japan. She was the first woman, indeed, the first westerner, to be appointed a full professor in the Faculty of Letters at Kyoto. She was quoted in the Courier as saying that classics is flourishing there, providing a valued linguistic training for the important studies of ancient philosophy and ancient history. Greek appears to hold the lead over Latin.

In retirement she maintains an attachment to the School of Greek, Latin and Ancient History at the University of St Andrews and also to Newcastle University, continuing to publish on the Hippocratic Corpus, an important collection of early Greek medical works.

Married (1964) to Alexander Craik she has a son, daughter and four grandchildren.

James Farmer

Jim Farmer (1960), St. Andrews professional golfer, was appointed Honorary Professional at the Royal and Ancient on the retirement of John Panton in 2006. Jim is only the sixth Honorary Pro, his predecessors before Panton being Tom Morris, Andrew Kirkaldy, Willie Auchterlonie and his son Laurie. Jim also runs a golf shop and business in St Andrews. Jim's professional career began at Drumpellier and Duddingston. For 7 years between 1977 and 1983 he topped the earnings list of Scottish Professionals. He was a member of the 1977 GB&I PGA team which beat the USA at Palm Springs. He skippered the team to victory in 2005.

In 2008, Jim was honoured by the Professional Golfers' Association of Europe. He received the 5-star Professional award during the Gala Dinner in Murcia, Spain. The Chief Executive of the PGA Associations of Europe said of him: ‘As an individual player, an international team player, a winning international team captain, a national coach, and administrator and, since 2006, professional to the world's most famous club, Jim Farmer has literally done it all.’ Jim commented that it was a wonderful honour and a great thrill. He has many famous predecessors, including such as Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer and Bernard Gallagher.

Walter Fearn

Walter Fearn retired in 1998 from his post as Managing Editor of the Children's Publications section of D C Thomson & Co Ltd, having worked with the company for 47 years. He came to Bell Baxter from Newport in 4th Year in 1948 and began his career as a sub-editor of the "Beano" in 1950. From 1961 onwards his career was involved with the development of the children's section, and in this role he has represented the company at publishing fairs in Italy, Germany, France and the USA. More recently he has worked on the transfer of some of the favourite children's characters to television. Walter is married, lives in Kinnaird and has two sons and a daughter and five grandsons.

Julia Fedo

Julia Fedo was selected for the Scottish undcr-17 Netball Team in 2012 and trains

every second week-end at East Kilbride. She has played for the Fife team for several
years. She is also now coaching a group of younger pupils in the School.

Michael Fedo

Michael Fedo (S6) was selected for the Scotland under-18 Rugby Squad in 2008. He was named Man of the Match when the team beat Italy A 14-5.

Alice Fell

Alice Fell of Cupar was School Captain for Session 2001-2.

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