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Iain Foxall


Iain Foxall was born in Kirkcaldy and brought up in the Howe of Fife village of Strathmiglo. After attending Bell Baxter High School, he studied art in Newcastle. He then studied graphics at Liverpool, graduating in 2000. In 2006 he formed Foxall Associates with his older brother, Andrew. Iain’s work is based in London.

Adam Franks

Troop Commander Adam Franks of the Royal Marines was in Afghanistan for 6 months in 2002. He enlisted in 1995. He is a specialist and an expert shot, as well as an athlete and a keen golfer.

Kevin Gerhard Franz


BBHS 1964-70

Kevin studied History and Theology, and after a varied sequence of professional experience he is now (2013) Head of Mental Healthcare Chaplaincy in Glasgow, based at Gartnavel Royal Hospital.

He is married to Veda (née Fairley, 1965 q.v.).   They have two young, Joanna and Peter, who provide cause for pride and entertainment in equal measure.

Gail Fraser

Gail Fraser (Auchtermuchty), School Captain 1994-5.

Lynn Fraser

Lynn Fraser(early 1980s) was reported in 1997 to be teaching music in Inverness-shire. A flautist, Lynn qualified with an Honours Degree at Glasgow University, and is working in Fort Augustus at Kilchuimen Academy, in Dingwall Primary School, and in a rural Primary School.

Robertha Fraser

Robertha (Mrs Swan) entered BBS in 1929. After leaving School, she qualified SFN, SRN and CMB in Glasgow. She joined Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (Reserve) and married in 1947—a tea planter. Robertha retired to Pitlochry.

William R Fraser

William Fraser entered BBS in 1933. He went into Banking in April 1937, seeing service with the British Linen Bank and the Bank of Scotland following amalgamation. His work in this sector extended over 45 years.

Alexander French


BBS 1919-29

Mr Alexander French was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1979. He died in London in November 2001, aged 89. Sandy was one of the relatively few remaining pupils who entered the Primary Department of the School, in 1919, which still existed then. He worked with Barclay's Bank, moving to the foreign section, which took him to Palestine. He was later seconded to the British High Commission to deal with food supplies to the troops in North Africa and the Middle East during the war. After the war he met up with a Mr Spinney and together they set up a chain of supermarkets, creating a company called ‘Spinney’ in 1946. When Israel was created, the company was liquidated and was set up again as ‘Spinney's (1948)’, a food importing and exporting company, in Beirut. It grew from small stores to hypermarkets in the Near East and then in Saudi Arabia. They also had contracts to supply oil companies in the Trucial States and in Muscat. When the company was finally sold, Sandy became a consultant to Palestinian and Arab partners until 3 years before he died. He loved all outdoor activities - golf, tennis, skiing, mountaineering, bird watching.

Sandy is survived by his Polish wife, his daughter, and 4 grandchildren. A memorial service was held in London on 16th May 2002.

Maureen French

Maureen French (1954) died in 2005. No other information is available.

Tina Frew

In 2002 Tina Frew and Meg Willams had been working with the charity "Storytelling Unplugged" which runs clubs for storytelling and traditional music. They were heading for Darmstadt in Germany as part of a private exchange with a Rudolf Steiner School. The project is supported by Fife Council.

Christopher Fusaro

Chris Fusaro was a member of the School’s under-15 Boys’ Relay Team that won the Scottish Title in the 4x100m in 2003. He was also a member of the Rugby 1st XV that wonm the Bell Lawrie Trophy in 2007. Chris joined Heriots Rugby saquad after leaving School and was a member of the Scottish Team which played in the IRB World Sevens series in South Africa in December of that year. The team finished second in their group, beating the top seeds, Australia, on the way. Chris scored the first try against Australia. The team was then guaranteed a place in the top 8 seeds in the tournaments in San Diego and Wellington. He played again in the Scottish Team which won the Melrose Sevens.

Chris was chosen in 2010 to play for Glasgow Warriors in a match in the Magners League against Cardiff Blues. He has decided to pursue his Rugby career at the moment, putting his University course on hold.

Chris made his début for Scotland at Murrayfield against England on 8 February 2014.

Vince Fusaro

Vince Fusaro (1961) of ‘Luvian's’ had attention focussed on him for a very different reason. He was awarded the honour of being invited to become a member of the ‘Keepers of the Quaich’. This is a society which was founded to represent the Scotch Whisky industry world wide, and it honours those who have made a significant contribution to the industry.

Members are introduced either as Masters or Keepers of the Quaich. Vince was made a Master, meaning he has served the industry for at least 5 years. The Society meets twice a year at Blair Castle. There are only 1312 Keepers and 59 Masters in the Society.

Shaun Galloway

BBHS 1978-84

No further information is available on this FP.

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