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Paul Gibson

Extracted from FPA Newsletter, December 2012:

The Reverend Paul Gibson (1985), who was ordained as a Minister of the Church of Scotland two years ago, has now left the Church of Scotland and has been accepted into the ministry of the Free Church. He felt unable to accept the church's position on matters concerning homosexual ministers. He had served briefly as the Minister of Tain Church of Scotland.

Jacqueline Gilchrist


Jacqueline Gilchrist (mid 1970s) was a noted athlete while at school. Jackie, who comes from Falkland, represented Scotland at high jumping and held the Scottish indoor record in 1982 with 1.81 metres. She also competed for Scotland in the Heptathlon. Since she joined the army she has held the inter-services high jump record (1986), the heptathlon record (1988) and was named Combined Services Sportswoman of the Year in 1989. This summer (1997), at the advanced age of 35, she went to Durban, to represent the British Army at the World Veterans Track and Field Championships. She is a Staff Sergeant & Physical Training Instructor.

In 2001 Jacqueline was awarded a 15-year long service medal for her record and loyalty in the Army Physical Training Corps. At the time she was a Warrant Officer Class II and has served in Edinburgh, Guildford and Belgium. She is at present QMSI PT at 3 REME Regiment Gymnasium and she represented the APTC at the recent Queen Mother's Birthday parade in London. She was due to be posted to Northern Ireland.

John Buchanan Gilchrist


John Gilchrist (1st year 1917) died in late March, 1996. Dr Gilchrist was Dux Medallist in 1923, and then studied Classics at St Andrews University. He taught at Liverpool College, Madras College and Breadalbane Academy until he retired in 1968. He was the last Provost of St Andrews. He also had the rare distinction of being the Captain of the Rugby 1st XV when the game was introduced in the school in 1922.

William N Gilchrist

Bill Gilchrist retired to Milngavie in 1991 from his post as BBC Scotland's Television News Editor after 33 years with the BBC. He began his career in 1958 as a news assistant in Glasgow after four years as a reporter with the Press and Journal and Evening Express in Aberdeen.

In 1962 he returned to Aberdeen to launch the BBC's first television news service in the North East. In 1974 he returned to the Glasgow newsroom, with responsibility for forward planning.

He directed and produced the magazine programme A Quick Look Round and was involved in the launch of Reporting Scotland in 1968.

Bill went to Aberdeen University after leaving School and graduated MA Honours in English Literature and Language in 1952. He started out at BBS in 1941.

James Gill

James Gill was selected to represent Scottish Schools in the high jump at the British Schools U-17 International in Blackpool in 2000.

William Gillespie

Bill Gillespie of Dairsie died in November last year. He was an FP of about 1959 vintage.

Helen Linda Gillies

Mrs Linda Dewar (née Gillies) (1956) died in hospital on 31st January 2006 after a long illness. Linda worked for many years in the local children's clothes and toy shop, ‘The Nappy Pin’. She is survived by her husband, son and daughter.

Ian Gilmartin

Ian Gilmartin (around 1959) who now lives in Cumbria, has reinvented the water wheel in an effort to provide a new energy-efficient method of producing electricity. His wheel can produce enough electricity to power a house, using small rivers or streams. His invention loses much less water than conventional water wheels, retains around 70% of its water in each cycle and converts it into at least 24 kilowatt hours of sustainable energy per day. Ian started with yoghourt pots and wheelie bins! He hopes to go into production and reckons the cost per wheel will be about £2000 including installation. The machine will be made from recycled plastics and allows fish to pass through.

Fred Gilmour


Fred Gilmour (1926) died on 1st August 2001 in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, aged 86. Fred had lived in Cupar almost all his life and was much involved in the life of the community. Before starting work in the family printing and stationery business, he served his apprenticeship with the firm of Henderson's in St Andrews. He was called up in 1939 and served in France. He was wounded and evacuated from Dunkirk. He met his future wife in the military hospital in Leeds and was married in 1942. He returned to the family firm in Cupar after the war, moving later to work with other firms in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. For 20 years he served as a Special Constable and was awarded the long service medal. He was very active in the life of Cupar Old Parish Church, first as a Sunday School teacher and later as a member of the choir and as an Elder (latterly as the Senior Elder). In 1965 he started up a Youth Fellowship. In his later years he took a keen interest in the Lighthouse Christian Bookshop and Coffee Shop in Cupar. His earlier interest in sport, particularly cricket and rugby, continued, and the School has benefitted by the award of 2 cricket trophies. His enthusiasm for Rugby was rewarded by the granting of life membership of the Howe of Fife Rugby Club. His wife died in 1983 and he is survived by his son, Michael (qv), and his daughter-in-law and one grand-daughter.

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